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Sunday, October 31, 2010

What do ya know

Oklahoma City Ranks No1 in this survey of most affordable places to live.

Jeez. If your gonna do an article at least have the writers look up the real distance from Earth to another planet in the solar system. Each planet is about twice the distance further out from the sun as the previous one. therefore Mars cannot be 35 million miles from earth, and it certainly does not take 100 years to get there. I thought these writers went too college. I knew this stuff from like junior high school science class. Stupid stupid stupid kids...If Earth is 90 million miles from the sun then Mars is at least, AT least 90 million miles away from earth. The earth again is 90 million miles from the sun and Mars mean distance is about 230 million miles therefore 90 million minus 230 million is 140 million miles, not 35 million. Last I checked We can get probes there in less than a couple of years; so a one hundred year ship for a trip to mars not intended to return because it would take so long to get there well...... the premise of the words it completely bogus, and the writer wonky.

The ship is a colony ship. If DARPA has accurately stated that there is a one hundred year transport ship to Mars, then it is really for permanent colonization. The main problem of finding people who don't care if they return; I can see that, but I assure you that there are plenty of smart people who would want to go knowing that they cannot return.

I slipped over to Wikipedia and there they have decided that there is no accepted theory as to why the distances are not equal or not really twice the previous; so I am going to throw in my own personal theory. The distances are also decided by the mass of each body plus the gravitational pull of the rest of the bodies in the solar system. For instance; if Mars was the same mass as Earth it would be closer to the 180 million mile mark from the sun.

Anyway. Cool on the colony ship.

I cannot find any fault with this series of video....and it facinates me...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Living life takes two

If your married then two people become one. However if one of the persons in a marriage has a, 'this is all mine' attitude, then there is in reality no marriage. Now the descriptor I have just given is actually of my marriage. I am married however my wife is not and we both live accordingly. It makes for one resentful person and one frustrated person. My wife resents me and I am frustrated with her. She still shows the signs of her victimization but she embraces hers where as I do not show mine so much because I have never ever embraced any of my victimization. In a sense I estranged the bad things that happened to me literally relegating those things to the past where as my wife goes with them. Walking hand in hand with them like two lovers marching towards the fabled lovers leap. I am not going with her in this.

Marital economics is plain, both people have veto power over the budget...However if one exorcises self restraint and respect for the marital budget but the other does not no matter what restraint the one exhibits the marital budget will be shit, like ours. If marital economics is shit the shit will over flow into the rest of the marriage, like ours. I have married four women who were economic nightmares but it turns out that my own mother is just like them. Hence in spite of my never wanting too be with someone like my mom I have utterly failed and married four women JUST like her. Goddamn it.

This article does list people who are married and do everything together and as a couple can rationally work together as a team.

Sometimes I have nothing to say


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Remember personal info?

Sometime I have no comment; because I have no comment. Sometimes there is nothin more to add or what I would have to say is so laden with expletives such as I would rather line the bleeping antagonists up against a wall and schoot them... and sometimes I would ruther just summarily execute them. since none of those things would be a welcome statement at a site that is trying to maintain civility then I just say nothing.

This particular article is about the rumors of voter fraud.....Be ye warned all ye crooked people. I would just as soon as kill you fuckers as spend one cent of public money trying you assholes.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Let us be truly free

Let us not spike the ball before we cross the goal line. Let us continue to accelerate through the finish line. Let us not shoulder our arms until the last bullet is fired. Let us gain our second wind, raise up once more and slam our opponents temple of wuss to dust. Let us assert once and for all. This nation is a Republic and shall NEVER be anything but.

Let us be united as one for one purpose. To defend each others liberty to be individuals as each of us sees fit; that we should live our lives a rejoicing, free from the enslavement of the communal soociopathical ants that the Demo-rats have become.

North Korea

Bullets fly and the commies started it.

If the Border was good this would not be a problem.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two old chipmonks

Said; "you first", "no you first"...together then....and got jammed in the door. Still didn't spend the money. US firms have one trillion in cash they won't spend because of the uncertainty in the economy.....Da da daaaaa da, d da daaa daa, da dada daaa daa, da dada daaaa. I wonder why? Why is there so much uncertainty of where to spend the money.... simple.... because corporation's know that if they build a factory they would have to sit on it for 2 to 5 years while employment nationally gets back to norm..... Might not happen....not without a war....which is coming....

In 1994 I said the cure is a nuclear war. What would be good about a nuclear war? Well it would blow the guts out of the source of rot we have in this country. Kind of like debriding a festering wound. Urbanizim. Ya that's right we have become so urbane but is is more like too many rats in a cage....People have begun to cannibalize.

I was watching the old survivor show.... Every time the people start out at the beginning getting rid of the most industrious individuals because they are a "threat".... Too many rats.....

Social scientists would say that getting along is a necessary societal survival trait.... Boring.

It is not the color of the wig but the color of the hair underneath that matters. Short black and straight.... She got paid to do that.... Smells like Soros.

I wrote a series of article's a half a decade ago about What the bible says concerning a meteor hitting the earth, I guess it is a good thing that scientists are looking at neo's. Problem is the Bible is not talking about asteroids but meteor's. Of course I don't really have any guess as to what the minimum size of an asteroid is vs maximum for a meteor. Revelations calls it like unto a mountain, burning with with fire. I wonder if it is a high in potassium or sulfur......would explain the burning with fire, or simply friction caused by passing through the atmosphere, also the bitterness of the fallout is a key{wormwood= alkaline} .
I once heard that the average large mountain had a base of about 25 miles. I also got a hold of some average speeds and and potential energy release data. A meteor of 500 feet in diameter traveling at 50,000 mph would cause a blast of 60,000 million tons of TNT. Striking the earth in the Pacific ocean the vapor debris and fallout cloud would cover 1/3 of the earth.
I really don't think we have as much to worry from asteroid or planetoid sized objects in our lifetimes so much as the smaller ones.

Now I am calling a five hundred foot in diameter interplanetary object a meteor. Scientist don't call that a meteor but an asteroid. So ok a freaking asteroid five hundred feet in diameter.

You know what that crap is? People trying to make a name for themselves by relabeling shit so they can say; "heyI got this relabeled". Pisses me off. Effin idiots. If you can't take what you have learned and add more knowledge to it then you ain't learned mor'n shit. Stupid.

You know what conservatism really is. It is just that. Taking what you have learned and adding more information to it. Not trying to redefine every effin thing. A dumb shit says to me once "life is complicated". No it ain't; you live or you don't,. and it really is that simple. We complicate life but life is just there. These over educated ninnies just make life more difficult when the fact is they should not.

A talent is a talent. A gift is a gift. Teaching a gift, now there is the difficulty. Lets face it, If I have a gift for something you really couldn't have it now can you? I can teach it, but can you really learn it?

Up until I was 36 I used to just tell people stop doing this or stop doing that. Jesus people used to complain to me saying I can't stop doing this or that. Well do you like doing this or that? It is like drinking and getting drunk. If you don't like the long term affects of the hangover then why the hell do they drink to begin with? Because they are effin crazy, that's why. I used to drink and get drunk once in a while. Most of the time I wouldn't even get a hangover. When I had a couple of nasty hangovers, I pretty much stopped drinking. It weren't no fun anymore and I didn't really like the hangover. Same thing with everything else. Smoking. I; by the grace of God don't like heavy smoking anymore. I am now down to 1/3 to 1/2 a pack of cigarettes a day. Why? I don't like the medium and long term effects.

