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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sooo the Republicans have......

Mor-n-gained. They now have THE upper hand in this next year to set districts boundaries....

Whats wrong with you

What happened to you is what's wrong with you.

What others think of you is only temporary, but what happened to you is the thing that you will struggle mightily with.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dead man play

This is funny!

Unruly and unholy

Why do empires die? Too much largess makes people too complacent..... The United States has overreached it's boundaries to the insult of the rest of the world and for that we shall pay....

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Studies done to figure out why kids grow up to be monsters?.....Good God.

The Greek empire built around Athens died from lack of deciseviness. The Roman empire died from lack of concern.

The American Economic Empire dies from lack of self dicipline. All born out of the same general attitude..... Lazy.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I went from this article about the ten worst places to retire to.... which I saw a stupid statement about taxing SSI....which isn' the SSI system being sucked dry by bloodsucking politicians.

Then I thought about a statement I made in "complete privacy", about my second wife dying in 2017.....Let's see, I will will be....58....The way that world events are going what with the relative peace and all and the economics causing world wide mental stress....I see...WAR! I wonder if by 2017 we get invaded. People like Janet Michelle; being the whoring types, would likely get their heads cut off.

The parsimonious blabber mouthing blithering idiots who have bureaucratized the whole retirement system.....well after we get invaded; and us, the sons of this republic win... will be dead, or tried and shot for treason, or ostracized from society.

In the mean time the thing I think I'll do is file for a legal separation from my wife. Jesus she is nuts.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The pundit didn't care. He was too nice.

Woman whipped for wearing pants under her garb.

Paying it forward

This is what it is all about. Not only did the man will a sum of money about town; but the people who received the money invested it towards the future as well.

I just plain old think that is awesome.

Next: Some people may wonder what I did when I was in the Air Force. So here. I was in the
Air Force's version of base engineering. Our primary wartime task was BRAAt (base recovery after attack), and bare base build up.

The cold war is over, and I can tell you we were tasked with an assigned base in Italy; that was of the necessary length airstrip, but bare bones otherwise. It was expected that we would be faced with an NBC environment, especially radiation contamination. We were one of four Air Force Reserve, Civil Engineer Prime BEEF units, fully trained, equipped, and prepped to be anywhere in the world in 24 hours from the moment of the phone rang, to touch down in a foreign land.

We weren't good, WE WERE THE BEST.

Ya see. 268 MPH is faster than a helecopter can go

I don't care how fast motorola is. At 240 mph you would be traveling 1 mile every 15seconds. At 268, 1 mile every 13+ seconds.... No counting the blades of grass at that speed.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Gov. has gotta do it according to the constitution

I found this; 'big ol' political lie', video. The guy; who does the video, still got it wrong. Where? Constitutionally the Gov. cannot make it law that people must purchase something like health insurance.....doesn't matter if they make it a law to purchase something from the private sector or not. In fact that is worse; and amounts to collusion, with whatever industry they have installed as such.

Never fear though, all that will be destroyed; and not reinstated, right after we defeat the onslaught of invading hordes. T-rrrust me on that. So lets not give them one more excuse and repeal the health bill.

If she doesn't send me a check

I will assume the worst and press on.

The last time they stopped Niagra it looked like this.

So I have to recall a famous old saying. I seem to be in the middle of a page....
I will recount her main failings. She has a mental diagnosis. A part of which is ultimate selfishness. In her way she is a bully. Stepping all over people around her as if they somehow owe her. Whoever is near her is at fault. It is apart of her illness.

My mom has recovered her faculties and as far As I can report she is still according to my sister likely on 4 liters of Oxygen. Not a good sign. Every time she gets an infection for some reason her whole body goes into a faux allergic reaction, and she has had a lot of bladder infections in the last 3 years. A lot. I fear the worst one day........The machine we have here puts out as high as 5 liters. I say that because my sister says mom just called her and told her she wants to come home.....That sounds like an ohhhhh.....

The body does not want to die except when it is to painful to live.....I want my mom to live. I want my mom to want to live.

I want my wife to be reasonable, frugal, and sane.... It makes me want to run far away from these women who have; in times past or currently, want to die. I would; metaphorically, give up my left nut that they should find the joy of life in sanity.

I do not see life as something inane but something that takes in the joy of living even if you can do nothing; in our appearance, we owe it to our children to live, to want to live, and to go on living. Whether it is an existence life or not. We owe; only that, to all men, who have been been imbued by God with life.

Let that put to rest for all time; whether it be the spirit, or the flesh, what I support or believe about life living.

In this am warrior against all who think that they find life in others deaths.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Moms in the Hospital again

I don't know why but she goes into some kind of like near septic shock everytime she gets an infection.
I am afraid that one of these times she will not be coming back from the hospital.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The world Is changing

For year and years I heard from the lefties; that I knew that; the world was changing. I never questioned that but I did shrug my shoulder and kept going...They were right it was changing, just not in their direction. It is leaving them behind..... Heres one who doesn't realize that they're being left behind....Justice Breyers.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Facinating questions

Registering as Creek or any other native American is purely voluntary. You cannot receive any of the benefits due per the treaty if you do not register. Unlike any ethnic group registering as native American is not ethnic it is declaring a nationality. Even though the Indian Nations are allowed to vote in the US, they are yet separate nations. they are currently working to gain UN recognition as such. I am interested and think that they actually should.

There was a set of articles in the paper this year in which a native American went over seas and made an attempt to enter a country on their own papers. Kind of threw the bureaucracies for a loop. I think it is well misunderstood that natives here have retained their identity and in some respect their nationality.

