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Thursday, April 30, 2009

More what were they thinking

This gives new meaning to leave the gun on safe or take the round out of the chamber moron.

This burglar took what?

I really didn't care that they wanted some of this but they made fun of my pom pom and I just coulnd't handle that.

The problem was they were living on a fixed income.

Get what you want

I'm saying, and this you'll have to quote me on.

No matter what you say you want the results are what you were really after.

This does not yet explain the deciets of those who thought they were working for good and it all turned into rubbish.

Nathaniel Green

"Learning is not virtue but the means to bring us an acquaintance with it. Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful. Let these be your motives to action through life, the relief of the distressed, the detection of frauds, the defeat of oppression, and diffusion of happiness."

"We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again."


If I win you win,
If I loose you loose,

How is it possible that I could do such a thing.

Truth is an endless plain and therefore I can never be driven from it. If you move to occupy my position by words but you are lying in character to gain the position once you have gained the spot you will inevitably return to your original character and lie. Automatically giving the ground back which I will simply return to it having never truly left the position to begin with, and because you lie you never gained. You only lied to say you gained the position, a position I never left because I have no power to leave the position and you have no power to either say I have left not to force me from it.

I could snipe at you all day long every day causing attrition amongst your ranks which I do drawing down your forces until you withdraw lest I surround you with what used to be your forces.

Leaving me alone in the position, therefore I win having grown my forces and reducing your forces.

Truth is an endless plain with endless constructive possibilities. Lying is a bottomless hole with no end and nothing but destruction in it's wake.

Therefore if I win I can reconstruct which benifits everyone. If I lose I can construct nothing and only destruction can occur.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Own Personal Holocast

I was 26 years old and a Air Force Reservist, we were as a Unit required to tour over seas once every 4 years. It was my first year in and my first Annual tour in the spring of 1985 we went to Germany.
In the middle weekend some of our people had arranged a tour to Munich which we did some touristy stuff like visited Oberamagau, The Deutch museum, Neushwanstein and others. Also we went to the Concentration camp memorial at Auschwitz. Not much is left there but a couple of what looked like 150 ft long barracks they housed the detainees in.
My memories of the place are sketchy after 20 years but I still have one that brings back the same feeling I had that day. In one of the few remaining barracks they had posted a history and thousands upon thousands of pictures of when it was an operating concentration camp. I can not describe how horrifying this was. I made it 2/3 of the way through before I could take it no more and had to leave the building. I still get light headed and queasy and my mind fights not to remember any of those pictures.
I vaguely recall one series about a gas chamber disguised as a shower before: showing the old Deusenberg auto being hooked up; during the loading up with people; and after, all those people who were alive now heaped upon the floor. I think this is the one that made me sick not to mention all of the incredibly emaciated bodies.
They had statistics on everything with pictures of piles of false teeth and skulls and.........God I can't think of this much longer. To have run away from this place was unthinkable though some part of me tried. Somehow I knew I needed to stay a little longer if for no other reason than to somehow be there for the people who suffered. I remember looking out across the compound in shock. I remember the stillness. Not an easy peaceful quiet but something hard as if God had turned his back on this place. About 40 of us went on this tour and everyone I looked at was white as a ghost.
I have been around this world and have seen and talked with many many people from just about every nation, creed or religion. I have seen and done just about anything a man could desire.

I have been apart of prepping for war which included the mental aspect of knock down drag out battles or worse to learn how to fight in a nuclear contaminated environment with utter confusion, fog of war, and the loss of friends in the fight.
I worked in a nursing home at that time and saw the end of peoples lives as they wasted away languishing alone with no family, I have had to stand bedside watch as some took their very last breath. I remember waiting for their chest to rise but it didn't. I have seen some horribly disfiguring wounds and cancers eating away at human bodies, but nothing....nothing could have prepared me for the experience I had that day.
I hope and pray this world never sees another event like this. If it does then mankind truly is lost to not have learned anything from and would truly be deserving of destruction.

I have decided what the third beast is

Coorporate Imperialism.

Melange of decide

Un-believable, Incredible, Fantastic, Hilarious, Absurd, Frightening, Nuts and O....M........G.