Back to meteor's.....I go around looking for a good or stable definition for meteor's and I find that the scientific world has become so ambiguous about the definition. Put a number to it and call it one or something. Who gives a about the appearances; just put a number to it, call it one and be done with it and move on.....Plato and Socrates both found out the hard way that debating an issue until it becomes some kind of mush never leads to life, only boring grey soup that nobody likes. And when enough nobodies didn't like it.... well it was drink the hemlock or else.

My definition for a meteor will be; any natural object less than 1000 feet in diameter, and bigger than a single molecule, in transit from space to earth.
Anything bigger gets labeled Planetoid or big assed death event, BAD event, or BADE(cause there ain't gonna be anybody left alive to care after it anyway). Funny. Maybe that is where bad comes from. Freaking acronym we turned into a word. Like; always is not, became ain't.

Bottom line is; it is not the somebodies of men that you have to worry about, it is the number of nobodies.

How about this. The more nobodies you have the more the somebodies have to worry. The more somebodies you have the less the somebodies have to worry. So make more somebodies, and that gives the nobodies hope that they too may become somebody some day.

That is also why God made it so easy to become a Christian. He set the bar so high that no man but one which, was himself would ever attain; plainly forgives everyone for not attaining his level of perfection, yet in his perfection accepts everyone who only achieves the minimum level of belief, and doesn't expect that any will ever be as perfect as Jesus. That is why Christians are not as worried. While the world tries to make everyone else a nobody, God made any/all who accept his forgiveness by Jesus, somebody. Whatever or whoever in the world is left, gets burned up.

Giant exhale.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Conservatism on the march worldwide

French legislature passes raise in retirement age anyway....

Bed bugs creeping out the tourists in NYC.

North Korea with the most big brotherized society that any imagine, obviously cannot feed itself. Micromanaging people does not work. People were not meant to be micromanaged.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miguel Cervantes

I have always heard, Sancho, that doing good to base fellows is like throwing water into the sea.
Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616)

I guess by base he means bad guys. I really think the truth is: doing good to the boring ones is like throwing water into the seas. Or doing good to a scoffer is like throwing water into the sea.

Do you know what an oxymoron is? This is an oxymoron. "The pace of debt expansion under Obama is obviously faster, but that's due to the stimulus and to a shrinking economy"


It took me all day to get over the stupidity of the author of the last ditty and now I can get a study up here; quote, unquote....Ok so they can't really call it a study but why do people need a study to affirm or destroy their superstition.

The Tea Party is a movement. Besides the signs I see are not racist, and the left who has not taken the fact seriously that they don't count any more because it is fact, that they will not survive this next 25 years and are done, I love reiterating that not only are they not having enough children; but are aborting a lode as well, taking their own advice I guess, and aborting the ones they don't want, which would be their progeny. Mirth ensues in me............ BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stupid, very stupid..... They had been at it for 100, 150 years and they throw in the towel and stop having kids. BWHAHAHAHAHA! They had it going on....heeheeheeheeheehee. They were going to rule the world......wooeee. Dumb....uh anyway.... Winning by default. Oh wait it was God that caused them to not have any more kids. Any way the righteous conservative's winning by the default by the liberals not showing up..... because they don't have any kids to show up with..... while their old commie farts start dying off..... Their youthful hard driving, hard living, having killed them. In other words the dopes did dope and they are not only dying but are as stupid as I have ever seen men can be(ref ; the previous article of freaking note).

Uh, anyway the Teaparty is a movement and rrrrrace got nuthin to do with it. Besides I think the(on the spiritual side) all the things that the leftists are, they sound more like Islamic terrorists because of the incredible and insane things they are saying. I have not seen one racist comment come out of the Tea Party. Not one.

I think that the leftist college perfessors are not getting the idea that politicking is not all about marketing a product; or produce in the case of the Democrats. Does the sound of a paint brush full of she-lack feel good to the Democrats.... Old man gave some really good advice to me once (backwards). He said all the powers that be wanted was to keep the people "fat, dumb, and happy" and they could do what ever they wanted..... well apparently the Demolish-the- economy-o-crats did not get the memo. Gotta keep the people fat dumb and happy or they will pull their head out of what-ever-sand hole or their ass.....whatever....and throw a ****fit. And now we are seeing the people throw a ****fit and they are going ghuh? Duh what happened?... Bwhahahahahaha gotcha ya....Cause yaaa the Tea party is a movement, of the people, and not some well funded political hack at the powers that be. You see the powers that be forgot that when the people get irate they just trow off what ever lead they were under and get a new one.

Makes me feel good about being an American again. Rally it does says ZA ZA.

This probably needs editing: I'll get to it later.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Yeah, why am I a Republican?

This article says it all. I decided to click on the "blog with" button on this article and the pad is...... well a little less than my dashboard pad..... and the link is automatically in the title; different.{not anymore}

I want to highlight why I am a Republican, because the word Republic is in it. Lame lame lamo. I know. Just kidding. anyway. the history of Republicans is rich in fighting against enslavement where as the Democrats have to hide their entanglements of slavery. The republicans have traditionally resisted the tendency twards corruption where as the Democrats have embraced corruption as a tool. The Republicans have resisted the urge twards lying the democrats have made liars their mouth. the Republicans are malleable twards the republic the democrats are imperialistic/monarchic/dictators. I think I misspelled dictator in fact I know I did. shall I leave it....Nah....You figure out how I miss spelled it.

In that vain. Even Obama's cousin is telling the Pres that the Health care bill is crap.

The continuous over rating of the economy by liberal media is waning. The economy is crap the jobs flow(thought of like) is 17,000,000. It used to be about 8,000,000. Now I am just taking a wild swing at it but I bet that I am in the playing field. That is because the real unemployment in this country is not 8.8 million but it is really 17,000,000. Jobs flow is people in transit from job to job. Normally the jobs flow of about 3%(of population overall) is good for employees; and at about 4% good for employers; but at the current high rate very bad for everyone.

That is why the economy is not doing well number wise. That is why the people are not listening to the dumbocrats or the liberals or the commie-o-ocrats. Poor kids. In the really "good" colleges; they have no idea that their mentors, the commie influenced trained and taught perfessors are dying, there ideology, going extinct; getting old and feeble minded, loosing their memory. The kids coming up are the last of the litter.

The people are not listening because reality is greater that all the lying symbolic speech that the Democrats can possibly muster. Starvation and homelessness is a far greater motivator than all the suggestive lying speech that the media could ever possibly muster. In fact the media is beginning to feel good and guilty for lying for the liberal/commie agenda and are now; I see, putting out the good raw data(nat. news last night).

Meanwhile the French are still feeeling a huge pinch from trying to reconcile all their differences....economically.

Bold Murdoch not so Bold. His local networks are bleeding viewers because he caved to pressure from; stupid going extinct left wingers, and since they are going extinct, he need not; and should model his local programs after his highly successful and now is 'the mainstream news' with a whopping 50% of the nations news viewers. I urge you Murdoch. Do not quaver in the face of those who are now immaterial to the future of the world. Just keep telling it like it is, and stay the course and be strengthened for you are in the right of it all.

