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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Deu 23: 5

Nevertheless the LORD thy God would not hearken unto Balaam; but the LORD thy God turned the curse into a blessing unto thee, because the LORD thy God loved thee.

I am a smart man even by my own comparison. (yah I don't want to hear the mess bout humility; that ship sailed 30, 40 years ago.) I have certainly been an energetic and industrious man inspite of my laggardly sisters complaints that I don't do nuthin. I lack not for creativity nor honesty nor truthfulness(though I have told a few).

I have been blessed with an awesome ability to logically determine the next President and have been accurate in the knowing 100% of the time since I was 10 years old that be 40 years and at least nine presidential terms yes and that includes Obama. Not once have I missed.

I have accurately predicted some of the most fantastic shattering events that have affected the world. Two of which I shall mention because I actually said something to someone.

Event No. 1: I told My boss Don O'Brien when I was working for the Ramada Inn at least 6 mo. in advance that they(don't ask I didn't know who they were) were going to blow up a Federal building either in Kansas City or Oklahoma City(I am not physic ). Exactly how I figured this out is even a mystery to the stupid federal agents who tried to link me to that crazed F-in event.

The best I can figure is that I surmised it based upon the murmurings at a grass roots level that the fed was going too get a payback for killing 19 children in Waco, and the killing of a mother with a baby in her arms at Ruby ridge. I determined it as a logical outcome. Dunno I guess I am a Braniac or something but the Fed who was already crawling up my ass before then is at least as mystified.

Event No. 2: I accurately predicted 4 years in advance that Muslim terrorist were going to attack the World Trade Center(dropped a ton of really specific hints to my then boss Gary Jerkins just 6 months or less prior the event such as: "you know a B-29 hit the empire state building but it didn't knock it down") However to be fair at the moment I was just popping out a factoid making no connection to future events though I had also made references to Alquida's first effort at bombing the WTC(and I cannot) give any documentation because it was word of mouth, and the thought was so incredible, and me being a person who really would not say too much about something that I did not have any direct information of that an event would occur if all I had was an apparent instinct. Maybe that meant that then I still didn't beleive it. I had my own doubts. My own unbelief. Perhaps because I said anything at all if probably(choke) Freudian in nature that is the subliminal still trying to say something in the shape of a warning. To me however it was again a logical outcome of events and situations. Want to know?, more I do have a comments section, let's argue in public, out in the open. The fed want to interrogate me?, feel free, I ain't got nuthin better to do, but all you would do is make me famous and I would still be free so actually I would appreciate it. If not-read my middle finger.

There are a multitude more of which only Big Brother knows about but of course won't admit too because what the fed is doing to know them hyper illegal anyway.

Background done.

Last night my mother had her 71st birthday which of course all available children and grand children and great grandchildren attended. As is usual my stupid sister, second oldest to me and I got into this decades old sibling pissing contest( again), which is another story for another day if I ever do get around to it. but we got Mom to tell us some of what she knows about some our ancestors. A really interesting story all by itself.

It begins:

My great ancestor Brown who was living in Kentucky around 1850 with his mother, father and two sisters had gone hunting one day. He returned home to find that Indians had attacked his family and were in the process of torturing them to death. Being outnumbered and unable to do anything, he could only sit and watch from cover until the Indians had finished there gruesome task and left, to which he then buried his family and according to my mother turned his face west and started walking and didn't stop until he reached the Western border of Missouri, He married settled down and had children the details being sketchy at this point suffice it to say A son was born.
The civil war ensued and because my ancestor lived in the South of Missouri still can not say whether he fought for the south or were slave owners or not, neverthe less another generation was born and another then Grandaddy Brown was born, and while a little child moved with his family to the little town of Bristol in the Oklahoma Territory, In 1904 My Grandmother was born and raised in a little one room shack with a dirt floor. She married My Grandfather Brown and they moved to Vian Oklahoma where I think my Grandma was born. Grandma must have been a beautiful little girl because she remains to me this day a beautiful old woman of 89(I think).

My Grandma was married to Grandpa Wheeler who was apparently a drunk and physically abusive so she divorced him and up and married William Cody Bennett, shortly after which bare my own mother in a tent on some bottom land overlooking the Arkansas River. My Uncle Bill built a nice house made of stone near that spot, and our family grave yard is there on a hill top; where I plan on being buried, as well. It is where my dad is buried. My mom will be buried and probably most of the rest of my relatives from here in OK.

