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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tax cuts? Tax cuts. Yeah tax cuts.

Ok Tax cuts....

Because the attitude of the people has been compromised, nobody knows how to cut taxes. Why? Because if you think about it taxes are low; and the Keynesian model, which uses the logic if you got more you can pay more, ultimately is unfair, yet people who got money pay for access and donate large sums of monies to politicians (backdoor bribery) to get them special loopholes.

In the end not only do the top 2 % of income earners spend millions on fake tax schemes; which is a waste of money that could be other wise used to generate real jobs. Which amounts to an actual higher tax rate than a simple 10% for them with a poverty exclusion. So the Keynesian model engenders corruption; not honesty, integrity, and truth.

BTW My wife says I am all about the money but the truth is I am all about the good that money can do, but as we see here in America love of money corrupts. I don't love money. It is just a medium of exchange and nothing more to me. Like everything else if the medium becomes polluted and the whole system corrupt, then it fails.

Because the people are not apprised of the necessity of paying attention to the simplicities they then support by default the complexities. Which would be okay if things were being allowed to stratify and separate but then we got intellectuals who want to keep the pot stirred confusing those of lessor education.

That is not going to get them in trouble with the people but with other nations. Leading to the invasion to rid the world of what; it has no real idea, but it will be based upon money, and done under the guise of whatever ideological maxim trumped up over seas.

We have had our revolt 150 years ago. The stench of slavery now becoming a memory finally. Now we have another stink. A festering wound called monetary dishonesty. And like dead tissue God is going to debride us by invasion and slaughter.

It cometh in the darkness of deceitful hearts but in the light of a rainy day.

The end of the world cometh not but by coruption.

Monday, November 29, 2010

There are a whole lot of people just like this

I suppose I should feel sorry for this guy who was "rich", but Gees did this guy not listen to the nightly news.... Some surfing (internet), and paying attention to the signs, he could have been wiser with his money..... Instead of taking trips to the Waldorf, he should have been a whole lot more frugal, after all 14 million ain't that much today.

Makes me mad that people like this thought that things were going to go on forever. Man is always going to reach until it is to far.... These people would have probably ended up broke even in good times.... He would have been better off putting the money in trust and taking a payout every month or week or something.... Like 5% would have still been 700 thousand a year. Not a bad living by anyones measure. At that kind of income I could have still had his car, house, and done many of the things I ever dreamed of. Just done it a little slower. He could have even left a bunch to his kids.

Old man used to yell at me about having to learn everything the hard way but it looks like I learned my lessons on handling money long before I ever left home. It is really late in life for many; especially the older ones too learn, and likely they won't recover.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The colors of fall

Dan 11:14 And in those times there shall many stand up against the king of the south: also the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.

Amazing how it all seemed like a humongous theft of the sovereignty of nations and peoples....

Oh how the mighty are fallen.

I am reminded of old roadrunner cartoons as the coyote who is climbing a rope that is broken off whence having reached the top of the rope and with a giant question mark over his head suddenly realizes that that euphoric floating feeling he had was the weightlessness of free fall. And we the people watch with great mirth from height as the coyote and rope fall out of sight to meet the ground in a in a puff of dust and muffled distant..........poom.

I think I will link to this vid as well.

I have had several people throughout my life that have said to me that I don't get it. What they don't get is that I get the fact the Christ Jesus won and they lost which means that they don't get that they are the fools that should think that I don't get that the road to Armageddon is secure and this vision of one world ism under godless man fails. If for no other reason than lack of Money.

The wisenhiemer quote is; The bank of one the 'One World' has closed and fallen into recierviership due to lack of money. All assets are slated to be sold off at auction.

By by you bastards.

Not so. It is all about survival there Nathan.

We must not always talk in the market-place of what happens to us in the forest.
Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

North Korea, Messing up negitiations?...Or when the puppet gets out of hand.

Ok. Either North Korea is really stupid oooor are really trying to drive a wedge between the US and China. But their problem? Money talks and B#$% walks. And North Korea has no money. NK can start talking or start walking. Either one of them will do.


Nuther story I ran into . No link to it, just me telling you a story.

Guy goes out one night and while he is gone crooks come over to his house to steal the car door off his other car for the rear view mirror. In the process of the theft they find a gun in the car.

It gets more interesting. At 2 am; the guy comes home. The crooks hastily hide under the car....but forget to close the car door they were working on all the way....The guy fails to notice the open door and goes on into his house.

Now the writer of the story says; what if the guy saw the open door, closed it , went all suspicious and started to look around? Crook under the car with a fire arm and stuff.

To all that I add this question. What makes you think if the guy had a gun in the one car, he wouldn't have a gun, in the one he was driving at the time? Eh?


Islam will always breed these kinds of people: "U.S. officials arrest a Somali-born teenager in connection with a plot to detonate what he thought was a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Oregon."(Reuters)

Why will these types of people be created out of Islam? Because this kind of evil is in there Koran, the book of their religion.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Have a good Thanksgiving

Dorothy Sayers said:

"In this world it is called Tolerance, but in hell it is called indifference, the sin that believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, lives for nothing, and remains alive because there is nothing for which it will die."

I said this 13 years ago too

The bible says and I paraphrase; be ye not a borrower nor a lender... That applies across the board for governments and people....In fact usury in the old testament Moses law is a sin.
Wonder what you get when you violate God's laws.... Take a good hard look at EEEurope. Little mad at Ireland for not raising corporate all seems so unfare....

The last vestiges of a once proud empire

Probably needs editing:

North Korea is indeed the last of what Ronald Reagan once called the evil empire. Maintained only by closed borders and closed negotiations. Using big brother tactics going so far as to install speakers in every home controlled by the state, to ensure dominance of the citizens information.
The problem with such a 'lead by the nose attitudes' is that the state must have a manufactured emergency situation to justify to the subconscious of the people in order to keep them working hard. With out such the people would not be able to justify to themselves why they should continue to work for a state master. The problem with any thing built upon such lies is that eventually; as the state government, which has to create even greater and greater false calamities to protect it's monopoly, the people grow weary and revolt. In North Korea the revolts are likely not violent but passive, even subconscious.....They do not work as hard. It is even likely a revolt of the subconscious.

I imagine the whole idea of complete state control was conceptualized by some genius who studied ant colonies, thinking what a wonderful thing it would be if mankind was not but ants. The problem with that idea is that even a human embryo within a short period of fertilization has more brain power than an ant.

Its gets worse for the atheists. Man is not engineered to be cooped up in an ant hill. Man has a natural curiosity about everything under the sun. The ideal of men working in a forced cooperative(North Korea); as opposed to volunteer cooperative; fails just because of natural curiosity. An atheist must consider that that curiosity cannot be eliminated. I would would think that, that would be funny that atheists would be so small minded if they had not of been so murderous and callous twards life in general. But they have been. Communism has been a blight to planet earth and has held man back from achieving ultimacy; not an engine for prosperity and achievement. Free men have not held back communism, and atheism. Atheism has held back atheism and communism.

I know that atheist don't want to hear why, but I am going to say it anyway....Fear of death. If you have no God and there is no afterlife, then there is no reason to do anything for anybody but yourself. Mankind is smart enough to know that if there is no reason to work so hard that it kills you, there is nothing good to work for in the end, then why work any harder than you have too.

Atheists don't want to die for anyone or anything. Yet atheists are the most dead; They are the zombies of the horror shows. Living on earth. They believe there is no God and therefore no reason can be had on earth to appreciate the things of earth but what is right in front of them..... It leads them to not care for life at all. They hate themselves and everyone and everything around them. They destroy life, there own and others out of that hatred.

