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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big bloom that health care bill. The dirt from the blast keeps right on falling out of the sky. I don't think that the Democrats expected it to all fall on them.

Still no results

The economy for all intents and purposes is stagnant. And a stagnant economy will shrink the labor pool, which I say shrinks the economy.

Supporting video.

Hmm, that's interesting...Curious even. The Pakistanis close a border crossing stopping supplies from crossing over. Nato forces wax some pak border patrols. The question I have is have the crooks so bought off the Paki frontier forces that their is no defacto border? Of course Pakistan is a Muslim country and the people of the country consider us an enemy anyway. Funny that we pay no attention to that.

I don't know if this will be the final posting for the day but I am here to tell you that this video is of deadly importance....If God tarries.....

"If some books are deemed most baneful and their sale forbid, how, then, with deadlier facts, not dreams of doting men? Those whom books will hurt will not be proof against events. Events, not books, should be forbid."
Herman Melville (1819-1891)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ok, I took an alkaseltzer

I got away from this damned computer for a minute and took the old proverbial deep breath.

Were not ancient Athens and this is not ancient Greece, and we should not argue points of contention to mud. We would as a nation and a people be rightly decisive. I keep forgetting that When the Feds and the courts turned their backs on God starting in 1963 ,God damned this country to punishment.

We have prayed and fought to turn this country around only to have it 'only' wain. The people have allowed all kinds of unclean and filthy ideas infiltrate the soul of themselves and thusly this nation. The cleanser is war. Invasion.

"As my ears listened to the thundering of the cannon, clashing of swords, and the shouts and cries of millions in mortal combat,"
Excerpt yet to be fulfilled, from George Washington's visions and prophecies.

What did I say 13 years ago? Huh? What did I say!!!!

As the US loses influence....MHWHAHAH HAH!!!!!!! Nya nya can't touch this, na na na nant, na nant, na nant, can't touch this...... I think it is totally appropriate the Hillary; who was apart of being in on the ground floor to the demise of America's abroad influence, gets the giant snub from....... of all places, Brazil.....

And all of those nuttso demoncrats who had such ideals about American version of utopia har finding out that other nations do not want the American fuck-o-crats idea of utopia....

I can't even begin to tell you fucking idiot o crats how satisfying it is to see this in writing....

You know what else I told big brudder. I said, "you would do it to yourselves". BTW. Bill Bullshit Clinton was in office 13 years ago.

This is what grey gets you. A parsimonious article where the individuals are trying their damnedest to be objective. Instead of behaving like the citizens they are making decisions....that's right we the People are the decision makers. No wonder Vegas popularity is waning..... The closest this article comes to stating the obvious is using the word 'mistaken'. When the fuck do we start using the words liars, perjurers, and criminally negligent, or murders!
Well....I am not one of those who suffers from the fear of saying what this is. 'Cover up' is not the strongest word but it is all I got.

Government negligence at a local, state and federal level........ It is this very same government negligence that continues to lead to the invasion that is to come.

....Where is the link? Lost the link. No I didn't......I ain't puttin it up there.

I wish to God that I knew for absolute sure I would be alive when it happens; so I could watch, as a man, with abject satisfaction the death of lying arsed bullshit in America.

The truth reigns,
under love,
and God,
is the purveyor,
of light and love,
that comes with,

Why the hell do I torture myself by reading this.............? Why is it taking so long to get the PC game I want to play out so I can play myself into an ignorat stupor? I don't drink...............

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More how to destroy his own party by Barak Obama.

800,000 more jobs on the line because of stupid over done EPA regulations.

You know I said recently the love of money is the root of all evil.... Hoomnhamnahooo. Big fight over cash reserves coming up. Could get pretty um dicey in a few years.

Now for some fun. I call this tank drifting.

The Constitution supported.

"I care not a whit what passes as 'civilized' in England or New Zealand; let their citizens seek their own path toward freedom. In America, we have the Constitution."

Anthony Scalia.

That is the right of it. You would have to read this whole article but it is outstanding in supposing of gun ownership. BTW. The Second amendment does not specify; and is very clear, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; In other words If you are a citizen of the US, no matter your legal or criminal background, you have the right to keep and bear arms is inviolate, no matter how much intellectualized. I personally consider all who argue against any but law abiding citizens; the right to keep and bear arms, are arguing an unconstitutional point. Their is no restraint to be placed on the citizenry anywhere by any level of local, state, or federal government.

The following excerpt is an example of documents from old English bill of rights and is likely where these so called intellectuals get the idea that the cut and dried is not cut and dried.

Whereas the late King James the Second by the Assistance of diverse
evill Councellors Judges and Ministers imployed by him did endeavour to subvert
and extirpate the Protestant Religion and the Lawes and Liberties of this
Kingdome (list of grievances including) ... by causing severall good Subjects
being Protestants to be disarmed at the same time when Papists were both Armed
and Imployed contrary to Law, (Recital regarding the change of monarch) ...
thereupon the said Lords Spirituall and Temporall and Commons pursuant to their
respective Letters and Elections being now assembled in a full and free
Representative of this Nation takeing into their most serious Consideration the
best meanes for attaining the Ends aforesaid Doe in the first place (as their
Auncestors in like Case have usually done) for the Vindicating and Asserting
their ancient Rights and Liberties, Declare (list of rights including) ... That
the Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defence suitable to
their Conditions and as allowed by Law.[11]

  • In America the original intent of the second amendment is seen by the citizenry like this.

