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Monday, May 31, 2010

In the regular news

News media tries to spin the news of foreign ships trying to run the Israelis blockade of the Gaza strip as a botched raid.

But as usual the news has got it wrong. I am going to hazard a guess as to what really happened. As a normal recourse to the ongoing blockade the ships were being asked to heave to and prepare to be boarded and searched, the boats refused, the Isralis fired a shot accros the bow, the ships still did not comply. The Israelis then dropped commandos onto the decks fully expecting peaceniks. The "peaceniks" tried to repel the boarders, now ten of the dumbasses are dead. Never-ever tangle with commandos unless you are prepared to take losses. It is ingin naivety on the part of the rest of the world to think that they can go outside of normal channels to accomplish something in this case the removal of an apparently effective blockade. A blockade instituted because of the criminal element named Hamas who only has one goal in mind. The destruction of the internationally recognized nation of Israel.

In other words, the poor poor cry baby Islamics can't get their munitions in to shoot at those filthy Jews. Kind of like this little kid I knew who would try to sneakily break things and bawl his little eyes out about how miserable he was made when I hammered his stupid spoiled little ass.

You know why mom let me get away with poundin the s--- out of him? Because she knew that he was sneakily breaking my stuff and instead of dealing with it herself, discovered that she could stay out of the limelight of having to judge by letting me thump the crazy blighter. How did she know that he was being so sneaky. Someone else told on him.

See if you can figure out how the two apparently unrelated subjects relate. If you figure it out correctly and doo correctly watch the news.

Ahhhh the Bain of Success

Blogging. Slang for Web Logging. Blogging comes from the people. People who want to share or just get it off of their chest; people like me. Is all about just "saying whatever", and the establishment can't stand it. WHY THOSE BLOGGERS ARE OUT OF CONTROL, they shout from the pinnacles of their high places. They have questionable ethics, they say.

Blogging is not about bloggers ethics or any one else's, because you see we are not proclaiming the highest standards in ethics. The mainstream media is, and the Scum-o-crats are, and the beauro-craps are.

We out here in the real world are just demanding the highest standards. For the people that put on air's of high standards, we the people hold them to their appearance of personal morality and high moral intent, criticizing the hell out of them when they don't deliver what they say they are going to deliver, and throw the lying scammers out of office, and we are doing it within the confines of the Constitution and there is nothing that the ingin idiots can do about it; unless they want to get their asshole politicians thrown out of office, and loose 'ostrizin' hell upon themselves and their lying outlets. The fact is mainstream media has long since left mainstream USA, and no longer represents reality; but some rainbow utopia that not only does not exist, except until Jesus gets here will not exist, and when he does the lying spin media will be out of job.......because Jesus is not going to need lies to keep and maintain power.

Jesus is God and as such is all power. Mankind has none.

I keep up the faith In my right to say, based upon this one statement given to me from God.

Isa 41:10 FearH3372 thou not;H408 forH3588 IH589 am withH5973 thee: be notH408 dismayed;H8159 forH3588 IH589 am thy God:H430 I will strengthenH553 thee; yea,H637 I will helpH5826 thee; yea,H637 I will upholdH8551 thee with the right handH3225 of my righteousness.H6664

That's right, the right hand of God's right-eous-ness. Not the right hand of mans righteousness or the right hand of today's righteousness or the right hand of the mobs righteousness, not the right hand of the devils righteousness, not the right hand of Heavens righteousness, not the right hand of Utopia's righteousness, but the right hand of he that made all things, righteousness. Definitely not the right hand of my righteousness or any other god's(small case on purpose because there is truly only one God) righteousness.

Keep the faith bloggers, cause we have God; who is the true author of the Constitution, on our side. Ja' I said that. God may have used men's hands but the whole thing is a divinely inspired document.

The cool thing is, it is as if it were written in stone, and though it has life of itself, it is not a living document. It is just like the Ten Commandments. Simple and easy to understand even for the simple man. Immutable and irrefutable.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Now for invention ideas

Why have I not seen recliners that recline all the way flat for sleeping? A freebie for the world. do it and I'll buy one.

Gays pardoned in another country

Is this what gays in this country are using their political cash for? Ingin stupid.
White House spokesman Robert Gibbs calling for; apparently, world wide end of
"the persecution and criminalization" of gays.

That falls under the heading of how to piss off God 101 from the commie/fascist democrats. Their are far more important things happening in this world than using their political change for influencing another nation to free two people from prison in that nation. The main ones are the oil spill, the war in Afghanistan, and an economic tsunamis backlash that I am sure is heading this way after it bounces off the European continent. Not to mention the fact that one more time the dumbass liberals in this country just strong armed another country. Do they think for a minute that they are safe under a nuclear umbrella, which by the way they are trying to dismantle. What a bunch of suicidal maniacs.

See that nuclear middle finger in the upper left hand corner of this page? Read it!

Men just cannot resist

The temptation to prove something he imagines is irresistible. But the president has already created a task force to asses the risks. I say it is inevitable, the odds that genius scientists will share this knowledge with nihilistic bastards is inevitable. That is because scientists for all their searching for truth are usually the most gullible of idiots in the world. Frankly it is easy to rationalize away any thing. Even Hitler and Stalin, Lenin, Mao se tung and Madalyn Murry O'herpes, were able to rationalize away the slaughter of 160 million people. So tricking the scientific world into giving up the techniques for the production of synthetic life is a given. They are easy.

Just as doomsday inexorably comes.

Rev 11:18 AndG2532 theG3588 nationsG1484 were angry,G3710 andG2532 thyG4675 wrathG3709 is come,G2064 andG2532 theG3588 timeG2540 of theG3588 dead,G3498 that they should be judged,G2919 andG2532 that thou shouldest giveG1325 rewardG3408 unto thyG4675 servantsG1401 theG3588 prophets,G4396 andG2532 to theG3588 saints,G40 andG2532 them that fearG5399 thyG4675 name,G3686 smallG3398 andG2532 great;G3173 andG2532 shouldest destroyG1311 them which destroyG1311 theG3588 earth.G1093

Obama Care

Twenty States suing, and whoa nelly fellies. The great state of Oklahoma is going to nullify the law with a m' whatcha-ma-call-it, referendum, he he. I was kind of unhappy because of the oil spill but suddenly Ima all tickled in side.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Holy Moly Rocky

This one is a doozy. I thought they had a good chance to stop the oil leak with the junk shot. This is another marker in history. The great oil leak of 2010. And it all goes on the Democrats backs. Way to much Fascists good "ol' boy, I got connections in Washington so I can bribe my way out of safety oversight. And they got the Dumobcrats. Funny, being a Christian and a Republican I am.......disappointed. This thing just bums me out.

I bet the gulf coast, and even maybe as far as the Atlantic coast is going to catch some of that oil.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gulf oil spill biggest ever, no kidding Sherlock.

Nice to be vindicated in my personal feelings. The eco damage is worse than a nuclear detonation, done to a commie democrat president. That is going to be an oh hohoho crack down on safety regulations. Mha ha ha!