I can't imagine that I am the only one to come to this conclusion. But I can tell you that I have never read any thesis or writing on this material. Truth is I have only read what a normal person gets in the news or on TV and now on the Internet. If I have come to this conclusion, how many others have?

Creativity is unleashed by the freedom of men not by the enslavement of them. God is about the freedom of men not the enslavement of them and I for one shall not ever truly work for any man or government save that which is about true freedom. Not the false brainwashed freedom of the North Koreans, atheism or communism.

My condolences to the soldiers of South Korea and to their families. May they rest in peace for they died for the cause of freedom. The freedom of a man to determine his own destiny.

I suspect that North Korea was thoroughly surprised at the accuracy and destructiveness of the counter battery fire. The results of free men's minds are far more productive .

North Korea would be well put to loosen the noose as much if not more than it's giant neighbor to the north. Elst wise they will always be not but a puppet state.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Federal Reserve Prints the money

The Government then sells bonds the Federal Reserve buys those bonds which it then earns interest on; the government then takes the borrowed money and divies it out according to it's criteria which includes sending copious amounts over seas to drop the value of the dollar which makes American exports more attractive which makes the idea of building factories in the US more attractive which employe's more of us nobodies which then.....Do I might hear the sounds of a wheel slooooowly moving; but can it keep going?....What is it's maximum RPM's (so to speak)?
It all depends.....First it must spin up to speed; proper balance must be in the economic engine. If the engine is not balanced it will just break down again....leading to a bumpy ride....steady as she goes and no ADHD leaders allowed.... Also If this matter of the Health care industry is not addressed and this abomination of a health care bill is not repealed....well it will all sink again any way.

My personal thoughts....long term...? Prayer in school solves the long term because; not but Jesus can save the day, and create the stability and righteousness that the people crave for themselves and their nation.

Jesus brings stability and peace in any and all nations under any form of government that allows him and his people.

The North and the South.

Why we got to keep troops in South Korea....Becaaaase the North keeps shooting at the South.
I am one who believes that if a belligerent takes a shot at me it falls under a Hammurabi like code. Hit back so hard the would be bully would think that that hurt.....Funny how the North disassociates the food aid with their behavior. I would be willing to bet that the food aid gets turned into military rations. The North Koreans are not mentally well; what are the Communists or something? Proof that Socialism does not work.

Whatever makes the country such thing I think.....Nasty little habit that can get a country into a lot of trouble....because the government can go too far in making a country safe...Look at North Korea....they are nearly perfectly safe for an individual....Safe until they really do something stupid and get invaded and annihilated....Them days are coming....
They remind me of spoiled little toddlers hitting their parents for not getting their way. In my day we would have just snatched that child up and wupped the demons out of them. That BTW is what North Korea needs. To get the demons wupped out of them. It is a fallacy to think that you can sit safely behind somebody else's wall or shield and taunt your enemies. Eventually the shield holder will get tired of your .....and snatch you up and whup your ass themselves.

How many people remember what happened right after the Vietnam war.....China for some reason got ticked at Vietnam and invaded. It is still conjecture as to how it went but the Chinese army did not get too far with that and by the accounts I heard got soundly defeated and retreated.... Kind of goes along with never get into fight with someone who's just been in a fight. They are still pumped up from the fight and will likely stomp your ass. If China would have been it for keeps instead of lesson teaching they would have won but if you get into it for punitive measures and don't go all the way, well.....

Now you know why I say don't be screwing with me. You never know if I will go all the way or not. I got my criteria. And there are definitely multiple paths to eliminating a problem without going nuclear. Money is usually a key but bribery is not one of my tools. Bribery is just an enabler of bad behavior. Taking away money from the proud humiliates them but usually the message is the same....Either way hedonistic socialism does not work. One more thing....Using food like it is a carrot for a nation that is just plain stupid animalistic behavior on the wests part....

Just because you throw a lion a steak does not make the lion less a lion. How many time over the last 50 years have animal trainers discovered that the moment you turn your back on one of those beasts they maul you to death.

First you near beat the animal to death and then you make it do what you want and right at the point that it is about to die then give it a little. But you watch it very carefully. If the predator in it is not dead you will see it expressed around the eyes....If that is not dead in it then it will be dangerous to you when it regains it's strength. You'll just have to kill it anyway.

That is the lot of North Korea. They are not but a thorn, eventually when their utility wears out they will be destroyed.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

There it is again...A phrase I hate

"This shows": Used in reference to a public statement such as; "This move recognizes that responsible sexual behavior and the use of condoms have important roles in HIV prevention." The Pope makes a statement for the use of condoms by male prostitutes; I presuppose in relation to the recognition that for the time being male prostitution will continue. Prostitution will be destroyed itself.... likely nearly so; before Jesus returns, so prostitution will fairly well be gone.... when Jesus is here it will not be allowed at all I think. The Pope was not for sure speaking to Christians who already know; but for the world that they should know; Homosexuality is a sin, and an abomination to God. In case you homo's don't know that Islam condemns homosexuals to death by stoning. You faggots can choose between Islam or Christendom; ultimately it all ends up the same... Stoned to death.... When Jesus is here that is exactly what will happen... Summarily stoned to death.
BUT! No a-moralistic individual has any place speaking for Christendom as a point of interpreting what one of the leaders of the body said.... Neither the UN nor it's spokes people should say things that may lead people down the wrong moral path. That path is the path to wars, dissension, and destruction.

That by the way is why I want/wish/hope the UN to go away, or move the whole damn thing to another country. Morals compromised is amoral-ism and the UN is not moralistic.
As to the picture these people do err in that who is the judge of effeminate behavior....NO ONE! That's who. What they are talking about is the exaggerated effeminate behavior of an openly gay man....Problem is I have been called gay when NOTHING could be further from the truth.
And I do have a pissy attitude about that one. Yet no body who really knows me would ever say that I am a faggot.

You know what true diversity is...I hope you have a nice time and a good visit as a tourist but otherwise; go home...... Oh you want to have a vacation home here; cool...when you are done with your vacation; go home.... Want to immigrate here; we got some hoops for you to jump through; if you don't want to jump through them; go home. If you came here to bring your culture here; forget it, go back to where you came from; go home. Your culture belongs in the nation of it's upbringing not here.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Contrail not a jet?

Was is it a warning?....Shot fired across the bow so to speak.... Good.
Works in my favor. Defence, Defence, Defence.

Common Cents pointed me this way

The show must go on

How many football games have they played at ol Wriggly feild? Not too many and after this one not to many more. The rule changes needed to get this game played are
(long pause)humorous. I bet they call this one the sandlot bowl...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wait wait wait what was that?

Did I here something strange. Business might feel more comfortable? How about the PEOPLE?

See this picture? This is how I feeel congress and the US Government, and the business cabal that suck the money out of the American Taxpayers are. The people keep telling the gov to ease up on the BS is like......well read the sign. Courtesy of Strangely specific.

How about this one. The squirrel is the the government and the gray wall is policy.

epic fail photos - Squirrel FAIL gif
see more funny videos

Doink! And the people watching are going what the hell are they doing. Oh hell no!

Now this is cool

I love it....We got the stick....And I am all for pounding the bleep out of them where ever we find them...Soviet tanks of that era were ill prepared and the Soviets combat strategies were far less flexible than ours are....Our commanders will likely not be so stupid as to use them in mountains so much but there is a huge plain area were tanks are far better suited where there is much fighting. If they did decide to use them in the mountains the M1 which is hugely well armored would be the best possible weapon to bring to bear....