    *deterring undemocratic government;
    *repelling invasion;
    *suppressing insurrection;
    *facilitating a natural right of self-defense;
    *participating in law enforcement; posse comitatis(look it up)
    *enabling the people to organize a militia system,

    The second amendment:

    A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, being the best security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; but no one religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person.

    I want to make note about Posse comitatis as it applies to Sheriffs. Under this law the Sheriffs have the right to call out every able bodied male able to carry a firearm to own a firearm and bring with them for the purposes of forming a "Posse"; which is enabled to hunt down fugitives....

    FAR to cool!


Monday, September 27, 2010

A comment I made somewhere else

I am tired of supporting the rest of the world I think I will retire on them, and as far as their own security is concerned they can sink or swim.

You know what? I said this 13 years ago now. We get a cold they get the flue. The stimulus package has just suppressed the symptoms with out offering any antibiotics to cure the disease. The disease continues to fester and the likely breakdown of the economy will be far worse had they of let it crash and burn 4 years ago..

I am ready for it, is any body else? Or are you people too, not set up for the real crash and smash of the economy? Some of you will end up homeless when it does.

Of course we could avoid it. Raise tariffs.......Gasp!!!!! Build our own factories..... Gasp!!!! I would say buy American but what the hell do we produce in this country today? Last figure I saw only 17% of Americans produce a material substance to sell. You know hardware. I will not say cyber products count because they are a service. From the looks of it those 17% are supporting the rest of the efin world. That sucks! Back when it was over 25% we were doing great.

Throwing money at the problem....most of you know damn well that is just making it worse.

The rest of the world.....? Well they better learn to spend more and live it up a little more, and we here in the US better learn to save more and spend less or this whole thing ends up......? Dominoes fall and wars happen. This time I swear the war is coming here.

I swear it on my life that the writing is on the wall.

The only failure one should fear, is not hugging to the purpose they see as best.
George Eliot (1819-1880)

This assumes that we wouldnt' be attacked

Asuuming can be extrodinarily dangerous.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coments I made somewhere else

You are right. They made a law that is unconstitutional. Either they apply taxes straight across the board and not select any preacher out because he said something that falls in the grey area of maybe that's political.

Fact is nearly everything that a preacher may preach on would have something to do with morals. Morals such as "homosexuality is an abomination to God". Or how about in Genesis where it says that "he shall rule over thee", something that would freak nearly every woman in this country out today. Woman's lib stuff.

Both item are today hyper political yet preachers probably risk answering a call from the IRS.

What I am getting at is the law is unconstitutional because it singles people out for exercising two of their enumerated rights in the constitution. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

They should either tax them or not, and get the hell out of judging whether what a person says behind the pulpit or not is legal . It is also punitive in that it punishes people for what they say.

Ok so I so have something to say today

You know what it would take for the US and the world to invade and stomp the shit out of Iran.
For them to invade Iraq. Might happen you know.....Even the Ruskies would be unable to justify Iran invading Iraq.

This is funny. I was scrolling down my web site just reediting and correcting what I thought were obvious problems with my articles when I spotted this just pasted out of nowhere......on the side bar....."PayPal: Your funds have been frozen for 668974 days." Bhwahwahawhawhaw. So for the next 1832 years I can't withdraw my funds....What funds?....I got funds at pay pal?....Bwhahahahahaha!

The question, should pot be legalized?

That is the biggest question facing numerous states today. One state in desperation is about to cave in and has a proposition on the ballot even now.

Giving up and caving in to the general public to allow growing and the use of marijuana in my opinion would be as bad for health and safety as repealing prohibition was back in the 20's.

It has taken us almost a hundred years to get control of drunk driving, and
public intoxication.
I can't imagine adding dope to that public
legal nightmare.

That is the argument against. The argument for are the collection of taxes(first). The second is to remove one of the staples of organized crime. If drugs were legalized that would take away from them even their primary source of income. Both very strong arguments for the decriminalization of pot.

Constitutionally there is nothing to stop the the states from decriminalization and I see the value either way. I however will not be for it and should the question arise in the state I might find myself in I shall oppose it. Not because I am for organized crime, but because I am not for giving up the fight. Dope is bad for people.

I know a couple of former close relatives let dope rule them and well one of them is nearly dead from his organs. The other one who was my closest of relatives also is likely to suffer the same fate. Though slightly younger he is already showing signs of mental illness caused by drug and alcohol abuse. My wife also; though she quit at the age of thirty five, is a medical and mental mess. So I shall reiterate that because it has so negatively affected the people that I loved, I am death on wheels against drug use.

I don't have the figures but the cost in treatment and care for people who abuse chemicals.......well we could have spent that money somewhere else such as....... I don't know; maybe bring down the deficit or something? Bought a new car or new home. Paid for our retirements.... absurd you think? I bet the direct and intangible cost of drug and alcohol abuse has cost this country trillions in lost productivity and maybe even the primary reason we stand to lose our economic advantage over the rest of the world. We should be on freaking Pluto by now. ........We are not and I blame chemical abuse for this.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I am going to start this day over.

I fail miserably at making this a complete day of rest for me. I suppose I shouldn't even get out of bed. I think I should maybe make this a day for sermonizing.

My first sermon shall be why do Christians worship on Sunday versus Saturday? I don't really know why the day was chosen. The rumors that I have heard of course are to honor the day that Jesus rose from the grave. How could pastors justify these things when Jesus said himself that He came not to put aside the law and the prophets; but to fulfill them, and layed out a curse for them that do such a thing.