As far as my wife and her situation she cropped up with a mental diagnosis a few years after we got married which might help you see she is not so well and it makes for a difficult marriage. Yet I choose not to divorce her, as I feel that I made the commitment to her, and that cannot change. I feel strongly about things like that and if it killed me I yet should stay the course. If she chose to leave and such so be it.

Brette Farve The Iron Man streak comes to an end.

Amazing man..... Gave credit where credit is due, God.

Monday, December 13, 2010

What do men bring to a marriage?

I started reading this article to see what kind of .... these scholars thought a man brings to a marriage, and what I found is a freaking fairy tail; or what Prince charming would bring to a marriage......Not what a man 'in reality' brings to a marriage. They light switched the whole article..... They didn't say 'what he does' bring to a marriage (the title of the article) and what he should move towards. They just said 'what you should' bring to a marriage which is total NONSENSE. Of course they didn't say it that way. They said it this way; "Perhaps it’s time to start focusing on what we men can bring to a marriage,".......... 5th sentence and the first in the second paragraph.

Who lives in that kind of effin fairy land?

Gonna title an article make ..........sure it is about what you say it is about, anything else is bait and switch. Bait and switch is a naughty naughty word. Sleeze bag car salesmen do that.

I bet that the other article; what women bring to the marriage, is the same thing.........................................................................................................................................................................................Oh wait a minute I just started to read it and it's much more interesting....starts out with hope So supposedly the guy who wrote the article on what men bring to a marriage is a effin dork. I don't care if they are a Christian and mean well or not; it just exemplifies what the hell is wrong with this country. Too tell the truth you got to be able to know the truth.

Looks to me like the guy wrote and article to get some sack time with the object of his desires.

A man brings nothing to a marriage it is the woman who brings something to a marriage.

A man who talks nice to a woman wee I got a bible verse or few about that.......

Gen 34:3 And his soul clave unto Dinah the daughter of Jacob, and he loved the damsel, and spake kindly unto the damsel.

Heres what happened to him:

Gen 34:25 And it came to pass on the third day, when they were sore, that two of the sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, Dinah's brethren, took each man his sword, and came upon the city boldly, and slew all the males.

Gen 34:26 And they slew Hamor and Shechem his son with the edge of the sword, and took Dinah out of Shechem's house, and went out.

It is a sadness I feel.....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Up date

My mother confirms she is registered as 1/32. She also confirms that her granddad was registered as 1/8 but and he is the one who told her her grandmother(needs confirmation whether it were he grandmother or great grandmother) was registered as 1/4 but he thought she had lied about how much she was by at least one hundred percent. In other words she had to be at least half Indian.

She also relayed and interesting anecdote about how the natives lied about how much Indian they were in order to vote. Grandpa Bennett was working for the census one day and had gone to a house of native Americans to get their information, and he found that some of the kids were 1 quarter Indian, and some were half Indian, and some were full blood..... It is silly; but back in those days the advantages were they could claim just about anything, by saying well we got one of those living here; does that count?

Walking in a winter wonder land

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Waldo, your hilarious.

Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David Bellamy comment

Date: Dec 11, 2010

Message: Erksron

Thank you so much for that. I just had to sit down and read it again out loud to my wife - she just sat back open-mouthed and when I had finished we agreed that you have a wonderful and fascinating family history and a terrific way of writing. You have a book in you.

There are a couple of things that I don't understand - for example what are medical rights? What does legal 3/32 native mean? (Is it a fraction of your native American parentage - but if so why is it legally recognised?)

You are making me look at my own family history in a new light. If I were to put it down in the same way as you have, through the stories from my parents, it would become more interesting.

For example how my mother's family were excluded from the bomb-shelters during the war because the family were Christadelphian conscientious objectors. How, as a result during the bombing raids my Mum had to hide under a reinforced table (called a Morrison shelter). One night after the air raid sirens went off she hid under the table just before a bomb took out part of the back wall of the house. The rest of the family had been under the stairs and came out expecting her to have been killed - but the shelter saved her. After that when local people realised that my Grandfather was working for the Red Cross on the front lines and was saving lives they allowed my Mum's family into the community shelter.

Mum told me much about the war - I have many of her stories. How a clock she was saving for was destroyed when a bomb took out the shop. How she saw the head of her friend in the rubble of her house. How her sister died of TB only months before antibiotics became available. How they found a dead shrew in the milk but still drank it because of rationing. I remember that every time we heard an air-raid warning on a TV documentary or drama, Mum would shake with fear.

My Dad was far more taciturn. He was an air-raid warden in London (too young for conscription) and saw horrible things - and saved lives. After the war he was conscripted to the air-force as a wireless operator and sent to India. There he caught malaria and saw or experienced something he never talked about but which led to him suffering years of mental exhaustion. Despite his emotional challenges, my Dad was a loving, gentle and hard-working man. Both my parents have now passed on - Mum from Cancer when she was 60, Dad from an accident when he was 82. I miss them both very much indeed.

My great grand-parents on both sides were farmers or were involved with farming. My grandfather on my Dad's side was a groom for the horses of Lord Ragley.

I have many more stories from my family history - you have really inspired me to think about writing them down.

I urge you to interview your family - I would love to hear more of your history. Please, if you have time, send me a link to your website.

Thank you so much - and God bless,



The 3/32 is a conjugation of math.