In the meantime; mount whats it's what in Indonesia must be a rumbling again.

Alexander Dumas.....What? A man must examine himself and some would say doubt himself. In a way he is right though too strong in it.

"A person who doubts himself is like a man who would enlist in the ranks of his enemies and bear arms against himself. He makes his failure certain by himself being the first person to be convinced of it."
Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870)

The problem with insulting those who doubt themselves is just that. I have had plenty of doubts about whether I was in the right or not but in the end I have found that my doubts were mislaid; however the things that were set in motion by God's use of me came too, and the positive is I do not get to take credit for them, and instead must give credit too God and wheresoever I have taken credit; THAT was misrepresentation by me. Unfortunately I am, as weak and foolish a man as any man can be.
Interestingly; whence I was first proved right by God I was made all the more by it. However if I had of been proved wrong I was yet proved right in that my self doubts were my own correction the results of which I was humbled and yet made greater by God for it. Quote that Alexander!

Want to smile? Here.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doomsday Cometh

Probably needs editing: i will get around to it later.

I scoffed at an old man who used to stand out on the streets of New York holding up a sign that said that very thing. Now here I am holding up his sign. God bless that old man where ever he is.

I am fascinated and intrigued by the following video. All of the things that have happened that led up to this year and through even as far as 2017. In all of this I have a promise from God that he shall not do these things in my lifetime. And yet I am curious. Old man says to me one day "curiosity killed the cat". I have always wondered where that came from. Old man says to me on another day. "Oh what a tangled web we weave".(WWW) To experience some of those things as a man. Why do I feel this way? Why should anyone ever want to experience the incredible catastrophes and clashes to come? I can not say that I truly saw them but only envisioned them as an a projection of the future.

I predict that the tribulation cannot begin before 9/11/2011 and that a more perfect date would be 11/11/11. Some have in jest called me oracle(rhymes with erkkila) some have called me preacher. I laughed along with them; sometimes it was a little hurtful. But I have been mightily blessed because I have been predicting so many things that have come to pass that It makes me wonder myself, considering that I am a gotta have rock solid proof before I believe. I think that others have believed in me much more than I have in myself.

Funny that I should say to my wife around the time of the invasion of Iraq that this was going to be a mess and that it takes about 10-12 years to work these things out. In 1997 I mentioned all kinds of things and one of them was birthrates and borders. Even the predictive programs they run on computers today. Compared to Prophets of the past I am lame, but mankind has not that much time left by themselves and I have no need to predict beyond the reign of Jesus. Outside of saying it will be 1000 years of happiness for men.

Maybe I have a feel for it and the math that goes along with it. Maybe there is just something natural or gift of God. I just wanted to know and beseeched the Lord with all my love and heart that I should. Now I do. At first I was sorry that I could suddenly see the path that man was on but now I am comforted by it. For I have seen in the evidence of men's hearts that Jesus is indeed working miracles of salvation even to the consternation of his worst enemies.

With out knowing any of the previous works of oracles and seers but only those mentioned in the bible, I have also predicted tsunamis, sink holes, miners trapped and rescued, hurricanes, the great earth quake and tsunami of Indonesia. Even super volcanoes not yet done. I have not documented this much and even here I do not document these things much. I guess I only think of the really really big things. Like a Meteor destroying 1/3 of life in the sea and 1/3 of the ships of the sea and I really didn't make that prediction but what I did get to do was something that I had not heard in all of the sermons nor from a TV Preacher.

To be fair though I really don't put much credence in watching them. Some of them are good. But most get prophecy wrong. I cannot say that I have heard to many any give accurate instruction. Jack van Impe is an example of the kind I am talking about. I think most of them are smug in their education. I do like Van Imps news though, I get to hear some stuff that is going on that I don't hear anywhere else. The 700 club is another good news spot. I also think they have a very good healing ministry. Most news agencies are too afraid of causing it all and I think that that is why they are kind of mum about the truth. I guess I predicted/commanded that as well. Sort of a crazy way to say that. Came true though.

For instance revelations predicts all that is going on in Africa. Daniel predicts the battle between Democracy and Islam overlapped with the prophecies of Islam (Ishmael) being against every one else. I finally heard that from a preacher last week{Ishmael hand being against every other mans hand}. few of these great preachers really talk about this stuff and get it right.

I also think that continuously they get the US wrong. We are in there just not mentioned by name. Or invasion USA by hordes and the victory we have because God comes to the rescue. Those are earth shattering. Almost literally. I can't imagine how a meteor will effect the tectonic plates but I can imagine a super volcano might be stimulated to blow and other volcanoes will blow. Of course that is yet to be seen.

I was inspired to write this after watching this next video. It is really about the science and the men and women of the past who have made some amazing and documented predictions.

This is not for the faint of heart; scoffers, or atheists who are being out birthed, converted, and basically going extinct.

European Style of Democracy

I have always had some discomfort with the European style of Democracy. Parliament. Is likely more responsive to the peoples emotional whims, but then again should government be so responsive? No. In a few short months; the masses hearts could go from enraged, to passive, back to enraged. If the government collapsed and reformed and then collapsed again, that is money/time wasted and opportunities squandered.

How about this one? Your country is in the midst of a raging war and the people become convinced that it was the wrong thing to do and the government collapses and reforms and then surrenders to Hitler's or Khomeini's and then of course the Hitlers or Khomeini's slaughter as the Hitler's and Khomeini's are want to do.

Never happened you say?........... Why did France try to collapse the dollar during our turn at Vietnam? Change in government. Why did Britain pull out of Iraq? Change in government. Why did the Europeans call for and pressure for their societal, suicidal, immigration policies? Change in governments.

Look at the unrest in France right now. The government is trying to clean up it's act again to regain national solvency, and whoops the people who are always going to do this except under Jesus. They are taking a not NIMBY attitude. Not in my back yard. 'You can't take my benefits away from me'; riots are breaking out. So what is going to be the answer to their conundrum? Why reform the Government of course. Their problem is likely too many immigrants on welfare but 'they skeerd', thanks to the people who would maintain social purity having been killed off in WWII by you guessed it. Hitler. Sometimes you got to piss against the wall in order to keep something.
The European People are stuck. You can't have both. Economic solvency and allow the unassimilateable immigrants into your country at the same time and maintain your society too. You all are going to have to decide.
Too much more fartin around and whoops the decision will be made for you by the immigrants out populating the indigent french men.... Bye bye French society. Hello Francistan. Sounds good to the immigrants. The only good thing is it destroys the promiscuous life style of the whore of Babylon. No tears from me there. Jesus is the answer for France. Yep a giant Christian revival where millions of French accept Jesus as savior and then have a gazillion babies and out do the Islamics.