What is the truth of the matter though? With out doing any research at this moment I am going to speculate. The calender over the millennia has been changed from Saturday that was declared the day of rest to the Saturday of today.

If I wanted to be all technical, I may not be able to tell for sure and even archaeologists likely would only speak in probabilities. Meaning we may never know for sure how we may honor God by doing what he originally said on the day that he originally said it.

We do get some clues though as to God's intent as far as to what we should do.

Mat 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

Mat 5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

The curse being called the least.

Mat 5:19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven:

The blessing being called great

but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

I start there because this is where understanding what God wants according to his Son us to do.

Keeping the Sabbath(modern day translation; Saturday) is apart of moses law. I have heard some preachers; in fact every one who dared to preach a sermon about moses law concerning obedience to it, say that since we can't keep any of it, we should not even try, lest we fall under the curse of failing to follow it perfectly, die and go to hell, because of it. Every preacher who has said such has not marginalized themselves. They are least.

As a gentile the only way that we could possibly follow the law of Moses would be to immerse ourselves in it under the tutelage of those such as the Israelites who have become Christians and are still practicing Moses law. I think that would be the best thing simply because we cannot possibly know all of the nuances.

For those who are not I say they follow their hearts and in their innocence though they trample all over the Temple of God; I never the less see the Joy of God as he watches his little children play and romp about like little children do.

I imagine it much like when I was young man watching my kids play and have fun. I loved the happy sound of their jibber jabber. The gentiles are like that. Stomping all over the rules set out by Moses to guide them. Shall I preach against them....Nooooo.....shall I preach against Moses law......Noooo.....You know what I shall do and have done all my life.....Love them, not judge them and carry on as if I live in a perfect world........Ok, Can't do that all the time because the world is a stupid place with a lot of people running around being judgemental, so I have to verbally kick them to get them off me...then go back to blissful innocent joy. Leaving the judgemental behind with their miserable lives.

I don't personally have much hope of running into a Jewish Christian who would mentor me in the art Moses law. I guess I get to trample all over the temple too. Lets just say that there are a few things that are on my heart to do. Make Saturday a day of rest, not prepare pork to eat knowingly or...... that's about it right now. The rest I do naturally.

Shall I honor My mother and Father

I do in every way that I possibly can; even though they two have litterally rebelled against it.
By the time that I was 17 I got the distinct feeling that I was some kind of outcast inside my own family. I don't have any sort of understanding of that other than mom and dad maybe playing brinkmanship. Mom trying to manipulate dad into participating in the directing and control because she though he should be more involved with us.

You can not imaging how it was day after day; listening to Sonja scream and holler at Lisa and Teresa as they rebelled against doing what Sonja said while mom and dad sat just a few feet away. I would have liked to of retreated to my bedroom but it was beneath the kitchen and I was unable to not hear what was going on. You cannot imaging how unpeaceful it was around the house back then, as Sonja decided to make every ones life miserable. You cannot imagine how peaceful it would be for a time right after I would slap her silly and threaten her with dire consequences if she did not shut her loud crazy mouth.

I still laugh at the time that she tried to bean me with the vacuum cleaner. I was sitting on the couch just relaxing when she came storming from down the hall; where the bedrooms of al and mom or the bathroom is. She grabbed the vacuum cleaner and started furiously vacuuming, when she got to my lazing feet she screamed "MOVE", I said, say it nice. She screamed and picked up the power head of the Electrolux; the angel of the lord came upon me, and I popped up off the the couch, grabbed hold of the wand by the chromed metal pipe . She tried to hit me but it seemed so pathetically weak to me. I laughed in her face. Her eyes popped open wide and just as suddenly as her tantrum came, she collapsed to the floor and began to wail and sob uncontrollably. Mom came into the living room through the kitchen and asked what happened? I said I don't know, she came in here ect; the way I always give micro detail. Then I asked what happened? Mom told me to go away. So I did. To this day I still do not know exactly what the deal was. Sonja went to a shrink and started taking pills. One thing I know. I move like lightening when the Lord comes upon me.

I know one other thing. As much as I tried to bless my family and talked up my family they have; to my chagrin been cursed, while I have been blessed.

My dad is dead now and my mom is in a wheel chair having foolishly broken her leg four times. I believe that had I of not prayed for my mom and family and of given the command in the spirit that none but I shall deal with my family and that all should leave them alone, that they all would have died of their foolishness. When I leave them this time, I take my protection of them as specified in moses law with me. I have no idea truly what their problem is but they do not deserve my defense of them.

I will disown them and endeavor to follow Jesus. They better hope and pray otherwise. Last I checked there is nothing that any can do to defend against the sin of hindering someone from truly serving Jesus. In other words I have been a bastion against God punishing my family for that evil. I will no longer be their defense.

How can I honor my father and mother? I will tell you how. By following after Jesus and doing what I know is right.

Go figure.

As I post this I am reminded that as I try to get this to post; the last gets bunched up, I realize once again how stupid google is. In other words if I try to re-paragraph this two or three times and the engine insists on posting it bunched up, then google as they run blogspot are idiots.

A compliment to Ambrose Bierce.....not

Ok I have been working on making Saturday the day of it's namesake. The day of rest but there it is a temptation I cannot resist. So for the sake of the nation that God has seen fit that I should swear allegiance to and for his sake I have this.

Ambrose Bierce. I have no real clue who the guy was. As far as I know I have never read any of his books. I don't know his religious status nor his stand on this nation nor his political belief but he makes a case for patriotism being nuts.