In the meantime while congress votes aginst the 'don't talk don't tell', military regs which allows for gays to be in the military on a bill which may actually decrease gay enlistment on a count of who would want to take a shower with someone you wouldn't fuck leering at your junk, which makes you want to smack the shit out of him( yeah we had a guy we called rooster(chicken choker) in basic, who popped his pud under the blankets before lights out every night, open for all to see and then bawled his eyes out cause we gave him shit over it.). We also had a guy who had the nick, snake. Of course Juffre made the funniest statement about him, about how one day when he noticed he thought a snake had gotten in the shower and had the sudden need to get out a bat and beat that sucker(the snake). If you don't get that I ain't going any further in description.

As always I got off the course of my philippic (yeah I went to the thesaurus for that one). While congress votes on queers in the military, Barack sends Hillary out for sensitive (code for slow) negotiations over the North Korean affair while North and South Korea think about going all out in a duel to the death, which could drag the rest of the world into ARMAGEDDON.

I said; GET OUT THE STICK YOU FUMBLE-O-CRAT. Pull it out but don't say you got it out. Their intelligence service will see it and tell their leaders it is out. Pull it out and mean it, not pull it out like you mean it, but mean it. It is the silent version of "make my day". I hope you do cause I am tired of your shit Mr. North Korea, and this time we are going to blow your stupid shittin asses off the face of earth.

In another note China gives the Euro a bone. Too bad their is no meat on it, the Europeans are going to be hungry again soon, besides it just delays the inevitable. I will let the reader decide what that means.

I feeel good, na na na nant, the way that I should now, nanana nant.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When you make people do what they don't want to

When things get better they will move on. All that time and labor used to train them......well they will take with them. I have been a big proponent of bringing people up from with in a corporation. There has been over the last 20 years a problem with that. The dope in this country has made for a huge number of lying ass employees. In fact co-workers turning on each other is likely the main reason people change jobs. Surveys have long since shown that hostile work places are the primary reason people have quit or been fired and no one seems to know what to do about it; even though laws have been enacted, and billions upon billions have been spent trying to understand and mitigate the problem.

Now I am going to make a prophetic utterance on the matter. The majority of the people today in the U.S. have become spoiled.

Corporations cannot change the fact that the culture of America has gone sour. People have more and more become bullies both physically and verbally. That is because there is no coherence socially. We in fact in this country have been at war socially probably since the 60's, and ever since Ronald Reagen left office back in 1989 January the war has become intense.

The coherence that was developed around Jesus and his principles of; turning the other cheek and do unto others, is being replaced with the get revenge for yourself at all costs mentality of the world and that is not good. The only reason we have not collapsed completely is because of one document and one only. The Constitution of the United States of America.

Buck up people stand strong we will win back our, bust your kids butts so they don't become bullies country.

My sis said (she works with kids)she got in the strangest conversation with a group of kids. They were talking about sitting around smoking a joint with their parents. That falls under the heading of Holy........shit. The whole god-damned group of kids. Holy shit. That southern border must be shut off. We got enough problems without having to deal with nationally without having to also deal with drug induced mental illness. Holy shit.

This nation has lost it's way because the people have lost their way. This is why we are going to get invaded. Profits demand a not mentally ill work force. Profits demand a not drug induced mentally ill workforce.

There is a reason why illegal drugs are illegal. We the people have a responsibility to be a mentally stable work force so as to maintain a stable dollar because in spite of the fact that the worlds economies have become uncertain, they are depending upon the stability and strength of the dollar to help pull themselves out of economic instability. In spite of the huge competition from the Euro, and China's Economy the dollar is still the preferred standard of value.

The strength of the dollar rest squarely on the backs of the honest hard working U.S. labor force.......only. Not on the Government. Not on Corporations. Not on the States. Just "we the people".

Finish the fence and mega patrol it you dork wad president. Finish the fence you dork democrats.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mom is back home

Yep after a months long convalescence in a nursing home Mom is home again. Feisty and stubborn as ever. That's a good sign. Silly old woman tricks are for kids. I love my mom but that stubborn streak is annoying.

She had to take a trip to the emergency room yesterday because she accidentally pulled her cath out. That done she is back here safe and sound.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I would never invest on FEEELLNGS

So why do investors invest like crazy woman. Crazy woman live by their feelings, trust me I have had a belly full of insane women who go about their day worrying about how things feel and demanding attention like a 2 year old baby. Let's face it everyone knows that women are all about feelings and men should be all about facts. The more women get deeply entrenched in public the more this nation and world is going to be about feelings their way around like a blind man in a maze. Problem is that maze is like a maze in an Indiana Jones movie. Make the wrong turn and it will kill you. Stupid. So why does the investment community invest like that. Stupid.

"Stupid: Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.

Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.

Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless: a stupid mistake.

Dazed, stunned, or stupefied.

Pointless; worthless: a stupid job.

n. A stupid or foolish person"

I Don't care how much or how good the schooling they have had, it is still crazy. What the hell if they are going to invest on perceptions ie FEELINGS then what the hell did they go to college for? I would make a better investor than all the Harvard graduates combined just because I believe in investing according to the facts.

Why don't investors start paying attention to facts and invest by what they do know rather than speculate on how the public is FEELING.

The price of a barrel is falling like a rock, and inspite of the fact that they are about to get pounded on the production end because of the humongous oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.
Maybe I got that wrong, maybe they figure that people are going to run away from oil because of the giant oil spill and maybe they should. The idiots at BP per usual business practice, lied; and I say knowingly, their asses off about how much oil was being dumped by the busted well.

I ain't no liberal but I am damn straight anti-lie by anyone.

Don't get me wrong I like the idea that gas prices are going to fall. That is good for me individually, but what is not good is the effect it has on the economies, tends to put the brakes on(this one your going to have to think about before you get it). You want to ease off on the economic gas peddle long before you need to brake and be easy on the accelerator, or you are going to be jerking yourself around, and also your passengers which will tend to piss them off, which will tend to make them complain. Do it to much, and you will need to put ear plugs in to dampen the noise of their bitchin. And the moment they can, they will get out of the car to save themselves, from the crazy woman at the wheel driving around like a drunk. I have a crazy sister(she has a diagnosis and takes pills for it) who drives like a bat out of hell, scares the crap out of everyone that rides with her, and yet it appears to me that the economy is being run just like she drives. She is a crazy tailgating bitch on wheels. I am embarrassed to call her my sis.

I am embarrassed by my government and by the economic ingin geniuses that are making the economic decisions in this country. I don't hardly know enough yet I bet I could do a better job than them.
They need to ignore feelings and do what is right for a change. Women....when you get into the public you have to start ignoring how you feel and do what is, not what you feel is. Stop acting like a blind worm feeling your way around....... open your ears and eyes....think....don't manipulate! Start doing some math and stop trying to be Queens and Princesses. Reality is you ain't. You ain't children either.

It would be nice to be nice and generous to every single person and nation, but hey the world in general is greedy, and if it could figure out how to make a buck it would nuke the world to do it. Truth is if the world could figure out how to barbecue the U.S. and not go broke doing it, it would. It would have a picnic and pick this countries bones clean. In the mean time we have nut burger neighboring nation Mexico's President, calling for our government to violate our constitution to which if I could say it to his face get your own house in order before you have anything to say to us and, Oslama bin POTUS should be ashamed for using a completely unrespectable third world politician to prox-spout his personal views because he doesn't want the people of the US to 'think he has an 'unconstitutional bent'.