If they've decided to bring the mortar version of the stryker into is or will see less use I am thinking.... It's mobility and design is for plasticized battle fronts mainly. It's ability to bring indirect firepower accurately and instantly is awesome. I do love that my fellow Finns have built what may be the best of these mobile mortars systems in the world and I hate it that we have opted to purchase some foreign design for mobile infantry but never the less the stryker 120 mobile mortar system is an excellent build.

I love the idea of the 105 mobile gun system but my main problem with it; the armor on it makes it less survivable in my opinion than the Abrams, especially in this asymmetric war we are currently fighting. It is best suited for mobile infantry on the attack and less suited for occupational duties. The Abrams because of it's speed, maneuverability, firepower, and armor second to none, is more versatile. In this case I see an excellent use for forward basing the 105 mobile gun system in the mountainous regions, where the superior optics and targeting make it an excellent; I think, weapon for counter fire against the harassing attacks favored by the guerrilla's, which are almost always using line of sight fighting tactics....

Almost always in guerrilla warfare the enemy in the field gets off the first shot. To win those fights you must be able to absorb the first blow and return a fire so punishing as to make it nearly completely disadvantageous to attack.

I would like to see drones available for every single patrol that goes out to help keep an eye on their flanks... ambushing ambushers is the best defense against ambushes. I like the ramp up in interdictive drone strikes....It's about time.... Be cool to see 24/7 layered predator and super predator flights covering one hundred percent of the Afghany border. No compromise I game in my head will do.

In the case of a people who are bent on suicide like Muslim mujaheddin surviving an initial attack and then killing them off in the counter response is key to winning victory. It demoralizes them and shows them that God is not on their side. They will quit when they realize that for the time being either tactically; or in the case I am referring to strategically, to put off for another day the fight against us infidels is God's will.

In fact they may be beginning to realize that a direct military invasion of the US is the only solution to their problems... By their Koran the only proper use of Jihad. Direct frontal assault of the strongholds of the infidels. That be us the United States of America. Fortunately for you and me they don't have the logistical transport and support system to do that with but I got a know that that will change.

To this comment here I further add__________________________________________

Right now they are having some difficulty reconciling why they are losing an historical 6 or 7 million people a year to Christianity.... Their normal tactics of terror and horrortypical suppression and second classing are not but fueling the spread of Christianity amongst themselves and it is growing....And why new converts to Islam are not staying (in the US the recidivism rate is 75 % )....They are realizing that some tragedy has occurred....

Jesus puts it this way...Do good unto those who would do evil unto you. The Muslims are now beginning to see that when Jesus the Christ comes into the fray directly his war which is a war in righteousness saves men from their sins makes them whole and; brings peace into their hearts and a completes them. Finding the need no longer to carryout some atrocity as a point of contrition to the almighty frees them from the evil that they are taught from nye unto birth.

I reiterate that Jesus is directly involved through the visions and dreams now in the nation of Islam and I praise God for the millions of Islamics who are accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior each and every year.
It is only prudent never to place complete confidence in that by which we have even once been deceived.

Rene Descartes (1596-1650

Here is another reason to get invaded.....Cause we are not going to be a revolting over this....However what will eventually happen is a systemic default....How much of this is owned by foreign governments and investors? A massive chunk so big that in the event of systemic default should piss off foreign governments and the efforts to collect will be failure as well so the only solution will be to invade to loot in lew of collection. Of course there; and by rights should, will be a" sore slaughter" as the word puts it. The subject of this paragraph? Mortgage securities. Convoluted mortgage securities.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pelosi staying?

Despite an historical loss in the elections the Dems decide to keep the one who lead the party off a cliff with out a parachute.

Ya ok um huh....Wait....Republicans like dancing more than Democrats?....Or is it Republicans live life instead of watching life pass them by.....Yep that must be it....They are boring anyway....

Are you a muslim sympathizer? If you are, then you may want to refuse the pornograph at the airports and opt for the pronogrope or you could take a full body cavity search. Me? I aint't flying anyway unless I win the lottery(which I don't play....much). Hey I got a verse for you.

Dan 7:6 After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it.

I would bet that this Beast in Revelations is a hybrid of the first three. Ya know cut the feet off of the bodies and use the heads of the first three and add a fourth as the originator of the idea....and stick them to the leopards body....

I have an interesting thought.....God has given dominion to all four beasts at the same time.....yet they cannot possibly rule the world. You know why I think there is so much confusion in prophecies....Mankind does not imagine how it is that three could possibly have dominion side by side with Jesus. But with God all things are possible.... So man sits there and tries to do things like get along.....Sputter spittin pah!.....Grey soupen mushy sea.....That is what you end up with....I get it though. What is convoluted to me is clear to the Father....What seams weird and purposeless to me has meaning and an end to God. God rules absolutely..... He gave them dominion and rulers to minister the dominion but God rules the world and since Jesus "is" King of Kings and Lord of Lords(present tense) Jesus rules the world.

Imagine this. You have absolute power but you don't know what to do; so you sit there until, by some criteria you have established, you find that suddenly you have motive and means to act; you think, successfully, so you do......but then circumstances crop up that you didn't envision...Take for instance the sudden massive surgence of Muslims coming to be saved by Jesus.... Changes the whole picture... Doesn't it?

Yet mankind as a corporate whole does not repent...can't see the reasoning behind it all and continues to do the really dumstupididiot things that carry forward the march to it's fateful defeat at Meggedo.

Why do I get to know this? I asked God what was really going on and didn't settle for proud preacher men's answers.

Let me make then this prediction. The era of corporations is over. There will still be corporations but their dominion will not be so evident as it is or has been previously. Why. They abused their power and by their pride became foolish.

Oh come-on....It's the Christmas hiring season...Don't go getting all hopeful on me now.

Did you know that the worlds population is 6.8 billion people, and that by 2011 there will be 7 billion..... I said this before what is the big worry about over population...The plante can sustain 10 billion easy....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Uh ok now this too is something that is going to be fixed

Thanks to the invasion. Da kids are more interested in getting an event on the Internet than helping a person in jeopardy out. Not a making God happy....Gets a nation slammed.

Mr. President if you are going to do stupid things that get you unelected why the hell don't you do things that won't effin matter?, not this. I think the idiots in the damocrat party have been told repeatedly not to try these terrorist suspects in civilian courts. HOW TO LOSE AN ELECTION BY THE TOTALY STUPID-O_CRATS! NEXT! #. The only good thing about this is the commy liberals are going extinct. Same with the atheists.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When I lived here

My wife and I made a total of 43,000 to 55,000 a year..... Makes you wonder why I lived there. Simple....I owned it......

Is this coincedence?

Or is there something more going on at a level that most of mankind does not understand, cannot understand.

I send my wife off a plane and the next day I find nearly a whole page of articles about airport security. BTW the airport looked rather empty. Lets face it people are not flying as much anymore. As far as security? Ok. I get it. My wife being disabled needed a wheel chair to get through to the gate. I got to escort her also but I noticed that the gate area was empty.

Compared to pre-nine eleven, they are veritable ghost towns..... I removed from my person my pocket knife before I left home. I gave my wife instruction to just buy most of what she needed when she got there.