What are these people thinking! I mean what the............................are these people really thinking

Dumb dudes try to steal pickup truck that doesn't run, Mom and daughter steal cop car for joy ride, idiot nabbed after 50 some mile chase in GARBAGE truck, And here is a real story, There is an award for the best crapper.

Some how I just needed to know that there was some really...........I don,t have any words for it,

Yes I do..wahahahahahaha!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Man's good deeds meant to last never do

Every where I look all I see are the degradation of a system of economics. Everywhere.
I have found no scraps that tell me that anything is truly going to rebound to some pre-crash days.
Truth about how I feel is that there may not, harking back to some of the other things I have said that the economic slide is still ongoing with no end in sight yet.

AKA the left ain't making God happy.

The Vision is over

About David Wilkerson,s book The Vision, as written and published in the 70's. It was a false vision. Yet in it's sense was a fulfilment of prophesy found here:

Dan 11:14 And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

I declare By God; may he strike me dead, if I am wrong that this Vision of David Wilkerson's was that vision . In this judgement I also say that God has used David to bring many into salvation and a tool or stepping stone to full fill his word perfectly in a matter and so I judge not the man only the sight that these things occurred not for his sake but for the Glory of God. Be blessed David Wilkerson and as you are an old man now may you rest in God when you pass from this life into Love.

God forgive me for being angry about this matter for it was misplaced and I should have not been.

Now if I have found favor in the sight of the Lord that this matter be closed and that for this short time between now star fall that the world be at peace and strive not to full fill this vision any longer that other verses as they are written may be full filled as I discern that a time of peace is at hand.


Monday, April 27, 2009


It's not the prejudices I have that worry me it is the ones I have that I know I have, but can't see.

Don't know who said that but if no one ever said that then it's mine.

Now this encourages me

The caption is the link.

84 year old man kicks carjacker in the groin, boots the second one in the gut and wins.

I say to kids; don't screw with men, We don't play.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Needs vs Wants

No man needs

All men want

Needs are born of wants Not the other way around

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jane Auston

I don't know who Jane Austen is nor am I much of for woman's Lib but she said something that I can completely agree with.

"I do not want people to be very agreeable as it saves me the trouble of liking them very much".

Just in case

We have had an interesting and lively debate going on over at T.F. Sterns place which I thought I wanted to keep my comment for my self as well. Of course I raised doubts bout my party loyalty by mentioning earlier in the argument that "the worst I could be was a Rino(Republican in name only)". Any here is the latest instalment in the comments section. With some additional thoughts that I feel are way to inflammatory to have made in T.F's site.


Ah yea! As is the case the people have the power to save themselves some trouble and money, once again people chose not to. I don't care, after all this is a free country and it is your money.

Oh by the way, one 2oo watt panel would run your fridge and another would run your freezer. 2 more would operate all of the light bulbs in your house, especially if they are the florescent ones. Also you could save major bucks on your heating and cooling bill by doubling the insulation in your attacks and installing or having good double pane windows. By the way did you know that you can get triple pane windows.Now as to whether I am knowledgeable enough or rather know what I am talking about do not forget I worked the heating and air business for 23 years. Did you know that I have the equivalent educational level of a batch of sci. in engineering in Hvac and energy management.
Scoff if you will but I am a believer in keeping my money in my pocket and not being enslaved to an institutional entity like the ele. companies or the Gov.. Being independent is what the red, white, and blue stand for, not just nationally put personally. No offense to the oil and ele. co's after all where would we be if not for them. Of course I could've also mentioned it keeps the Greener's off my back, I feel good about it. All selfish motives of course, unless I have an ulterior motive beyond selfishness(which I do).
It takes cash to get in my vehicle and run around the country and do this...... Luk 14:21 So that servant came, and shewed his lord these things. Then the master of the house being angry said to his servant, Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind.

Also when Jesus told us to give to the poor He didn't say give to the people who give to the poor or judge whether a poor man deserves to be given to or not, so I give to the poor directly and to do that I need the extra cash. And didn't the Pharisee's scoff at Jesus.

It's better than giving to a rich man with a greedy profit motive to invest for you, only to later watch your 401k or whatever crash and burn. And haven't I been warning you people about these things for the last four or five years in my previous web sites (Links on side bar). Yeah what I say sounds greedy at first glance but didn't you people learn not to judge a book by it's cover. Have I not been setting an example for you to follow and did I not say if you have any questions about why I was doing these thing to ASK ME. The answer of course is JESUS says to do good be kind and give. So now you don't have to ask. So don't. You don't have to listen to me, You can go get a bible and read, especially the Gospel.

