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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yah see now how big corporations have become jerks

Starting with Tony Hayward and gravitating to the President. Those people go from the set and photo op to the Yacht and golf course. the only thing they are impressing on the electorate is how much they really don't give a shit.

Jan Brewer banging away at the pres while dumbass-o-crats pontificate, Fact is I get real suspicious about where a congressman gets his money and who goddamned well knows that there are human and illegal drug smugglers getting across the border scott free. And it is because of fucked up men like this particular dipshit that they are. How many people have died because of this cocksuckers attitude. A shitload more-n-a couple of fucks that got shot and killed trying to get across the border.

In happier news, the Army goes to an AP round for the .223. Cool. I am still looking forward to the new Grendel. There's a round that can make the difference. 6.5mm packed into the same casing as a 5.56. Slightly slower out of the barrel but retains momentum much much further down range. In fact has shown good ballistics out to 1000 yards. Beats the shit out of every other military weapon in the world and kicks the shit out of the Russian 7.62x39mm that has been standard since WWII. Got ta have it. I am in a pissy mood today I guess.
As a christian on the battlefield I would want the meanest weapons available in the world.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Local Gun bans Outlawed

Here is a plethora of articles concerning the spate of local gun bans that were unconstitutional. Yet the insane Mayor of Chicago still does not get it. Liberalis CLAIM they are afraid of guns but what I really think is that they are afraid the other shoe will drop. In other words they got some comupins commin. There fears are there own though and the left movers and shakers know it.

Stocks down again. As consumer spending/feeling drops. I did that back slash on purpose because if the consumer gets wary the almighty consumer won't spend money. nya.

Note that in the Greek riots, the rioters are left wingers and note that they fled towards the anarchy district. Note that there is a connection between anarchy and commies. Note that the left wore the masks. Note that the left are nothing but liars. Note that Kagan is a liar, and again lies, maybe she is a old deep commie infiltrator too.

Ronald Reagan had something to say that is bound to be timeless. It was true then, before then, and true now.

Can International law trump the constitution? NOPE!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Did Lincoln Believe in God

Yes. He was, and was scheduled to be baptised the week after he was shot.

Spies in the US? But of course. They were busted. That'll work.

The Supreme Court rules on firearms again, for open carry. Yay! Out going Justice Stevens says,
"dangerous for America". Why is that I wonder? Are the left afraid of their own people? Cause most of the criminals vote left. Must be lefties. Er is it dangerous to the plans of anti-American socialists? Bet it is both.

National Guard heading for the border. I said this out loud so my moms new neighbor could hear loud and clear. We are going to shut that border, it is an inevitability. The Pres. is getting it. The people rule and voting is the way we do it. Never the less the writing may be on the wall. I do believe he has figured it out. Liberty does not equal liberals.

Senator Byrd Gone

I cannot say that I knew him other than his fame as a Politician but I knew him as a conservative and a fighter for the constitution.....mostly.

Huh? Could a Russian news agency have scooped the world?

My opinion of Kagen? Shes' not constitutionally oriented and a danger to the republic. But that will all be squared away by that invasion that the Sons of the Republic win and throw idiot liberals out of the country or try them as traitors and put them in front of a firing squad. Have no doubts as to my loyalties. As for my flesh and blood? I am a STRICT constitutionalists. I didn't used to be but I grew out of that.

"While growth is returning unemployment remains high." I have nothing to say but if growth is shown by dollar increases only then growth is nothing but BULLSHIT!!!!! What the fuck is wrong with these fucked up world leaders. ARE THEY STUPID OR SOMETHING!!!!!!

I am pretty sure I will be hearing about who the majority of Kyrgyz's were killing. I will probably not be happy when I do.

Don't spank your kids and you get this.

Sarah Palin is right. We are not going to get anything; but invaded over this attitude by Obama. Far be it from me to shange the crazy foreign infiltrators. I look forward to the fulfillment of God's message to George Washington. Because I delight in God's word.

Oops. This is what happens when you fashion yourself as a kingpin. Byrd's financial reform bill might be in trouble. Dying is so inconvienient when you are important to others.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Now for the regular stuff

Well the forecasters are giving BP a little to be easy about. Zat hurricane probably ain't gonna hit them. I bet they are nervous though. Cause they are going to get something and they got to get what ever they are doing done and a hurricane would definitely mess them up. As far as oil really inging up the gulf from a hurricane. Just gaming that scenario in my head looks like an inevitability. The only hope for the gulf is if the two I say are going to hit the USA hit the east coast instead of coming up the gulf.

How bout it East coast wanna take one or two on the chin for your fellow Americans.? Sayin stuff like that makes me laugh inside.

Whoop whoop whoop.......the G20 ain't going quite as peaceful as they wanted it too. A couple of companies of protesters broke off from the main group and rip the **** out of downtown Toronto. Might of been just another boring summit but now it's interesting. Funny that. Tis what happens when you don't spank your children. They grow up into the bullies opposing the bullies.
Whatever..... what is that principle about criminals breaking windows being good for the economy now???? God says he raises up the evil and protects them and created the destroyer to wreak havoc.

Here is a good article about who is going to judge whether the Pres. pick is going to get a pass to the Supreme Court.

Whoop whoop whoop.......The Canadian police go proactive and raid a college campus trying to quell the anti-one worlders. I wonder if the one worlders get that people really don't want a "one world government".

Yes Alqueda is driven back but is that good enough or is there something else going on???? Have they retreated because Gorgimak(old movie) is just around the corner.

Hugo Chaves is obviously nuts.

Unfortuantely for the Catholics, too much covering up equals nobody listening.

Aaaand one of the lone Democratic Senators the Great Senator Byrd is very ill.

A New York Stock floor trader says were in for a bad time if real permanent real jobs are not created......How many times I gotta say, "factories". Get the % of US citizen workforce up to 20-25% or no one in this world will be able to prosper economically. Things will keep slipping slowly inexorably, and you people will damn straight not be able to say you weren't told so.

Why are men wimping out.

Men weaker willed sex because????? We have more brazen wimen is politics. I mean check out Sarah Palin. and for the first time I think that if a Woman ran for office.....well I would vote for that hockey fight loving, moose killer. "I like the way she talks". She talks tough like men should. Our men politicians have become pussies, wimps afraid to say whats on their minds and afraid to tell the truth. Something has happened to them spiritually. They went and gone all compromising.

I cannot say I know the specific nuts and bolts of what happened to them spiritually, but I do know by what particular spiritual Kingdom this comes by. Da city of babbling Babylon.