Funny story: After seeing my wife off; while waiting the airport shuttle, I got on what looked like the shuttle....only it was a limo type of shuttle. First thing I noticed was the leather seating. Which I said; leather seats, I don't think I am on the right buss....I showed the driver my parking stub and asked, is this the right shuttle"? He said, "no", look for the red, white, and blue airport shuttles. Heee had a weird look on his face. Sooo I got off. There was a group of people sitting near there. I said; there is something...If you look scruffy and get on the airport limo by mistake you will get some strange looks.....They laughed.

The reason there won't be a one world government under atheists or man or Muslim? Cause people who get the cushy jobs of administering; well they take all the pay, and then complain that there isn't enough money to do what they came to do, and then the people who are supposed to benefit will get pissed off because of some death and tragedy, and will tear government officious greedy bastards up.

And as usual the Muslims break out in Panic and raise some mayhem because there are more than 6 million muslims a year coming to believe that Jesus is God worldwide. Remember my earlier article?....You know the one where for every person that was slaughtered in whats that country....Jesus got 25. They killed 200,000 in an ongoing purge; there were about one million Christians now there are 5 million.....Kindof like throwing water on a gasoline fire. It just spreads the fuel where there is 'heat and spark', spreads the flames of Jesus righteousness....

Aaaaah. Rangel found to have violated the rules......Next step the full committee....

I was watching a show where a preacher was expounding upon the mark of the beast....aaaand he inserts in versus one word for another. He inserts the Antichrist for beast.....clearly violating the curse spelled out at the end of the book....Did you know that Muslims are Antichrist....That's right. Muslims do not believe in a Savior sent from God.....They believe that Islam the religion is God's salvation for men. They do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God nor dwells in God. They also do not believe in God as Love but see him as judgement.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Top wage earners.

While many think that the top wage earners are not paying their 'fair share' of income taxes the truth is they pay a huge protion of what is paid. Problem is the people who are saying that they are not paying their fare share are not wrong.

Even though the top 1 percent of income generators are paying more that the other 95% combined. Never the less( though I have not found the dollar figures yet) the top 1 percent pay a lower percentage of thier income than the rest. 2% I heard once; a long time ago; in a universe far far away.

Simple solution to the problem. I would bet that a 10% straight rate income tax would fix that. Or how about this one. 13 % with deductions for charitable contributions of a maximum 3%. And a maximum poverty rate of 0%. Poverty is at $20,000.00. No taxes for them. The whole thing is simplified so much that the actual cost of enforcement drops right out the bottom.

Last week I caught my wife in another whopper of a lie

One time I wrote a list of things a person with bipolar disease does. I can now add to that list at least one more thing. This come courtesy of my wife's therapist via my wife's own mouth.

A person with bipolar disease projects all of their angst upon one person near them.
In other words they will think that who ever becomes the object of their bad feelings are at fault and treat them accordingly.

In the case of Karen that person would be me.

She last year caught a break with a subsidy of her medicare. Normally you have to pay for your portion of medicare out of your own pocket and it is automatically deducted from your SS in my wife's case SSD. The subsidy pays your portion of medicare. I am not much of a snoop. She did not inform me of the change and the subsequent increase in take home. So for the last year their has been one hundred or so extra dollars; which she has promptly spent on whatever her lil'ol heart desired, which is irrespective of our current situation.

Had she of informed me of the increase; I would have insisted she turn it over to me and saved it as part of our;' getting out of here', money. That is what you do. You work together as a couple in all things. When you don't; as a couple, you don't get very far at anything in life.

I have always said that it is a curse to lie to me. Her beloved uncle died yesterday. My wife spent nearly every penny that God in his Grace has seen fit to put in her hands....Not one red cent saved.... Yet her mother is paying; out of her own savings, money for a plane ticket for my wife to attend the funeral. The whole thing is going to cost over a thousand dollars...She has to get the rest out of our meager savings. It is a travesty that in a marriage one partner keeps for themselves anything. Yet for the nine years that we have been married there is not one month that goes by that I do not share everything with my wife. My my wife takes that and keeps for herself whatsoever she will and shares it not with me or the household but purchases for herself.

I am sorry that her uncle by marriage died. I met the man and what a blessing he was. The kind of man that mankind will miss. But I have zero sympathy reserved for my wife. Instead of being selfless she is selfish. She constantly forgets where she is at, who she is with, and how she got there,mataphorically. That in this marriage she forced the decisions upon it rather than allowing things to take their natural course. She did so to assuage her suicidal feelings.

Before I married her she admitted suicidal thoughts. After I married her she blamed me for her suicidal thoughts; before she left me she said she wanted to die; after she was gone she became suicidal; once again, after she came back still suicidal. She leaches from life and gives nothing back. Every where she goes she destroys something, or somebody. She leaves destruction in her path and never raises a hand to fix or replace.

I am surely tempted to tell her to not come back from Virginia.

As for me divorcing her. I'll not waste one thin dime getting divorced. But as for my feelings. Well....I never want to see her again.

Pro 9:13 A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing.

Pro 14:1 Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

Pro 21:9 It is better to dwell in a corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman in a wide house.

Pro 21:19 It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.

Pro 27:15 A continual dropping in a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike.

Pro 30:20 Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness.

Ecc 7:26 And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the sinner shall be taken by her.

If you lie to your husband; you lie to yourself and destroy your marriage. Quote me on that.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


There is great hope but it is only in Jesus Christ. Watch this video and your heart will be uplifted. 6 million Muslims a year are now accepting Christ. In huge droves they are coming to Christ. Keep praying but pray with this knowledge. Where we cannot go Jesus can. many are even accepting Christ after he appears to them in a vision. If you go to this youtube site you can also see other vids.

Never in history have Muslims been so open to the Gospel. It is a work of God and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is the only hope for the world.

Nice name for a book.

Financial crisis, all the devils are in.
Problem with the premise of the book; it goes back to when the Dumb-ass Democrats were in power to begin with.....back in the 70's.....BWHAHAHAHAHAA!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Nice to see nothing much going on.

Oh here is something.

Obama gets miffed and biffed at the G-20. Then as per his profile he SAAAy's s'not that bad, not that bed. I still got it. Reality check.....Punch drunk boxers say that too.

Oh look On CBS a report by Katy Couric. In a speech the President says the reason we are not getting any play is because, "were generating new ideas"..... Schreeching HAHA! Not.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Magnificent article at Wizbang

Yup. Insult the majority of voters and they will vote for your idea right? Call them stupid and ignorant and they will vote for you. Or tell them they are too stupid to understand the intricacy's of what highly highly schooled are trying to do and they will vote for your stuff.

This not quite highly schooled individual will look at his paycheck or lack of it and say I could care less about the intricacy's of what you are trying to do; because I cannot put a roof over my head or food on my table for me and my family, with your intricacy's. I am going to come to the logical and right decision that the lefts intricacy's are wrong.

What he(Obama) really just said to me is that though he has tons of education he still is incompetent as a communicator.

The reality is he(Obama) is truly incompetent in his own recognisance. The public just pulled a suplex on him and his party, and they are still disoriented and dizzy from the flip and slam.

Just like a boxer who has just been knocked out; wakes up and says,....whaaat happened?


As an add on to this comment I got the distinct feeling that the socio-communists were trying to goad the American people into a shootin revolt. What I figure the people did was picked up on the subliminal efforts. What I also figured is the People said noooo the only thing that the socio-commies get are 'FIRED' and not what they really wanted which was fired upon..... BWHAHAHAHAH! Or should I say MWHA HA HA!