Any way back to the subject matter. You can help yourself be free and your country be free at the same time If you would take a a few steps towards saving energy. Never mind the ulterior motives, personalities, or perceived character of the people who are touting such advice.

I was not taught to judge what a person was or or by what spirit they gave the advice by but to contemplate the wisdom of the matter.

So you may hate me or despise me or be disgusted about me but that is no excuse to completely ignore what I say. I thought college was supposed to teach you people how to think and if this is what they taught you-to ignore something somebody says because you don't like them then you people are fools and it is really I who should be ignoring you. Oh wait a minute-I am. But then again I am not. Or am I ignoring you and listening to God. YUP!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Be scared, be very scared

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says,

Families who make more than $74,000 a year will spend an average of $290,000 per child over 18 years.

In 1977 it cost 20,000.

I grew up in a well off family and to give you a comparison as to how much my Dad made In today's dollars, it would have been $ 250,000.00. I was awful proud of my dad.

Awful proud.

I would hate to try and raise a child today, what with the tribulation coming on, and the unrighteousness, and lascivious behavior happening.

You know previous to this article I wrote one on curses. When I told Don O'Brien that they were going to knock down a federal building he asked me if there was anything that could be done to stop it, I said no there is nothing you can do to stop a determined attack. Well....God is determined to stone planet earth and there isn't much you can do to stop it. Man will try but man will fail.

Rambling on........ or is it?

Dan 7:3 And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another.

The first was Hitler and Hitlers Germany,
The second was Communism and the old Soviet Union
The Third is what we have been experiencing over the last 15 years.

The fourth ,final and terrible beast will not gain ultimate dominion until after this:
Rev 8:8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;
But it has begun to assert itself.
It's presence is........

As the Third beast has been cunning and stayed too the shadows, hunting from the shadows; so too is it's strength become it's greatest weakness. As it dwells in the shadows so to, it's being hunted from the shadows.

Each beast was given dominion by the transgressions of the previous beast except for Hitler and Nazi Germany, Hitler rightly predicted that the Communists would rise up. His problem was he didn't realize that had he of done nothing, Communism would have fizzled, come to nought. If he would have let it alone. If only......

The evils of the previous two Beasts were very easy to detect and were obvious, This third one has been camouflaged. Spotted, so to speak like a leopard. We have been looking at it all along just haven,t recognized it for what it was.

It has 4 heads one body and spots, one head is like unto a cat, one is like a snake, one is like a dragon, and one is like....a woman's. What are the spots????? They are the little fiefdoms that have cropped up.

Because I know by the results of it's works that it is out there. Results such as no prayer in school, An effort to usurp the Constitution; Efforts at povertization(not a misspelling). The obfuscation of truth. The effort to create more wilderness from which to hide and hunt in. Thinking that if they do evil good will come(only God can make evil come to good and God tells mankind to do no evil).

The twisting of the bedrock truths that we in this nation have lived by for more than one century. Trying to control and dominate the church.

Unfortunately for Third they have birthed the Fourth beast. And I say this once again. Let it alone and it will come to nought. It will fizzle and go away as if it never existed. Pester it and it will only grow. The Father will make sure of it. Blame only yourselves.

Just like it was Hitlers fault that Communism spread, It is the Thirds fault that the Fourth exists. And so too the Third beast has met it's destroyer and just as the Second tried to make amends with the Third the Third will seek to make amends with the first Fourth but just like the Third with the Second and the Second with the First the Fourth is being succored but the Fourth with it's knowledge of the Third and Second and the First are not deceived and only continue to set traps; for Fourth will surly destroy and subdue the Third just as the Third destroyed and subdued the Second, and the Second destroyed and subdued the First. The Third will fight with the Fourth but there can me only one. There can only be one dominant beast at a time.

It has been a long very hard struggle but the Third now is in a fight for it's very existence which it will not win, It will loose it's dominion but just as the first and the second yet live so to will the third live, under dominance "till all be fulfilled".

The Third cannot say it was not warned. The Thirds go around is coming around.....Now the end for the Third has begun and it shall become just...... the third.