Patriotism is as fierce as a fever, pitiless as the grave, blind as a stone, and irrational as a headless hen.
Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914)

If I were to analyze Bierce in my way I would call him a coward and borderline enemy of the state. The fact the he thinks that patriotism is irrational and by his description ruthless tells me that he far from understands the need for nations. Also spoiled; and not used to losing arguments to people who think that supporting something; as banal to him as the Constitution, likely he thought should be outlawed. So to you Bierce though you are dead good riddance and good riddance to all you unpatriotic _______ may you fear with trepidation the judgement of God.

And to the people who keep posting these insults to my or any country as though they are great quotes you people are treading upon unclean ground. Have you people checked amongst you for desease? Your families? How your parents must have hated you.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Here you go

I was cruising around youtube looking at vids; first of girls fighting, and then store clerks killing robbers, and finally home invaders getting killed. I decided to see if there was a stat on how many home invaders were killed by home owners with guns.

No luck there but I did run into this nice little article from the NRA. Proving the fact that the more guns there are in society the less crime and murder there is.

Why? I will tell you why. Crooks are crooks because it had been lucrative, easy, and they wanted to live. Getting shot by a homeowner with a gun dramatically decreases the likely hood that they would live. First of all due likely to law enforcements laggardly approach to getting medical attention to wounded criminals. Homeowners have become better shots and far more deadly than in recent history, so crooks criminals and all you various assorted deviants beware. The People are coming and we are sick of the the...........

I want to know why others think we haven't done this?

HPO Flight from U of T Engineering on Vimeo.

Tis cool.

Romantics and passionate....ok now I am starting to sound like a homo.....**** with it.....

It takes the romantics and passionate
to stand up and be belligerent for the cause.

Maybe I'm point
Or maybe I tail
But never the less
It is the right trail.

I travel a path
I thought alone
Cried many a tear
Was shaken to the bone

I have sat lone listening post
Quiet as can be
Afraid I would hear
The enemy come for me

Cut off if not for a string
To my left I heard
Twigs and branches
Broken and stirred

My heart doubled it's pace
Sweat broke my face
I hesitated not
Time was the race

I gently pulled the string
Some rock in the can tinkled
A whisper found my ear
Time was a wrinkle

In the ditch
I swore I saw movement
Can no one hear
More whispering vent

Could my heart
Stand much more of this
In the back of my mind
registered a faint click

I jumped with a start
As gunfire erupted
And with shouts of joy and glee
The enemy disrupted

Trapped they all died
As all enemies should
I wasn't alone
I now understood

still alone in my vigil
still alone at my post
still alone I stand guard
still alone with my ghost

I was there
Not because I wanted to be
I was there by command
I was there for the free

If in moment
If I should die for the stand
Then it was my choice
To die for this land

Palin and Christie on the loose

I love it.

Palins mystery strategy is by God.....

I was raised with the old sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. That does go along with the second amendments freedom of speech clause...However the world being thin skinned, can't stand being called terrorists and barbaric which the rest of the worlds is; especially Muslims. Too bad they can't stand having their books burned. Makes us Christians better'n them. Makes the UN Sec. Gen. a chicken shit scardy cat like he's afeerd that bad things will happen. Chicken shit.

Had the rest of the world of looked Hitler in the eye and said no instead of trying to appease him then Hitler might not of become the despot he was. Had the rest of the world of said no to Stalin and Lenin then we might not of had a cold war. Had the rest of the world of said no to the Muslims then we might not of had to kick their asses in the middle east again. The Medo Persian Empire does not see that their day is come and gone looong looong time ago, and that is why they get stomped on every time they rear up.

Any way the Sec Gen of the UN is a nut. Freedom of speech here in the US rules.

Now after having pissed all over and; I prognote that I shall do it again, the UN, which I hate anyway, something funny. I haven't watched this fully so it may have stuff in it that I should not like.

Ultimately God will save this country

The first thing my eyes came across this morning was an article about that huge emerald (840 pounds)and how a bunch of people are fighting over it. Men fighting over pretty bobbles no matter how big is pathetic, never the less I can think of no way to to change that I just get to say how pathetic. that kind of stuff is the very reason this country should be hammered; and it will.

Then I run across an article that brings tears of joy to my eyes. Ya see this dad is dying , and what bothers him about it most is he wanted so much to see his daughter play; just once, a game of lacrosse.

Just like that everyone gets together and puts on a scrimmage just so he can watch his baby play.

One day as I was working on this guys condensing unit; while he was talking with me, I discovered he was Muslim. That kind of muted my desire to proselytize. I did say one thing though. There is a lots of great evil in this country, and a log of great good.

There is something that is very redeemable here in the US; something that should be redeemed. God is just going to have to take his hammer and chisel to it, and knock off all the rough edges.

When I played football back in the day as a defensive end I learned to keep my eye on the ball.

I learned to carry out my assignments and tend to my responsibilities; and they were in vogue until the ball crossed that line of demarcation we called scrimmage. Once the ball crossed that line my only responsibility was to intercept that ball carrier and take him down. I was particularly good at backside pursuit. I had the God given speed and could hit like a freight train.
You can see by the picture up there that that emerald is a gem in the
rough. That is like the US as I see it today. To get at the beauty inside their
is a whole lot of shit that needs to be knocked off and thrown away. Shit like a
bunch of greedy fuckers and their minions are going to be killed.