I digress(again).

Back to the topic. Curses.

Why is it that a person as physically and mentally blessed as I have not been able to; though not from a lack of a gargantuan effort on my part, succeed big?

I have come to a point in time in my life that for lack of any other explanation now have to resort to that other level we inhabit. That part of us which is spiritual.

I turn now to my ancestral history the part where it may be where it begins and I plan to examine with many suppositions. Did my ancestor own slaves. Did they harbor rebels from the civil war? Was he a sympathizer for the south and did they help or sympathize aid and abet after the war Jesse James? All possibilities. All of these would incur various degreas of wrath from God.

My Uncle says to me when I was a tween that he wouldn't have minded owning a slave or two.
My response ocourse why? WTH. "Not me" was my response. One of my Aunts says that Jessy James was a Hero. which I put in the I dunno file in my mind. I tried it on for size and have since decided that he was just a terrorist and criminal who was ultimately a nut. My Grandma says there is going to be a revolt in this country. I named my Son Jezreel James and quipped that we could call him Jezzy James which I obviously and knowingly was referring to Jessy James. Was this all in jest or was something unimaginably time consuming and slow taking place. Call it extremely low frequency data input.

Question? With all of the atrocities that happened during the Civil War It is impossible that many times over men didn't trip over those invisible and maybe even unknown landmines known as Gods Law. IE. Had some body in my familial history either aid, did, or sympathized with an atrocity and did not speak of it even hid it and have in a (gasp) Freudian way literally causing the very attitude to be passed forward till today; or is there a curse or curses from the war handed out by Saints or Widows? I dunno.

Or is it just that I have sympathize with an atrocity. I can't really say that I sympathized with an atrocity. I can say that I used to be too proud of my country and my country dissed me, and why should I feel sorry for my nation when any tragedy strikes it. I don't believe in my country anymore. Nope, to be honest it cheers me up. It tells me that God does care that a people don't to wickedly. I revel in our countries troubles because it has earned them. Walk away from God-get trouble. It tickles me. God is real and really punishes those whom he loves. Walk away long enough and God will disown this country. Try to appose God and he will set the destroyer loose. Repent and turn to God and God will rebuke the destroyer and bless our nation.

I don't know how many people prayed this but when I was a 14 year old boy I prayed that God would tarry not destroy but today I can't say that I FEEEL the same way. This nation deserves God's wrath. Thanks ho. Thanks allot. Yeah I bragged on my nation way too much.

Did I want these things to happen? Not really, what I really want is for my country to see the error of it's way and turn back from them and beseech the Lord publicly to spare it from the evil that he would do.

I will also point one more thing out to any who would may read this.

I am a Christian endeavoring to Serve my Lord and Savior Jesus in spite of my cussive behavior.

I also want to reiterate No matter the behavior or possible behavior of my ancestors I do not support any of the atrocities or any atrocities that occur or happened or will ever happened. would rather die than do any such a thing, and I will not accept credit from any one for ever doing such a thing if ever they should do something in my name. Never. Further more I will not personally apologize for a misdeed or atrocity that no one least of all I have knowledge of documentation or even a snippet of admittance, hint, or (gag)Freudian slip as to an ancestor having created or done such a thing. there has never in my life to my knowledge ever been even a statement or passing word in any recreational family conversation any mention of such an atrocity having been done in our family now or in the past. Whether hidden or not. If ever there were, I would make such a belated apology and of course with the power vested in me by God give only what I could and Bless with an enormous blessing begging such forgiveness as God and Perfect Father which is in Heaven would lay upon you to give unto me and my family though we be innocent of doing any such thing; again to my knowledge, today.

Since I do not know of any such an occurrence and since I have been given enormous spiritual authority and spiritual power I surmise this. Either no such a thing happened or any curse that was ever laid upon any against such a deed has long since expired. For God The Father who's Majesty does reign forever and ever, does not give any power or glory of any kind to any one so cursed.

I exonerate my family, In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost, of any and all generational curses. And set this land mine. Do not think to enforce any supposed curse against me or my family unless your a crazy enough to face the eternal consequences of which I have already prayed that any and all of mankind would be terrified to cross over into that cursed minefield.

Yah and I don't want to hear about freakin mines on TV because of this article either.

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