That is the amount reported (1/4) to the United States government early in the 1900's carried out to me. I have yet to confirm this. I have asked repeatedly of my mother and received various answers that have led me to some confusion in the matter. At one time I believed that I was only 1/128th Native. My mother is 72 and confined to a wheel chair suffering from emphysema and on oxygen. The answer I gave you was my math after these questions. I must apologise again. In my effort to make this short I have I reconciled everything I knew with the rumors.... My legal status is 1/64th; if I apply to be on the native roles, which I would likely apply as Creek. But that is only the Creek....(I embarrass my self). I then doubled that using family lore. I then threw in the amount of my own speculation gained by simple observation. My mother looks too native...obviously. Taken that; out of apparent fear, my mom has obfuscated the whole issue. Why? I can only speculate.

I refuse to live in fear of anything or anyone. I owe God that.

The Medical benefits due were from the treaties signed between the Native Americans and the US Government. The the US promised to take care of the Natives in perpetuity in all aspects of their lives in exchange for them moving to Oklahoma.....It was an offer made to entice Natives to move voluntarily from their lands out east to the then territory of OK. Later on they were forcibly evicted and marched; under army guard, in the 1850's(I think) to the territory..

To this day there are Reservations in the US that are; by treaty, with the US government, separate foreign lands within the borders of the United States. It is a technicality. In practice the Federal government reserves the right to enter in to these lands. The states; out of order with the constitution, can negotiate with the tribes.....

I oft wonder where words really originate from. Embarrass does seem to break down into em-barr-ass..... I take the risk of saying sometimes; when I am only repeating someone elses lie, because I really want to believe.

The truth is, I think your family history is more shattering than mine. It is numbing for me to imagine the incredible cacaphony and horrors and visions that must have been. Huddeling in a house with the detonations coming ever closer.... It makes me near ill myself thinking of it.

Perhaps I could write a book of fiction; but you sir, may have a movie in yours.

All is well,

Be blessed.

Nannoo Nannoo

So said the famous alien portrayed by Robin Williams in the old television show Mork and Mindy, But here is a car for $2200.00 in India that is likely austere, I could be enticed to buy..... It's a beware though. It is fighting a battle of not only perception but likely foolishness on the manufacturer's own part. With rumors of taking land from poor people to putting combustible parts atop the exhaust system.....If are true is certainly premium stupidity. I know that looks like an oxymoron... So I will explain it better for you all.

The premium is the price they pay for being dumb @sses about selling a car to the poor people but taking land away from the poor people. It is the price paid for not thinking to protect the poorest by making the car very safe. It is a high price. It is the high price of greed. It is a premium price paid by the heartless greedy.. a price they always pay.... You cannot ef money. Well after thinking about it you can if you don't mind paper cuts on your........ You cannot eat it either, and you sure can't eat what you bought with it unless it is really food.

However. I can say that there is also a serious industrial battle going on so all of this could be simply conjecture on the part of news media.

All in all because they thought to bring transportation to the masses they get the neutral from me.... that means keep trying. Fix the idiocies and keep selling it. Or go under I don't care.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The redistribution of wealth.....

I think you will find it surprising.

The Bottom got screwed, the top aint going nowhere, but the middle...


I do not beleive that global warming is man made

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David Bellamy comment Some more for you.

Your statements and thoughts provoke much that I have thought about. I find that I am responding to only parts of your writs. I think I could spend hours just answering back and my appologies for not answering all.

Be blessed.
Sent to: herecomesthefatlady

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David Bellamy comment Hi again,

"I see massive amounts of energy in the sun." So do I! That is why I have solar panels fitted to my house. We make enough electricity to cover all our electrical bills worth about £350- ($554) per year AND get a cheque from the electricity company for surplus production to the grid! This additional income amounts to just over £100 ($158) - not much, but with zero electricity bills it all adds up. I also have a wood-burning stove with a back-boiler that heats the hot water we need.

"For our part we have way over consumed"

Yes, we have. As you are probably aware, I am one of those people who have been convinced both by the science and by circumstance that climate change is a real threat. Admittedly it is a long-term threat (unlikely to affect us much in our lifetimes) and the fearmongering about it has been stupid, but it is a threat to the well-being of my children. What really convinced me about the severity of climate change is that for three years running we had horrific floods here. I was caught up in one of them and I've never been so terrified in my life. I can tell you the full story on another occasion if you like. As a consequence of the flooding several people in this area lost everything and are even now living in mobile homes while their houses are rebuilt. Some properties are vacant because the insurance companies will no longer insure them. Insurers are raising all premiums because claims for flooding have tripled since 1980.

I agree with you that technology to help produce cleaner energy will help, but I also believe that reducing our consumption and learning to live happily with less will help. I'd be interested in your take on this too.

God bless,


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David Bellamy comment Consumtion is going to take me some time to think about. That is a moral phycological item and one of those that it takes much to change man on.

Maybe that is the whole issue right there.

I saw a statistic a couple of months ago about how the storage industry has blossomed today In the US. We have so much right now that, that it would be a looters paradise in a war.

It is a phenom.... We are truly the land of plenty. We do have plenty and If I could send you pictures of my own families plenty. It is incredible. I have plenty. I have so much material possesions I do not know what to do with it all. I feel like an ass overloaded by the merchant with a whip cracking my butt for not getting more. I in fact have family members looking down on me for not.

Yeah we got some problems with that here.
Sent to: herecomesthefatlady


Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:David Bellamy comment

Date: Dec 10, 2010

Message: Hello again Erksron,

"I want to answer as to where I am from. I am from the US. I am part native American"

What a noble heritage. And fascinating that you have a mixed-race background because you will have a unique perspective on American History and politics too (which is probably why I enjoy your messages so much). I am not very familiar enough with the history of American Indians and the early settlers to speak with any authority - all we are taught is that land was pretty much stolen from your predecessors in order to be colonised. I remember one quote which is either a Cree prophesy or a from Chief Seattle "When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money". Irrespective of where it comes from, this is a pretty wise quote. The only other connection I have with native Americans is to support the Beaver Lake Cree in their campaign against Tar-Sands exploitation.