I also hate the secular conservatives way of thinking. No amount of secular water can possible put out the fires of Islamic revolution. It takes Jesus and his followers. The believers will always know that God above that is greater than man below and ignore the imploring non-believers and do what they will according to there religious teachings. Besides. The non believer are being out birthed and no less than 25 years from now the world will be conservative in its totality. Liberals once again relegated to the annuls of history. From beginning to end the liberals and leftists will have had sway since Freud(fraud) and Darwin (fraud) for about 150 years. They will be done. Bye. Yippee yahoo.....we are sick of there winy ass followers. This new abomination the combination of the bear-lion-leopard will also begone one day. Out birthed by the rest of the world. Bye.

Ok Back to Politics. this one is about holes but watch it all because the last one will astound you and also make you laugh.

Yet God shall rescue the world.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Erik Scott

In Memory

I never knew him and except for this incredible saga of incompetence I never would. This bold series over at the Confederate Yankee gives an amazing in depth analysis of the frauds posing in uniform in the Las Vegas Police Department and other branches of government there.

Next video: No ancient word has the archaeological support for the miracles that the Bible documents.

I am not the sum of all my parts and experiences. I am more a algorithm reconciling all of my experiences.... There is one experience that dominates today, yesterday, and tomorrow for me and that is the experience of accepting Jesus as my savior and since that experience the Holy Ghost has been shaping my life so that I may fit in the Kingdom of Heaven. Same with any who Accept Jesus and none are left the same who come into contact with Son by the Father. Not even those whom reject him. It is written that the word of God does not come back void and it is fact. Never does the word come back void.

I have previously documented in this web site the fact that 6 million African Muslims a year are accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior but that is not all the Muslims world wide. Just on one continent. The Islamic kingdom world wide is experiencing the troubling affect of the guilt the Holy Spirit brings upon a people who in toto blaspheme Jesus and the Salvation he is. The Father seeing this draws all men unto the Son, to take out of all nations a people for a name for himself.

To this I add a parable: I am like unto the seed planted near the rocky ground yet in good soil; grown tall and wide of girth my roots seeking out breaking the rocky ground and the fertility of the word of God makes the soil, that the word of the Lord that falls upon it may also grow into mighty trees as well. In as much as I am grown near the rocky ground I am made more the sturdy by it. Having grown in it's season that The Lord of the Garden may haps come by and pick of fruit that pleases him and yet may he nurture this tree in his way to bring forth more fruit to his liking. Yet is given unto this tree to one day, die may the lord of this Garden find that the fruit was good and worthy to plant near the rocky ground, that more such should grow up and break the hardness of men's hearts, that is the Rocky ground; so that when the good seed fall upon it, it may grow more of the sweet and savory fruit that the Lord of the Garden prefers; that the celebration of the harvest be the fullest that the Lord of the Harvest deemed it shall be.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bet you thought I was done with this.

Earnings reports give Stocks emotional boost but it is a false feeeling. Unemployment is relatively unchanged and the economy is so sluggish that it will not go up under these situation. I also make this prediction. That the Republicans may have the momentum but the elitism that they represent will not make for a better economic environment. Unless the Republicans change their spots we are in for some crap.......economically and there will likely be outbreaks of civil and social unrest like Europe is experiencing. I hate that phrase, civil and and social unrest. Pussified phrases do not ease the pain of the man who gets his head cut off. Intellectual or college speak go way over the head of general public or in a now antiquated phraseology to masses. If you don't say it mean, we are just going to look at you intellectual people like you're not serious and your hearts are not into what you are saying.

In the meantime the people are ever more pessimistic about the economy.
another phrase I hate for general public use. "The report suggests that". Bull****! People do not live their lives by suggestion but by facts.

The next story is rather amazing in that the reporters of this stuff would not say that terrorism is already becoming a commonality in Europe. But never the less can't up and let the American People know on account of it might warn them and cause them to press European governments to tighten up immigration. Remember the old story of the slaves taking over Rome and slaughtering the slavers.....well that is what is about to happen now isn't it. Problem is there will be no where to run to because the Muslims have determined to take over the world and they cannot be bought. If you didn't get the metaphor....The Muslim immigrants are the slaves and the rich people(slavers) are the greedy jerks trying to get cheep labor via immigration.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The economy

Unemployment claims are at 8.8 million. The economy lost over 450K jobs and Unemployment still is above 9.6%.... Long gone apparently are the days when the media would claim that the economy put on jobs but instead can only report the losses. losing half a million jobs a week is pretty bad. What is not in this report are the number of jobs added so that I or we can judge for our selves what the picture is really like. Too bad.

Hmm. On another front. Tarp is going to make 8.2% in profit's. Once again (BB knows) the only mistake I made is in thinking I made a mistake. In 1997 I made the utterance about the Government making money by corporate ownership. I said mor'n that but the synapse will do. Of course God is the one who is making what I said come true and I could not. Never the less it is the almighty who has blessed this. I recommend to the Democrats that they not take credit for this but give the credit to God where it really belongs. Also I still recommend that the people vote for the Tea party agenda, Republicans, and Tea Partiers. Trust me on that.

Sometimes it is darkest before the dawn but around 9 am of what looks like a beautiful day a storm will arise the likes of which this country has never seen before. I wouldn't want to be in power the day that happens unless you happen to know the storm is a coming and are in preparation to meat the onslaught and the Democrats do not know that it is coming. Or worse, they think they can stop it from happening. Not this time. Everything they do today will make no difference but add to the impetus behind it. Just as appeasement eased the way for Hitler, appeasement today will just make it easier. Can the Democrats have one more millions killed in war stamped upon their heads....Nope.

Eeew. Soros must be getting smucked because he is actively fighting back.

Salvatore Guinta MOH, Humble.

Absolutely phenomenal

You know why the French Government is having so much trouble paying for French benefits. Because of the difficulty taking care of so many(millions)of Muslim immigrants.


That is cute. Don't care for the shows premise but otherwise it is a hilarious show. The Bible says that the Angel of the Lord moved over the deep.......That isn't why I said bazinga.

The moment I saw this article at Crosswalk about codependants aka enablers......I had to read it. Voila. It has a sentence that I have been repeating consistently and constantly....You are responsible for your own feelings........Great big period. Nobody can make you feel but yourself; just you....Getting mad and and then doing something to someone else because you feeeeel is definitely not going to make you feeeel better.

Jesus says that blessed is he that ruleth over his own spirit. I always knew that God loved me and I always knew that God cared for me; but for the most part of about 16 years or until I was 36 I did not truly give witness of him. I did live the vast majority of my life in most of his precepts; that is I did unto others....mostly....But as far as my testimony. I drunk once in a while, caroused, partied when I wanted, and when I got weary of my first wifes screwing around did the same myself..... On the day that I realized that God was paying attention and did care......well the rest is history....

There are days when I don't feeel good. But today I can say that I do feel Gods presence constantly. As far as ruling over my own spirit is concerned; it has been a gift.....a habit. And not blaming some else for how I feel....easy.....doing something to some else because I feel some way, not a problem; I don't.....My feelings are not the bases for my actions. Well that is not completely true...I don't think that anyone can live totally with out feelings. Better to do because you Love God, and care not for the love of the things of men.

Truth. Love God with your whole body, and from then on Gods love will sustain you for the rest of your life. I can't possibly put into word every thought; or feeling, but then no one can. Ultimately I will be judged on my idle words according to Jesus. You know the ones I thought were not, but are....but man is not my ultimate judge and for sure the boring people will not be judge of me, they will judge of there own, but I for sure am not one of them.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Comment I made somewhere else.