I suppose I could say a bunch of greedy people are going to be weeded out;
but it is my experience that no one takes saying it the nice way, serious. I
really feel the need to transmit the horror of what is about to happen in the
meanest, nastiest way I can think possible.
The love of money is conducted by ultra greedy fuckers. They are dead, and it is just a matter of their being slaughtered by their own works (reaping what they sowed); dumb, stupid, idiot asses. Too bad a lot of good people have to die with them.
The ball; people, is that invasion. Keep your eyes on that ball and damn
straight don't take your eyes off it or you'all definitely be the ones who get

In the mean time we have to get militarily ready to take on the world and to do that we will be electing in a batch of hawks and ignoring those treasonous liberals. They are going to get wiped out anyway. In fact the whole ideology is going to die with them in that invasion.
I had a civics teacher a Mr. Torrence once told our whole class; "The only
problem with Superior Wisconsin was it needed a 'few good deaths' ". He
explained that a bunch of old people were hindering the cities growth. Since
those people would not get out of the way of growth the only solution was to out
wait their lives. Nasty way to say it; but that did teach me that sometimes the
only solutions were to wait, stay the course and soon the purveyor's of opposing
ideologies would die. Keep the faith and stay your beliefs and one day you would
get your chance.

God tells us in his word; the Holy Bible, that he gets tired of waiting for men to change their ways.
That is where America stands right now. The dye is cast. The hammer and chisel of God are coming. We here in America need to get ready to meet the onslaught of Gods word. Yes this world changing war is in Gods word. It is just very well disguised so that the preaches of his word; even they would not be able to interpret it and preach repentance, because it 'is' possible to change; literally, the will of God, if his sons and daughters knew exactly how too.
It is a very good thing that as children of God; we should not desire for
these thing to happen, and actually be given at least the power; too beseech the
almighty in fear, and love that he should belay such a horrible thing as
judgement, which should lead the the deaths of millions of unsaved. It is a very
good thing that they desire that all be saved.

Alas not all will be saved; and it is the will of God that not all be
saved, or all would be saved.

Better yet I know that God sees the future; even made it already, and is
able to project out perfectly accurately how things are going to end up, if he
doesn't intervene.

His ultimate goal is not to make himself look measurably good to men but to carry out his will. His will is to bring mankind's armies to the valley of Meggedo and destroy them and then command the earth for a thousand years. After which, loosing the devil for a short season, whereby he once again destroys the army's of men that array against him(for the last time) and then gathers up all mankind(by killing them) and thus cometh the great white throne judgement. At that time he will pick out those whom he wants in Heaven.
Some of those who think are going to be there because they thought they
were doing his will(which they were) but were nothing but the litmus strips that
are thrown in the fire and burned up(yes god has created some to be used up and
then thrown away). Question is, do any of you want to be that? I don't. I can't
imaging any who would.

Never the less doomsday cometh.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Uh huh.

Almost got enough nails to build that coffin for the Democratic party.

Careful, Zucchini can be a deadly weapon.

Oil inventories high

Not a sign that the economy is out of the recession.

Oops the crooks in the Republican party are smoked.......out.

The Republicans are running scared.....too late. Should of listened to an old mans wisdom. Keep the people fat, dumb, and happy. Gotta have all three. Right now they are fat, not so dumb, and very unhappy. The Republicans seeing the writing on the wall are coming out with their own Gingrich like contract with America.... Weeeee don't care..... Hey I have an idea..... No corporation may hire and maintain a lobbyist nor should there be any industry lobbyist for any industry. Why you might ask? Because though a corporation is treated; for tax purposes as if they were a living person, they are not a living person. That may solve all of this corrupt behind the scenes compromise shit that is business as usual, problem we are having in politics..

Want the crazy side of the picture. No? Too bad. I am going to tell it anyway.... See I have decided that this third beast is a corporate animal. Carnivorous in nature. Stalking and trying to take as prey the weak and infirmed of the herd. It is like a leopard with 4 heads. The United States of America is the main host of this animal and as such the American people have graciously granted it guesthood. The leopard has overstayed it's welcome and now it is time for it to go....or we will kill it, just like we killed the first two animals that rose up out of the sea....The Lion and the long as the Leopard was useful and contributed it was allowed to stay. We the people are now officially tired of it's shit. We shall no longer tolerate it's treating the Constitution as inconvenient.

Back on the ground.....heh heh.......this is called fill the blank the tea party is a movement, what I mean is, it is the revolt....... compromised of course. Instead of the violence of the 60's it is the same thing only compromised in a way that it is simply nonviolent. We the people; for the 4th time in a century are telling the politicians to ________, We are telling the ideologues to _______. We the People are telling the liars and the sons and daughters of the liars ________......... We are telling the greed mongers to _______!!!!!.....

Oh wait, Warren Buffet says what? Were still in a recession? Huh.
He defines a recession as this: "It ends when real per capita gross domestic product returns to its pre-downturn level. "

Life must have been real crapppy in Geroge Eliots day. Never been to a real Irish Funeral either.

Worldly faces never look so worldly as at a funeral. They have the same effect of grating incongruity as the sound of a coarse voice breaking the solemn silence of night.
George Eliot (1819-1880)

When I die have a drink. Or nothing. I am not going to care.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Big bonfire getting bigger

So big in fact that the men and women throwing fuel in the fire are getting burned up by it. Another Democrat admits his vile hatred of all things American.

What? I didn't say it......Ambrose Beirce did.

Debt, n.: An ingenious substitute for the chain and whip of the slave-driver.
Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914)

Shifting sand

The Democrats build their things on the feelings of people. the problem with that. Peoples feelings change according to their current surroundings. Human feelings are truly like shifting sands.