Rev 17:3 SoG2532 he carried me awayG667 G3165 inG1722 the spiritG4151 intoG1519 the wilderness:G2048 andG2532 I sawG1492 a womanG1135 sitG2521 uponG1909 a scarlet colouredG2847 beast,G2342 fullG1073 of namesG3686 of blasphemy,G988 havingG2192 sevenG2033 headsG2776 andG2532 tenG1176 horns.G2768
Rev 17:4 AndG2532 theG3588 womanG1135 wasG2258 arrayedG4016 in purpleG4209 andG2532 scarlet colour,G2847 andG2532 deckedG5558 with goldG5557 andG2532 preciousG5093 stonesG3037 andG2532 pearls,G3135 havingG2192 a goldenG5552 cupG4221 inG1722 herG848 handG5495 fullG1073 of abominationsG946 andG2532 filthinessG168 of herG848 fornication:G4202
Rev 17:5 AndG2532 uponG1909 herG848 foreheadG3359 was a nameG3686 written,G1125 MYSTERY,G3466 BABYLONG897 THEG3588 GREAT,G3173 THEG3588 MOTHERG3384 OF HARLOTSG4204 ANDG2532 ABOMINATIONSG946 OF THEG3588 EARTH.G1093
Rev 17:6 AndG2532 I sawG1492 theG3588 womanG1135 drunkenG3184 withG1537 theG3588 bloodG129 of theG3588 saints,G40 andG2532 withG1537 theG3588 bloodG129 of theG3588 martyrsG3144 of Jesus:G2424 andG2532 when I sawG1492 her,G846 I wonderedG2296 with greatG3173 admiration.G2295
Rev 17:7 AndG2532 theG3588 angelG32 saidG2036 unto me,G3427 WhereforeG1302 didst thou marvel?G2296 IG1473 will tellG2046 theeG4671 theG3588 mysteryG3466 of theG3588 woman,G1135 andG2532 of theG3588 beastG2342 that carriethG941 her,G846 which hathG2192 theG3588 sevenG2033 headsG2776 andG2532 tenG1176 horns.G2768
Rev 17:8 TheG3588 beastG2342 thatG3739 thou sawestG1492 was,G2258 andG2532 isG2076 not;G3756 andG2532 shallG3195 ascendG305 out ofG1537 theG3588 bottomless pit,G12 andG2532 goG5217 intoG1519 perdition:G684 andG2532 they that dwellG2730 onG1909 theG3588 earthG1093 shall wonder,G2296 whoseG3739 namesG3686 were notG3756 writtenG1125 inG1909 theG3588 bookG975 of lifeG2222 fromG575 the foundationG2602 of the world,G2889 when they beholdG991 theG3588 beastG2342 thatG3748 was,G2258 andG2532 isG2076 not,G3756 and yetG2539 is.G2076
Rev 17:9 And hereG5602 is theG3588 mindG3563 which hathG2192 wisdom.G4678 TheG3588 sevenG2033 headsG2776 areG1526 sevenG2033 mountains,G3735 (G3699) onG1909 whichG846 theG3588 womanG1135 sitteth.G2521
Rev 17:10 AndG2532 there areG1526 sevenG2033 kings:G935 fiveG4002 are fallen,G4098 andG2532 oneG1520 is,G2076 and theG3588 otherG243 is not yetG3768 come;G2064 andG2532 whenG3752 he cometh,G2064 heG846 mustG1163 continueG3306 a short space.G3641
Rev 17:11 AndG2532 theG3588 beastG2342 thatG3739 was,G2258 andG2532 isG2076 not,G3756 evenG2532 heG846 isG2076 the eighth,G3590 andG2532 isG2076 ofG1537 theG3588 seven,G2033 andG2532 goethG5217 intoG1519 perdition.G684
Rev 17:12 AndG2532 theG3588 tenG1176 hornsG2768 whichG3739 thou sawestG1492 areG1526 tenG1176 kings,G935 whichG3748 have receivedG2983 no kingdom as yet;G3768 G932 butG235 receiveG2983 powerG1849 asG5613 kingsG935 oneG3391 hourG5610 withG3326 theG3588 beast.G2342
Rev 17:13 TheseG3778 haveG2192 oneG3391 mind,G1106 andG2532 shall giveG1239 theirG1438 powerG1411 andG2532 strengthG1849 unto theG3588 beast.G2342
Rev 17:14 TheseG3778 shall make warG4170 withG3326 theG3588 Lamb,G721 andG2532 theG3588 LambG721 shall overcomeG3528 them:G846 forG3754 he isG2076 LordG2962 of lords,G2962 andG2532 KingG935 of kings:G935 andG2532 theyG3588 that are withG3326 himG846 are called,G2822 andG2532 chosen,G1588 andG2532 faithful.G4103
Rev 17:15 AndG2532 he saithG3004 unto me,G3427 TheG3588 watersG5204 whichG3739 thou sawest,G1492 whereG3757 theG3588 whoreG4204 sitteth,G2521 areG1526 peoples,G2992 andG2532 multitudes,G3793 andG2532 nations,G1484 andG2532 tongues.G1100
Rev 17:16 AndG2532 theG3588 tenG1176 hornsG2768 whichG3739 thou sawestG1492 uponG1909 theG3588 beast,G2342 theseG3778 shall hateG3404 theG3588 whore,G4204 andG2532 shall makeG4160 herG846 desolateG2049 andG2532 naked,G1131 andG2532 shall eatG5315 herG848 flesh,G4561 andG2532 burnG2618 herG846 withG1722 fire.G4442
Rev 17:17 ForG1063 GodG2316 hath putG1325 inG1519 theirG848 heartsG2588 to fulfilG4160 hisG848 will,G1106 andG2532 to agree,G4160 G3391 G1106 andG2532 giveG1325 theirG848 kingdomG932 unto theG3588 beast,G2342 untilG891 theG3588 wordsG4487 of GodG2316 shall be fulfilled.G5055
Rev 17:18 AndG2532 theG3588 womanG1135 whichG3739 thou sawestG1492 isG2076 that greatG3173 city,G4172 which reignethG2192 G932 overG1909 theG3588 kingsG935 of theG3588 earth.G1093

Rev 19:2 ForG3754 trueG228 andG2532 righteousG1342 are hisG848 judgments:G2920 forG3754 he hath judgedG2919 theG3588{link} greatG3173 whore,G4204 whichG3748 did corruptG5351 theG3588 earth{link}G1093 withG1722 herG848 fornication,G4202 andG2532 hath avengedG1556 theG3588 bloodG129 of hisG848 servantsG1401 atG1537 herG848 hand.G5495

The city of Babylon in these passages is a city of Devils. Causing peoples and nations to behave like unto Sodom and Gomorah.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

When you have the option of 99% vs 0% would you pick

Kevin Costner paid for and promoted a piece of tech that had it of been purchased 15 years ago could have made a huge difference in the oil spill. but the Goddamn picky arsed environmentalists said; doesn't get one hundred percent of the oil. Now the goddamned envirmentalists can just go eat that goddamned oil spill. But there is some reason being used here as BP buys the machines. Thank God. Canada has millions of miles if untapped wilderness with no end in sight for the use of the land. Why don't you effin enviro nuts move to Canada and butt out of real life. Not that I know him, but way to stick with it Kevin.