My background is far less interesting than yours. I have lived in the industrial Midlands of England most of my life, studied for a degree in Sheffield and California (a very odd mix - Sheffield is a cold northern manufacturing town). I work both as a food and farming consultant and as the manager of a small local charity. My passion is nature, my family and my community.

As you probably know, England is a secular society (less than 5% of the population regularly attend a place of worship). I was raised as a Methodist, have spent most of my adult years as an atheist, but recently have started attending Quaker meetings. As I've commented above, my passion is nature - its breathtaking complexity and detail is a constant inspiration to me.

England has a scientific cultural tradition which ranges from Newton, Joule and Babbage to Darwin and Hawking. I am fascinated by science and don't agree with people who say that science is 'about unravelling the rainbow' - in other words destroying the mystery or spirituality of what it observes. The more we observe, the closer we get to the truth. For me, spirituality is very closely tied to awe - perhaps another way of appreciating the glory of nature - or creation.

Well that's a little about me. Again, I will reply to your previous email - perhaps with more questions, but probably with much agreement!

God bless,



Hello there,

I cannot believe that global warming is man caused. Never the less for even a different pair of reasons I still fundamentally believe that solar powered is the way to go. Reason one; to put more control over ones own individual life. Reason two; powering everything by the sun actually uses energy that would have heated the earth and as such man can more control the weather.

I do believe that Bellamy is correct in his assessment of sun cycles affecting the temperature of the earth. I also don't think that the masses are told everything that is known about other macro cycles; such as the earths orbit is like a child's top. It does not orbit the sun perfectly and it's rotation is also like a spinning top. I have no proof of this but and I must say that if I am right then on a macro scale when all of those things are at a point the earths atmosphere is heated and vise versus... The earths core is also an issue that is cyclic. The molten portions throb and circulate in a rhythm we have not calculated yet, and when they do they cause the ocean temperatures to rise...especially in the South Pacific around the ring of fire. There are thousands upon thousands of undersea vents ebbing and flowing that man has not also monitored. We know about them but have not really studied them in great detail.

I do believe that individuals should more than ever have the right to self determine. In other words a persons life is between them and God.

For the most part I am truly a right of center person. But the mistake people make; lumping me and about 195 million other people in the US with is the obviously whacko ultra right. I do believe in the Social Security retirement system, and I do believe that as Reagen put it; a safety net to catch people who are fallen. I don't believe it should be a trap, which is what it used to be here. Kind of once you got in it made no economic sense to get out. So here we have made it a system where you could go to school, or even take entry level jobs until you could build up enough income to be on your own. The rest becomes workfare.

I also believe that should be about it.

I am a believer that when God told Adam and eve go forth and multiply and subdue the earth he really meant it. To subdue it is to make it work for us; not
de-freaking-stroy it. Sorry. Just apart of the blue language I like to use for expletive. And exporting our dirty industries to another country is also not right either. In fact the braniac's(dwellers of the mind) that did that are completely amoral.

I know this is all a grandiose dream on my part but I really believe that man can achieve this. I also think we can do it and retain the sovereignty of each and every nation on earth. I think that every culture and nation on earth has some very interesting and unique and desirable things but the best place for those thing is really in their home land. In that sense I believe that conservatism suits me.

In the truest sense of the word conservation at least in the cultural attitude of each nation and peoples core or base traditions; whether it is as simple as tea and crumpets for the English, or mom and apple pie in the US. I have had the opportunity to travel the world a bit, and have found that there are constants amongst all men and a uniqueness in each nation.

I toot my own horn in the very next thing I say. I am poor today economically; but so rich in having been around. I do believe that if I immigrated to another country though; I should become one with whatever nation I moved to and leave my old life behind.

I certainly have digressed far from the environmental issue yet I see it as only a part of the box of dominoes and surely related to the troubles of man. It saddens me to think it boils down to another military conflagration.

I have not even tapped the fountain of my whole thought with this yet I have noticed that I tend to write as if I shall die tomorrow.

Most of the time I think it too much but In Ecclesiastes it is written to do everything with all my might. So I have.

Be blessed.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David Bellamy comment

Date: Dec 10, 2010

Message: Hello again my friend.

"I am a believer that when God told Adam and Eve go forth and multiply and subdue the earth he really meant it. To subdue it is to make it work for us; not de-freaking-stroy it."

Absolutely. We are care-takers

"The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till and keep it," Genesis 2:15.

The Hebrew words shamar and abad, usually translated as "till and keep" in this verse, could be just as accurately translated as "serve and preserve." The word shamar is also used in Numbers 6:24: "The Lord bless you and keep you." God desires that we treat the creation in the same way that God treats us.

"You [God] made humans ruler over the works of your hands; you put everything under our feet: All flocks and herds, and the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and the fish of the sea, all that swim the paths of the seas," Psalms 8:6-8. We are stewards of God's earth, ruling over that which is not ours.

And please do not apologise for the "blue" language. It just emphasises to me that you are passionate about what you say!

I genuinely don't want humans to be the cause of recent warming any more than you do. But we are. We are being poor stewards of the earth. I have spoken with some Christians and scientists who believe that climate change is God's judgement on us for our wanton destruction of the ecosystem. But I don't believe that. I believe that we were given (or evolved) intelligence and science in order to monitor our effect on the world and manage ourselves better - and I believe we can.