I happen to think that feelings are a very important part of men's lives. But our feelings though base are not how we should make decisions. Perhaps they should be a part of most choices but it is impossible to make all decisions because a person feels like they should do something that way or this way. Yet that is exactly how people; even the super educated of this world, think that people should make their minds.

I personally despise making decisions solely upon feelings. I know several women and some men who are feeling their way through life and frankly most of them end falling off the proverbial cliff ending up with nothing but negative feelings.

I sit here today being able to watch a particular woman in a wheel chair who felt like getting up; and broke her leg, and then fell. Fourth time she broke her leg. She needed to evaluate her ability to do something and then made a decision based upon her current ability not her hoped for ability. She refused to exercise. She continues to refuse to exercise because it hurts and it makes her feel bad physically.

She committed adultery because she felt like it. Then after wards she felt bad and then got mad because she felt bad. Hated herself, blamed anyone and everyone around her, and continued to feel worse and worse until one day she put her double barreled 12 gauge under her chin. If you use feelings alone and not use any of the rest of your senses you will probably kill yourself. Curt Cobain killed himself because he could not put anything in perspective. He wrote and sang some of the most heart felt songs and became so successful, I say that his following was near true cult status.
He got so worried (feelings) that his music would be used inappropriately; and he couldn't stand the thought that he would not be able to control his music, and that made him feel so bad he finally killed himself.

If he could of put it in the perspective that he was helping the ordinary individual cope with life, he would have lived. If he could have found solace in the comfort of others he, would continue on today, but he was so concerned about himself that he could not possibly consider anyone else but himself. His feelings betrayed him he's dead. My moms feeling betrayed her.

Our feelings are not a good thing but our worst enemy. If we don't keep our feelings in check they will overrun our lives and kill us. If we don't keep our libido in check it will not make us feel better, it will make us feel worse. Our feelings drive us to drink; and do drugs, which are not, but a slow death. Our feeling lead us to over eat, or to kill, or do hurt. Our feelings in short must be kept on a very short leash. My wife felt, and her feelings dragged our marriage through the mud. My previous wife's feelings killed her first marriage, ruined the lives of her children and then annihilated her second marriage(ours). My second wife(same thing). My first wife's feelings destroyed the lives of multiple marriages and all of the children associated with them.

Some would ask me how does that make me feel? I feel feelings don't count, and I have no intention of letting my feelings rule my life. I feel like I should rebel against every ones else's feelings, and not do what my feelings dictate. I should do; I feel, though I feel bad for a moment, that the moment shall pass, and I shall feel better. I feel like no matter how much I should seek after the pleasures of this life; that even if I should attain the moment, that the let down on the other side of attainment is worse.

My sister lives for Slurpee's and seeks after Slurpee's and so long as she can get a Slurpee she 'feels' that life will be alright. She wonders why people do not accept her for who she is. Simple. Because only in insane person would live for a Slurpee.

Apparently it is a strange concept that I would die to save a life, and therefore I live, that others may live but my sister only lives for a Slurpee. That is insane, She is insane. It is insane that people enable her pursuit of Slurpee's. Yet she knows that her constant search for Slurpee's are not acceptable (she feels) so she hides the fact that her life is built on Slurpee's. She lies about it. She won't even tell her psychiatrist how much Slurpee's mean to her. She is in love with Slurpee's because Slurpee's don't hurt. Yet you should see as she limps downstairs because of her body weight. She has packed on double the weight that her body should bear day to day. She is humping around 300 but lies to everyone saying she only weighs 250. Not. She feels bad. Yet the almighty Slurpee will help. So she runs to the gas station and buys anther quart of Slurpee. The song should have said 'killing me softly with his Slurpee'.

Apparently the world around me hates that I take joy in some elses relief, that I find my life in giving to others. Just as Jesus gave his life that I should live; even a more abundant life, so too I find my life abundantly in giving my life that others live more abundantly.

God is Love and God makes the world go around therefore Love makes the world go around(literally). Man's Love does not make the world go around at all. Love is a feeling, love as inimical and infinate as gravity. Love is not fleeting, it is permanant. Hate is fleeting and temporary.

Get it? 1 John 4: 7,8 Beloved let us love one another; for love is of God, and everyone that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God; he that loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is love.

Wanna do something permanant. Do Gods love. Not mans love. Stop skewing mans love with Gods love. Stop confusing the good feeling you get from drinking a slurpee, as all there is in life .

Mat 7:26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand;

Mat 7:27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

People are not saying anything

But they are going to vote accordingly.

The only thing I have to say is all of this type of behavior of governments in the US and so much more will come to an end with the invasion of the United States of America.

Thank God.....Don't ask don't tell was upheld.

El Presidentee Does not know history at all exemplified by the fact that he does not know that America was America before Mexico was Mexico. Hokay just a play on words but how about this. If the people trying to flood nort had of wanted to live up here before North America was settled by Europeans they would have been here, and not in South America. I guess they think they made a mistake 15000 years or so ago. In the meantime if you want to get picky, Native North Americans would have dibs. Since I am in part native North American then I for one am telling them Southern Natives to go home. Yeah that's right I said it, go back to where you came from.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Misguided and following a false prophetess

But apparently alive and well, in fact praying for good things. Never the less authorities went nuts. Spent a few million and of course arrested the leader for babbling things they could not understand, like she had no kids. She should have annoyingly over explained to the officials like they were little children, that even though those are her kids they ultimately belong to God and it is her duty to take care of them. However she didn't explain that. The kids were playing happily on a swing set while the adults prayed in a local park. From what I can tell she was a Christian. Nothing illegal about it.
Just a complete overreaction on the part of the government.