Here's another one: Possible truce violation? What the hell do they mean possible?! If the North Koreans fired a torp that sunk the South Korean Destroyer and they know this for sure then it ain't a possible treaty vi-lation, it is a ffffff vi-lation. No statement of probability needed. I got a doubting Thomas Sister who would bite on that statement of probability but I won't. Nuts! They'sa skreed the public might call for retaliation. 'FEELING.' Might even force retaliation.
I will tell you what it does highlight. NK obviously is nougats and not afraid, knowing full well the west won't risk the NK pulling the nuclear trigger. So now we sent the quintessential, 'now now Hillary', too say now now Mr. North Korea, you can't dooo that. Shame on you.
I got some advice for South Korea. I would brush up on my evacuation plans for Seoul on account of if the North pulled that kind of stunt, then full scale war may not be too far around the corner. Which would include a preemptive nuclear strike on Seoul itself. And I think that the SK Government should do the duck and dodge for the foreseeable future, to make sure they don't get wiped out in the first strike. Some kind of quiet alert status might be in order also.

I really get the feeling our elected officials are are being-nuke mailed or invade-mailed. I cannot for the life of me come up with any other reason why they are bowing to the rest of the worlds ideologies. Stupid. Kinda like FDR ignoring all the signs just before Pearl Harbor.

I just talked with my sis concerning what was being reported overseas on what our global intentions were when we attacked Iraq. You know that one of the things that was being spread around? The U.S. supposedly wanted to colonize the rest of the world?????????? Where in the FFFFFFF did those morons in the rest of the world get that idea? What kind of illogical idiocy is that? We don't have any effin notions of colonizing anyone. That first of all, would be political suicide for any public servant here, we would run any moron out and immediately ignore that individual or group as out of their minds.

Now that I have blown off some steam, I just ran across a car that the Chinese are calling the leaf for it's ability to use sunlight and absorb Co2 and spit out oxygen. Cool. and I see it happening, except for the GREEDY oil companies.

The real story

Makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with the news media. They act sane, they talk sane, but they report insanly.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The minister of Rush has done it again

Rush Limbaugh has truly asked another quintessential question. He asks, 'if America is so horrendous, why are there so many illegals trying to get in'?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The heat is on

El Presidentee is feeling the heat from the fire of the peoples ire.


Mom is back in the hospital with a fever which means infection somewhere. She was in a nursing home recovering from a broken leg. I understand that as soon as she is well enough she is coming back here.

The presidents political cash is dwindeling

Yap yippity yap but all that ain't gonna save his party because the people are ingin pissed off. Should a just worried about the economy first. I even said so to him through back channels but noooo can't listen to the doomsday nut.

MWHAHAHAHAHA! I love it. I think I am having a Happy moment. I feel like dancing and prancing around the room and singing a song to the tune of little kids taunting,

illegal immigration is gonna be stopped,

illegal immigration is gonna be stopped,

illegal immigration is gonna be stopped.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

comments about EFV at confederat yankee

Frankly, these were not well thought out posts. I would agree that the Over-the-Horizon concept with the EFV needs to be scrapped along with some other issues, but years ago the plans of using AAV's against heavily defended beaches were dropped. There are many situations were a combined force with an initial wave of AAV's and grunts landing from ship is feasible and required as well a force multiplier. The reality is there is nothing in our arsenal, excluding ICBMs that does not run a risk of a great loss of life to our people. War like Medicine is not an exact science, since both are not without risks. By the way, most amphibious ships are not "carrier" sized. Even the LHA is not carrier size unless your thinking of a WWII carrier.

Ron Landers GySgt(ret)
Former AAV Plt Sgt

Posted by YatYas at May 18, 2010 10:50 PM Ron: That is probably correct nevertheless the new efv is still a quantum leap ahead of the old aav, lest you have a dangerous gap in amphibious capability we should buy the efv. Scrapping this new design puts marines in an old system that I have rowed faster in a rowboat.

Your idea of Super Ospreys. Again with the gap in capability. We must have no less than the threat of amphibous operations , but also the reminder that no battle of that size is done by the marines alone. Every aspect must be under control at all times and yes if the marines ever do face those kinds of operations again there would probably be heavy losses. I like the idea of a skytrain like heavy lift vehicle that can carry 50 tons or so with speeds and altitude like the CH 47. You could then take like a fully combat loaded stryker with troops beyond the beach plus it would take up less deck space than an Osprey so you could haul more of them on any AWS.

Reserve your bunker space now

Hurry folks space is going fast in this state of the art luxury nuclear proof bunker.

The news media and the government lie again

Because obviously the oil has made it to Florida.

Still heart breaking

That story about the 7 year old girl and her family. The first thing I want to say is after reading it, and dissecting it, I do not find in it where the police knocked and announced themselves. This no knock shit is must come to an end. I said; when they started this no knock shit bout 5 years ago in GA that trigger happy police were going to kill some innocent person, and/or some scared shit less innocent homeowner was going to kill a cop, all because what the FUCK would you do if your door suddenly crashed in and you lived in an at risk neighborhood. You know the kind where the likely hood is high that if someone was bashing in your door they were crooks and their intent was evil. The cops must assume that the homeowners are going to think that the cops are crooks and that the homeowners life and family is at stake. The cops must announce themselves JUST IN CASE THEY GOT THE WRONG HOUSE. Cause it 'do' happen. Often, and definitely in every major city every year. I could go on, and on, and on with 116,000 links to horror stories about peoples lives destroyed because of the sins of the cops and this country and government and the courts.

Now for the guilt that every idiot who supports a no knock warrant should have. This seven year old was guiltless. What could that seven year old have accomplished? The good, the people helped and the examples set. The peoples lives enhanced. The creativity of one person, one mind that is still open to learn all that is good. What is man going to miss? If you people think that maybe God took this person because she would have ended up evil, maybe you are right, maybe God wd'rather have had this perfectly innocent child with him than lose her to an wicked and evil world and later have had to throw them away to be burnt up and forgotten, and maybe that was his plan.
That is his plan in the end you know. To use up the evil and throw them out like so many Twinky wrappers with out remorse. Just throw them away in the incinerator and burn them like the refuse they are. Like trash. Cause that is all they are. And you are not going to have the excuse of, Why?! God I was a cop. No excuses at all. Pay up and change America or pay the price.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Euro on the ropes

Another day and time I would have been saying YA, YAHOO! Today I am saying there goes the factories. Well probably not with the world economy in dire straits and the European nations holding their breaths, hoping their won't be fallout, I get the feeling that some are secretly (no reference's here) cheering on the downfall.

I have no focal point to this article, in fact most of the time I don't.

Just saying.

In reference to the southern border. Obama might earn the nick 'Oblama' if these infiltrators do manage to set off a successful bomb attack. I know I will help spread that one. Oblama that is.

BETTTTer close the southern booorrrrder. Or BLAMB!

BTW if you can't tell I am pissed then let me tell you; I am pissed, because the idiots in government won't shut down illegal border hopping. An ounce of prevention stuff you know, actually it is probably to late.