All of them said or will say we have come to do great good but first we must do evil. There is an evil out there saying that they have come forth to do great good but first we must do evil. Listen carefully people for you know that what they do leads to evil.

Repent world turn toward the Father of Jesus, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Be saved.

I was so proud of my dad.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Saying

Goes with an old saying.

First the New saying:

If you stick your head up my butt and pull it out and come out with crap on your head.....what were you expecting....Flowers?

Now the old saying.

Mind your own business.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Old stuff

Time to smash another old myth.

The old euphemism that clothes make the man is just another pile of crap.

Putting the best clothes that money can buy on a guy that bilks 5o, 60 billion dollars from others is like putting a tux on a turd.

I think you get it.

The man makes the clothes not the other way around.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sugars Gone

Mom is depressed today because her beloved pet a near show quality poodle of 17 years had become ill and had to be taken to the vet to be put to sleep.

Sad. The house seems empty.

I wonder if God takes beloved pets to Heaven. Sometimes I like to think so.


Deu 23: 5

Nevertheless the LORD thy God would not hearken unto Balaam; but the LORD thy God turned the curse into a blessing unto thee, because the LORD thy God loved thee.

I am a smart man even by my own comparison. (yah I don't want to hear the mess bout humility; that ship sailed 30, 40 years ago.) I have certainly been an energetic and industrious man inspite of my laggardly sisters complaints that I don't do nuthin. I lack not for creativity nor honesty nor truthfulness(though I have told a few).

I have been blessed with an awesome ability to logically determine the next President and have been accurate in the knowing 100% of the time since I was 10 years old that be 40 years and at least nine presidential terms yes and that includes Obama. Not once have I missed.

I have accurately predicted some of the most fantastic shattering events that have affected the world. Two of which I shall mention because I actually said something to someone.

Event No. 1: I told My boss Don O'Brien when I was working for the Ramada Inn at least 6 mo. in advance that they(don't ask I didn't know who they were) were going to blow up a Federal building either in Kansas City or Oklahoma City(I am not physic ). Exactly how I figured this out is even a mystery to the stupid federal agents who tried to link me to that crazed F-in event.

The best I can figure is that I surmised it based upon the murmurings at a grass roots level that the fed was going too get a payback for killing 19 children in Waco, and the killing of a mother with a baby in her arms at Ruby ridge. I determined it as a logical outcome. Dunno I guess I am a Braniac or something but the Fed who was already crawling up my ass before then is at least as mystified.

Event No. 2: I accurately predicted 4 years in advance that Muslim terrorist were going to attack the World Trade Center(dropped a ton of really specific hints to my then boss Gary Jerkins just 6 months or less prior the event such as: "you know a B-29 hit the empire state building but it didn't knock it down") However to be fair at the moment I was just popping out a factoid making no connection to future events though I had also made references to Alquida's first effort at bombing the WTC(and I cannot) give any documentation because it was word of mouth, and the thought was so incredible, and me being a person who really would not say too much about something that I did not have any direct information of that an event would occur if all I had was an apparent instinct. Maybe that meant that then I still didn't beleive it. I had my own doubts. My own unbelief. Perhaps because I said anything at all if probably(choke) Freudian in nature that is the subliminal still trying to say something in the shape of a warning. To me however it was again a logical outcome of events and situations. Want to know?, more I do have a comments section, let's argue in public, out in the open. The fed want to interrogate me?, feel free, I ain't got nuthin better to do, but all you would do is make me famous and I would still be free so actually I would appreciate it. If not-read my middle finger.

There are a multitude more of which only Big Brother knows about but of course won't admit too because what the fed is doing to know them hyper illegal anyway.

Background done.

Last night my mother had her 71st birthday which of course all available children and grand children and great grandchildren attended. As is usual my stupid sister, second oldest to me and I got into this decades old sibling pissing contest( again), which is another story for another day if I ever do get around to it. but we got Mom to tell us some of what she knows about some our ancestors. A really interesting story all by itself.