As usual. How many times have I tried to say this and in how many ways. You can't throw money at the problem like it is the be all end all. This country cannot spend it's way out of this recession it must work it's way out..... that means building factories to replace 8 million jobs. I caught a headline but could not pull up the article. Maybe it was just a typo but the damn headline says the recession officially ended @#$* my ass.

In the mean time the news media is way behind the eight ball when it comes to telling the people what is really going on. This statement comes from my favorite news source Fox. It is like "no" kidding the stimulus was a complete disaster. At least Fox says it. The other news media outlets excepting private bloggers have all reneged on their stated obligations.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

If you don't die in your sleep

If you get up in the morning; no matter how much you minimize your odds, you still face death every day. You know the old saying. How many people broke their leg or stumbled right after simply standing up fell and hit their head and died. There is no way to completely neutralize every possible way that a person could die.
Was there culpability on the part of the tug captain in this story? Ultimately I was not there so how can I really judge? But amazingly in this story we end up finding out that the NTSB which regulates highway and air transport safety but not waterborne safety at loggerheads with the coastguard. Throw in attorneys for the injured and voila you get a legal mess with dead people.

I'll tell you what you have, if no one would have died it would be a comedic case of mechanical failure and maybe human intransigence. You know. Ignorance in the most technical use of the word. But throw in some corporate greed and, oops. Dead people.

Where was the lookout on the barge? What was the pilot doing? I thought on any kind of shipping they always had people looking forward, and to the sides whose duty it was to call out in case of hazard?

The arguments in this article about whether their should be life jackets for the tourists and foam liners in the hull and the canopy should be a tear away. My lord in heaven if you look at the picture just prior to the accident I am surprised that all the tourists didn't die. How in the hell could life jackets or a tearaway canopies make any difference.

I return to my previous line of thought. We have lost our mind in this country; blaming everyone and everything else, but our own bad damn luck, if your an atheist or secularist, and God's will if your not.

Yeah a lot of things are willfully negligent, but for God's sake not everything is. Should their be some kind of insurance award. Sure. Absolutely, but why should people have to get attorneys to fight for the coverage. Not paying out is willful, crooked and greedy.

People who are tired of yelling at the TV can do this.

Opportunity knocks. If I had free gas just bubbling up in my water I would be hooking up a generator and furnace and become energy independent....buut nooo gotta complain about it instead.

Ok this is way to cute for me to pass up. Maybe because one time I raised a couple of baby squirrels and released them. I am just a softy when it comes to the vulnerable, anyway Baby Squirrel learns to purr like kitten.

Now this is called taking control of your own destiny.

Finally a funny.

sign win
see more EpicFail

The president leaves the creator out while quoting the preamble.

The idiot. You cannot ignore God and expect to make good decisions, and he has made some really stupid decisions.

In 1776 one pound of coffee cost 13 cent.

I'm telling ya.

People are not investing here in the US. Cause like it is going from bad to worse.

Which way did he go, which way did he go.
This economic pundit can't seem to make up his mind . On the one hand stocks are going up, but then here this guy is selling short... Soooo which way is it? Uuuuup or down?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I began the process of getting mom back in the nursing home

Mom is in bad shape. I threw a fit and told everyone to knock off the talk about mom ever walking again. She keeps breaking her leg because she has bad bones and she needs to quit trying to walk. In fact I told the nursing staff that if anything else happened to mom like that I was going to sue the hell out to them.
The Nursing company got scared of that and told Mom and Teresa that they were not going to come back. Ain't that just too bad. Of course Mom told us we had to go. So I told mom and Teresa to get an eviction notice since we had a signed statement that we were paying for our upkeep here.
My wife comes back up stairs a couple of days later and tells me that mom told her they were selling the house and we could stay through January. We are staying until I see that piece of paper giving us thirty days.
Nasty little fight this has turned out to be. Ten to one if mom doesn't get into the nursing home she ends up bedridden, being cared for by my sis who is pill poppin mentally ill. That's a dangerous situation as I see it. If they end up forcing me out so be it. I will wash my hands of them and I assure you that if anything happens to them after that don't look at me. I warned them and you people too.

Same crap though. My mom and I have been at loggerheads all my life. I told her to stick any inheritance for me up her ass. So I don't have any monetary desires. The rest of my family might but I could care less. My mom demands too many strings. I bring that up because they say they are going to sell the house and divide the money up between the five of us. I think they should take care of their housing first and being the self sacrificing son of a bitch I am, those two need to deal with that first and forget about me. Since they won't forget about me I force them to forget about me by telling them to take their money and shove it their ass. Being the over sensitive insane bitches they are that pisses them off insuring that they should keep the money and tend to themselves. Did I tell you my mom was taking antidepressants by the time I was twelve. She's nuts. Now she is 72 and nuts. I am glad I was born to her though. It was a gift from God. There is no way I could understand or know half of what I know if not for the experiences I had by being her son. she went on to lead my other four siblings to nutdom. I refused to follow her and that left me no recourse but to follow God.