On a really scary note. Yellowstone's dome did not shrink due to the recent earthquake storm. Could this be the big one. That would pretty much do in the U.S. if the Super Volcano blew. Out with a bang I would call it. More power than all the nukes man ever had. All at once. Blasting 600 cubic miles of material into the atmosphere would end all concerns of atmospheric pollution.

It would be just regular freaky if an ordinary volcano popped Yellowstone. Hey did you know that there have been multiple sensible earthquakes here in Oklahoma, between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, this year? Did you know that there is a magma plume a ways southeast of Yellowstone? That would truly be an observance of men(something to see) too see a volcano pop up right here in OK. Now that would be exciting.

This is really sad.

I guess that law enforcement does not have a clue nor assume that they know who is living somewhere. At least they could read the ingin addresses right. But nooo. How would you like to to be forced to lay in the blood of your own 7 year old daughter right after the police "accidentally" shot her.

According to AP news: "Seven-year-old Aiyana Jones was asleep on the living room sofa in her family's apartment when Detroit police searching for a homicide suspect burst in and an officer's gun went off, fatally striking the girl in the neck, family members say."

Shit like this never used to happen in this country. Never.

The attitude that caused this is both deep right, and deep left wing. Both commies and facists practice this kind of shit police work.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


You know why I love Major natural disasters. Because they are reminders that man is puny. Major natural disasters remind the narcissistic crowd that they are not in control of anything.

See this cool timelapse of Eyjafjallajokull.........

The terror watch list is all crapped up

The main jist of this article that I am about to link to is not about the terror watch list, but about commie liberala freak-a-zoids who want to bastardize the constitution.

So here is to the bastards of bastardization....... FO.

Let's Face it

The Gulf of Mexico's ecology is probably busted.

On another in your face. The monstrous health care law was stupid and now with a
Pro Life appointee up for likely nomination to the supreme court the Pro abortion croud is toast.

Soooo the rest of the world does get it

I don't know how to put this completely and short but this world economic boondoggle is about to be made a world wide public blame fest on money mongers here in the U.S., and they ingin deserve it. Cause it was their greed that caused it.

IIIII to'l ya.

Da Greeks 'should' sue.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yah man I heard this decades ago.

The human soul has wieght. Yes, I do believe it.


I have always loved science. For me it is the method to discover the grandeur of Creation. In that vain I like to postulate my own theories. It is my fun. what I do with my mind to recreate.

I also very much enjoy new scientific discoveries and new projects like CERN and LISA.

CERNS goal is to discover prove and or disprove things like the Higgs Bosun. The God particle we would like to call it. The gravity particle. A thing that could give hope to interstellar travel I say.

I do not believe that man will; in my lifetime figure out how to gather up some gravity and use it to pull a ship across the stars, but it is still fun to think about.

Well anyway I was attracted to an article about the launching of three satellites to be used to measure gravitational waves. And it dawned on me that gravitational waves would be a good explanation for the flickering or blinking of stars. We should be able to measure the waves by measuring the wavering back and fourth of light from a star, much like we see the movement of reflected light off of a lake at night.

I do dislike though the 2 dimensional consideration that scientists use to describe the universe, so I want to change my thought to everything is like a bubble. What they call the border or wall of a bubble I don't know but never the less it is measurable.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh so so refreshing

Yay, and hallelujah. I heerd something. Someone not afraid to be strait forward.

Yeah+and = Y'and

And now on the t'ol ya so front.

Bring the factories back stupid, because it's about jobs stupid, because it is about the economy stupid, because if there is some machinating going on, the machinators lost stupid, because stupid your lively hoods depend upon it stupid, because without the US. economy stupids, you don't have the money to bitch about nuthin stupids, yet how much more stupid can you stupid people get? I got a feeling they can get even more stupid. But nevertheless lets not give stupidity any more stupid chances.

I wrote a letter to the president about a year ago where I told him to make getting new factories built in the country the no. 1 priority. I was nice then, but way too many educated people think they can make this economy work without putting the low people on the pole back to work. Buuuut no we can't have those poluttin nasty ol' things here in this country, no not at all why let us export our dirty ol' factories over seas where they can dirty up the atmosphere over there. Never mind the bitchy ol' environmental laws here. While we pay our crazy executives exorbitant money to run around in corprate jets, juuuust for fun. When the ol exec's get pissy, and demands what,? 4 mil to not run around, in the mean time Fitch income takes a dump but noooo lets pay that stupid slop, half the Co profits. Ye God!

Now the stupid-o-craps are getting their what?! Asses handed to them with no end in sight?! What?!!!!! Oh why don't y'all go here and read this instead of bothering me? (Narrrrrrcissistic or however you spell it)
Ok. Maybe thet little ol' bump I got the other day makes me even worse.

It's about time, it's about space

How did that old TV series song go? "It's about three men in outer space." Story about three men in a reentry capsule that run into an anomaly, and get tossed back in time to the stone age.Uh........two men. Of course if I saw it today I would hate the fake sets and the over acting that was so common in the sixties. However the reason I bring this old funky show up is because uh well it works out that in a relative theme we don't have it as bad as they had it back then. Buuut the kids don't remember. The reason kids can't figure it out is because they are not seeking out the wisdom of the old men. Uh the honest old me....that's funny......that I should think of myself as an honest old man. I am not that old you know. How about this, the honest old men who have no agenda.

Thing's in society have changed and the reason they have is because we as a country are not so honest anymore. So boo hoo the economy is ---t and nobody can figure out how to maintain a lying conniving populace and prosperity at the same time. Proof positive that if the government would not of stepped in and re-enabled the culprits by printing up money and throwing it at them. Had they of thrown a few of them rich bastards in jail it would have sent a real message. Like back in the eighties when they 'trew' Milken in prison, the savings and lone debacle ended, because the rest of the crooks that had wormed there way into the Savings and Loan industry said, 'oh hey' we don't have as much control as we thought, and decided they didn't want to spend 20 years in prison, maybe having to give up there virgin ass-holes to big bubba just to stay alive.

Uh huh. I tol' ya. Now the biggies are starting to get the picture. Here is a supporting article about why this recovery is going to take too long. See ya, you bunch of crooks. Trust me! The hi-falootin snooty snoot snoot's, in the background are goin down. It's inevitable.

Bangkok still rioting. Some one probably shouldn't of shot that General. He probably wasn't the top of the heap.

Crosswalk nails it again.

And what is in a name any way. If money means anything then how you spend your money will be preferentially tied to your name. Sounds crazy but for whatever reason we apparently all do it.

On the can't prove side or is it crazy side, I was awakened this morning when in my dreams (whatever I was dreaming about) two bright flashes and then ba-boom. My eyes popped open and I said to my wife , "lightening just struck one of the lightening rods". Then I envisioned the very angry face of God looking at me and glaringly. So I said to the angry face "don't be mad at me I ain't at fault here". I could go into all the nut explanations why I said that buuut, that is nuts so I won't, I in other words don't know if it is really true or not I know one thing, I calmed down a bit. You would say that I was momentarily pumped with adrenalin from the lightening strike. Whatever.