After reading all of these well thought out articulate arguments, and comments; I personally have come to the conclusion that whether Thomas J. intend for there to be a wall of separation or otherwise, the rest of the framers did not.

And since this IS a Democracy the majority won. The constitution does not contain the word 'separation' instead it plainly says the the government shall not make any law, that includes
anti-freedom of speech laws such as taxing a preacher for talking about moral issues that may be in the spotlight of the day such as homosexuality. Taxing anyone for what he says is immoral all by itself.

The amendment is intended to not only keep the government out of regulating churches but also from supporting any faith based belief system; such as Darwinism , Relativism, Elitism, or Communism or Fascism or Socialism or _______( fill in the blank) or any other believe before you see it oriented ideology. In fact it gets the government out of trying to regulate thought at all but actions only. Not intended actions but post action state. In other words the constitution prevents the Government from trying; and failing to the destruction of this Republic, to regulate thought at all. Instead it is designed to be punitive after something has occurred druther that before. Then there is a whole slew of proof needed because the founders of this nation understood the nature of men to fall into the state of lie-ass to do what ever a man wants. I also mean that all of the crappy 'intent' laws are Unconstitutional.

The constitution strikes the perfect balance between allowances and restriction.

Jefferson; I believe if my memory is correct, said that this constitution and this country was intended for a (paraphrased) good God fearing people.

Did you know that

A democrat sued an opponent here in Oklahoma for mental anguish because he lost to him?........... BWHAHAHAHAHA! What's wrong with America? That is what is wrong with America.... It's like wanting yo momma to complain to some one else because her boy didn't inherit the genes to run faster.

Here's to you Odie.

Rush almost hit it. But reality is The Tea Party is a movement.....Of the people....What Rush is really slappin on are the elitists. The wishy washy soggy waffeles because to be any other way would not make them rich and rich is what made them elite. Take their money away they would be not elitists. They are the mammon types trying to maintain their kingdom so it is I think this might be the kingdom that those kings keep standing up in and keep getting slammed. That works for me....for now... The kingdom of money. Mammon. Jesus says "that you cannot serve two masters". Mammon and God.

Dan 11:20 Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.
Dan 11:21 And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.
Dan 11:22 And with the arms of a flood shall they be overflown from before him, and shall be broken; yea, also the prince of the covenant.
Dan 11:23 And after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small people.
Dan 11:24 He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time.
Dan 11:25 And he shall stir up his power and his courage against the king of the south with a great army; and the king of the south shall be stirred up to battle with a very great and mighty army; but he shall not stand: for they shall forecast devices against him.
Dan 11:26 Yea, they that feed of the portion of his meat shall destroy him, and his army shall overflow: and many shall fall down slain.

Doesn't seem to be quite right , you know the part I just said about mammon but money is definitely apart of the kingdom.

Banks Got problems?...Nooo kidding...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Geert Wilders

Whoa, Thats a mouthfull and where did that come from?

Wow praise God, By God that just sort of came out of me.

I was reading an article at TF Sterns Rantings in which once again I saw the artifacts of insurrection; locus the Government in rebellion to the Constitution similar to; but much less, the atrocities offending the Republic and it's spirit prior to the OKC bombing.

You are so right the PSPCA does not have any right to less than due process nor does it have any right to trespass. Nor should any court in the land grant by previous fiat such a right as probable cause.
To rue such a travesty of common law does not reimburse those who have suffered from the childish behavior of dictatorial addiction; imposed from the sanctity of the house of cards, brought upon by over intellectualizing, thusly twisting perceived responsibility not given nor earned, but as thieves stole from this Republic blessed by God, and magnified by God above and beyond mans wildest imagination. As this Republic has been blessed so to by it's document and by God; an eye for an eye, the people by means peccable as the vote should and shall retake this Republic back from the thefting and restore it to such that is may once again able to dwell in the presence of God without shame.

Oooh look at this. Obama getting on the big brother band wagon.....That'll work. The invasion forces won't be tempted to destroy the cell phone networks they will be tempted to use them.....BWHAHAHAHAHA!

In the meantime the battle before the invasion continues. The conquering of Europe by immigration.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I really have been blessed

I have not been cussing and swearing inside or out. But this is why congress is not getting any respect. If you have a factory that produces near the bottom in quality; ie **** is coming off of the floor, people are not going to respect the product at all. I ain't even into using **** for my lousy garden. Well.......I would use horse ****, but there are few horses in congress, most of them are just cows or bulls which means they are producing nothing but bull****,cowshit, **** by any other word is still ****. The only thing congress has produced is the biggest wankin mess the world has ever seen.

I scoff openly at congress and I scoff openly at Democrats and wishywashy soggy waffles too. I even hate their ideas and nearly everything they represent. I can't stand them, and they are one of the sources of wickedness and evil in this world. I am finding that one of the good things about the things that they apply to themselves( birth control) is actually a good thing for them because it is wiping them out. In other words it is killing them as their old wise ones die their liberal culture dies with them. YIPEE, YAHOO, Good riddance, solong, bye bye, toodiloo............Wahoo! I won't dance on your graves but I would help bury ya'll enmass.

Paul Paul Paul Paul. Should have said this.....Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.....Peter says that any who says that Jesus is lord cannot be taken lightly. Jesus says that if any be ashamed of me; in that day I shall be ashamed of them. You want to bring faith up on this stage bring that. Now what say you about faith? Did you know that over 60 percent of the people of this land are evangelical Christians? That means that they believe in spreading the Gospil of Jesus.

Any thing that Rands opponent could have said other than that would offend Jesus and thusly his followers.

Perfect.....I bet the buck keeps rolling down hill. I like it. That'll work.

Mad, adj.: Affected with a high degree of intellectual independence.
Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914)

Eph 1:4 According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:

If God chose you before there was an earth means he knew you before you ever were.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jesus showing himself to Muslims.

I have said this before and I will say it again. God does not need men to spread his word. We really are not worthy and will never be perfect enough to speak even the name of Jesus but by his grace and love we get the honor of telling others about him.
This video is about Jesus showing himself to this man a terrorist in training, in a dream. The rest becomes academic.

How long have the Muslims been saying that

From what I hear it is in their book. Now Amahdminijihad has just recently said that Israel would be annihilated once more. Problem with that is it is not in our book. In fact the opposite is in our book. The Israelis live and everyone who goes against then does not. The Muslims might want to peruse our bible and remember that Christianity has prevailed over the last 2000 years, and is the fastest growing religion in the world. Now that Jesus himself has become directly involved with bringing Muslims to Christ they are losing 6,000,000 a year to following Jesus. Soo.....He's wrong.

"There is no despair so absolute as that which comes with the first moments of our first great sorrow, when we have not yet known what it is to have suffered and be healed, to have despaired and have recovered hope."
George Eliot (1819-1880)


The Presidents political stumping is referred to as a road show. Must be entertaining. Oh here you go. The President does not appear to realize that THE PEOPLE ARE WATCHING EVERYTHING HE'S DOING........ You can't go to a freaking fundraiser with a group of people to one of the other groups you just recently tried to take over, and NOT LOOK HYPOCRITICAL....My God if the democrats don't want to get reelected, why the hell don't they just quit. Oh yeah they get to keep whatever campaign funds they don't spend on campaigning.