Yes the drug goons are a huge problem and yes I wish we would just annihilate them.

Why you can't allow foriegn enemy news guys around. They will not have your best interests in mind plus if they object to what you are doing, the left which has atheist bent, and animalistic only the strong survive, and there are no rules attitude, you definitely will not be able to trust them with state secrets of any kind. In fact 'Rolling Stoned' reporters should have NEVER been cleared for access to the general staff as they don't give a#### who gets killed because of their asinine attitudes. Ie they are about being a crap rag and money, and not about heartsy stuff like they want you to think they are. Well I for one am not buying that #### hole papers ####.

I am inclined to believe the worst case scenario 90 to 100 thousand barrels a day because I simply do not trust the corporate PR machine.

Well the ticker quit for now......later.

Tickers back.

The G-8 now a sub of the G-20 after being unable to come up with a cooperative strategy turn to the nuuclear questions. They aren't happy with Iran purifying another 35 lbs of nuclear material. Enough to make one more device in the 20 to 400 K range. I got an urge to answer why such a wide range. 20, 30 k is about all you get out of an unehanced nuke. Add some tritium and baboomba. Hydrogen nuke. In other words they would have a two stage or fusion weapon which releases much more energy.
The first stage is the fission weapon going off and the second stage is the tritium; which is an isotope of hydrogen which is injected at just the right millisecond into the warhead providing the necessary low stability hydrogen so that when the fission begins the combination of pressure and temperature causes the hydrogen atoms to fuse into.....I forget. anyway the act of creating a brand new atom releases so much freaking energy it is measurable but mentally unfathomable.
FYI Einstein figured this all out by 1920. For you morons out there read Einsteins theory of relativity. Even if you don't get it at first or at all you will still be smarter by osmosis......seriously.

Oh woe is BP. A storm is a brewing in the Caribbean. But this is nothing to do with luck. Ol' BP is getting off easy for the moment. In my memory no tropical storm having crossed the Yucatan ends up crossing the Gulf..........It could. Naw probably not.

Oops I wonder where that link ended up. I entered it buuut. I guess I will find out in a minute.

Sarah. Something about that woman just makes me smile. Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?
California's Attorney General starts an inquirey; Sarah chides him, He says she Doesn't understand, buuut HAHAHAHAHA! Why it turns out the attorney general is the one who doesn't understand. Ya see it wasn't the U that set this up and paid for it, it was a PRIVATE foundation. Besides the wing ding just drew Stanislaus'seses.....eses biggest chunck of change.

Congress puts out another compromised plan designed to be trash in the financial reform bill. Congress is stupid.

What nothing else? HUMPH!

Friday, June 25, 2010

All that bowing and cowtowing earned him nothing

But contempt. Obama getting no play with foreign governments. He is caught between a rock and a hard place because he has pissed off the American electorate who understand better than he what is needed. Funny that foreign leaders are cutting the shit out of their budgets while the great spenda is trying to print us out of debt butt ain't that what I said in 1997. It is all so Stuuupid.

I should write an ode to the tourist industry of the gulf states. The oil is killing them. My Brother in law tol me that eventually the oil will get eatin by bacteria and then fishies will eat the bacteria and that eventually will lead to a teaming new chain of life in the gulf butt in the mean time because nobody wants to wait because collectively mankind has taken to, 'I want it NOW attitude'. The President and democrats are skewered.

Here is a conundrum. The Republicans won against a filibuster vote but should they have? If they would have lost they could have used that against the democrats in this election. However the right thing to do was to let everything collapse and let people naturally pick themselves up but now it gives the power-o-crats some obsolete ammo for the election. Fortuantely I believe that it is not enough to save the democrats because the American People are not listening to them.

The economy will not stand up. Uhhhh....I tol ya so.

Yet the most important thing I have to say right now is it is easy to get saved, but my sista says it is not. She would rather apparently no one get saved and carries with her a spirit of condemnation. I paraphrase what Jesus says. "think not that I accuse you" before the Father. And in the Gospel it is also said that Satin accuses the brethren day and night. If it wasn't for the Grace of God none would be saved but according to the word there are billions who worship before the throne. Billions. And in revelations there are armies of hundreds of millions in heaven. My god, how could that be unless God hadn't literally saved many from the fire irregardless of their sins.

The greatest and worst sin a Christian could have is to judge whether another is not eternally saved. It is the dumbest thing that any human can do. There is only one way into the Kingdom that I know. There is for a surety a city in Heaven for those who would simply believe. Jesus says, "only believe", and ye shall be saved. Only Believe that he is the Messiah=Savior. There is nothing you could do before that and nothing you can do after that to earn or keep your salvation. fact is I fear that people who run around preaching salvation by behavior after having accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior are in danger of burning, like my sista.

All of my cussing and swearing ain't keepin me from salvation. All of my anger and hatred of all things and anyone wicked and evil cannot keep me from my salvation. All of my criticisms of all things public cannot keep me from eternal salvation. I have my place in the Kingdom of Heaven forever no matter what men could possibly think. All of the religious namby pamby didn't save me before and can't condemn me or anyone now or tomorrow. EVER!

Be saved people. Believe and just say it our loud to anyone once. With the heart man believes and with the mouth man confesses that Jesus has come to redeem them from their sin. Confess that you are forgiven and saved by Jesus sacrifice to live in eternal Paradise.

It is the single most important lesson that I have to teach. All of this worldly nonsense hang upon that one simple message. Jesus can save you from your self irregardless of what you do in the future or what you did after you you accepted Jesus. Fact is God saved you even though he knew yesterday what you would do today and what you will do tomorrow.