Two day's ago I got rear ended for the fifth time in my life. All five times I was at an intersection, all five times rear ended by a woman, four of the five times I was at a stop light at a dead stop. Only now two of the five times did I call for assistance and none of the five times will I sue over it. You know if this is something going on at a higher level(matter of the spirit) you are going to have to hit me a whole lot harder than that and I am going to have to get really ingin hurt before I sue anyone.....funny.....MHAHA! Otherwise????

We were both at one of those yield turns. A car had just passed by and I had pulled my head back into the car preparing to step on the gas and enter into traffic when........ WHAMO! My wife says "there goes my neck". I pulled the car off of the road(still operable) I got out of the car went around to the passenger side (I think this is the order) opened her door(she broke the door handle link bout a year ago), went back to the other car to see if the other person was OK, dialed 911 and told them about the accident, and what my wife said, and when they asked if we needed an ambulance said probably should or something like that.
Fact is when we got hit, I got slapped back in the car seat hard enough to blank out for a sec. Anyway then I took a look at the rear end of the car and it was bent pretty good. My lower back felt like I had been working in the back yard all day, maybe it is from the accident but then again I have had issues with my back lower back for a long time. I suppose saying this give the crooks in the insurance industry an out but hey that just empowers me over them now doesn't it?

There is nothing like the sound you hear when you get in a car accident. That combination of crunch and booooshhhh as metal bends and a window is violently burst, the safety glass flying, falling like a million pieces of silica rain.

Cops were cool, the poor woman was cool, the ambulance people were cool, and the fire dept was cool, all in all outside of the reason I had to interact with them, I thought it was all cool. Now if my back would just stop being such a nag. Don't worry girl nuthin to fear, neither hell nor high water is going to get me to do a damn thing to you.

You know what this is called? TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK!

Well any way I went down to Walmart got some plastic, and this really good Duk brand, duct tape, and started taping off the back window. Then some guy parks a few cars down asks me if I needed some help, I said yeah that would be nice if I had some help holding the plastic in place. we got to talking then another guy comes up and we start talking too. Both were apologizing to me, of course there was no need it most certainly not there fault, it was heart warming anyway. Turns out he was a preacher in an brand new little church and 'w-out' of nowhere God gives me another feed his sheep moment. "Blessed is he; when I come, I find feeding my sheep", moment". Real nice guy(of course, he's a preacher), so I got to tell one more preach about the service the Kingdom of Heaven is to offer mankind. You know, the lambs and the goats sermon, the go ye therefore preaching and teaching all nations, and making disciples, sermon. These are the moments I really really live for. I am really too poor to put out the money to do such things, but I still have a mouth.

So to those of you who want to find some other reason other than what was right there at the moment. The real reason that accident happened to me was so I would end up right there at that moment, preaching a sermon, of love, joy, peace, forgiveness, and servitude to a preacher man who will preach a sermon to many of love, joy, peace, and servitude to many and because as God's word proceeds fourth from even a faulty man such as me it, will bear the fruits that God has ordained that it should of love, joy, peace, forgiveness, and servitude. I in a moment of humility gave a sermon of life. I am humbled by the mighty hand of God.

I am at this moment thanking God, and I just want to say one more time.

Thank you Father.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Americans want jobs

That criminal illegal immigrants are taking, I mean illegal immigrants are taking. I used to really like El Rushbo back in the day but decided he is a bit narcissistic so he fell from my most favored list (narrrrr-c-cism), anyway ol Rushman has a marvelous tendency to put the data out there and I do love the statistics.

12 million jobs wow! So close that border! That would get the economy going again. But the Idiot-o-crats who want to make all these changes just can't seem to understand that The Jobs Must Come First, and then they could do just about anything they wanted too. The Republicans got away with so much while they were in power because the understood that THE JOBS MUST COME FIRST.

The creep-o-crats may get the reason to close up the border and patrol it with an Army of border patrol is a ingin necessity, if they want to stay in power and they need to blow off their dope head contributors or the people will relegate them to to waste bin of politics.

I got an even better idea. Patrol it with the army we are going to bring back from the Mideast war.

Hey here is another thing. I have been getting really impressed with South Korean military up grading with there own home grown hardware. Looks good. I like our M1 Abrams, it is the best in the world but the new SKA tank is certainly impressive.

God is killing the children of fornication and adultry

Revelations 2:20 -2:23 Talks about Jezebel and what Jesus is going to do to her and her children. Rev. 2:23 in particular; Jesus says, that he will kill Jezebels children.

I cannot say for sure if abortion plays a part in what is happening concerning the bible; but in placing my belief as an overlay that is that God is in absolute control, the reason we as Christians are having so much trouble getting rid of legalized abortion in this country may be because Jesus is killing the children of fornication and adultery. More interestingly I wrote an article supporting and supported by many independent opinions; even Rush Limbaugh, the great right wing pundit. The subject was, what if there was no abortion; and those 40-50 million children had of been born, the Democrats would have been in continuous power thanks to the increased number of votes they would have had. The greatest proportion of people who get an abortion also are voters for the left would have raised their children to be liberals.

In other words the reason we can't get rid of abortion is because it is God's will.

Any way what got me started thinking on the subject was an article from Crosswalk on the recent nominee to the Supreme Court and her anti-abortion stance.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trip down memory lane

I decided to take a run over to Boing Boing just to see what they have been up to and saw an article dealing with conspiracy theories. Having not established myself as an author but just another off beat blogger; I have decided to weigh in on another author who used to be a guest blogger on BB, who has now written a book on conspiracy theories including the Illuminati.

As is my custom of not reading many of the items that I comment on but inferring as a matter of course according to what I do know about what the world in general thinks, and it's propensity to insult God, I want to reiterate what I have written some hundreds or even thousands of articles ago.

The name Illuminati means the illuminated ones or more correctly followers of light, or even dwellers in the city of light. Now the world mainly and generally takes that to mean; smart guys, but there is a secondary meaning; light from within. I take the second meaning as the true meaning. Being a son of God all be it of the cursive kind I understand one thing for sure about light. It Come from Heaven, from God. There are a couple of verses in the Bible that cover this. One is in Job where God says, "Where were you when I made a way for the light?", and in Revelations Revelations 21:23, The lamb is the light of it. It being the city of new Jerusalem descending from Heaven.

I could go into greater detail as to what we do know; as men about light, how it is virtually weightless, and virtually timeless and how light does not conform to the general laws of this universe. But to the banal of the human race it does not fascinate them, and I am not interested in boring you, but maybe making you mad. You know pissing you off. Or I would prefer enlightening you or just getting you to think, hm.

Back to the primary item. Jesus says I shall make you kings, to the disciples. Note the vernacular. Future tense. Now we know that the apostles have passed on. Jesus is God, and therefore the things that he said have not passed away so the Apostles are still kings. Being a king in the Kingdom of Heaven is far more important than being a king on earth. Not going to explain that one either. Let's just say that to be alive in heaven is to be full of light. Ie., you will glow from within. You can't see that glow unless you have the spiritual eyes to see it. And Atheist will say BS. And I will say you ings are spiritually blind. Also I say that an excellent spirit moves with a member of the kingdom of Heaven. They will bring out the best in anyone, but there is also something about members of the kingdom of Heaven. They also make people mad. The; "I don't know why I am mad at them", kind of mad.