Bellamy is a lovely old guy - I was a fan of his (he reminds me of Santa Claus) but he is not qualified to comment on climate - his specialisation is botany. In the UK, he is known a self-publicist and has lost jobs at the BBC twice because of his maverick views. He is good at stating opinion, but not at providing scientific evidence.

We need not disagree about any of this because I think you and I agree on what needs to be done - investment in clean technology, breaking free of the addiction we have to fossil fuels and consuming less. There will come a time when we are going to have to manage without oil, so we may as well be ahead of the game when it comes to finding alternatives.

I'd like to hear more about your American Indian heritage - if it is something you'd be happy to talk about.

God bless,

re-edited before/after posting as I found some inconsistancies:

Hearty Greetings,

My Heritage....... I am not so steeped in my past that I know much, but I do know that I am legally 3/32 native, Creek and Cherokee. Likely out of South Carolina. I have only rumors now that my Grandma has passed and she was not so willing to talk about it. My mother also.

My great, great grandmother was the main carrier of the bloodlines. I have only seen one picture of her and know little of her; but natives were allowed to vote if they were a quarter or less Native American. Many lied about their blood portion, and my great great grandmother was one of them. Rumor has it that she stated she was a quarter; but family lore has it that she was more than half. I believe that she was mostly full blood as even today especially amongst my sisters the appearance is most pronounced. And my mother; there is no mistaking it. I on the other hand inherited blond hair and blue eyes. My skin though has a red tint... I am truly a red man. My cheek bones and the shape of my face are the only noticeable traits.

I think my mother still may have some resentment but I have none. I am happy and have not registered with the tribe, but my mom has and my sister Sonja has. Both have taken advantage of the medical benefits due. I have cousins that are truly native.

The reason we are still eligible is because of the old attitude that there is no truly partial Indian, And the only good Indian is a dead Indian. The first president of the five civilized tribe was a Blond haired blue eyed man....It does make me wonder about that, as I am part Cherokee. Native American tribes had a history of inculcating new people into their tribes and that was allowed to continue...My mother is on the roll and my grandmother is on the roll.

I have also inherited the outstanding senses of the Native Americans. I hear higher and lower tones. I see deeper into the UV and infrared spectrum than you could imagine. I can tell by the feel of a metal what it is. My eyes when I was young were like an eagles and I could focus on an object miles away.

My temperament still is towards nature.

On my Caucasian side I find I have this story from my mother: It is the opposite end of the spectrum of give and take. I will copy the text I have written in my web site to this.

My great ancestor Brown who was living in Kentucky around 1850 with his mother, father and two sisters had gone hunting one day.

He returned home to find that Indians had attacked his family and were in the process of torturing them to death. Being outnumbered and unable to do anything, he could only sit and watch from cover until the Indians had finished there gruesome task and left, to which he then buried his family and according to my mother turned his face west and started walking and didn't stop until he reached the Western border of Missouri, He married, settled down and had children the details being sketchy at this point suffice it to say a son was born.

The civil war ensued and because my ancestor lived in the South of Missouri yet I still can not say whether he fought for the south or were slave owners or not, never the less another generation was born and another, then Grandaddy Brown was born; and while a little child, moved with his family to the little town of Bristol in the Oklahoma Territory, In 1904 My Grandmother was born and raised in a little one room shack with a dirt floor. She married My Grandfather Brown and they moved to Vian, Oklahoma where, my Grandma was born. Grandma must have been a beautiful little girl because she remains to me this day a beautiful old woman of 89(I think). She married a man named Wheeler but shortly after divorced, My Grandma Retta; right after married William Cody Bennett. and shortly after my mother was born in a tent overlooking the Arkansas river. My Mother was immediatly sten away to my great Grandmothers to be raised but my Grandma visited her often..... My mother syas her mom was like an aunt to her....When my mom was three My Grandma reclaimed my mom....
My mom still is in shock over this, still resentful.. She was removed from her home.

You can see now where I get the great big giant 'HUH' when I think about all this. Convention and cover up has led me to contemplate who the hell is my grandpa. I hate lies. I hate them with a passion people have a hard time understanding.

My Uncle Bill built a nice house made of stone near that spot, and our family grave yard is there on a hill top; where I plan on being buried, as well.

My family's political background was by all means Democrat. But by the time Ronald Reagen left office they became Republican. We are all or nearly 100% Republican and Christian conservative... I am as well. It may actually be my doing as I have been a life long Repubican. Maybe it is because it was a Democrat, Martin Van Buren
that decided to take the natives land away from them. You know the Democrats got a lot of wrong on them. They fought the political battle to keep slavery before the civil war too.

I heard an other rumor from my Grandma that one little boy our ancestor was all that was left of his family after having walked the trail of tears.

This is all a little sketchy.

I think that convention must have gotten a hold of the family because I think the reason so many details are not known is that they were afraid to tell anybody anything way back then.. Either because they were indian, or slave owner, or outlaws, or sympathizers to the south. Something like that happened.

That is all I know.

We are a family of warriors and to my knowledge have had all or most of the men been at arms and in every war fought since the civil war and likely on the native side fought in the revolutionary war.

My grandma Bennett is survived by 81 of us of which I am the oldest grandchild.

Sometimes I wish I new more and I think I will go and interveiw the family now.

Be blessed.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

And the debate with her honor herecomesthefatlady continues

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David Bellamy comment

Date: Dec 09, 2010

Message: "I have a bunch of other ideas too, but this format likely does not give me incentive to be too long winded. My typing skills and grammer are bad, and it is a frustration to me."