Still big change coming

Just not the one Barak and the soon to be forgotten so called Liberals tried to make happen. Too be replaced by Christian conservatism. Liberalism is a failure. One Worldism will also fail and in it's current guise is going going gonnnnnng. Only Under Jesus Christ will their ever be one who rules the nations and there is a whole plethora of catastrophes and plagues and phoney messiahs to come before that happens. One of those guys are going to stand in between the pillars of the rebuilt temple and........I don't know what happens but Jesus says when ever this guy does get out and up into the hills. Sounds suddenly and instantaneously dire. Another guy is going to be in charge and do some hyper incredibly miraculous things. Never the less it will all boil down to every army in the world at the valley of Meggedo in Isreael. The Bible says at that time then Jesus comes back. In another place in the bible I found that God pleads with the nations. But in the end Jesus Kills an apparently difficult to count number of men right there in Meggeddo. In another place in the bible it is written they will be burying the dead for seven years. Me just throwing around numbers, I estimate about a billion men at arms will be there. Every one of them die and not by nukes either. Something far more powerful and clean.

Rev 19:20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

Rev 19:21 And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.

I think it is despicable that liberals call themselves that; when they really are not following a path to liberation. The way that it works out for them is they believe that the government should give liberally of it's cash. Problem is no government truly has any cash. Not really. Jesus says it all belongs to the Father and as such he disburses it according to his will. Ya, and no you won't be able to find it written exactly like that in the bible but that is the way it all works out. If God is love and God is in control completely then the Love that men have is all from God, and thus men give according to the love in their hearts.
I have written this before; thousands of articles ago, in relation to God owns it all, God is love and light. God created the universe out of that which he had in abundance of himself. The universe is literally created out of light with love. The Bible also does say that the flesh could in no wise dwell in the presence of God. I think of it as could no more dwell in the presence of God than; but for an act of God's will, in the presence of a nuclear detonation. Just as the flesh would be disassembled into radioactive particulate matter; so too would the flesh be rent in the presence of God.

There are several other verses that say that the Universe fled from the face of God. Why? The real question is why would the Universe literally flee from the face of God? It seems weird to anthropomorphize the universe; as if it has the mind to run from something that must be frighteningly more powerful that it.

As men we have tried to measure the strength of the universe in energy and have found through our limp efforts; though mighty to men, the power of the universe is immense when compared. That even today men know enough to know that they do not know all there is to know about heaven and earth.

Anyway; most people do not understand this, but if you break every atom completely down all that is left are quantum particles.....radiation at all levels....light, both measurable and immeasurable. Light. I do lack the words to describe even what little I know. God is light. If God is in control of everything there is then men cannot possibly even own one single thing.

All good things are from God and he and only he has the power to give and to take. We get the deception of thinking that we have some kind of power. But in truth all any man; whether wicked, evil, or honest gets is the power to think they have some measure of control. When you push the envelope of thought you end up with no man has any power and all men are at the behest of circumstance, chance, or God. Ask any man who has found themselves the lucky survivor of the battlefield. Survivors guilt is troubling to many wondering why they survived and their fellow soldiers did not.

Happy is the man who discovers that God had other good things for them to accomplish in life.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A comment I made somewhere else.

A military is good for one thing and one thing only. All out no holds barred war. In WWII that is the way we fought. Our military out shined the rest of the world.

A military is no good for policing another country. In fact any military occupation whether domestic or otherwise in the world has not worked out well ever, except to return a nation to the people.

I still think that a large military is necessary but should be based upon American soil. There is but one country today that I think could use our presence and that would be South Korea. They welcome us and are grateful for our being there. It is a good marriage of need and utility.

In these days of blitzkrieg style of military operations even our own land is vulnerable and with an insane religion whos stated and intended purpose is to rule the world and whose methods are as atrocious as any despotism that has ever arisen since man began to form nations. We should have on hand and maintain the greatest military machine the world has ever seen .

As far as asymmetric warfare is concerned that is almost always the fault of the civilian governing policies. Such as the unbridled immigration policies garnered by corporate greed; impressing the need for unskilled labor upon governments, tricking the intellectuals into arguing that we could tame the savage beast, that is still devouring at least one third of man upon one quarter of the land masses of the world by getting some of peoples here. The problem is; in the so called civilized world, if you compromise your way of life with a savage culture, what made you a great economic lifestyle, before becomes less able to function.

This is happening here in the US, and in Europe and it does not bode well for the future. It all is pointing to a terribly violent clash of cultures to come. I say it shall break out into WWIII.

As a comparison I think that this shall be a shorter far more vicious fight, costing only millions rather than tens of millions of lives of WWII.

Once again the United States of America with it's God given Constitution is the only thing that stands in the way of the savage hordes that would conquer all of man for to devour what so ever civility that God has deemed to bless man with.

It is inevitable.

Old people need not use old bye lines like working.

Hillary, the US is not doing any such thing as trying to end the Mexican drug war problem. What are you people doing? Sending government assassins down there or something? Hell if your going to lie about something that would be the one that got you votes.

The deficit.......What can I say.......I support it.......thank God for the Democrats willingness to destroy the dollar........or how about........If you people are going to be the worlds bank roll then you damn dumocrats got to stop tying the money supply in with such namby pamby things as human rights. What the hell does money have to do with human rights....Either the US has to be neutral or the worlds money reserves....get it now? NO? people will wish you had of gotten it long time ago with whats coming your way militarily.

What is a trillion? A trillion seconds is 32000 years.... that is what a trillion is. Put a trillion in the bank at 5% interest compounded yearly and you could spend 100 million every day for the rest of your life and never run out of money. I could think of a way to spend 100 million a day couldn't you? I could buy a whole country and hire every one in it for that kind of money. In fact I could eliminate taxes of any kind set up my own bank and be a freaking tax shelter and that country would be the growingest country on earth so long as I lived. I would make even more money. I would end up a multi trillionair and the consternating problem of what would I do with the money.......again.

Oh really? On the one hand it's way to late, and on the other it's way too late......Hussein.

Friday, October 15, 2010

See I tol ya....again....

If the government would have let the system fail.....everything would have shaken out. The only thing the gov. could have done was tighten up controls on the banks and made them be more careful in how they give out home loans, requiring about 10% down and good credit. Making banks be strictly honest and accountable.... But nooooo had to go giving out money until everything every where failed.

Mwhahahahahahaha! I tol' ya. Conservative Christians are having babies like Rabbits. Don't believe me. One Christian group is having about double the number of kids as liberal states....Oh that is not so correct.....but why don't you go read it for yourself. Here is another article.....The liberal birth rate here in the US is 1.47 while the Conservative birth rate is 2.08. The 2.08 is not quite the 2.11 needed but it is not below the never reversed 1.9 Like the liberals 1.47. Having one more child per family would cure the 2.08. My thought is having and average of 5 per Christian conservative family will do it, and make sure that this Republic will lives on. God said "Be Fruitful and Multiply".

So The President admits that he lied/screwed up about the 800 billion dollar wanker.