The final say. I am saying there are 11 men alive on earth today chosen by God to be his ultimate messengers. Some you may know but most you won't. These are the true Illuminati. Man does not pick them. God does. Men can't fire them because men have no say in God's will. And men cannot buy their way into becoming an illuminated. They have already been chosen and are kings from birth till they die.

One more thing. It is said that they control the flow of money. No not really, they have a seat with God and are able to directly beseech the Lord, and God controls the flow of money, manipulating logic. In other words God will create the circumstances whereby men will only logically have one decision. And the decisions they will make for the love of money will be horrible. In a strange way mankind will cause Armageddon because of money.

They are inherently good. Wish good and work for good. Generally doing good and encouraging every one to do good and be good. They are not necessarily perfect men, for they after all are only men, and as such subject to the temptations of men. But the old saying about Teflon coats. No evil sticks to them. They easily repent and forgive men's trespasses. But woe unto the man who tries to subjugate them for they will find themselves subjugated to what ever it is that they try to enslave with.

These eleven kings of the Kingdom of Heaven likely do not know for sure each other but they do know each others works and recognize the works of God.

It is said that they have the power of life and death. Yet they would not hurt a fly and bring far more life than death. They are both consummate warriors, and tireless peacemakers. Would much rather bless than curse. Quicker to bring grace and mercy than war. They are rich in the gifts of the spirit and can bless beyond measure, but when they make war they are always victorious. They have never lost, for God is with them.

Anything the world has to say against the true dwellers of light the true Illuminati, is cursed and brings the curse, even death. There are groups that think that knowledge is a symbolism of light but that is just wishful metaphoric thinking. Their are even groups that think that they can take on the name of Illuminati and go through some rituals and voila they become enlightened, again no. True dwellers of light are just that. Full of light and love. they are not backstabbing conniving bitches trying to rid the world of borders or manipulating masses of people with drugs or false religions or beliefs. These groups are false and do not understand God nor know him. Maybe there are organizations out there that would consider themselves the operators behind the Machiavellian machine and if there is and if they are, their works will lead to mega catastrophe and destruction. Maybe the so called 300 does exist and if they do maybe they are what we in America are fighting. I will tell you for sure if they do they are scared shit less about the Saints and prophets and the warriors of the Kingdom of Heaven. But I will reassure you they will fail miserably if they really think that they will win a worldwar level war of the world against the USA .

At any rate, only they can admonish each other, and only they can discipline each other and there is always a lead.

These are matters of the Spirit and as such it is expected that the flesh can not comprehend them. The spiritually minded can understand but to those who dwell in the earth it is garble.

If you want to find the master of all conspiracy theories you have to accept Jesus as your savior and willingly subject yourself to him and then you will begin to see. See how it all works to bring about the future. I say the future because the universes existence is but a wide spot in the road on the way to eternity.

Every day the future is one day closer, and still I wonder why people don't want to see what is beyond the horizon of forever, well not really.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Peter Buffett

Very impressive thought from Peter Buffet son of Warren Buffett. He says; "economic prosperity may come and go that's just how it is, but values are the steady currency that earn us the all important rewards."

D'ja ever see a top spin?

Macro Global heating and cooling, I am going to say is caused by orbital eccentricity, more so than mans tiny farting in the atmosphere by economic activity.

The sea is rising?

Over the last several thousand years the sea has receded. Wmwhaat? I thought the sea level was increasing. Yet here we have scientist confirming that apparently the sea level is not normal in fact it is obviously abnormal It is obviously too low. Well by all means we must fix that. Uh just kidding.

I saw a picture of the pass at Thermopylae; and in the old stories, books, and movies, there was the sea inlet on the one side, and mountain on the other, but today it is nothing but a filled in plain. Jeez, the sea really did recede. Thousands of years. Hmmmm. How much longer will these global warming al-armists keep saying the sky is falling.

I am going to render a guess. It is all about political power and nothing to do with reality. It is all about moola. Cash. Dan de dan de dan Bonanza. The green.

Nothing to do with the reality foh hey,

the world is going to go through it's cycles,

no matter what men may say or do, foh yeah.

But crazy capitalists will capitalize on anything,
if they can only spin it up the right way,
then they can make their wheat glued plains fly,,,,until it rains.

And now it is raining,

And their plains can't fly,

But they keep singing Bonanza,

Cause you know that nothing flies with out bazinga.

But the wild onion keeps growing in my back yard,

Many plants are edible,

Every war was about money and this one will be too.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Ping Pong effect


You'll get the metaphor by reading the article.

In a gargantuan game of dollar dollar who's got the dollar,' oh we got thedollar'. We are trying to export the only thing we have left, da dolla. Why in the h e double l do we just not let the whole (I haven't come up with an ing word for GD yet) freaking thing crash and burn. Um.......well look at GRRReece for that answer. Why the whole world would drop into anarchy. Ahh, is the powers that be too scared to let that happen? What a efin; oops, I mean ingn mess. Of course after they get things going in the right direction again the European nations will have to sell off the excess doyers(little toddler said that one day at the office; doyers, still makes me smile) and PONG, unless, unless they figure something else out.

Mwha ha ha! As the dollar which had just begun to show some signs of strength......bazoomba, down she goes again. Well that is how it normally works anyway.

Ya have seen the outdoor water faucets they have at the roadside rest stops? They are all they way on or off. Ya ever try to get a drink out of one of them with your bare mouth. Well try that with about 5 gallons a minute at 40 psi. You don't get to much to drink because the water is blowing back out of your mouth faster you can gulp it down. What a waste of water. What a waste of money.

Here is a classified statement I intend to make out in the open. EASY ON THE ingen FLOW WILL YA. Sorry Father. Jesus the living Savior. Easy. Revamp your economic algorithms and smooth out the flow. Allow for some gradual up and downs and then you can be prepared for it(ups and downs), they're going to happen any way. Trying to stop them from happening just makes them worse, and for God's sake relax. Oh, btw just FYI tell the people what your doing or else yous politicians are going to have mighty short careers. Give it eight more years and all should be well for a day or two. Until then might as well sit back and enjoy the ride cause....I don't know...I know I am.

What am I doing, I don't want to help you S @ Gs out.

Bah, why should you listen to me anyway?

Okay now I am ready for some investment advice

Something I figure no one else has covered.

Every time there is an economic downturn the same things get hammered. BUT also there are some things that don't. Figure out what is getting nailed and what is not. 50 % of what you are going to invest should always be diversely invested in the things that are steady no matter the economic climate.

The other 50 % should be invested like this: When the economy takes a "dump" is actually the best time to invest in the areas where, when the economy comes back, they tend to rise. And the best time to get out of those investments is when they have peaked, as you think they are going to peak. You have to be cold and calculating about those. Also pay attention to economics as a whole. When things get shaky as a whole(do not listen to economic pundits, make up your own mind)get out of your dump investments.

In other words when you think things like the stock exchanges are too high then go liquid with your more risky investments. As a base idea, the stock markets have dropped from 13,14 thousand down to 6 thousand and are now back up to the 10, 11 thousand range. If the market keeps going steady they may reach back into the 13, 14 thousand range at that point, I get out of the recession sensitive stocks and I go liquid so that at the bottom of the drop I can get back in for a bargain. I time my reinvesting(investing in what you may wonder) into a 2 or 3 year cycle which is kind of the average up and down cycle.

