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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saving Money

If you want to save money do it yourself. Or. Or. Don't spend your money and you will be saving it.

They say that in order to make money you have to spend it. MWHA! NOOOO! In order to make more money you have to invest it in something.

Wisdom dictates that you should invest in a matter you have become an expert in. If you feel you have no expertise then become an expert at something by education (not necessarily formal) and then practicing that something until you can compare as world class.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm dreaming of a White Chrismas!

Christmas is Warm and Cozy

Merry Christmas

With out Jesus there would be no season.
Thank you WizBang for the light of hope in this story with link.

Atheists are losing the ideological war

Atheist are; at least the highly intelligent ones, now attacking along a more incontrovertible path by calling into question the morality of God. I say incontrovertible because by some general rules of human conduct God has killed innocent people. They are arguing from the position that "if there is a God", and he is love, how could love kill any one who is innocent. Trying to say that there is no God because a loving God would not kill an innocent or command that his children kill an innocent (child).

This argument is negated in the one thing that I say that all atheist stupidly ignore, that if there is a God he has created us in both spirit and flesh and the flesh cannot dwell in heaven, and that we are as eternal as he is then, God has killed the body and not the soul or spirit of a person and therefore if God gave us a life, it is only borrowed from him and he can take it back at any time. It was his to give; and he did, and his to take away. But the one thing that I can tell he does not take away; though I suppose that if you asked God to do so he would, is your eternal life. In other words when God ends your life in the flesh he is not killing the real you, and therefore to him it is relatively a metaphorical death in nature. By the words I read he intends to raise you up and judge whether he wants you in heaven or not. They also do not think that God is responsible for any ones death at all. The fact is that God the Father is responsible for all deaths.
He does so certainly by his apparent inaction. If he is almighty and all powerful and can raise up from the dead and heal he most certainly would be capable of maintaining a mans life for ever. In fact studies have shown that heart tissue could live indefinitely.

Why then would he be responsible? We live and die by his rules that he set forth, and according to the bible, though is capable of waiving his rules and principles and from time to time does so, are set in stone so to speak for the vast majority of men. So I say it could be argued that whoever has the power and makes the rules which is God ultimately is the responsible party for their lives. This by the way lends to my argument that God is ultimately in total control.

Back to the grist of this article. In fact they are (atheists)avoiding any intellectual debate concerning the mathematical proof that God does or does not exist. In one such recent debate the atheist opponent said that he did not have to prove anything. That we were the ones that were challenging the truth. However I say that was an extraordinary affront to debating in it's totality. The very facts have been proven and obviously the guy has nothing to refute our argument with. Nothing, or he would have simply offered them up. If there had of been even one shred of truth to his offerings it, the debate, could and would go on with some form of honor, but now I think that the only atheists carrying on the debate are the profit takers. You know. The ones making money on book sales and appearance fees by spreading a lie.

I believe that I can honestly declare that believers in God now own the position of scientific proof that their is a God. Though Atheist have not acquiesced openly; yet by their actions of decreasingly arguing in terms of the physical laws of the universe are moving towards unquantifiable items such as love with their arguments.

Human morality of course is a determination based upon shifting ideals amongst men, I say. Shifting sand, I say. They are building their arguments upon shifting sand. However that aside I say again(annoyingly so) Atheists are apparently abandoning the idea of a logical scientific approach and gravitating to an ambiguous area of moral values which I say will be fought by making atheist eat the statistics.

Also Love is not the purview of atheists but of Christians who over the last two thousand years have been the source of defining love.

You know what I say that means.

We have kicked the atheists out of their comfort zone and they' re now on the believers in Gods battle field . We got them were we want them.

Ladies and Gentlemen. I say that atheists can talk about what love is but they will never be able to outshine us in showing love because they don't know love.

And we who believe in Him do.

Monday, December 21, 2009

People aint robots

You cannot live in the past, nor in the future, you have to plan your future but you live in the now.

Another season of surviver

The cute girl who flew under the radar won, and the guy who got her there won the player of the season award.