It begins:

My great ancestor Brown who was living in Kentucky around 1850 with his mother, father and two sisters had gone hunting one day. He returned home to find that Indians had attacked his family and were in the process of torturing them to death. Being outnumbered and unable to do anything, he could only sit and watch from cover until the Indians had finished there gruesome task and left, to which he then buried his family and according to my mother turned his face west and started walking and didn't stop until he reached the Western border of Missouri, He married settled down and had children the details being sketchy at this point suffice it to say A son was born.
The civil war ensued and because my ancestor lived in the South of Missouri still can not say whether he fought for the south or were slave owners or not, neverthe less another generation was born and another then Grandaddy Brown was born, and while a little child moved with his family to the little town of Bristol in the Oklahoma Territory, In 1904 My Grandmother was born and raised in a little one room shack with a dirt floor. She married My Grandfather Brown and they moved to Vian Oklahoma where I think my Grandma was born. Grandma must have been a beautiful little girl because she remains to me this day a beautiful old woman of 89(I think).

My Grandma was married to Grandpa Wheeler who was apparently a drunk and physically abusive so she divorced him and up and married William Cody Bennett, shortly after which bare my own mother in a tent on some bottom land overlooking the Arkansas River. My Uncle Bill built a nice house made of stone near that spot, and our family grave yard is there on a hill top; where I plan on being buried, as well. It is where my dad is buried. My mom will be buried and probably most of the rest of my relatives from here in OK.

I digress(again).

Back to the topic. Curses.

Why is it that a person as physically and mentally blessed as I have not been able to; though not from a lack of a gargantuan effort on my part, succeed big?

I have come to a point in time in my life that for lack of any other explanation now have to resort to that other level we inhabit. That part of us which is spiritual.

I turn now to my ancestral history the part where it may be where it begins and I plan to examine with many suppositions. Did my ancestor own slaves. Did they harbor rebels from the civil war? Was he a sympathizer for the south and did they help or sympathize aid and abet after the war Jesse James? All possibilities. All of these would incur various degreas of wrath from God.

My Uncle says to me when I was a tween that he wouldn't have minded owning a slave or two.
My response ocourse why? WTH. "Not me" was my response. One of my Aunts says that Jessy James was a Hero. which I put in the I dunno file in my mind. I tried it on for size and have since decided that he was just a terrorist and criminal who was ultimately a nut. My Grandma says there is going to be a revolt in this country. I named my Son Jezreel James and quipped that we could call him Jezzy James which I obviously and knowingly was referring to Jessy James. Was this all in jest or was something unimaginably time consuming and slow taking place. Call it extremely low frequency data input.

Question? With all of the atrocities that happened during the Civil War It is impossible that many times over men didn't trip over those invisible and maybe even unknown landmines known as Gods Law. IE. Had some body in my familial history either aid, did, or sympathized with an atrocity and did not speak of it even hid it and have in a (gasp) Freudian way literally causing the very attitude to be passed forward till today; or is there a curse or curses from the war handed out by Saints or Widows? I dunno.

Or is it just that I have sympathize with an atrocity. I can't really say that I sympathized with an atrocity. I can say that I used to be too proud of my country and my country dissed me, and why should I feel sorry for my nation when any tragedy strikes it. I don't believe in my country anymore. Nope, to be honest it cheers me up. It tells me that God does care that a people don't to wickedly. I revel in our countries troubles because it has earned them. Walk away from God-get trouble. It tickles me. God is real and really punishes those whom he loves. Walk away long enough and God will disown this country. Try to appose God and he will set the destroyer loose. Repent and turn to God and God will rebuke the destroyer and bless our nation.

I don't know how many people prayed this but when I was a 14 year old boy I prayed that God would tarry not destroy but today I can't say that I FEEEL the same way. This nation deserves God's wrath. Thanks ho. Thanks allot. Yeah I bragged on my nation way too much.

Did I want these things to happen? Not really, what I really want is for my country to see the error of it's way and turn back from them and beseech the Lord publicly to spare it from the evil that he would do.

I will also point one more thing out to any who would may read this.

I am a Christian endeavoring to Serve my Lord and Savior Jesus in spite of my cussive behavior.