Another thing you should do is throw a few penny stocks in there just for fun. It cost almost nothing, and you lose almost nothing if they never pan out, but if one or two of them take off, whammo big money.

Cool word

Palliative Means booze, and also comfort.

The news report still does not say

At Kent State decades ago there was a horrific incident in which national Guardsmen opened fire on protesting college students killing 4 and wounding many.

The report caption for the article says it has definitive evidence on who gave the order to fire.

After reading the report I now know. No one gave the order. The article caption is misleading. In the correct vernacular, is a lie.

The news media should want to know why the public doesn't trust them. Because of the bait and switch marketing tactics, that are more suited to gossip rags, and old used car dealership adds.

My Aunt Donna has passed away

Three days ago according to my sister who just told me 30 minutes ago, who found out from our mother who is in a nursing home recovering from a broken leg, sustained while in the hospital for treatment from pneumonia, who was called by our Aunt Mavis in Milwaukee.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oklahoma's new open carry law. YES!

Read here at the Tulsa World.

Glomular globulins

Start landing on Alabama shores.

Republican ousted

Big time Republican Bob Bennett ousted in what may become the norm. Throwing the blighters out of office. Tea party candidate leads the way in Republican primary. I tol ya, the people are pissed and are going to take it out on incumbents.........from both parties.

I say bye bye you bunch of crooks.

Fun with words


The oil leak

Stuff like this is bound to happen for any number of reasons however the understating from BP cannot be excused.

Better to have overstated the problem and been all up, and have it of been not that big a deal than what we got.

The money bitches can wait. In Fact the money bitches can just shut up. Hows that for narcissism?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Natural oil leaking into the sea

WHAT? Or is it Hah I found one! Did you know that when I was a teenager I was taught that oil was leaking into the sea naturally? Hokay here is a link to help you understand zat it is true. MHA!

Jobless rate

This is freaking strange. Unemployment declines 7,000 to 440,000 and employers hire 290,000, Unemployment rate increases to 9.9%. I get the part about the ones who went off the radar to find work but reporting this as positive news. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeewzzzzzzzzshhhhhhhhh.

Arizonas Illegal alien law

Funny article. I especially like the comment over at Confederate Yankee or is it Wizbang in relation to MSNBC about Arizona law making being an Illegal Alien against the law.

Oh here it comes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Illegal.......against the law........

What a bunch of "maroons".

Reminds me of a guy who said to me that sitting in your car with it idling was bad for gas mileage. Of course it is, your only getting 0 miles per gallon. You end up sending more pollutants into the atmosphere by shutting your car off and restarting it shortly afterwards.

Mumble mumble. You know the educated and over educated people are the ones thinking this bzzz----t up, you know that don't you?

Illegal.........against the law. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Good God. God is good you know?

Whooee gonna take a minute for me to get over that one.


Enviromental Whackos

That is a phrase coined from decades long insane and illegal behavior exhibited by people who were against felling large tracts of trees in clear cut operations. They have been convicted for everything from misdemeanors for driving spikes and nails into trees to damage chain saws, to murder. Probably could get some of them for sedition as well but.......... Don't expect to many references, as usual most of this is going to come from memory.

However I see now that environmentalists are doing a little back peddle with some spin control.

They would be better off just admitting that they were duped so we can press on with other more important matters. I am all for most reasonable anti pollution efforts but the run of the mill environmentalist foot troop today has wasted their time and efforts on protests when they could have been inventing new ways to accomplish old tasks.

The Ozone hole in Antarctica they say has been "healing"(stupid to attribute organic ability to an inorganic object).

I have long since known that the ozone hole fluctuated greatly mainly due to one of the most continuously active volcanoes on earth being inside the main weather pattern in the Antarctic region, and that the primary weather patterns; during our winter months I believe, the primary jet stream acts like a seal that bottles up the ozone depleting volcanic gasses over the Antarctic, and that pretty much explains why the hole waxes and wains so much during a year.

As far as the hole itself increasing and decreasing year to year because of global weather patterns it is likely difficult to say at best but again the jet stream acts to separate the northern hemisphere from the southern and the vast majority of industrial activity is in the northern hemisphere. So whatever the hell, industial sabotage or espionage or beastly manipulations were occurring back in the 60' was pretty much BS. Unfortunately it was BS that has cost the world trillions and probably has cost the lives of countless millions of people by forcing poverty upon a hundred nations. In other words environmentalist wackos living in the left---t ditch are just as guilty and responsible as the rich industrialist are as far as criminal negligence in murdering masses of people by policy.

I could mention several good things that have occured but no matter the good coin that eviro-whacknuts have accomplished by their activism they lost because of the deaths they have inadvertently caused. Worse they lie like dogs and are still in a serious state of denial about the lies they have commited too.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh ho ho ho!

Dumb-de-dum dumb.

If ignorance is not an excuse it won't be for these cops either.

I am going to coin a new phrase

My dad was a sailor and in the truest tradition of a sailor he swore like one. The air would turn blue and freeze so you could pick his words right up and put them in a fridge.

A bible verse puts it this way. raise a child up in the way he should go and in his old age he will return to it.

I had done a pretty good job through my 30 and forties of neutralizing my verbose mouth but now that I have reached my "senior years" it has returned with a vengeance. I however have not stopped battling the urge to cuss every limp dick and son of a bitch out. To help me in this personal war I have enlisted every known tool and prayer I can think of in Christendom. Now I am going to try this one. I have ceased using the word fuck and gone to bleeping out and uppercase number keys and recently ____ing. Now I think I will use just ing.

So when you see the word ing standing alone you may assume I meant fuck-ing.

I don't know if I ever told you that I know where the word f.u.c.k. comes from. Some call it etymology I think. You know the etymology of a word?

It is a very old acronym from British law enforcement, that they used to enter into the paper work, after having jailed a prostitute. They would write down, arrested for the charge of Female Using Carnal Knowledge.

As to the current condition of left ---t flingers. I think we can trace their ---t back to the American Atheist people created by Madalyn Murry O'hair. The only group of which I will say is behind all of the conspiracies and conspiracy theories. I believe now that they have been working in the background since the sixties. I think they go as far as even murder, assassination, character assassination, threats, bribery, blackmail and even trying to maintain or create prematurely, 666 the beast. I believe they have used every tool in the covert spy book to try and gain the upper hand including, enlisting the leftover communist plants, organized crime and organized labor and Als favorite pitting everyone off agianst each other while feigning innocence . I believe them to be the people who encourage the people that start the violence, in what would otherwise be peaceful protests. And when the scum-crats are in power are the shit behind what would otherwise be a decent party.

I could keep on going but you get the gist. I think that atheists are nuts, and are as a general rule pill popping group of nuts.

Atheists look at mankind as nothing more than smart animals and that would explain why the animalistic behaviorism being pushed and touted. You know if they truly let things be natural; here is where they fall in their philosophy, they would not support abortion but instead they support it to the hilt. If they were really about survival of the fittest they would leave everything well enough alone, and let all things fall where they may, but nooooo they got to machinate and manipulate behind the scenes trying to gengineer the world around to their way of thinking.