When the season first started I hated on the guy for the despicable things that he did but then as the season went on I saw a pattern emerge. Amazingly the people who were really trouble makers began to get voted out of the game. I started to root and cheer the guy on. Even funnier, he played the cameras and Jeff the host. He recognized that Jeff was giving hints to the other contestants if even only subconsciously. So he kept Jeff guessing and everyone guessing . It was fun to watch.

The Question though is does that say something about America? We have become a country who roots on the evil guy giving it to the wicked. Was he so evil? In the end he wasn't rewarded by the ones who played with more integrity so it would appear. In a way they were all playing a ruthless game. If it were real life they would have been killing each other and throwing the bodies in the ocean.
At the end of the game America gave the 100 grand to Russel because he was ultimately the most effective player, but what of us? What are we going to do with ourselves. Where did our own integrity go. What will become of the U.S. if we don't change, and why don't people realize that that is not the path to prosperity but economic failure?

I wish I could say that I can't stand how he played but I can't. By the unspoken rules inflicted upon him ,"outwit, outplay, outlast", Russel played the best game ever.

I was glad to hear him say that in real life the things he valued most were honesty, integrity, and faith fullness. I believe that because I saw something in him that I recognized. A old spirit; I am want to, say of Democracy I favored him. I favored him even over the obvious Christians and I fail to explain that one to my self. Maybe it is because I saw that he was saved as well or that somewhere in his life he had been to church and had been saved. Ya I know, You would say how can I know that. It is a spiritual gift. One that most concretists would not be able to comprehend.

I am not satisfied with this line of thought. Maybe it is because I am pussing out on laying it down like I usually do. The theme is the same. My prediction remains. This nation is going to get invaded. We will win but the slaughter is going to be a sore one. I give the middle finger salute to the atheists who are making this possible.

The final beast is not going to be an atheistic one. The world will have come full circle. And then cometh God.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Why oh why

I was watching Survivor last night and two of the contestants who are Christians prayed during one of the contests. They prayed that the coconuts would not fall. Right after that they pulled another string and droves of their coconuts fell and they lost. I am sitting there thinking now what does that mean? I ma running around telling people that God is the single most powerful entity that their is. So what is up with that. These two kids are good kids right? It is no big deal if he would just keep the coconuts from falling right? So how come they did?

Ya, like you should pray that your coconuts not fall. That is not one of those important things in this world and I am thinking that the good things that a Christian should want are not things and stuff in this world but matters of the heart such as, pray to God that you handle every thing with grace. His Grace.

The moral of the story: get real.......don't pray for the coconuts not to fall.



I ran across a survey that made me laugh.

The titles is; Happiness is being Old, Male, and Republican. For no reason; apparently me being old, male, and Republican, is why I am happy. Maybe it is the steam I keep letting off.

Either way it gets the old faithful, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Or should it be MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Lol. :D.

Ha you say how precocious. But WAIT there is more, as Ron would say in an old Popiel commercial.
Happiness is "that is"(says Jed Clampet in the song).

I will not say that the survey analysts got it perfectly right because happiness begins with a sense of well being when you know that your basic needs are relatively secure. Relatively I say. Most people have a instinctive understanding that they are ok but for some reason are unhappy anyway and that makes them unhappy. Hmph. I got a lot more on the subject but in the nature of keeping it short cause people have ADD in general that's all I am going to say right now.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why am I mad at preachers?

Because they fail to preach concerning all souls belong to God. So who are we to become angry if God takes one of us away.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am Gaurdian

I found this on the Internet. No name, no author. But it is apt to the way I feel. I don't like the oppression part and I am not about causing a revolt. I am about using more of the tools of the enemy against themselves such as normally in the case of communism their stated goals and the methods have not ever resulted in the peace and utopia that they say sought.
The tools then against communism was to continue to point out the lies. The same goes now for the new beast. The corporate beast. I will continue to use the new beasts fallacies against it. The fallacies of trying to convince us that without their money we wouldn't be able to prosper and that unless they are unconstrained they can't be free to do business to make money to employ people. They are lying. what they are doing does not add up to more but less. That their methods trample people and truth not promote. They should be happy to be scrutinized but they aren't. We will win.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am about to coin a new phrase

This belongs to me.

Genius savant.