My sister is no more than one of those people preaching salvation by perfection yet we are simply not able to be perfect ever. God has seen to that. Only God is perfect, the rest is less, always. Even Jesus said "Why callest thou me perfect? There is only one who is perfect". Anything less than the almighty is less than perfect, Even Jesus submits himself before the fathers perfection. In that submission, was the only perfect man to have ever live. Perfectly submitting himself to God's will. Forever that is so.

The issued is settled. My sister may be condemned to living the rest of her life struggling for perfection, enslaved by her obsession with being perfect, when she is far from it. Way far from it and only proves it when she opens her mouth to condemn imperfection, because she believes that she is holy and flees sin, yet is confusing condemnation with admonishment she condemns herself in it.........It is that very thing that pisses off God against any in Christendom. It is much like shit calling shit, shit. Shit must call it self shit before shit sees how to help shit not be shit. We are all shit before God. Do you find this offensive? Good. Do you find this troubling? Good. We put on perfume and cologne's and women put on makeup but no matter how much we try to make ourselves smell and look to each other, we are just putting smell good stuff on shit, as far as how we are in appearance before the only good God.

The greatest thing that the greatest evangelist I think that the world has ever known; Paul the Apostle, said after naggingly beseeching God was when he told us what God said back to him finally. God says to him," My grace is sufficient for you".

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I bet I know why

Mortgage rates are so inkin low and the people ere not to buy. BEEEcause the houses are so expensive they still can't afford to get one. That is good. the not getting a house they can't afford to begin with.

I was surprised back in 1996 when I found out that I could have gotten a loan for a 125,000.00 no down payment, 1700 square foot house, and the payments would have been a reasonable 900.00 a month. In fact when I asked the banker at the time; what are the payments, I couldn't afford it, they about 1200 a month? I was making only 32,000 plus a year. The Banker said he could get me a loan. I got a little paranoid like there was something up. Well there was something up only on a humongous scale. One that; even though I did not know it at the time, but was predicting an economic crash because of lying, cheating, stealing, and hiding the truths that I was running into so much every day, was the detonator to the economic implosion device. The mortgage melt down.

So the President said the right things

He is right. War is bigger than one man or one party. But the bigger question is what is a win? We have largely defeated Alqueeda(ya know sometimes I leave my misspellings in there just for fun). The estimate is less than one hundred fighters left in Afghanistan. The problem is the thought' the only good alqueda is a dead alqueda' fact? I think that may be the truth. Yet we cannot sustain the battle forever and it would be a mistake to install quislings. In fact I hate quisling's because they are duplicitous bastards with weak moral fiber. What Afghanistan needs is to be able to stand on their own and that takes moral fiber.

The Afghany people are a hardy, rugged lot. Highly independent and they need a rugged, completely fair, unbiased, and highly neutral upright government. Upright from the lowliest cop on the beat to the highest office in the land. they have one uniter in the durability of their people. It is their source of pride that they know that they can withstand any onslaught and overcome it. I am not sure but I believe it is possible.

But convincing the crooked in the nation of Afghanistan to get their crazy mitts out of government.....well.....unfortunately I think only their death could possibly solve that dilemma. Most crooked greedy men are just as stubborn and selfish as a man can be and lying, cheating, stealing, and murder are their way of life. Most are only stopped by death thusly most need to be killed. Afghanistan fiefdomism......I would have to think about it, but I will reiterate this is only my opinion however my opinion is not subject to compromise. Afghanistan fiefdomism is a problem in that is where most of the crooks have taken up residence. Is it possible to turn the fiefdoms into economic engines that do not include dope? That is where killing them comes in, because of the cash cow of illegal drugs it makes it damn near impossible to square up the people.

It is of the utmost importance to get the government of Afghinistan to be forthright and upright because that is the strength and right hand of God. There is no other way. "Yea, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness" says God in Isaiah.

The win is in a staunchly forthright and upright government independent of us or anyone else. Pakistan needs to recognize that as well, and keep thier grubby shit to themselves.

The example of prosperity in the rightness of God is in the USA. However as the USA has more and more whored away from uprightness the less and less it has prospered. Afghanistan is just the end results of whoring away from uprightness.

Let me say from another perspective. If you are at war with a nation or ideal and one of the tools you use is to induce the weakness of lying cheating stealing and lasciviousness; and the nation becomes so weak by it that you are able to conquer it, you will then have to slaughter every living soul of that nation; because if you leave anyone alive there will be a deep rooted anger and bitterness that will not go away....ever. That anger hatred and bitterness will one day overcome your conquering ass, turn on you and it will slaughter you instead.

If you are conquering a nation for the riches of that nation and the riches of that nation is in the people and you leave the bulk of the people alive they will one day rise up and beat your conquering ass off. It is the way of the nations. It is the way of peoples, it is the way God has set things in motion.
That is why amongst Muslims there is no peace between nations. It is why there is no peace between Christian nations or Atheist nations. It is a sin to desire your neighbors goods it is covetousness, sin = missing the bullseye.

It should be our goal to not nation build, but to leave them better off than they were before, but mostly stronger morally, and less able to morally justify interfering with other nations and the bulk of the people of that nation in control of their own destiny and their own nations destiny. To leave them better able to defend themselves against all comers. To leave them strong enough to be able to give any body else a serious beating so much so that it becomes not worth the fight.

People in any nation do not willingly go to war because the people of any nation know that they will be the ones doing the killing and dying. Trips their fight or flight response. The bulk of the people will chose to get along rather than fight. It is the bulk of the people who we want to rule any nation. If the leadership reflects the bulk of a nation you are very likely going to see peace.
But when a nation gets it in their head to influence idealistically another nation especially for greed you risk raising an ante which will lead to war. Eventually it leads to wars like WWI and WWII and this upcoming invasion USA which I bet they will call WWIII.

The win is to strengthen Afghanistan's governments determination to be righteous. To do right and be upright and above all to leave other nations out of their bullshit. In fact it is probably good advice for all nations to do the same thing. To do that we need to put aside all of our prejudices and beliefs and fight for the right of Afghanistany people to be Afghanistany people, not what the stupid-o-crats think they would like the Afghanistan people to be.

That is the win. If we get that we win they win the whole region wins. Whether we become nation friends or not. The best thing we as Americans can do is to protect the right of one nation to be that nation. BTW I am not a friend of this phony one world movement. This New world order bullshit is a bullshit lie.