Your communication skills are excellent and your integrity is immense.

Kind regards,



To -fatlady

You are too kind; if not for spell checker and writing this on an editor first it would be atrocious. You seem to engender a desire in me to be more careful and precise in my answers. I must apologize for last nights entry as I was somewhat punch drunk having been obsessively on the computer all night.

I want to answer as to where I am from. I am from the US. I am part native American enough so that I have the right to register for all the benefits due; under treaties signed by the Government with my blood lines; Creek, or Cherokee tribes. I Am in the land of Native America, Oklahoma.

I am what is referred to as deeply religious though I do hate that terminology; for I do have a personal relationship of the heart with my Lord. It is indeed a Love relationship.

I have a deep and abiding respect with the English and am somewhat distressed to think that that culture is under threat; in my opinion. It is rich and I see a huge blessing that has been placed upon England. I love their feisty attitude coupled with the mastery of intonational honesty. It is a lovely way of speaking. It is a lesson in how to say what you want yet humbly so.

I have not read yet the second entry so I send this in the blind.

Sincerely and respectfully so

Be blessed



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: David Bellamy comment Hello again.

Where I agree:

I take your point that capitalism is not unfettered in the US - there is a very fine balance between over-regulation and under-regulation. I loved your statement "All we need to get things going is honesty truth Integrity and fair minded people at the top of these corporations. This big corporate attitude is the same fascist mentality during the days of Nazi Germany." I absolutely agree! There are such things as ethical companies - more often than not co-operatives - who are very public in their proceedings. However, their business model is not as productive as bare-faced free-market capitalist companies such as Philip Morris, which explains why they only make up 5% of the economy.

Where I question (I don't want to say disagree!):

"The reason the world is not consuming is because it is not in their culture to do so, and it is going to take 20 to 40 years to develop that."

The reason the (third) world is not consuming is complex and not due to lack of will. I have friends in Kenya and Ethiopia who would love to have the kind of lifestyle that we enjoy - but because the free market works by feeding the rich at the expense of the poor they never will. Then there is capacity. The IEA say that if we continue to consume oil at the current rate, it will only last for 30 more years - irrespective of growth in demand and how much more difficult and expensive it is to produce. Limitless growth is a physical impossibility. My understanding of the current economic crisis is that it is as much to do with the limits of growth being reached as of banking stupidity.

So where does regulation fit into all this? Basically we have to expect more regulation as resources run low. What we should be working hard to get is regulation with a heart - exactly as you say - get "honesty truth Integrity and fair minded people at the top" - but be prepared to expect less.

God bless,

Sent to: erksron Dec 09, 2010


And to you I say hello also,

Ahhhh. Resources. I see massive amounts of energy in the sun. I see more resources in carbon. Carbon nanotubes; the stuff of carbon composites, gives man all of the material he needs to build what ever he may desire. I am no scientist but Wikipedia has a wonderful article. They have found that the bonds between molecules is much greater than diamonds. We have not perfected these technologies but I think man shall. We have at our fingertips the potential the technology. All that needs to happen is to spread it commercially.

There is some rumblings much disputed about oil being created by more than natural forces. That has my curiosity up... If so then.....Quite speculative on my part....For my part here in the US I have been certainly part of a battle to free us from big oil which I think traces to the middle east. A proponent for a move to hydrogen, solar, and wind power. We are battling against a well funded well oiled machine(pun intended).

For our part we have way over consumed. We are burdened with our material possessions. I know this. Our cup runneth over. I fully agree with you in that I also see that the problem with third world consumption is indeed corruption. Corrupt Governments, corrupt business men. I see no plausible reasoning with the corrupt. I have watched as very serious efforts have been made to negotiate with these nations and entities but I no good coming from it. Instead the corruption has entrenched itself here. 20 years ago I could brag that the main reason the US was so prosperous was due to the lack of corruption; not so today.

I have no peaceable solution to these troubles. I want but I think I am left wanting there.

With much respect

God Bless


What I did not add to this thought I sent her but edited out is:

I cannot say truly that I fear; for I do not fear it, nor do I welcome this, but once again mankind is approaching the brink of war. I think it is inevitable. We are approaching the final wars. The ones that will make the first and second war look like brushfires.

I know this is not conducive to continued conversation but I am compelled to say it. I believe it.
I hope I am wrong but there is nothing that is happening right now to suggest other wise.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The more I read of Waldo quips the more I like him.

The days...come and go like muffled and veiled figures sent from a distant friendly party, but they say nothing, and if we do not use the gifts they bring, they carry them as silently away.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Houston we have a debate.

Re: Re: David Bellamy comment Thanks and respect for that.

You said:
"I don't really believe that the far right started this global warming mess. Or let me if you will make a more bold statement. Far right rich people would rape and pillage the land for profit, druther than confuse the issue."

Yes, I can accept that, but to be fair it is not really what I was saying in my post.

Here is what I said:
"The global government myth was created by far-right wing think tanks to confuse the issues about climate change."

In far-right circles in the US, the UN is characterised as some kind of socialist body intent on world domination. I, personally, can't accept that. As the UN sponsor the IPCC, the same far-right groups and organisations oppose anything that is stated by the IPCC. This is great for the oil companies, who are dreading legislation to curb carbon emissions, in the same way that tobacco companies dreaded legislation to curb consumption of nicotine in the 1970's.

I don't know where you live, but I live in the EU. The way that many Europeans view the US is that is controlled by corporations rather than Government. Unrestricted capitalism has led to control of government by corporate funds rather than votes. Check-out how much money was poured into the TeaParty movement and right-wing think-tanks by Koch Industries alone.