They have by their manipulations cost the lives of and estimated 70 million in China due to purges, and 30 to 40 million lives in the old Soviet Union, and getting way over 40 million here in the US by there UNGODLY support of abortion in the US.

Atheism isn't for civilization, because everywhere they take hold instead of a nation becoming more civilized they practically go back to some kind of savage and ancient Sodom and Gomorrian way of life.

So ing you atheists the world hates you ingers. The world is looking for a savior but they ain't looking for your kind of saving. You bunch of wannabe cave dwellers.

BTW their is a very powerful group of people who will not take kindly to being deceived into thinking that you ings were a part of the or of the beast and that of 666 ---t. In other words yous atheists are inged.

Maybe I should say that there are a few atheists who truly are live and let live but you know what? All the people who were live and let live God fearing people are crying out from the grave for justice. So all of atheisdom can just FO

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Huh? Look at the Civil unrest beginning to build.

Thailand, Greece. In fact over the last two or three months there have been more. Kind of makes a guy curious as to what s going on.

Remember the piece of catchphrase the old hippies used to use, "the establishment", I just discovered that it was first used In 1955 by a reporter trying to deflect the scrutiny away from two British defectors.

Well it looks like the establishment is on the ropes again. Only this time there is no escape, if you ask me. This crap could go on for a long time, but I am sure that, eventually people are going to come to the logical conclusion that something must be done to break people free to accomplish new things. I believe that logical conclusion will be attack the U.S.. Ya, I am saying invade the U.S.. Ya see that there Constitution of the United States is irreplaceable, and we are not going t be a replacing it. It is what gives the people Of the United states their backbone to stand up and throw the crap they get from the givment, back in the face of givment. The worlds problem is even though it is the only and ultimately; "logical conclusion", they don't realize is that there is an alternative solution. In two parts I will explain them. One: The U.S. elite; behind the scenes, intellectuals manipulating things have gotta get out of this narcissistic mode, of they manipulating the world. Two: Same goes for the worlds elites.... Two parts that equal the same thing. Everybody leaves everybody else alone. Sort of sink or swim thing but modified with everybody helps in natural disaster everybody else, but otherwise FO. There are some blockhead geniuses who are totally into, still trying to engineer the course of human events (I infer this from some of the 1 second off of midnight decisions that the officials in givment keep making. That is looking at it from a hopeful lite, the bad is they are purposely trying to manipulate or engineer the invasion). And I will reiterate, as Bugs Bunny used to say ; and I don't care how much respect they have endowed upon themselves, "what a" bunch of "maroons".

Let me enlighten you people where this all ends up at. Armageddon. (note:::: I am not using the probable vernacular, but the the much more controversial absolute vernacular, the really smart guys get it, but for the rest of you who have an IQ of less than 140 I will detail it for you a little. I am stating this not as a maybe or probability but as a factual gonna happen no matter what WTF anyone does.)

One of the last things that Jesus said was "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do". They don't know that the logical conclusions that they will come to is the only answer they can come up with because they completely negate matters of the spirit and faith. Every time everything appears to settle down and some sort of "control " appears to be settling in something else breaks loose. Every time that governments make an adjustment something else crops up. As hard as government and the establishment is trying too get ahead of the curve they are failing. The banks are failing and falling behind. Money is failing and falling behind. When I tell you that these troubles are only the beginning, I am not joking around. It is a strange quirk of fate that the same thing that keeps happening to me keeps happening in the world. Right about the time I have reached the plateau after a long hard struggle and think now I have it made, life takes a s--t and down my fortune goes again. Very strange indeed. It is also funny how it seems to be in-sink. Weird.
'It do' make me wonder if there is some sort of spiritual connection, but then I would be playing around with narcissism and delusion then wouldn't I? Oh well, if you think declaring me legally nougat would hep you, then fine. I'll take the free money, SSD(nut benefits). Wouldn't you? To the Atheists I have a picture in the upper left corner of my website which I really intend for you. There ain't much to be read into it but I assure you I am not your friend. So blow it out your bung hole. When I talk about matters of the spirit; in this country it is practicing my "religion" and also my Constitutional rights to free speech, and freedom of religion. Since we are not going to be a changing our constitution you'all are going to have to invade to get rid of it, then maybe you can have things your way. The moment the world embarks upon this endeavor they lose. That is a whole nuther story, uh sage, uh a beast of another kind........... Rather annoying and provocative.
Good! Mwha-ha-ha!

I said this before Obama and I am saying this for the next President. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

Watch and learn people. No matter what naysayers(Atheists) may say; Jesus is the answer, and the only answer.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Dope makes schizo's

Read this article about people who use illegal drugs. They are ----ing up their brains. What a bunch of ----ing morons.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


To people who I know are sensitive to salty language I apologize but this pic is to establish a permanent link that I may refer back too, when I don't want to say it in writing, but can install a link so that those who may get overly curious can receive my message plainly and simply.
In this case one picture is worth two letters. F.O..

A general comparison of types of governments

So how is our government supposed to work compared to how most other governments work?

1) Bottom up, the people of this country are governed by their consent.

2) Top down, the people in many other countries are taught that the government knows what is best for them.

The twist is that the educated say that they know what is best or are trained and educated and know how to objectively understand the nuances of how to promote life better than the people who are living.

There are two two figures in American history who I can think of exemplify this felonious attitude. Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Both men thought that their education made them better than people who did not have any or little.

We are suffering today from the ignorant consideration of over educated men and women, who tend to negate, or think that they can do some sort of damage control when stuff gets out of hand.
For instance the gulf oil spill could have used an all up response immediately, yet a bunch of super highly educated men and woman chose to understate the problem rather than, cry out that the sky is falling. I would certainly fire every god damned one of the bastards and promote the ones who were probably trying to say hey the ---- has some defects. Or was it sabotaged and was there some sabotage on the platform as well with the saboteurs knowledgeable to the faulty BOP? That would be a left wing conspiracy now wouldn't it. Their the ones who keep nay saying aren't they. So if it is sabotage then it is leftists and if it is incompetence it is righties.
With both sides slinging so much ---- around that we may never know the truth. I know one thing. I don't blame the President for sending out fast reaction forces to the rest of the oil platforms. I also think they better get to testing EVERY last BOP in the US.

I; On that note, have a couple of wonder why's. Why did the BOP fail and why, when with manual operation did it still not operate? Should not the manufacturer of the BOP be where the investigation "naturally" be taken? Of course they will/may state unequivocally that their equipment is perfect. Which I am thinking should a huge red flag, right?

Of course the logical is being done now. You know? Stopping the flow of oil and defense of shorelines first. With recovery of and inspections efforts coming second.

Does getting a college degree mean that you people lose your objectivity and set your biases concerning the uneducated so deep that you can't possibly have listened to an uneducated or lesser educated person.

I am saying that yous peoples greed has opaqued your eyes and blinded you with new high tech glasses that play nothing but Utopian visual music that suits what you (I want to so badly say some cuss words right now) think your little old hearts want to see so you can live to the ripe old age of what, 80?.

Last time I checked the Bible, men could live to be 120 years old. So you people are dieing 60 years too young. Maybe you people deserve to die young because you have done so much harm to others, never mind the environment.