I don't know if I have this in a good comprehensible format or not but this is what it should mean to win in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan people are tough, maybe the toughest. Certainly I think maybe the hardiest in the world. I find a kindred in that somehow. Makes me want to fight for them. With them. For some reason I have a deep respect for warriors.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

General McChrystal Sacked/Retired

Why? Who knows what really goes on behind closed doors? Petraeus now in command of Afghanistan.

Sunspot activity down confounding scientists. All this crap mankind is going through could be a moot point if the sun did something really violent. Most people don't think to much of it since it has been around for eons? I would bet there is evidence here on earth that it has really sent out a blast or two. Just statistically speaking we don't really know too much about the space around us or our own sun.

Oil washes up in Pensacola; big youch, The President did it..

So what the hell is sodium hypochlorate?

It is what is commonly used to sanitize water or in sufficient concentrations to bleach your clothes.

At 1 to 1.5 parts per million is safe for drinking and swimming yet is enough to discourage bacterium from growing while in process of transport or just plain old sitting around. How much Clorox should you put in your swimming pool to sanitize it. Read the label. The not so new Clorox is 6% SHPC, while the pool rated Chlorine I used to get in the big yellow jugs at the pool supply for the Ramada Inn was 12%. From zero free chlorine to 1 ppm, it would take a full 2 1/2 gallon jug in the 20,000 gallon pool to attain free chlorine levels that was needed and legal.

Why the explanation. I never put SHPC in a pool until I knew exactly how much to put in based upon the concentration of the product and the concentration of SPHC in the water I was treating.


I am not confused, it is just addition.

Simple math.

This is all a laughing stock.

What is it, 16 different agencies with veto power. Bullshit. The coast guard stopped the oil sucking barges because of WHAT?, couldn't find out if there were any life vest on the barges? What? Couldn't even figure out who built the barges. What? They should have said wait we'll get you some life vests....... It is all a laughing stock....If the president put one man in charge then anything that can be done should be. No amount of studying should be done, action should be taken now. This pissing contest is over one group in one part of the nation who are driving arm chairs. While I live.....I never saw. But I can tell you it is over educated fatasses who personally wouldn't lift a finger to clean up even one dribbly drop of oil even as a volunteer.
You know they should just go play a command and control Computer game, and get the ing out of the way.

There used to be a commercial on TV back inthe day(when we knew how to prioritize) says, "a mind is a terrible thing to waste". I think that these fatasses who went to college are a good waste of skin.

Beau-o-crats are nothing but a bunch of lazy pencil pushers. Ain't they purty.

They are too inging worried about stepping on each others officious political toes to get the job done. Ing the politics and get to work. What is needed is someone who is not worried about stepping on anybodies toes and get the Goddamn job done and stop inging around.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Why is Canada doing so well?

Oh they say that is because they followed a conservative model in banking and still do, while watching mouth agape at the rest of the western worlds loan glutting, and mortgage sell offs.,, outs.......leveraging........whatever.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rich people are so freakin knave

Tony whats his name from BP went to the boat races in England and pisses off Gulf residents who are saying thank you for the oil spill....not really but the article says they are .....mad about it.
Heee should of went under cover for a few months before he did anything to enjoy life. Anything else is just insulting. Boat races......what a maroon.

Oh who would you pick? On the one hand a lawyer who specializes in getting government off of ones backs might be a goo idea accept the Government being on peoples back is his job security. The Other is a small businessman who's clients depend upon government loans to keep him going. Where are the poverty stricken bums who have been crapped on by both crowds......?

Why does the big lithium deposits in the world have to be in politically unstable countries? These cultural backwaters have so much that the rest of the world needs and yet are so ain't giving it up unless their own palms are greased. Greed and corruption. "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Water is an inanimate object and the rivers they create are an inanimate object and yet environmentalist continue to use the marketable religious terminology; heal, when they refer to the restoration of nature to item like rivers. Dirt and water don't heal. Jesus. Lord-a-mercy.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Miguel Cervantes

"They can expect nothing but their labor for their pains. "

Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616)

It is more work to link up famous quotes but I can still do it. Thanks for making my life more Does google know that people are hating them? Guess not.

Tony Haward goes down

Ain't seen the article yet but according to Gateway; the blog, he' gone. Is that all he gets for lying to congress? He should be in jail for contempt of Congress. I will attach links as I find them. BP is toast. BTW They should throw the lawyers in jail who advised him to take the fifth.

Another report that shows that lawmakers are not inerested in O'Bambas agenda because they have used up his kudos for; I am going to say, his 4 year term in office. He may be the first, first term lame duck president ever.

On the jobs front the number of jobs lost from the knee jerk reaction by O'duma; of shutting down all deep water off shore drilling, is going to add up to an estimated 20, That is 20,000 high paying jobs. The article does try to be nice and say that 3 to 6 thousand jobs initially, but we all know that the rigs are going somewhere else, so that really means 20,000 jobs.

Yep like we didn't already know the gov. lied about job losses. I am still looking for a link to the number of gulf jobs that are going to be lost because of oil messing the rest of the gulfs economies. I know there is an article out there with a guess.

In the meantime it totally appears that Abab-m has no idea that the people under him are continuing to approve plans with out any modification of studies or plans at all. The liberals are stupider than stupid to still be supporting him. Do they not realize that there is a conspiracy afoot, and the conspiracy has wormed it's way right in under there noses within their own ranks? do they not realize that they are the ones being deceived. That from their own ranks cometh the troubles that they so desperately fight.

The question I am still looking for answers to are an estimate of how many jobs are going to be lost from as auxiliary to the oil spill. I heard a first estimate of 500, thousand more. Youch. The Democrats are toast, really toast.

You know I tried to give Obama the benefit of the doubt but wow, he got taken hook line and sinker.

On another front do Senators really have that much power? Yet Bloggers come through. McClatchy has this story about bloggers outing a blocker.

Man I really do not envy the next President. For some reason I think that the one after this next President might be alright. Don't know yet. Maybe I can't see that far because I am dead after that or something.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tornadoes in Minnisnowta

Not that unusual but they are usually little bitty things. I know, I been there. Even lived in Albert Lea for a short time. So to have killer ternaders are a bit unusual. Rumor had it that my former home town of Siberia Wisconsin had been leveled once by a tornado, but I have never gone too far in confirming that one. Maybe I should.

I see the Fed did thier 'doody' finally, and busted the biggest dope cartel in the world. Ok, it was all over the news yesterday and the links are bziiiiip; gone, today. That'll work.