See, more homowners get guns and use them

Less crime. As the Government gets off the gun kick ;as police get off the law abiding citizens, and follows through properly and does more thorough investigating, assuring that the right person goes to jail rather than the an innocent person, crime drops. As Criminals find that being a criminal is not as rewarding, and has become a far more dangerous endeavor, crime drops. As Americans stand upon their rights as God given, crime drops. As The people more literally interpret the Constitution and run from the intellectualized bastardization of the Constitution, crime Drops.

As the effort is given up; to cause a revolt in this country(International Conspiracy using overt and covert methods), crime drops. As the world gets the fact that the only thing that can possibly change America....... is an invasion, crime drops. On and on I can go with this. Mainly though...........

As God reasserts his authority over this nation, Crime Drops. God brings Peace but his children must continue the march towards bringing this country back to it's pure constitutional roots, and away from the worlds secularist view.

Maybe it is because the Atheist's see the writing on the wall.... As Believers in God literally out birth atheism into oblivion, And Jesus himself takes on the haters of his own in the most incredible fashion by salvation.

Bye bye liberalism/socialism/fascism/communism/atheism/secularism/hate-ism. Bye bye all you strange isms that have tried to force mankind out of God's natural path and into some kind of manufactured path. Bye bye. So long. It was interesting but it wasn't fun. Glad your going going. So now whom does the bell toll for? Not Christianity. By God; not for Christianity.

There are some things to come that are incredibly atrocious and utterly destructive, but the lines are clearing up. I still must say thank you God for for breaking the will of the wicked; Thank You sooo much Father, for you are so awesome....

I remind you people once again. Homosexuality is forbidden in Islam.

Dan 11:24 He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time.

Sounds familiar. Looks like what the muslims are doing right now.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gays in the military

You know what is stupid about that CNN poll Crickmore.? It is half arsed. The don't ask don't tell policy is about keeping your ****life to yourself because in war; for Americans, sex and military actions do not go together.
Garandfan is also right; the day you put pen to paper, you put your civil right on hold for the duration of your military commitment. In fact you sign your life away to defend everyone else's right to point out and defend halfassed opinion polls. Let me make this even more clear. While in the military you are saying that your commander controls EVERY aspect of your life. All encompassing absolute; every. The only thing you may get to do, is lobby for the relieving of your commander if it turns out he is about to be disobedient and treasonous to the units mission, which is the defense of the constitution.
I think Garandfan has been there and so have I, and I observed it to the tee.

The Federal Judge who stupidly just ruled against the Gays in the military law(don't ask don't tell) would mean that the military could go back to hunting down Gays and getting rid of them. Soo If anyone asks me, the government should appeal that stupid judges ruling.

I don't think anyone should be living their lives based on opinion pols. I think opinion polls have value in that they can help people relate or maybe not feel alone in their views but outside of that depending upon the pollster view and whether they are trying to manipulate the populace or not is something for the populace to decide and I think that the pollsters have long since discredited themselves as a whole putting themselves on a case by case at best with the people and ignorable at worst. In the case of CNN's pole I believe it to have asked if people should allow gays to serve openly. I don't know who the 80 percent that they asked were; but the only reason that gays should be allowed to openly serve is so they will be openly slaughtered in battlle thereby relieving this openly non gay society that is the United States of America of their presence in our society.

Let me remind you people that homosexuals are slaughtered by muslims.

How to piss of the electorate

One more time the damned democrats have figured out how to shoot them selves in the electoral ass..... Good for them and good for us if it were not for the Democrats themselves we wouldn't have any reason to not vote for them.

Mike Huckaby. I like this guy and he has just coined a new phrase.

Kleptocrats: Democrats penchant for taxing the people punitively and then spending it anywhere but where it will make sense.
If You will, go read the article for more.

Still a political bloodbath. Harry Reid gets stomped in a debate.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ah ha hmm ahhh.

I want to make sure to remind people about how I feel. I am not queer/gay and I do not believe in faggot marriage. And truth be told the poll sited in this article is probably bullshit. If I asked a hundred Christians or a thousand of them if they believed in faggot marriage they would say no they don't. The only good thing about faggots getting married is they can't replace their culture. Bye bye faggot culture.
Faggots can't replace themselves anyway.

Aaaaand the borders go up.....What have I been saying to one worlders.....BWHAHAHAHAHA! I ma right and God wins. Can't go against God or God's nature/law....formerly called mother nature/natural law.

White Christian birth rates are above the level needed to maintain it's culture.... YOU CAN"T MAKE UNSUPPORTED STATEMENTS LIKE THAT... some might say. Uh actually I can and just did.... I have never been wrong..... However..... I did spend the morning looking through several search engines to try and find the statistic. Or an article with the statistic. No luck there. So I just made a bold prophetic statement.

Rumble....What WAS that? Did you feel that? Karen; "I don't know". Must of been an earth quake. I swear.....Oklahoma has been having many earthquakes in an area between OKC and Tulsa..... Makes me wonder what is going on. I wonder if there is a new volcano trying to find it's way to the surface. Be cool and terrifying at the same time. We could be experiencing geologic history unfolding.

Bam...........! just hit the news....A 4.5 on the richter scale just happened near Norman Oklahoma.
Now it is reported as a 5.1 which sets a record....No wonder I felt it so good here in Muskogee.

Monday, October 11, 2010

More comments I made some where else

The picture is from Fail Blog.

"So this magic only works once? And Obama will get punished at the ballot in November?"

It is not magic. The people believed him when he gave the buck stops here sermo...I mean speeches with out using the phrase.

The people; I say, are not going to buy that again. Also while millions are deprived of jobs it would tend to raise ire towards a government apparently bent on making their condition permanent by foolish policies.

So apparently with this President the buck doesn't stop at the Presidency cause....he keeps blaming someone else ....aaaand the people ain't that dumb as to not see that apparently he was lying. Besides I don't know anybody who sympathized with him. 'Were' impressed though.

Not any more.

Too much moderate compromise. In a parabolic question I ask. If you were heading straight for a cliff and needed to make a 180 to avoid going over would you split the difference? Noooo. Or is it nooooooooooo.

In war does the art of compromise win? Nope on that one also.

"Life is what costs dearest. So why is it that intellectuals banty around with words? Why not just say it? I will tell you why. FEAR. So I say but Cervantes says.
It is past all controversy that what costs dearest is, and ought to be, most valued.
Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


A perfect date. also my wife's and I's 9th anniversary. Went out for Chinese. Learned that penn you means friend. Did you know that the Chinese language is written in pictographs? Somebody told me that a long time ago. Haven't seen anything to say different. Be cool if I had the software to show you. Mountain looks like /v\.....kind of like a mountain. Friend; looks like two heads close together' and a man pointing at you, 'peng you'. There are some inflection marks I can't get in there but you kind of get it.

I don't care, the bulbs were junk anyway

I got to say something because it has been bugging me for about 30 years.

Corporations and their willing lackeys want to make too much money want tooo much ease and too much pussy. Are too easily bought, have too little outside loyalties, and are too cowardly.

GE for all it's talk of being green does not want to make bulbs in the USA any more. WHAT? No more light from GE? What? Did they run out of inner light? Are they full of it. Gray is lazy. That's it Grey is the new old lazy. Life is trouble but the solution to life, is not death.