State of Mind

TV show. Male actor: "So what now? Don't trust anyone?" Female Character: "Works for me."

Me to my wife: Works for me.

Rise of the Secret Santa

I think I posted a link to this article before but I am going to do it again.

So many people think that money would be better spent making money but forget the intrinsic future value and the possible uplifting value of helping somebody at a moment of need. Just a little boost to get them over a hump in life to remind them that someone gives a royal flip about them.

Be a Secret Santa.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Beast

This current version of the beast thinks that it won't get away with a big atrocity and it wouldn't. But what it doesn't realize is that a whole bunch little isolated atrocities add up to too much straw. And it has gone too far.

The center of the third beast appears to be here in the U.S..

It is not the Government of the United States but the primary tool that was used to defeat the first and the second beast. The third beast could be thought of as a corporate animal.

A reiteration of what the three beast are.

  1. The Lion. Nazism
  2. The Bear. Communism
  3. The Leopard. Corporatism

Corporate ideologies have been very destructive to this country.

There will be a Fourth and final beast which has only one description. Ugly, mean, and more powerful than any before it. I am not at all that curious to figure that one out.

Right now I just want to see this corporate beast get its ass handed to it.


Cut it off.

Thanks B.S Bill for selling out to it.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I love this

The only thing the guy did different from what I would have done is when the idiot would not drop the bat I would have not hesitated to shoot the guy. Video link.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Power first

The foundation of power is Love and from that position comes doing and being right then comes power.

Never is it any other way.


Time is not on man's side

Anonymous facts

The static electric charge that you find so funny to shock someone with can get as high as 25000 volts. Compare this with 110 volts at your wall outlet.

Your skin has approximately 20000 ohms of resistance.

Analysis: That is why you don't die of electrocution from static electricity.

It is really all about the math now isn't it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Wife

Is a great inspiration to many of the things I put in here so I suppose that I should thank God for tha.

Now I have some inspiration for the next proverb. People who think about dying too often are also depressed. Stop thinking about dying and what you should do with your stuff.

Proverb: Think about living life right, and death will be the last thing on your mind.

Lot of places I haven't been

But then again there are a lot of places I have.
  1. Roses in rose garden in Topeka KS
  2. I was 12 taking a picture of old falling down barn behind the house.
  3. Ludwigs Mommas house in Bavaria (I think)
  4. LAAAASVEGAS with my buds Barry Dies(Tech Sgt E-6) and Jim Bagnefski(Staff Sgt E5)
  5. AAAAiforce official pic.


The Dome

The Dome and the interior. I don't think I can come up with enough words to describe how much room there was in this place.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More Pictures

Top : My Son posing for a varsity pic. Second: The Dome Home I lived in. I was unhappy yet I loved the house even though it wasn't finished. Third: Me hauling another load of fire wood to a nuther customer. Bottom: Back side of the dome. Uh wait a minute. UH oh hell you get it.

The Dome: Was a super insulated home that cost me all of 160 dollars a year to heat and uh, there was no cooling but then again nobody up there hardly had cooling. Nary hardly ever got over 80 and when it did you just gutted it out cause it really couldn't last for too many days.

One more axiom to hammer

"Tipping the scales in our favor", is an incorrect thought. The scales should be in balance and when they are and whosoever causes a properly balanced scale will win.

Maybe it is about my son, maybe not.

Fall 1985. The Township of Oakland. Douglas County Wisconsin.

My sons first day of kindergarten. I remember the tears in my and my then wife's eyes.

Another note. That metallic brown car is a 1984 Chevrolet Chevette Diesel. The highest fuel mileage car to my knowledge ever manufactured and assembled in the USA to date.

I achieved the manufactures stated mileage on more than one occasion, 64.7 MPG. I averaged 45+ and in one high speed(18 hrs) long run from the southern OK border to the home(apprx. 1000 miles) in this picture(well you can't see it) I had a trip average of 45+ mpg.

My thought is when I hear what some standard reciprocating engined cars are now getting must be a joke. I am thinking you kids who are now engineering these new cars can do a lot better than that. We should be pushing 100 mpg in non 'electric assisted' vehicles now shouldn't we.


Do not compromise to achieve balance. Do not lie either.