Ronnie Lee Gardener, chose the way he wanted to die; "Live by the gun, die by the gun", he said. Something about it eases my heart.

The question is; if you were a billionaire would you dedicate half to charity? I would. Why? simple. If I had been blessed with moola at that level, I understand that the responsibility that God has placed upon me. "To whom much is given much is required" Jesus said.

I have oft been accused of really improper writing and speaking habits. We see where the proper enucniatin and dictin I mean diction get us. After all people who proper....actually when I am not trying too be funny I enunciate properly....but speaking with proper grammar in mind.... it all falls under the heading of whoop-dedoo, smart people who talk and write right are the ones who got this country and thusly the world in the financial mess it is in today. Besides....If you care about my grammar so much, what are you doing here. Snoots. Snooty snoot snoots.

I guess it is my way of not being like the real trouble makers in the world. Kind of works out that way anyway.

AAAnd Barton gets shook down for calling out a shake down. Chickennnnn. He was right about the shake down, but his motives were what really got him in trouble. No excuse for BP, the Texas Republican should be smelling the blood in the water and doo like the rest of the sharks. Rip at the carcass. I see the need to decertify BP's participation in US drilling and the giving of their permits to American oil drillers and producers. MHWA HA HA. FO world, "this is My country". Old song you know.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why I hate compromise

I hate compromise because when you compromise with someone you both lost that makes both of you losers.

This article is going to get longer starting with a link to Rush and the weakness with trying to defend BP even subliminally. There is no excuse for Bp or any other corporation who put health and safety at risk for the sake of profits. the compromise was made by Ocomma when he called BP Executives in for a meeting with him and the USA attorney general. No one knows what the hell they talked about; but I think that, pay up or go to jail was the gist.

Problem is, they should pay up and go to jail. No compromise. I also think that government inspectors including the Coast Guard people should GO TO JAIL as well. No compromise.
Collusion, corruption, and incompetent greedy management caused this spill.......period.
I got to listen to some of the BP hearings today on CNN; the CEO was completely evasive.

AAAnd oh look, the unemployment claims just took a jump. Let me guess. 200,000 off shore oil workers are out of a job.

You know narcissistically. Enough of the whining about the cost of saving this teen at sea thing.
How much do you want spent on saving your own lives.....good God. God gave all that he had to save your lives and souls. How much should we give to save just lives. Our own if necessary.

And the Fed'l givm't is getting hammered by the states what with all the suing over the insurance health care bill and such, so the fed is trying to hammer back. Too bad the fed can't afford it.

Alvin who???? Won the South Carolina primary with a whapping 60 percent. Yes he wapped them, and now the dumocrats are thinking conspiracy. HAHAHAHAHAHA! He probably got elected because no one knew him and they hated everyone else. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The liberals really need to get over them selves. Like what? Are they waiting for, the other shoe to drop or something? Yeah they got somthin comin to them alright. It is an ass whoopin for thinking they knew better. I like it, maybe I should run for national elected office. HA! Just kidding. Maybe. No. Maybe. Uh-no.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

George Soros is a Greek

Everyone should know by now that Soros is the king of investing short. Also that he put a boat load of money into the Dumocrats. Now he is making that boat load of money off of the oil spill.

FO Soros. Check out the article titled Obama's boss Soros......... here. Now that you know that, the Brits need to rethink who's really at fault for the oil ****; since you know Soros lives in England, last time I heard anyway. And there is your scape goat. George the rich man Soros. Probably is a conservative. Really; I should thank him considering, he has convinced the democrats to do things that are complete trash for this country.

In the mean time The Democrats are in deep trouble in the polls. See results at top. Heads up courtesy of Wizbang a article. Bede be de be de but the nostream media is reporting it just the opposite. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I have been accused of living on my own world and I am not so sure that that old man wasn't wrong, but what freakin treacherous world does the news media live on.

Last night I was listening to Public Television and the deep left are hammering Obama over inging up the health care bill in favor of the insurance companies. Big show over 5 left wingers getting arrested for disrupting a finance hearing in which the head of the Senate fiance committee; a democrat, who crafted the Senates side of the health care legislation, in favor of the insurance companies. ??????? Senate Finance chair crafted the Health care legislation? HAHAHAHAHAHA! What the hell does a finance chairman know about my health. Not a %$&^E$ thing. HAHAHAHAHA! could you be any stupider Mr President? HAHAHAHAHA!
AAAAnd in other news. Housing starts down a whopping 10% in may. Attributed to the end of stimulus stuff...........what were they expecting. Should a let the stuff flop to begin with.
This is just funny. The president is getting boo'd from both ends of the spectrum.
AAAAnd in Massastupidist they got a new ruling from a judge. One man 6 votes.
It just gets worse for the President. Congress is not all that interested in spending any more money cause; like, they used up all their browny points with the public this time around and according to this article, and I believe it, are skeered for the upcoming elections.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not that I am your average run of the mill individual, but

The spinster's just ain't getting through to me. In fact what I can see and hear is people are just plain ignoring the ole' art of yarning tales to mitigate the potential purple rain.

OKLAHOMA where the wind comes whistling cross the plain, Uhhhhh where the wind', wind'- no, no, that's wind, not rain, holy crap.

Ted Kennedy threatened? No.....shit. There are as many nut shits out there as there are famous people. And guess what. I think that; trending twards the spiritual in the matter we tend to be our own worst enemy. The best attitude we should have is the; o' well I wish me well.....................Mhahahahahaha!

And of course politicians want to know who to shit on when they get bit by an attack add; sooo HEERRRRES BILLL, again.

I guess they think they made a mistake, but I think they just don't like each other, either way running away must be contagious, bwak bwak bwak bwak chikennnnns. Gore's daughter is calling it quits too.

So BP ain't doing so well on handing out money for claims, and now Bwak O'blama is thinking on snatching the claims process. OK, what did the beastly corporations think Tobuk O'slama got elected for?

Monday, June 14, 2010

There's Gold in them there Hills

AH-HAW! AFGHANISTAN has Mineral deposits on a massive scale. Enough to transform Afghanistan into a world class economy. Now the run of the mill Afghanies have a chance.

Tuesday June 15th 2010: Wait, some are saying that all that metal money in Afghanistan is a waste because they are to effing corrupt to develope it. Now where is that link at??????