I also want to reiterate No matter the behavior or possible behavior of my ancestors I do not support any of the atrocities or any atrocities that occur or happened or will ever happened. would rather die than do any such a thing, and I will not accept credit from any one for ever doing such a thing if ever they should do something in my name. Never. Further more I will not personally apologize for a misdeed or atrocity that no one least of all I have knowledge of documentation or even a snippet of admittance, hint, or (gag)Freudian slip as to an ancestor having created or done such a thing. there has never in my life to my knowledge ever been even a statement or passing word in any recreational family conversation any mention of such an atrocity having been done in our family now or in the past. Whether hidden or not. If ever there were, I would make such a belated apology and of course with the power vested in me by God give only what I could and Bless with an enormous blessing begging such forgiveness as God and Perfect Father which is in Heaven would lay upon you to give unto me and my family though we be innocent of doing any such thing; again to my knowledge, today.

Since I do not know of any such an occurrence and since I have been given enormous spiritual authority and spiritual power I surmise this. Either no such a thing happened or any curse that was ever laid upon any against such a deed has long since expired. For God The Father who's Majesty does reign forever and ever, does not give any power or glory of any kind to any one so cursed.

I exonerate my family, In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost, of any and all generational curses. And set this land mine. Do not think to enforce any supposed curse against me or my family unless your a crazy enough to face the eternal consequences of which I have already prayed that any and all of mankind would be terrified to cross over into that cursed minefield.

Yah and I don't want to hear about freakin mines on TV because of this article either.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is funny from Groucho Marx

I need to settle this once and for all

I have had some brainless morons ask me a question about how I pay my bills.

ME smart. Me have no bills on a-count of I paid them off. Me not make many bills. Me live with in my money. Me happy me have no bills. Me free from evil money slavers. Me pay cash. Me save much money so me no have worry. Me no want to worry.

Is that dumbed down enough so's you's can understand.

The only thing that I will guarantee you I will pay a creditor for today is when I buy a car or a hovel..... I make sure that I pay, even then I try to pay cash. Yes that means that most of the time I have to buy used...Soooo What! You too busy judging me on my car or my home to recognize the ultimate wisdom that you can't control me by threatening my shelter or my ride. MHWA!

I say what I do and do what I say! Pay Cash! If I am setting an example then that is the example I'm setting. Pay cash! Pay Cash! Pay Cash!

I get the feeling that there are people out there who think I am rich. I dunno maybe they think they are empathic or something, maybe they FEEEeeel the wealth in me. Can they also FEEEeeel the mirth in me or how about the Scofffiiiing in me.

MHA! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA! I laugh with a scoff.

I have said this in public and I want this ON the record. Neither a borrower nor a lender be.
Pay cash, pay cash, pay cash.

Had this country and it's people not been so G--D---ed hooked on F---ing credit the economic troubles that we are having now would not exist. And if any wants to argue that credit has made this great economy I will answer with the previous and this . It is peoples honesty and promise keeping that made this country great not the B-ll S--it money.

Want a piece of my mind here I will give it too you. Do the math. NEVER buy something without figuring out what percentage of your income it will take up and with out deciding if your a willing to make the necessary sacrifice to see it through.
Also figure in that the economy might go to sh-t and leave you hanging by a thread which would break. NEVER think that your job is so iron clad that you could never lose it or be laid off. The only people who might be able to say that are the sole proprietors who have the necessary skills to do the craft themselves. Always remember there is no 100% sure thing.

Question, Are we going to pull our selves out of this economic fugue

Answer, Not really.

As long as the greedy and the stupid keep getting bailed out.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You cannot legislate emotion

This happened in GB but I have also seen the effort here.

You can only legislate actions. You can not even legislate primitively such as conspiracy. Eventually evil men will figure out that they can use the conspiracy to do something and lie saying that someone was going to do something that the person had no intention of doing.

The only thing you can legislate for is what was done.

If someone sprayed a message of hatred on a wall somewhere that was not their property the only thing they can be charged with in this country is for messing up somebodies wall.

We in the U.S. have gone way beyond constitutional boundaries by trying to legislate emotion. We have also tried to legislate the future of things by saying that if something has a potential for evil then we should not allow it. I think my nation has gone nuts. We risk making this nation a nation of zombies walking; Walking!,......shuffling about with droopy shoulder afraid to say anything to anybody or do anything for fear of being accused of hating someone or something.
This nation did not become great by being afraid to say things even hateful things. God!,
we became great because we could say what we wanted, even hateful things and then had the power to defend ourselves from physical attacks.