The President got a mandate to change things. The voters were first worried about their paycheck. They expected him to address their paycheck first and only. Health care which bit him in the but and has been a prickly pear for every president who has addressed the issue definitely should have been but on the back burner until the economy was healthy again. Instead of brought up to the front burner.
Health care is desert after a good hearty meal. Well appreciated....Served up before the main course is not healthy for anyone.

The US Economy Must recover

No kidding Sherlock.....One worlders are a crock. Do you know what a chamber pot is? The reason that one worlders failed is because they took to the thought that if the US gave up it's industrial base and went to a service base they could make themselves richer. They forgot that if the industrial base goes away in US the very thing that made for wealth would go away as well. Income for the weakest individuals societal wise. But now that is what you get when you educate the people into believing that the educated are more elite. Elitism is what you get when you try to turn a nation away from God. Out of the elites has come every war known to man. Every atrocity, every horror that man has propagated against man on earth. You can be wealthy with out carrying the burden of considering yourself an elite.
Whether you have much money or not no man stands above the other. It is important for mankind to see each other as even.

There is no way for different individuals to be economically equal. The younger generations who are now experiencing economic decline due to pride should be figuring that out; now that many millions of them have lost their homes and millions have joined the homeless crowd, their attitude of eliteness does not lead to economic stability.

If you become wealthy it does not mean you become assholes to keep your wealth. You have just been given much more responsibility to/for your fellow man.

This article I link to is Obama playing the waffle now understanding what (not that I could say that he reads my stuff) I or people like me are saying. The problem is the people who have been taught that industry is filthy are not broken of that yet.

So I am going to say this one more time....No factories employing the little people, no economic prosperity. The elites by cutting off the little people have cut off their own feet and legs. With out the little people their is no positive movement for the economy. It is stagnant.

Wealth is built from the bottom up not the top down.

Want to know what to do with that trillion dollars sitting on the sidelines.....Build one thousand factories in the US employing one thousand little people each and the economy will recover.

Noooo compromise will do. Expanding current factories will not do. Build brand new ones.

You won't hear this from any other source but me. Remember, build them with God, for God, by God, because without God you'll just make stupid foolish decisions. Plus God can make your foolishness work. Not you nor any wisdom known to men can make anything work.


WHOA! A Chinese company downgrades US credit. BAM!

Chinese industrial output already ahead of the US...It is only a matter of time before they achieve overall economic parity. YA ya the article says something different; or so it appears; but read it to the bottom, that is where you get the industrial figures. Even though they don't call it industrial output that is what it means.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ten places you never want to give out your social security number to

Because they are insecure.

After reading the list I can only say one more thing...Every American must be screwed. Every individual who has an SSI in the United States must give their SSI in all of these places and every One of them has been penetrated....We were better off back in the days of no Internet, and computers. It was ok before then.

1. Universities and colleges

2. Banking and financial institutions

3. Hospitals

4. State governments

5. Local government

6. Federal government

7. Medical businesses

8. Non-profit organizations

9. Technology companies

10. Health insurers and medical offices

The presence of a noble nature, generous in its wishes, ardent in its charity, changes the lights for us: we begin to see things again in their larger, quieter masses, and to believe that we too can be seen and judged in the wholeness of our character.
George Eliot (1819-1880)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Always is not gonna earn my trust

With back room deals and outright lying, conniving, imperialist, attitudes towards the people. Yet I am grateful with the Republicans current attitude. With out the one worldism that has taken root in their current generation, I would not have any ammo to sling at one worlders.

I sense a desire within the Republican Party to piss upon the most productive societal group in America; Christian conservatives. My recommendation. Don't even go near that. The people are in such a mood still. Straighten up, become righteous, or become the grey water we flush down the sewer of life.

In the meantime the Democrats are also acting stumped
...bumfuzzeled...Proof that their inside advisers are completely stupid....Did they not think that if you write twisted questions that they would get twisted answers, and make twisted decisions, and the people would make there decisions based upon the reality that is right in front of them, and that reality is unemployment which is actually higher than the Democrats are reporting, in fact the numbers have been skewed by 3.5 million people, and that the real reported unemployment rate is somewhere around 11+ percent, and the real unreported unemployment is about 19%. You Democrats are acting like your Muslims in our land, who are taught that it is ok to lie...Well it ain't. Lying is of Satan no matter who you lie to; if you consider to lie; God knows about that and it is a SIN, punishable by not getting into heaven. Yeah that's right....If you lie to a rock,
God sees your hearts, and because you are unrepentant for it, you do not get into the pearly gates.

While the Muslims who's culture just cannot understand that the people of the this state just spoke, yet the idiots think we should consider their sharia laws. BULLSHIT...Yet here is a court issuing a stay on the peoples vote(the law passed with a 74% majority). The courts in the US don't have any right to tell the people of a state what to want especially when it comes to the people of a state saying they are not going to allow some foreign court determine the outcome in Oklahoma courts. So you can shove your foreign laws right up your asses. And I don't give a good ^^^^^^^^ what shady unknown treaties were signed. I would bet that if the people find out that the government made some bullshit deal like that the treasonous treaty makers will be out of government with prejudice. In other words; might be lucky if they just get ostracized, but they should be hung for treason....I bet they even know they commit treason with this crap. I assure you that right after that war(we win) those who commit acts of treason such as that will be executed...And you wanna talk about ethnic cleansing. There won't be a professing Muslim left in this country alive. We do have anti religion laws you know. All we have to do is declare Islam a cult, and voila. No more Islamism allowed. It is a cult in every sense of the word, and every meaning we Americans ascribe to it.

I guarantee you that war is coming here. We will get invaded and we will win. God has so ordained it.

Let's see. Um there are 9 million Muslims in the US...that makes them 2.9% of the population....and the other 97.1%? They find out that radical Muslims are not the problem but Islam is a radical religion....and that is the problem....The short description is Hell will be paid.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Golden Rule applies to nations as well.

Amen. I should add that if those who think to manipulate by lies and deceit to attain a one world government succeed, they would fail.

The principled reason is because of the golden rule...and what they reaped they sowed. They sow derision and instability amongst others, they will reap derision and instability, and that is what they will serve at there own table. The synaptic statement we use today is, "what comes around goes around". I want to say it this way; what they send around comes back around.
Mankind would destroy himself if God does not intervene. Lord knows that we are quite capable of making the planet totally inhabitable by mankind today.

As an aside, imagine if the Islamic religion managed to gain complete control of the world, which it won't. Look at how they fight amongst each other. It has been a never ending war in that part of the world since Nebuchadnezzar.

If they deceitfully caused a one world situation then by deceit they would fall, and the world would return to individual bordered nations.

You know something TF? I am putting that in my website. You are somewhat a tool of inspiration for unique thoughts.

In other news today the GOP are complaining that the Tea Party hurt their chances......Uh no they didn't. The Republicans hurt their own chances when guys like Carl Rove makes dumbass statements about Tea Party favored candidates such as Sara Palin not qualified. None are truly qualified if you think about it. After all the economic crash began under a Republican Presidents watch. No the Republicans are the ones who bit themselves in the ass. What the Republicans don't get is that they can take their imperialiastic superority complex and shovel it. The people ain't listening to them any more either. Ol' Bushkin and his new world order crap. Always is not going to work(ain't).

My advice to the GOP? Stop bitchin about a political group of people that out effin number you or they will clean your clocks again in the next set of primaries.....Take that as a promise....idiots.