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mixed Marshall Arts

May be one of the most deadly of all. If you wonder why they only go for three rounds this fight is an exact example. Famed fighters; Chuck Lidell and Dana White, the winner fought half of the fight with a broken arm. He broke it blocking a kick.

During a self defense class; while I was still a green belt, I broke a brown belts nose with a flick of my big toe, in another I had my jaw dislocated. The reason I mention these stories is because I read a comment by some complete idiot about how lame marshall arts is. Frankly every fight I have heard of between some dork off of the street and a skilled fighter has ended up with the dork getting his ass handed to him.

Oh yeah. So Pakistan is in on it.

Pakistan in on Taliban? Huh. I wonder how that is going to go over with the Pakistani People knowing that the Taliban are massacring Pakistani people. It is like the Pakistan Government are sponsoring terrorism on their own soil against their own people.. Have I emphasized the Pakistani People enough? Shall I repeat it one more time?

Could it be that Pakistan is why Afghanistan is having so much trouble to begin with? Or is it the whore, that is the city of Babylon? You know the pleasure seekers mentioned in the bible (dope growers).

However on the matter of: should we try Muslim terrorists as Pows in military tribunals as war criminals, or in regular civilian courts as common criminals? My opinion on the matter? My way of thinking it is an insult to them(Muslims) that they get tried as common criminals, but the truth is they are at war with us and our president declared war on terrorism, however I don't recall if congress has officially declared war. Technically they should be tried as war criminals. Tried in the honorable military tribunals. However the big pissing contest; of politicians and prosecutors fighting for the publicity they would get, is embarrassing to this country. All you snooty snoot snoots look like what you are. Greedy power grubbers. Try them in military tribunals where we could hang em or put the in front of a firing squad if found guilty.

Yet bringing the Muslims into civilian courts for sure will raise the issue of torture. The gov. better hope for jury nullification. Because technically the information gleaned after torture should also be considered tainted, having come from people who have then been brainwashed by torture. If I was a defense attorney I would definitely bring that up. No doubt that the trials; for all the touting of a fair trial, will not be a fair trial technically.

When we lean on technicalities like I tend to do, I would have to release the defendants in a civilian trial simply because of the cruel and unusual clause in the Constitution. However in a military trial I would not consider the torture as a problem, and would convict with a death sentence as penalty.

I think that Islamics are nuts anyway.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

How much money has BP lost in oil alone?

Oh about 1 billion 350 million. Not to bad for a corporate screw up. Not to bad.

Of course I am joking. The cost of the clean up? Now that is a joke. The potential loss must certainly be tens of billions. What the....BP is a big corporation; they can afford it , right? I hope they, choke on that oil.

I see a new saying I can use in relation to coorporate beastiality. "How much oil do they got to spill before they get it? "

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yep, Another really bad day for the pres.

The Brits pension funds have taken a massive hit from BP's stock crash, and they are blaming Babushka'Bama. Aaand I mirth at that.


Over at Wizbang I found an article that expresses what I have been trying to tell people for 13 years. Your and my salvation is not dependant upon our behavior, thusly the truth and voracity of the message of the Gospel is about Jesus and not us Christians.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My take on Super Tuesday

Did the tea partiers lose? No. Half of the elections were Democrat primaries. The Media maybe will proclaim the electorate becoming or regaining pragmatism but I say that not all incumbents are to blame for the crap that happens in Washington. Not every body who says they are running under a teaparty ideal is, and the people are going to sense this. Not to mention that just because an incumbent won a primary election for nomination does not mean they are going to win the election. I still predict an electoral bloodbath come November. The SLAP in the face as Fox calls it is not; I say, against the curent ruling class but the current set of idiological intelectuals. Either way the winners yesterday are still the throw the bastards out me.

This whole thing is really the Liberal Imperial establishment against the Constitution, and the people. The question is are the people going to wisen up or not? Depends if they they figure out they are being lied to or not. Remember I just wrote this article about a spiritual kingdom of liars.

And and poor little Mexico is mad over a teen getting shot while on our side of the border. My question is, WHAT THE >>>>WAS HE DOING ACROSS THE BORDER ANYWAY? Mexicans should just shut the ing up. Whoop! Turns out the whole damn family was involved in human trafficking. That's what the kid was doing across the border. Good another piece of slime dead.

They are still calling this a recovery. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It ain't.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yay! It's back.

Back from Google limbo.

Don't think you people got off easy while I was gone cause I saved the important; 'I wanna say stuff about', to my favorites.

Starting with North Korea looks to be diplomatically backing off and scape goating but the news reports are writing the internal political moves as future preparation for the current Kim Jong Il's retirement. Don't know yet for sure.

Bank of America still getting their asses handed to them over the corruption inside their company. They deserve that.

BP still not telling the absolute truth about the oil spill but that is alright, they can remain in denial all they want to, the American People ain't buying their shit anymore. However the cap they finally managed to install is working sort of. They say hopefully it will suck up most of the leaking oil but they have no delusions about it's perfection. At least they ain't that crazy yet.

Bernanke yammers and everyone relaxes. They shouldn't. This great big bullshit financial mess was created by bullshit finances, and they got a long way to go before everything is right again In fact I said this several years ago now. It ain't never goaan'ta be the same.

And the Potus tries to divert attention away from his great big fubar in the gulf by praising the Phoenix Suns on their economically stupid opinion on the Arizona immigration law. Ann Coulter "Did you plug the hole with a blue dress yet daddy?" AAAND I don't think it is going to make any difference. Damn, he is in it worse than Jiminey Cahta. I don't think they make waders that go all the way up to the chin.

Finally we the people are still pissed and not interested in the current crop of dumi-titions now ensconced in Washington.

Now for your entertainment check out the kungfu bear on Youtube.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why has lying and fraud been such a problem since the 60's

DDT vilified was a fraud. I thought so and have been hearing whispers on the wire that the whole thing was a huge fraud. Now I believe that it is true for sure.

The question really is why has their been so much of a problem with lying? Power politics. Power politics that neglect human and animal life. But why?

A biblical verse covers this from the book of Daniel.

Dan 8:25 And throughH5921 his policyH7922 also he shall cause craftH4820 to prosperH6743 in his hand;H3027 and he shall magnifyH1431 himself in his heart,H3824 and by peaceH7962 shall destroyH7843 many:H7227 he shall also stand upH5975 againstH5921 the PrinceH8269 of princes;H8269 but he shall be brokenH7665 withoutH657 hand.H3027

The key word is craft which means in short lying.