Who let the nuts run this nuthouse anyway.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


All of my life I just wanted people to be happy. I have never specified. It makes me happy to make other people happy, to get them to laugh..........There is a big butt coming here though.

I have discovered happiness is not all that there is. That Love is greater and The love of God is even greater. And where I am happiest is talking about God, his love. I Am also a failure at this today because I have let the world stop me from talking about him even though I still talk about him every time I think of it and it bothers me when I forget to.

Thirteen years ago I lay on my living room floor in the throws of the agony of love. I loved God so much that it was painful. I was begging God to take me out to let me share the beauty of the love that I had for him. To do his service even though I did not know how or what to say. To sow his word with people and to share with them the peace that a clean soul and heart gives them. The Joy of being born again. The joy of the free gift of knowing that I was saved for ever and free from the shackles that the world tries to bind a man with. The love of acquisition, the love of getting. My search for the unattainable by men was over. No matter what I had achieved, it paled in comparison, I found my happiness.

Love of God.

I am happiest when I am doing this. Talking to you about God.

I have a list of things that God wants from you.

*Give to the poor.
*Cheerfully give to the poor.
*Give to the poor out of the love that is in your heart.
*Give to the poor because you love God.
*Tell people that God loves you.
*Tell them He longs for the day that he and you can be together forever.
*Tell them that until then he has a job for you. Of giving to and sharing with others who it has not been reveled to yet that God loves them and is there for them if they will accept even this about him.

The old adage still lives. It is better to give than to receive.

Ask Ty on Extreme Home Makeover. Ask anyone who has become wealthy who suddenly takes and interest and directly participates with their hands in giving.
I know of a billionaire who has become addicted to giving and has given now one half of his fortune and works to make more so he can give more. Ask Ted Turner who gave a huge portion of his fortune if by some miracle it did not come back to him. Ask them if they also received a bonus in internal freedom. A freedom inside that comes from God only.

Yes it is all his. All the love, all the freedom, all the peace, all the money. Give to them who have not so that God may give to you of his unlimited stores.

Best of all give out of love. My heart belongs to God. Because of the intransigence of men and there lack of appreciation of what I once desired I no longer care about whether or not they are happy. What I do care about constantly is whether or not I make God happy.
In a sense I don't care about mankind but and yet in a round about way as God loves mankind so do I, I just go through God now to do it. You may give me the credit but that would misplace it because ultimately it is God that loves you not me. In my way I am just a selfish individual living a fallible life and desiring my attention and love is false and faulty on your part; but if you desire my attention because you realize the he who is greater than all that we know is, will minister to you through me then you are one step closer to internal utopia. The kingdom of heaven.

My prayer for all of you now is see and read this and may your souls and spirits be fed by this. May you be refreshed and renewed. May your hearts be cleansed so that the love of God may flourish in you and you too come to understand that the rebirth of you is forever.

If I would die today and these were the last things I could say, this is what I want my epithet to read.

And this is what I would want on my gravestone: If you came here looking to see my resting place I am not here, but in my true home which is in Heaven with my Father. I owe my thanks to Jesus whom made this possible and As Jesus is alive so am I.

So I sit and yet I wait on the Lord to send me out to do his works.

I am happy to wait upon the Lord.
I am exceeding glad to tell you this.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

60mpg and then some

Go here and see this. I say that you can with a lite foot get the milage they say you can and even better. Comon people lets got off of foreign oil so we can be done with the middle east.

The Fire between your will for me and my will for me.

This started out as a comment on Old Whigs site but as I droned on I realized that this was an article all by it self and I should just go ahead and make it a permanent entry into my site.

I cannot negate the fact that this world declares family as the God of our lives.If we are the possessors of our own souls then our will for our own lives outweighs the will of other people for us and vise versa (of course).

AKA My will for me supersedes any one else's will for me.The one exception is God the Fathers will for me.In other words I am here not because my sister and mother and sister wanted me here but because God wanted me here cause I am definitely not here because I want to be here and circumstances dictate that I stay here until something changes or occurs which I do not know what that change or occurrence is.
I can only guess with a probability of 50%. Long way around saying your guess is as good as mine. I could build a list of probabilities to contemplate which of course I have done so in my own mind and if I wanted to (which I do) to screw people up I would give you only one.
Undoubtedly people latch on to one idea and ordinarily run down all kinds of crazy paths with it which is wrong for them to do.
I say that wisdom dictates that a person think about the contraindications of what they do before the do them. I say that fools do before they think. I say that fools take there chances. I say that fools may say they want one thing and get the obverse. I honestly believe that most fools believed they were going to get something different and then blame all kinds of things or other people when it don't turn out like they think it will. I also say there is a fine line between a fool and not a fool. The line is; a not fool says I am a fool and a fool says I am not a fool.