Or Herman

He who has never failed somewhere, that man can not be great.
Herman Melville (1819-1891)

Jesus never failed..... Everything he did he succeeded at and was no failure. There are now 2 billion plus people who claim to follow after Jesus. How many followers can Melville claim? Not too many; even with his iconic stature. I would hazard a guess that there is a microscopically few number of people that idolize Melville only as a God or their God, and put no others before him. Ie. he's not God to the vast majority of people.

Turning this upon myself of course I have failed and enumerated this here for any who would see. My greatest personal. I can't think of a way to bypass Armageddon....Guess that makes me weak...Not that I was wrong. I know I probably have been. I just can't remember when or where or about what. So I say the crazy thing, and say the only mistake I made was thinking I was wrong. Old man said that to me one day. In a way when I say it I even show some despite to myself. I have been wrong pllllenty of times in relation to doing something esoteric like building a deck or make a patio, hitting my own thumb with a hammer stuff. In my consideration or fear of what mankind should/would do next. Wow! I don't think I have ever made a mistake.

God forgive me I have no good words to describe this except to say that God is in control.


Ruling the Air waves or thought waves if you prefer.

Over my life time I have heard many a reporter, teachers, pundits, dictators say that if you control the dialogue you control the outcome of events.....That is most certainly not true for men.
Even if you ruled the thoughts of men or the spirit of men the outcome would be the same. Armageddon.

In the paranoia of those who thought to get control lay the answer. The paranoid are waiting for to get stomped and they have no clue as to why.... I know I have a hard time wondering why they feel that way and the only answer I can come up with is they for some reason think they need to be perfect. Knowing that they are not they fearfully await punishment.

A fitting picture of the end of an era.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Unions can't do for you

Detroit got it's stuff handed to it because as an aggregate whole it cannot make good reliable cars and refused to heed the call of the future and insisted the making of big profits came before making good cars. They took the short attention deficit disordered road.....They take longer to get cars made and longer to respond to the market than any other industrial group in America.

There is only one reason for it. The unions at an average $70.00 an hour wages and benefits and management at even higher compensation rate,' greed. The losses were too much. "They" say that new good stuff is coming out yet in this article "they say", that for the next couple of years that what is current is junk, with the first seven on the list of junk are from Chrysler and GM.

I don't know. I got an HHR from Chevy. A 2007. I like it and the feel is good and solid with good handling and ride. Pretty good I would say. The fuel mileage is a wuss 30 mpg highway 22 city but never the less I am happy to have it. For Chevy they done good on that one. I do remember a day when Chevy was the consummate junker but not this one. The car salesman was an idiot liar but all car salesmen are lying idiots. I ain't met a one what wasn't. I ended up cussing his ass out on the phone and I refuse to go back to the dealer and recommend no one ever go there again because of him but that is another story.

It is indicative of the sordid state of mind this country has gotten itself into economically. ADD profit motive. The; 'party today for tomorrow we die', attitude. Not realizing that THAT is why they would die tomorrow. My wife is another example of the; 'party today for tomorrow we die', attitude. Problem is she is not dead but her body from all the yesterday is a mess. Like last night she was eating a small bag of microwave popcorn and then with her fingers and wiped every last drop of butter out of the inside of the bag and Licked her fingers......Disgusting...She is FAT. I confronted her and asked her if she understood that that was crazy. She said," so"..... Same deal in America. The people are saying 'so'. But they just threw the Democrats out of power you say. I don't think that the lesson is fully learned in it's completeness. There is still the desire to return to the;' licking the butter off the fingers', mentality floating around out there. The people have not yet understood that righteousness is a way of life not a momentary blurb used to get rid of crooked politicians.

Once again I find myself reiterating that Christian conservatism is the wave of the future. Just because Christians are having many more children than liberals, and liberals are not only having fewer children but also because they have aborted better than 40 million of their own babies. Proof to me that they; having gone against God in America, have cropped up with a liberal societal suicidal death wish. They don't want their belief to live on. In fact in Every communist socialist country or former fascist country in the world the birth rates have declined to way below societal recovery rates. Ergo. Socialism is doomed to extinction. And the fat butterballs that this overprotective scheme-ology has become will also become the dinosaurs of prehistoric times....Proof that to go against God is moral and societal suicide.

"My god is an awesome God. He reigns from heaven above with wisdom Power and love, my God is an awesome God." So though I pray for their souls and have seen a harvest of many from the slavery of this world I lament not the death of socialism. The death of socialism is inevitable.

It is being replaced with a monotheism.

Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords. In the end all will be Christianity and none shall usurp the power and authority or legacy of Jesus. His love and sacrifice will be only power left on earth.
Save for at the last there will be no devil. Even he will be bound gagged and lost to men until then.

Btw from all that scientist know; there are strange goings on that in all of recorded scientific history, anomalies. The sun is going through some changes. Makes sense. The sun is passed into middle age. It burns up fuel expands, shrinks, increases fuel burn, and decreases in mass at a rate of 70% per ton of fuel used. It has used 50 percent of it's hydrogen. We may be much closer to the midlife of the sun than we imagined or calculated. There will be commensurate changes in gravitational pull and thus changes in effects against earth. As this change occurs we may be baffled as to what or why the earth is going through it current spate of earthquakes and volcanoes. Yet I say this; God who is greater then the sun and the earth may yet be saying something to us. That something is 'he is'. It is so I say and is much apart of Christians apparent understanding that these changes signify the nearing approach of his return to directly manage us, his creation.

I will for this next moment as unpalatable as it is to me play the objective card. For all the predictions of the Bible of the Christians keep coming true and no amount of hiding the fact that they are will keep the future predictions; anomalous to educated and brevetted scientific community, from happening. There are indeed Christians who have made astounding and completely double blinded predictions based upon the bible that have come true. These predictions range from societal to the physical.

From increases in criminal activity and the response to it, to the volcanoes, earthquakes, and related tsunami. The fact that Christians are continuously predicting these events hints that they have access to information that is beyond the normal cognisance of mere flesh and blood. Not just any ordinary information but 'the true' information.

If any religion or discipline other than Christianity had been so able to predict the future; that society would be the dominant population and social order today. Instead better than 1/3 third of mankind or more than 2 billion men women and children of earth are worshipping Jesus or are following after Jesus or calling themselves followers of Jesus. This number is growing faster than any other belief system on earth. In fact it is growing faster as more and more it is revealed that Christianity is much closer to mans ideal of what a society should be like.

With all of this I make here another prediction I have heretofore not made. Ingrained in human DNA is a matrix that speaks of God's existence and the resurrection of Jesus and his salvation.
That truly in the mystery of human life God has signed and dated us. We are his handiwork and he left not only his imprint upon us but also his name as owner, and holds title to man.

I make this statement as a messenger of his.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting along just to get along

Is a failure in politics. After all look at what happened to the economy under Obama. No good economic model can be had by compromising ideals.

Christianity may be compromised but that will change. The reason. Jesus Christ made no compromise with his life or in his life before he hung himself on the cross. Because of that all who accept him are saved

So now how come Christians are trying to be nice and compromising the values that Christ taught and by example did. Like making a whip with nine lashes and ANGRILY cleaning out the house of God of the wicked merchants.

Rev 3:14 And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;
Rev 3:15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
Rev 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
Rev 3:17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

Rev 3:18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

Rev 3:19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

Rev 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Rev 3:21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

You compromising Christians are like the Laodecean church. You are like warm water. Water that it's is type; nasty to drink of, especially for Christ Jesus.