From H7411 in the sense of deceiving; fraud: - craft, deceit (-ful, -fully), false, feigned, guile, subtilly, treachery.

This people is why there is so much lying deceit and fraud and the prosperity of fraud traces back to the 60's when there was a huge jump in the amount and even acceptance of lying.

Their is a spiritual kingdom that apparently owes it's existence to lying cheating and whatever else.

It shall come to it's end though and the time of that is much closer today. In fact I believe it possible to say that with all of the crap that has happened because of lying that lying leads to poverty not prosperity. People if you want to prosper this nation must stop lying.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

You are either an American or you are not

The media is so stupid and divisive. I just caught another article in which a little girl was called something other than American. She was called an "Indian-American". If she was born to Naturalized Americans then she is a citizen of the USA nic., American. Cudos to her win in the spelling bee. Either you are an American or you are not.

In other news the Israelis snatch boat in second attempt at blockade breaking , this time with out a hitch apparently. Good for them.

As far as the international outrage over the first mess. The whiners must be sympathizing with terrorism and are probably on watch lists as it is.

And the gulf coast tourism business is toast for the next few years. BP you are going to get your asses handed to you economically speaking and this should be a great big warning to all corporations from now on. Do it right and don't ing up. I assure you that there are more consequences than just losing your jobs. To the people who supported a complete relaxation of rules governing corporations, banking, and finance( you know who you are) ing off, Why don't you ingers go for a swim in the results of your handiwork in the Gulf of Mexico. I hope you people choke on it.

Aaand the FTC just stuck their foot in a constitutional dog pile by trying to limit facts to the originator. I am willing to bet, that that little set of rules will end up ignored on general principle.

Words alone are not going to save the Euro. Kindof like an old movie, drop the credit card and back away from it slooowly. Easy now don't make any false moves or else. Ok I changed the the word gun with credit card.

And what would do? I have to admit that I would be sorely tempted to keep the money , but I think that the Holy Spirit would win this battle and I would probably turn the money over, but what these two girls did was pure Gold before God.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The cap is on the gusher

And apparently they are able to suck some oil out of the well. However according the news captions there is still a notable amount of oil leaking from the well head. In the mean time the president who is furious is heading to the gulf for the third time for a direct update and another look see. The ol' general leading from the front sort of thing.

Now you may think this is druther droll and foolish because I don't know wha' the article really said but you also know how the media is with their bullshit, but it also highlights the marketing bullshit of the media's Hollywood-ism in writing and reporting sensationalism rather than the truth..

So I know for a fact that they don't think that the cap will completely seal the leak and I know for a fact that the president should be mad. Or should he?. He should be bummin out. If he is mad then he is a proud man and pride do cometh before a fall. I also ain't putting any faith in the gov. doing anything to the cooperate liars. In other words I will be happy if and when they do.

In the mean time the pres. has to ignore the rest of the world in order to put out the political fires raging here at home. Yeah he is a proud man but he set his own house on fire like the dumbass that he is. He has no one but himself to blame and he damn straight can't say that he wasn't warned. Lawyers don't really know shit about being politicians and statesmen. Oh wait maybe they know to much about being politicians and states men and not enough about how to be human.

Truman was a politician and a statesman but he knew the sting of defeat and he also remembered where he came from. Nothing. Oblama came from nothing but he's got the pride of someone who has never known defeat.

It is heart warming to see proud men get kicked in the nuts.

You know when God got tired of Israel's shit he invaded them back in the days of Nebuchadnezzar. The USA needs invading to kill off a bunch of the shitty people and attitudes that have cropped up in it. I do believe God is tired of the USA's ............

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well well what do ya know

The U.S. Labor Department’s jobs report forecast payrolls will grow by 536,000 in May for the biggest increase since 1983, the median forecast in a Bloomberg survey, "as hiring for the census boosts the job market". The data shows U.S. service industries expanded for a fifth month and jobless claims decreased by 10,000 to 453,000.

Ya I kind of ripped that off from Bloomberg but I have my own little analysis. Bloomberg calls this a" soft recovery" but I am going to say that it is not just soft it is basically shaky and if this countries business, money, and government don't get factories back here, and we don't start producing our own stuff at reasonable rates and prices this recovery will stagnate and a stagnant economy is part of a recipe for declination........... That is not to say that Bloomberg doesn't know that, they are probably just trying to stay out of the most controversial aspects and drawbacks of really making a harsh or judgemental commentary. I on the other hand do not have to worry about that.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

God is with me

Again I have been a little down and again God lifts me up. For some reason I clicked on my
e-bible, and again the first verse my eyes fell upon were percient answers to my thoughts.

Isa 41:9 Thou whomH834 I have takenH2388 from the endsH4480 H7098 of the earth,H776 and calledH7121 thee from the chief menH4480 H678 thereof, and saidH559 unto thee, ThouH859 art my servant;H5650 I have chosenH977 thee, and notH3808 cast thee away.H3988
Isa 41:10 FearH3372 thou not;H408 forH3588 IH589 am withH5973 thee: be notH408 dismayed;H8159 forH3588 IH589 am thy God:H430 I will strengthenH553 thee; yea,H637 I will helpH5826 thee; yea,H637 I will upholdH8551 thee with the right handH3225 of my righteousness.H6664
Isa 41:11 Behold,H2005 allH3605 they that were incensedH2734 against thee shall be ashamedH954 and confounded:H3637 they shall beH1961 as nothing;H369 and theyH376 that striveH7379 with thee shall perish.H6

Reminding me once again that God is with me, and I wist to never forget that.

The throw the blighters out campagn is on a roll

Goodbye to another incumbent. The democrats have made tooo many mistakes.

I think they thought that they could do the bait and switch, but that ain't turning out so well for them now is it. On another the other hand the Republicans aren't fairing so well either. Turns out that the American public is far more versed in what the constitution is really all about, and do believe that the founders were truly honest in the penning of it. This country is not for machinators or the Machiavellian types. The political machines better get that straight because short of them winning a civil war they are doomed to the trash heap of history. and unless I miss my reads right there ain't going to be no civil war. Even if there were us patriots would win over the money and power mongers. MWHA HA HA!

Criminal investigation into oil spill

I tell you what. If some of these corporate executives got sent to prison for the same graft and corruption charges that the gov. used to corral organized crime; and the mafia, then this bribing, lying assed corporate shit would come to a screeching halt. Just like when Milkan went to prison, and the savings and loan debacle came to a halt. Ya they ain't hid it from nobody.