I digressed:
I know that I have a set criteria with which to exit which I will not abandon because they make plain common sense, and for a person to abandon common sense is to reject one of the first principles God teaches us in our infancy. In simple English don't do something until you are materially prepared to do it.

I ignore what other people want for me and do what I think I need to do to accomplish the goals I set for me. No one can usurp or change my goals for me except me again with the exception of God the Father who I realize and who I recognize causes me to set my goals for me through me and is beyond any of my doubts preeminent in me.

His verse for me in this matter was:
Isa 48:4 Because I knew that thou art obstinate, and thy neck is an iron sinew, and thy brow brass;

Because God hath revealed unto me and I also reveal this to you that I have all faith that when I pray every night the lords prayer that the father for his sake and his glory keeps me from evil and from doing evil.

I rejoice also in this that I have been counted like Jesus as an evil man which once you get to really know me you realise that I am not.

The verse that also covers this is:
Mat 5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.
Mat 5:12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

I am happy when I should be happy and mad when I should be mad but a wealth of joy floods my soul and near 100 % of the time under near any circumstance you will find I am able to make lite of my situation by GOD.

I am where I am supposed to be and when according to God's plan which he keeps to himself is ready for me to move he will open the door and I will go and not because anyone else thinks I should. In another word. I go when I go and I stay when I stay. Right now the exit is closed.

By the way did you know that I am an excellent Poker player.

No offense Al It was certainly a legitimate ponderance of the matter on your part. I am not so sure that my family understands how very deep far and wide the love of God permeates my life. It is complete and perfect according to the designs God has for me.

I wrote an article about 5 years ago on the subject. I am not perfect, but for what God has in mind I am perfect for the Job.

The same goes for every man woman and child alive today or who has ever lived or will ever live.

Friday, April 3, 2009


I am not sure I can contain myself but this is moi and my younger brother whom brings me great joy. Course I ain't smiling here though that might not be manly. MWHAHAHAHA!

Hey Al Looky at your brand new neph

Renees , new baby , Hmph, obviously a little blurry. He is a cutie pi. WUP nuther unmanly word.
Here let me balance it out a little. MWHAHAHAHAHA.


Yeah I know....

I don't look or sound like a manly man but if you don't feeeel like my picture with caption is manly enough, come to where I live so I can kick your a__ ,after I severely pummel you into the dirt.
Of course that presumes that you are a man, in which case I have been manly enough to have been married to four woman and unfortunately not feminine enough to keep the first three. So I got manly with my fourth wife and laid down the law. Kinda gets a humph out of me that I 'm still married to her, In fact she has so much as told me that I am stuck with her now. Like 'humph' who would have known?

Or maybe your a lesbian, in which case what would you know about gettin along with a man?

I know, I got two sisters that wish they were me. Sis says to me one day, "I envy you you are always the center of things" ....maybe....Now if I could just translate that into cash I.... I'll be maybe that's my problem, Not coniving to get money out of all-o-that """attention""". Tell you what. Iff you don't give me money then I refuse to be the center of attention any more(said with a toung in cheak nasally waaa-ine). Al don't say nuthin; they would deny it(ie. lie).

There---- That manly enough for you?

A tax on bull____? BULL____!

MY wife and I laughed our A__ off Last night as we watched the local news report that some are considering taxing cow flatus.

According to the news, cattle and dairy farmers would be taxed per head, because cow gas is a contributor to the greenhouse effect. MWHAAAAAAA.



Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lets try this again

You folks in California seem to be having a hell of a time with your economy. Me thinketh you should leave others alone while you figure out how to fix it. MWHAHAHAHAHA. No offense to you Governor S.

Google. I got some tough things to say so back off and let me say them, it is my right.

I may piss you off but then again you have the right to go other places. Cut me off again and I will go to another service and bitch about you until you are gone.