Stop compromising just to get along. Stop compromising your values just for peace. Stop sticking your head in the sand like a giant ostrich, ignoring all the bad things that keep happening. Pull your heads out of your asses and start living life. Jesus says that in that day many shall cry 'PEACE, PEACE' and there shall be none. You wishy washy wimps shall see more economic degradation, for how can God bless a nation with the vibrance of a mud puddle.

To the new Speaker of the House. Getting along just to get along is not gonna fly. The people are not going to buy it. Fight for the principle of the literal constitution of the United States, or I for one will throw you out of my mind and make a work for someone else.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Now for my controversy

THIS PROBABLY NEEDS EDITING: I'll get to it later right now I got to take care of personal bidness. Got to pay some bills.

The People are still pissed. Do not for one goddamned minute think that this is carte blanch Republicans. Don't go back to your back room dealing ways. George Soros and one worldism is getting his ass kicked because the dumbfucker thought to force people into poverty, to force people into a choice of socialism. However The democrats and one worlders and accompanying sycophants Ain't got shit on Ronald Reagen's right righteous fairness.

This is a Republic under the constitution and will REMAIN a republic under the constitution. That also means this bullshit interpreting we got going on with the constitution is going to go the FUCK away. The constitution says what it means and means what it say's. No amount of parsimonious bullshit twisting; Like saying (with proud condescension) well the founder's meant; BULLSHIT. The founder could write all the bullshit they wanted but the constitution says what the aggregate total meant to say. No amount of cutting and pasting bullshit together will allay the people's suspicion that not all things are right. They will instinctively KNOW that something is not right. I think when Barak Obama ran for office that he thought that to bullshit Americans was how you got into office. Once in there you could change things however you wanted to. Oh how fucking hard on the poor poor bleepocrats phychis it must be to learn that that just is not how the fuck it is. When 80 percent of the people want prayer in school then by God make a non exceptional amendment to the constitution that makes for prayer in school.
When 80 percent of THE PEOPLE think its a good idea to not let gays be married. Then don't make any fucking allowances for gay marriage.
I will tell you all one more time what the American people do not want. In capital letters.


I said this over at a an others blog. Take the broadest possible meaning to the constitution and you will get it. No trampling upon another part of it will make it right.

I tell you what! We were a better country back in the day when when everyman carried a gun and the only problem we had was figuring out whether it was self defense or not. The initial ASSUMPTION is self defense, and innocence.

Now a philosophical quote:

Standing armies can never consist of resolute robust men; they may be well-disciplined machines, but they will seldom contain men under the influence of strong passions, or with very vigorous faculties.
Mary Shelley (1797-1851

Baa ba ba baaaa, I'm lovin it....

Was hoping for a complete reversal but this will do nicely.... Glad to see the Republicans and the Tea Partier's kick ass so well. Got a little ways to go yet.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The rationing of health care has been fixed. The death panels are appointed and will be ready to go when the bill; which will be destroyed by then, kicks in by 2013.

Oh wait watch this.

I'll be. A moon shot would be workable. Ok I had already heard that there was a good bit of water on the moon....So putting a colony or production station for rocket fuel is very plausible. except for Odumbacare.

Here is a progress report on my backyard work in pictures

As with anything there must be a discovery. I had heard rumors that there was some paver blocks up under the grass but I had not found any outside of the fence. Quite by accident; while I was leveling up some ground for a pool for my wife that she might get some kind of exorcise; I plunked my shovel down randomly near the fence, it struck something hard. Some random probing revealed that whatever it was, it covered an area about 8x30. Uncovering a small area revealed that there were old paver bricks overgrown by grass about 2 inches down.

I scraped the sod off the top and started pulling the bricks out, rinsing them off, and stacking them up. While gestating the idea of what to do with them. I started with a side walk which expanded to the possibility of a patio.

Here you can see a trough which seems to be for drainage and track for the leantoo's sliding door. I have left it in place mainly because I would destroy the brick trying to get them up and I can't see the need to go to all that work for likely no gain.

Side walk first though.

During the summer when temperatures were scorching, I laid off the outdoor work but now that it is fall I have finally made some good progress on the walk.

The walk complete except for an adjustment here and there which I should get around too.

Here I put an outline so I could get an idea what it might look like....for fun.

Now to attack the patio in earnest. I think I will come up a little short on paver brick but for a few dollars more I will be able to get it done. I am having fun with this. So far the job has cost nothing. even the sand for the job is left over from the pool work except I have to move the pool anyway as you can see it impinges on the area I would like to construct the patio. So what I am going to do is use the sand for the pool there under the patio. You can also see that by God I had put plastic down under the pool and it is making for a relatively easy use of the sand. The grass will grow back what was under the pool. So I am good to go there too.

And for now my next stage of the little project will be stakes and strings to level the sand more perfectly. Since I want to put table and chairs out there I want the bricks to be level.

The other I eyeballed it so that in a few month when it all settles in better it will look as if it had been there all along. the house was built in the 1890's. though it has been updated and in some case had massive makovers the last makeover occured in the 60's, when they removed the elevator that used to be next to the fireplace in the main dining room.

My mother attempted to restore the house but was far short of the funds needed and lacked the expertise or experience to recognize that some of the contractors were not being forthright with her(they ripped her off in that)and the house became a money pit whence her income could not overcome before the foolishness of her ways finally ended the project. She had recieved a further 145,000 dollars from various sources. Had she of fully vested that money she could of finished. Here in lay her error. She gambled thousands away trying to allay her emotional pain of which I believe she is the main culprit of. In other word she hurt herself and is the only one at fault for it.

I estimate that if all of the labor was free then the cost of materials would be no less than 50,000 dollars to refurbish the house and 10,000 more to redo the garage apartment. My mother however would have had to fork over another 100,000 to finish just the house.

Everything is going to be about the election today

I have no desire to comment today on election results. I have every confidence that the Democrats are going to receive a drubbing par excellence and I look forward to catching the results late tonight....Tomorrow I will because I have something nasty to say; something along the lines of ^^^^ ^^^ and ^^^^ ^^^...So unless something comes up I intend to do something else like work on my moms patio. In fact here lets do this...

As you can see I have made some progress and now have an outline in brick where the Patio shall go....Something to do....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ah yes O'l BS Bill calls the electorate irrational.

Has he gone nuts......He needs to thank God that we don't have a parliamentarian system like Europeans do. They would have been gone last year.

Thanks Eugene for inspiring this.

For men today though; I don't think it shall always be this way eternally, it is incumbent to live life however it is given to you. for if I live not though my life appears to have not purpose in living it I serve yet one. How not to live that others may yet live better than I. To do otherwise would be the ultimate selfishness.

In this even the homeless and hopeless serve as an outlet for love.

I have experienced the freedom of the homeless but a real blessing is to experience the freedom of the homeless when you indeed actually have a home. I have had both.

The hateful and the haters can never know life nor really know internal freedom for they are imprisoned in a torture chamber full of their failures. Whence I too could torture myself moment by moment of dreams lost, and tout the successes as proof that I am yet able, negating in my mind the fact that I am not physically capable, living in a dream world that does not exist, I will still live, laugh, and love, through my bitter defeats because I know that in my heart I wanted dearly for everyone to be happy. In this my greatest failure, I could not present to the world the Utopia that everyone desired for themselves.
So I withdraw into myself in joy, knowing that I meant well, that there is goodness in me to give of myself should the need to give ever arise.
Meanwhile I receive the peace of giving the homeless man a five; shaking his hand, and appreciating the relief in his eyes and the thankfull blessing from his lips.