My personal position is that the power of corporations should be held to account by the government - that there should be legal and financial controls on the free market.

Free-market capitalism has failed the US and the world very badly. But the alternative in not communism, it is social democracy.

Cheers and best wishes,



To: Herecomesthefatlady

I do not know how to respond with greater than my personal opinion.

No governmental system will prosper unless there is an overriding high level of honesty and integrity amongst the vast majority of the people. Because of mans inherent tendency towards greed they all fail. America has prospered extraordinarily well because the free market system allows for boom and bust; which weeds out the corrupt and teaches the foolish by failure that honesty is the best policy.

The greatest failure of the recent boom which lasted from 1982 to 2005(my own personal determination) was that there was no great bust which pulled up the corrupt. It occurs as naturally as a crop growing from seeds in a farmers field. It is the natures way. It is God's way. In this many different groups wanted to narcissistically claim credit for what was not theirs to have.

Social democracies are not the answer. Social Democracies are about men forcing other men to do what they want.......

Wealthy corporations were able too perchance buy into the political system because they had the cash to do so. In a bust they have much less money to pay politicians and thus less able to influence the process. As far as a corporation poring money into a "Tea Party". There is no such official party in the US. It is a movement. It is a movement of the people for the constitution and against the established corruption found in both parties. Not just against the Democrats.

If you live in the EU you have no real idea of how every little law has been made that has inhibited the creativity and enthusiastic participation of the general population in the economy. Not only has it made it more difficult to get in; it has made it so those who have managed to get involved, nearly impossible to stay in and grow to become the large employers that are a part of the economical food chain.

The rest of the world has forever been under the rule of monarchs, oligarchs, and dictatorial regimes; where as the continental United States has never been under the thumb of any one man or group. Every time any one man or group has tried that here has failed and been destroyed. This land shall not brook any ideology as dominant over another. The only ideals that exists are the ones that let people truly choose for them selves save that it not trample on the rights of the people enumerated under the constitution.

We have paid in blood for that right, and will pay in blood to keep that right again here on this soil but we shall not revolt; save at the ballot box. If the world thinks the constitution needs to be replaced then I recommend it send it's armies here and try and take it from us by feat of arms.

I know that you must be a peaceable person so I am not directing this vitriol at you personally but rather at the ideology that has so distorted the rest of the worlds views about the individual peoples of the US.

My apologies.

Be blessed.


Re: Re: Re: Re: David Bellamy comment I offer my deepest respect to you for your honest and well presented answer.

I love the US as much as I do the UK where I live - please don't take me for being a xenophobe. I studied in the US and have many great friends there. While I was there I befriended some of the kindest and most generous people I've ever met. But objectively, the US represents only about 5% of the global population - and consumes 24% of global resources. This is the first bad thing about the free-market economy.

Where I think that we are in disagreement is when you say 'America has prospered extraordinary well - because of the free-market economy'. It most certainly has - I quite agree - but at a great cost to other nations and ultimately to itself. You are absolutely right that man has an "inherent tendency towards greed" but this is just as much a problem with the free-market as it is with other systems of government. When I say that corporations are funding the tea party movement (sorry, I should have added the word 'movement') I was factually correct. And in my opinion, the corporations are only doing what happens in a free-market - working exclusively in their own interests - not the interests of the people of America, or the world. This is the second bad thing with the free-market economy.

The world is finite in it's resources and free-markets can only operate successfully in times of growth (more stuff every year). Obviously, this can't happen forever. This is the third bad thing about the free-market economy.

I don't think that the current economic crisis is going to be over quickly. I think that there is a good chance that it will never be over. And what caused the recession? In my opinion it was unfettered greed. Capitalism.

Democracy is more important than a free-market, and although it is not perfect, as Winston Churchill said "it's the best we've got".

God bless,

Sent to: erksron

I must most respectfully disagree in that capitalism in America is unfettered. If anything it is over regulated here to the point that frankly the industrial base has declined to the point now that only 17% of the workforce is employed in manufacturing. That means that the rest are working in services, government, or crime. Ya Crime is big business here in the US. Apprx 200 billion US(my estimate).

The reason the economic crises is not going away is because of a lack of home grown factories. The reason for this is they left for cheaper labor overseas. The cure; raise tariffs. No factories here, 'no little people' working who are the prime consumers(98%) of that massive 24% of the world GDP. The Rich in America only consume 2%. {I heard 25% but 24 is close enough.} The reason the world is not consuming is because it is not in their culture to do so, and it is going to take 20 to 40 years to develope that.

I do believe this supports my previous argument that if it is not but greed that has led some highly educated men(literally) to backdoor bribe congressmen to make some very anti-competitive laws and between that and industrial and corporate espionage (lots of that going on) plus some; now, very lax laws involving sales in many areas especially the big ticket items, you end up with consumers getting cheated. You almost have to know the code words in the advertisements for; this is junk, and you sure need to look at the picture to make sure they are not lying about the product. <

All of this falls under the heading of integrity, honesty, and a sincere desire to provide the best possible product at the lowest possible price.

US goods used to have the best reputation here, and now I don't know if there is hardly anything made in the US at all.

Again dishonesty is the norm. It is far more complicated than that. So much has to do with a legal system where If you don't have the big bucks for a good aggressive attorney you might as well write off your purchase no matter how costly it was.

Big corporations have played there part by going along with lowered economic borders, but it was for the purpose of getting the goods made overseas cheap. If you do that and put people out of work who is going to buy your stuff? No one. That was just foolish, short sited thinking on these supposedly highly educated men. Not backing up product warranties that is just plain old crooked.