You see people have been accusing me of of not explaining myself which is not true. I have over explained myself until people have have gone silly bored, but this little ditty above is what it would look like if I really didn't explain my self.

Ok now to explain my self. News max and a plethora of others are whinnying about something that conservatives and others are whinnying about. Yes I said whinnying. Actually I meant to say wining about but whinnying will do very nicely. Back....They are complaining that we just lost 200 jobs to China. The very same group of people (bean counters) aka the hated accountants/marketing and managers/MBA/corporate business men and women and their professorial mentors are the ones who considered that cooperate profits were the meow that was the only thing that mattered.

They bit themselves in the ass; bred themselves into oblivion, and set the US up for invasion. Not only is secular conservatism/secular socialism doomed but millions upon millions of people have been sentenced to death by slaughter because Corporations were greedy self interested self serving entities. I really hope they continue their wicked ways so as to mark themselves to be hunted down by those invading hordes scout forces/spec ops teams/spy's, that invasion forces always have.

Two hundred jobs is not a big deal, And it is literally foolish for men of intelligence to say so. What is a real shame is GE finds it uneconomical to make lights of any kind. Apparently that is the case since not one news agency has reported differently. If they do I couldn't tell you because it is not in writing for the General public to see. So the way that they are saying it means that GE; the corporation, should be an avoided stock, investing wise, because they can not find a way to manufacture any green oriented light bulbs here in the US. Is that what GE wants to say to the American people? I reiterate, that is what is being said. That is what people are going to think. General Electric has been a stable of economic power here in the US because of electricity; and electricity for all of the good it has done in making mankind's life better, would be something less if not for the light bulb, and General Electric has been the name for light bulbs. Oh I suppose that Westinghouse would say 'not exactly so' but then Westinghouse does not have Electric as a part of it's name. Subconsciously though when I think of the name Westinghouse I automatically associate electricity with it. GE ought to show that they are making light bulb and not just putting their name on something manufactured over seas.

Does anyone understand that Americans hate greed. How about if I shout this one. AMERICANS HATE GREED! If you are an American then you hate greed. Greed is un-American. Patriotism and greed are enemy ideologies. The spirit of greed hates the spirit of patriotism and vise versus.

Of course I look like an environmentalist and a fascist but the fact is if the government had not of mandated that incandescent bulbs be banned then retail outlets would not have sold many CFC bulbs. The article here at news max goes on to insult greeny weenies because they to not understand the economics of manufacturing. Of course they don't; they are living by their feelings and not fact. The problem with this article is that the bean counters are living by only logic and totally negating feelings. Can't do either. What is the future? I just installed some Light emitting diode bulbs in one of my moms chandeliers. 2 watt bulbs that emit the same lumen's for 1/12th the cost in ele. . They are essentially life time bulbs that I had to pay a little more for than the CFC's I would have replaced them with. Not to mention actually better looking than either the incandescents or the CFC's. Hey bean counters. Take that and shove that up your back side taste buds and see how that works for you.

Don't like losing one old incandescent factory? Tough. Instead of ney saying you should have seen the light and built manufacturing plants that were building LED bulbs at the rate of millions a month and stopped wining about CFC''s. Bunch of no solution cry babies. The cost in the loss of future tech factory jobs is really on your right wing secular heads now isn't it?

Y'all ain't so smart. And ain't so farsighted either, and why is it that the work force has to figure it out for yous dudes. I say you have to get edumicated to be stupid followers of other apparently blind edumicated idiots. And so far you are not proving me wrong. Prove me wrong and build a factory or ten that make LED bulbs for inexpensive put a 10 times the lost jobs back in play. We need billions of bulbs here in the US as it is. we need to cut back on our ele use.....Why?.... what?.... until the tribulation....the population here in the US is not going down and overall economics requires the conservation of ele. per household as well as the changeover and increase in power supply.

Don't like the fascism/communism of that. Then do it because it makes plain old sense. Do it with out being forced to do it. Do it voluntarily. Volunteerism is not fascist or communistic but it is communal. Community is not communism. God facilitates community but he does not facilitate communism, or socialism, or fascism.

Let their be light

These two are my least favorite for a chandelier. The one on the left is good for side casting light into a diffuser such as the tulip or frosted glass flower types. The incandescent bulb on the right is obsolete. God bless Thomas Edison for giving us light but it is over the type.

This is one that I am talking about. For the chandelier that I have it in, it is nye unto perfect for looks. It makes for a beautiful light fixture and adds to the look rather than the fake flame type. When it is on....Wow. I am impressed with the improvement. When it is off still wow on the looks. Looks much more like it belongs there.

This one is good too. Maybe even more so because of the swirled enclosure.

Here is the chandelier with the variety of bulbs, I haven't replaced them all yet. As for the math. By replacing the 4 that were there with new 1.5 and 2 watt bulbs the fixture already is using only 38% of the ele it used before. Another way of seeing it is it uses .3 of an amp hour vs the the 1.5 amp hour. When I get them all replaced the fixture will only use eleven total watts or 7.3% of the ele it used before. Why did I decide to replace this particular fixtures bulbs first. Simple it is one of the most used fixtures in the house. I have yet to see on the shelf the four and eight hundred lumen LED, medium base bulbs. When I do you can rest assured that I shall start buying them.

The Democrats are working really hard to get out of office....this should heop them do that.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


A professional ump Wendelstedt is not. He made 31 bad one game. I got a feeling that the guy knows he's gone bad but likes to be in the game. I wonder if he is taking payoffs.?

Those New Yorker thugs need to think. How many Muslims are in NYC? With the oncoming invasion likely to include a large number of Muslims; who would slaughter the lascivious wicked first, ask no questions and have no regrets, well they need to put aside their crooked ways and go completely righteously honest. If they don't, they will end up standing alone against a horde which they will be summarily butchered without mercy.

Glenn Beck taking time off which probably will fuel speculation especially in the Christian world. I find him off base when it come to a complete and accurate understanding of Christianity. In some ways he is a compromiser which ot me is nearly a dirty word.

Too bad the Daily Kos is apart of a dying breed.....Not. They are apart of the left;dying out, pseudo communists; dying out, socialist; dying out, cultural groups; which thinks that the world has too many people and are so selfishly self centered, and greedy that they are having 0-1 child per couple. Ain't that sweeeet. They are not replacing themselves. Even funnier are aborting themselves to death..... "Oh happy day." I wonder if oblivion means anything to them. Their culture cannot and will not recover according to historical statistics. No culture has ever recovered. In other words they are doomed. In the mean time Christians who have been breeding at a much higher rate will be a surviving culture....... Bye bye left wing nutburgers. God wins.

Ok I am going to go away from my combative mood towards Islam for a minute and install this video that is about Jesus appearing to Muslims in dreams and visions, and converting because of this. Suddenly I don't feel so bad. God is at work and his son is at work taking peoples for himself out of the Nation of Islam. Father you are so fantastic....

Every hour 667 Muslims convert to Jesus.
Every day 16000 Muslims convert to Jesus.
Every year 6000000 convert to Jesus.

While the Muslims kill thier enemies Jesus turns his enemies unto him.

Luk 1:33 And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end.