In that moment the rest of the world hangs in it's place; and the respite in my heart, a moment of quiet, that I have within my power to cause an others heart to retain hope, that there is still good in this world. That there is yet reason to continue on, that in his being he has fulfilled a greater destiny in allowing someone else to give sacrificially; he representing the weakest of mankind, strengtheneth mankind as a whole, before the Almighty's eyes, that yet there is something worthy in man to save; that not all was in vain.

In the chain of men if we break the weakest of links we sever our own connection to life itself and are not worthy of living. But if we will but give of our lives in service to the weakest, we shall yet find that we indeed deserve to live and have right to claim it.

So you have done Tann. You have claimed it and so you shall live indeed. Seeing as how the world comes alive for you in your servitude, duly teaching in perseverance, all who would learn, you do a service; for it is written, all men are taught of God, you are candle in the dark shedding light for others to see, of knowledge, that they may learn to live more fully.

I believe it.

I suppose there will or are many who would say impossible. Is there a code in the Bible? Whole History channel show on the subject.

Again, I believe it. Could we use it to predict the future? YES we could if we knew what to input into the computerized decoder.....Ya got to know the question, well..... it doesn't quite work like that but for the generic answers to dummies that will have to do.

Is it God speaking to mankind. Yes I think it is. Should we rely on it completely? Hmmm. I see an issue where many would rely upon it only excluding the surface of it which for individuals is the meat of life. In other words if you don't do the ten commandments and the golden rule you could do a lot of harm. Not good.

Will I personally be getting a hold of the matrix software? Might be something to keep my eyes open for. If one lands in my metaphorical lap I'll count it as God sending me a copy. That'd be cool too.

Bye Pontiac

Long gone are the days when Pontiac meant power.

As a just turned 30 man, I had a bought a 1978 Old's 88 with the 350 diesel. I loved that diesel if for no other reason than for a full sized boat it got 30 MPG highway. It had all the perks for the day...power everything, stereo, and A/C. With Two kids and a penchant for travel it was perfect. As it is with everything in the world; that old diesel's accelerator pump crapped out, and the cost of replacing it was 300 bucks. Back then while my dad was still alive I figured correctly that I could get a used motor have him rebuild it and put it in.

I was blessed to find a 1978 Olds 350 at a shop in a nearby city. While I was there paying for it and getting it put in my trunk I noticed a transmission laying on the floor nearby. Since I had thought to get another transmission for the car, it is always recommendable to do it all at once. The guy says; no he was going to put that in his car since it came out of a 1978 Pontiac Firebird TransAm......... 6.6 liter all up power. I smiled; it was an ahhh moment. Couldn't blame the guy. Transmission built to take on that kind of power would be good. Anyway I paid the man 150 bucks, they loaded up the engine and I went my way. I called dad, made arrangements to get the car and motor hauled up to my dads garage in northern Wisconsin.

Two days into the work He calls me up and says what size motor did you say that was. I said it was an Old's 350. He says no it isn't, it's a Old's 403...... Uh ok, well, uh will it still fit? He says of course, it will bolt right in. Ok....Cool then. If your going to get lied to better to get mor'n you bargained for, right? A couple of days later he calls me up again and asks what kind of car did I get from? I said it was from a station wagon. He says oh...Cause he was having trouble finding parts for an Oldsmobile engine with that block number on it....????? However he said; if it came out of a Firbird TransAm he could get all kinds of parts for it..... You know? I said; it makes sense because there was a transmission the guy had sitting on the floor he wouldn't sell to me because it came out of a Firebird, and he was going to put it in his car.
BOOYA! My dad says Pontiac ran out of motors in 1978 and Olds had some 403 HO's sitting around they gave to Pontiac to install in there Firebirds. I asked if he could make it work? He said he could. Cool.

The run down on the old car was it had a 350 diesel coupled to a 2.11 rearend with a 4 speed locking automatic transmission. In essence, with the with the locking ability of the transmission I had 8 pseudo gears(it could lock in any gear at a certain vacuum level)making it very economical to operate. The 2.11 rearend was meant as well for fuel economy, in comparison with a racing 4.11 rearend. I was happy. I knew that the car would be a dog from a standing start but I was really about fuel economy. Still there is this one little kid in me that loved the idea of raw power. I was not disappointed. The rearend allowed the car to hang on to the road and there was not to much squalling the tires but get it up to 20-30 mph and it turned into a rocket. It didn't hurt that it had been in a hail storm and the steel hood and trunk lid had been replaced with aluminum losing a couple hundred pounds in the process, and I had, had the opportunity to install all knew heavy duty suspension system, new brakes, front end with top of the line Moog parts, including Moog variable rate heavy duty rear cargo coils. The Car was nearly the perfect stealth mobile.

No more than a couple of weeks after I got the car I had a chance to test it out against one of those dumb***** morons on the freeway that decide they need to be ahead of you. You know the kind? Your tooling along just fine and they speed up putting you in their blind spot. Not a place you want to be in. Idiots like that could change lanes causing all kinds of dangerous issues. You speed up a little to get out of there and they speed up, you slow down and the idiot slows down with you. I could have kicked his ass for that. I had had enough of that **** after about 5 miles. It weren't rush hour that time of day in Minnapopulis, and with four clear lanes going my way and no one in front, I put the peddle to the ....carpet....Momentary lag...... while the engine spools up and the Rochester quadrachoke kicks in aaaand heeeeer we go. I shot past that dumb SOB like he was standing still. Went from 45 to ninety in bout 2 seconds flat and left is ass. Of course the moron took the challenge and tried to keep up. Waste of time. Three months later I did it again. Had a Air Force bud riding along at the time, and was bragging on the car. We had just left the base and I said to this sceptic; watch this, as we headed down an on ramp. I punched it. Talk about heads slappin the rests, the moment Mr Rochester kicked in... Pegged the odometer at (apprx)135 from 30 in one block. Don't know for sure cause there there no numbers up there. Assuming the ratio remains the same, and the speed indicators were printed for show(economics of manufacturing) and there was (there wasn't) no difference from the one I had in my Cutlass, the speedo would peg at about that speed. Scary thing; the car was no where near it's top speed, and still accelerating at the same x-squared(velocity for those of you that don't know what that means). I estimate that with that particular package I probably could have hit 160+ max depending on conditions. Nuther day I was trying to keep up with some other buds as we headed over to a party. Must of been a little dirt on the pavement because the tires cut loose from a standin start...daaamn I was allover the road.... whup...whup...whup...I can't fully describe it...I was whippin the wheel back and fourth in the one or two seconds it took me to stamp on the gas, let off, and stand on the brakes. I came to a stop in the street facing a freeking mail box. A 'whoa', escaped my lips. Another time I got to test the suspension real good. You know that the yellow light's mean go faster right? Well I was quarter block away from a traffic light when it turned yellow. Had a girlfriend in the car. Great big grinning PUNCH! Head slap! Down the grade into the the ground "whhhooooeee"! Bawhoomp! No bottoming out, landing accross the street with a YOU SONOVABICTH from the woman next to me..... Nothing but giddy laughter from me.....

I still brag about that car..... What a ride... Olds is gone and Pontiac is gone now....That's what you get when you let beancounters and pencil pushers make decisions for you. Jobs lost.....another piece of culture gone, all for the sake of a few bucks....gone... Idiots...

Need to hear a song about how white collar wimps screw up society when they start thinking that they rule; instead of just being one of the cogs that make things work. They're not the big wheel, they're just apart of the whole, not even the biggest; important yes, necessary yes, but not the main one. They're easily replaced; because everyone is taught to do math now ain't they?