This world has resources untapped so massive that the whole world could be prosperous. With the new technologies coming into mainstream manufacturing there is more energy available than man will ever use from now till the end of mans tenure on this planet. All we need to get things going is Honesty, Truth, Integrity, and Fair minded people at the top of these corporations. This big corporate attitude is the same fascist mentality during the days of Nazi Germany. It is like the third beast combined with the first and second beast of the book of Daniel. I presuppose that also like the Beast that had one of its heads wounded in Revelations.

Sorry. I can't help making the comparison. I do not disagree with you at all on the cause of the current economic morass in that it is big corporations causing the malaise; but I will probably not be able to find any to agree with my solution. I keep hoping though.

I am one of those angry Tea Partyers.....Forcing our congressmen back to the constitution and making, government right, and honest is a start. We are going to do it again in two years.

I have a bunch of other ideas too, but this format likely does not give me incentive to be too long winded. My typing skills and grammer are bad, and it is a frustration to me.

I know that most people overseas will not be able to understand but that is because they have been lied to on a magnificent scale. It all has to be done according to the constitution of it will never get back to a purring economic engine and I fear the world is going to shake itself apart because of this.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And with this compromise

The commy left is stymied. No increase for the rich. Just a continuation of a chaotic and unfair Keynesian tax systems. Not going to work. In the long run the piper will call. And when he does there is death and hell.

Oh boy........ Here at this supposedly Christian web news site the final word of this particular writer is that "Archeology cannot prove or disprove the Bible". Seems the morons who are still trying to tell lies; while trampling all over the truth or suppressing it if you prefer; actually I prefer that, have won one little tory. That of one writer back peddling all over the place in making a statement for the bible and the truth. The bible is accurate complet-eh-ly including archaeologically. Been proven time and time again.

This video is David Bellamy come out against the global warming scam. I don't go along with Bellamy's stance that industrialization is a big big problem or his efforts to stop mining and industrialization at any cost because ultimately the hungry and naked people will overwhelm all, and the longer that this log jam lasts, the greater and more violent the flood will be. But never the less Bellamy is correct; global warming is a scam.

In what should make no sense to any one I been saying for years; I want it cooler, actually cold, deep freeze cold even. The question is; am I speaking in reality or making up some kind of code. I have never lied about something like this. People may find some kind of scientific reason for the getting colder but they will have no scientific reason for me knowing all this before hand.

I will tell y'all what. I am going to create yet another web site just for my prophetic statements and try to keep this site clear of those utterances that way people who would scoff or find those thoughts troublesome to their souls need not read them here..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Super computer on a chip.

Cyclops. Hate that name because of my personal priorities but the potential is astounding.

Mortgages should stay at the bank of their origin.. And that should be the law.

My name must be global warming.....BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cause like I want it cold now and well I used to want it warm....So because I want it cold and it blizzards in Great Britain I must be the cause of the super cold and the blizards.....

Ok I'll get serious. Do these effin global warming alarmist realize how effin stupid they are...? They make as much sense as I just did.

Global warming is a hoax.


I see 'the' pattern. There are the lies the deceits, subterfuge; everything from alien invasion to big brother. Imperialism and anarchy all operating at the same time has(past tense)caused most people to wait for clearer information or completely disregard as crackpot denied as maybe libelous. Until an ill wind began to blow starting on 9/11/2001. As the smoke from the burning BS clears we see the enemy coming through the haze and oh look; is it Islam? Making it's run?
Conspire they have.

Yet as the building's went down a festering boil was lanced. The puss of insane conniving's that have led our country to not see that we were by assailed from governments in the middle east.

Swinging away at windmills like the fabled Don Quixote; we have legislated ourselves nearly into oblivion, but along comes Mr Teaparty; brought in on a white horse named Constitution, to save the day. Bringing with him a set of optical lenses called the truth. Salving the wounded souls; who have fought for so long to retain the blessings of life, "liberty, and, the pursuit of happiness". Reinvigorated and dressed for battle we now take our stand.

Come what may this republic shall last till there not be man upon earth. That is our lot till judgement day for the Lord he is with us.

Let us gird ourselves with his word and and strengthen ourselves with his love. This nation was created under God and by him we serve and none else shall we place before him...

So help us God.

The 'all appearance and no substance' nation

Why did Obama get elected in the first place. Because he looked good and sounded good; and the powers that be thought he would make a better poster boy than John McCain would.

A better more detailed explanation of this lay here at the Confederate Yankee. Well; he doesn't use the terminology I use in the title of this little ditty but rather defines it some.

People want a solid as steal president not a miry clay president.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

These are not ideas, they are vectors.

Remember what I say today. In this article link the writer says the Pres is willing to listen and then lists what he thinks are ideas. They are not ideas but categorical directions. An idea would explain how to decrease immigration. That one is simple. Build the border fence and man it and keep people from crossing it illegally. That is an idea.

The incentivistic mentality is way over used. It shant go a way but if you think that money is the overriding incentive for most people and try to do; something say against the constitution, people may put up with the bribe of money until it runs out; which it has, and now the people are cramming butt loads of poop up the politicians wahoo for not doing what the people want overall to begin with.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Telling it like it is is the way it should be. Pointing out The discrepancies is how you can get these immigrant suckers out.

Ha ha ha ha

Bounced them right out of their cush jobs. I wonder if the liberals get that they are out effin numbered.....Iowans didn't want gay marriage and they THREW the liberal judges out. And now that there birth rats are down and they are killing off there babies by abortion....well toodle-oo dumbassocrats..