Over at Fox I have never had anything against them, until now.....This article Says that the UAW doesn't get it. It is a fact that the UAW has been greedy so it would seem on the surface that the union just turned down a decent offer but then Fox goes on to quote a union worker who says that is not the problem. The unions negotiating point is about the corporation violating the law in relation to their or their families health care needs, this is not being addressed by management in the offer. The union guy says:

“You idiots think it's all about the money. It has nothing to do with the money. It has to do with the company not honoring the laws of FMLA. A guy has to take care of his wife after a heart attack. He is walked out on and doesn't have a job. A woman with cancer needs time off for chemo, she is walked out on for attendance. A man's wife has a baby and he needs a week off. His FMLA is denied. Just a few examples. … These are the rights we are fighting for. The rights many other companies have in place already. This is why we rejected the contract…. Yeah, you all wanna work here? Better not get sick or need time off to help your family.”
My complaint. The writer can't believe that it is not about the money cause that is all the company offered the workers so he pushes on to insult the union.......the writer did not even come close to investigating whether the union guy was telling the truth or not. The company broke the laws relative to convalescence and that is that. I guess the Oshkosh plant will probably lose it's contract because of that and in that case the plant will probably be shut down. Too bad.

Well well well whatdooya know.....A school that doesn't have no money beats the hell academically out of schools that get all the money in the world....

This next one is an outrage all by itself. No explanation needed. Just another nail in the enviromentalists political coffin.

Piping Mad: Fair People at the Mercy of a Government Gone Fowl from Kevin Hicks on Vimeo.

AAAAnd O'donnell can just let it all hang out or hang it up. I am thinking she should just go out there and get on with it. If she is a saint now don't worry about it.

The President comes clean....Bout time....bout the cost of health care. Means he's been lying. Problem is it is too late to be telling the people now....I am really thinking that this man doesn't want to resign but he is doing everything possible to get out from under the presidency.

Friday, September 17, 2010

But then I ran accros this

I was thinkin ya ya same ol' stuff and nuttin off the wall to say and then I ran into a weather report from the weather channel...... so I have to say....What? Coldest Weather in DECADES?........WHAT? Why I thought I had been convinced that Global warming was a cinch.

Now for the nut reason we have global warming(wink wink). Cause when I was a little boy living 1000 miles north of my present residence.....I wanted it warmer so the water would be warmer so I could swim in the warmer water.......BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now that I am older; I see the error of my ways and now I want it back more to the way it was when I was a boy.....BWHAHAHAHAHA! that means a kind of stratification so to speak. Super cold up north; and warm to hot and dry down south. There is your nut reasons. My belly hurts from laughing at this.....

Uh anyway here is the vid.

Them Democrats running scared right now trying to get reelected. I have zero intention of trusting that if they do get reelected.
If they were all about power to begin with they would have stayed with the mainstream of the public. And damn straight stuck strictly with the CONSTITUTION. And damn straight kept their crooked selves in check. But NOOOO they couldn't. Sooo we got to throw them out. BYE!

I have been critical of the Catholic church but I don't think I have anything in print about the Pope. The reason is because for the most part the pope and every pope I have ever read about or seen were super righteous men and by God(seriously) a man who dedicates himself a fully as a Pope must; not that they could do wrong, but you have to trust in God that God will lovingly correct them. There are so many things that I favor in the Catholics beliefs that the few things I don't like are usually drowned out by what I do. The fact that I was raised in a predominately Catholic, Superior Wisconsin and many of the strengths that I hold dear as from God were taught to me by adult Catholic men. This pope says something now that is edifying for all of Christendom.

Pope Pious says this:

"The evangelization of culture is all the more important in our times, when a 'dictatorship of relativism' threatens to obscure the unchanging truth about man's nature, his destiny and his ultimate good. ... For this reason I appeal in particular to you, the lay faithful [Catholics], in accordance with your baptismal calling and mission, not only to be examples of faith in public, but also to put the case for the promotion of faith's wisdom and vision in the public forum."
That is about all I can go for but it is plenty to bolster my particular position against the radical atheism

Being a scourge sucks but, scourges of God are necessary. Being a man who pisseth against the wall sucks; but with out the strength of men who would say the truth, even when under the threat of death; society, even the worlds society, would not be but animals; rather than what we are, created of God built to manage his creation, and worship him who created it all.

Did Harry Reid just lovingly and enthusiastically endorse Coons who is O'Donnell's opponent in the Delaware race? Uh yes . Poor poor super Coons just caught a dose of kryptonite.

Y'and here is the quote.

"Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has already raved about Coons — perhaps to comedic excess" — as "my pet ... my favorite candidate."

Read more:,8599,2019820,00.html?xid=rss-top-aol#ixzz0zoM86MXK

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here is some upbeat news

If you predict that without school prayer their can be no prosperity. There apparently is just one guy. Thats me.

Unless the Democrats get on board with what I keep saying about prosperity. It doesn't matter how many times they rebrand themselves, they can't and won't prosper. Why? Because God is the source of all innovation.

Doubling exports....I don't know. I think that is just apart of a slow agonizing economic death.
Economic pain and protests are going to be in the 5 year future. In fact they are necessary.
Prices of imports are up.

Factory output down.

Energy going up.

Foreclosures up.

Wall street rallying, but where the hell are they investing the money? Overseas? Probably. that's no help here in the USA.

S: I hope things go well for the economy for all those people out there.

O: Overall attitudes towards spending VS savings have to change.

A: Absent any change in the current national attitude, the people automatically return to old bad money habits is likely.

P: The US economy will likely continue on a path to marginalization at best.

Here I am thinking I am going to find some good thing to write about so I found a positive article related to the 2nd amendment. But one of the interviewees says that it scares the shit out of him when he hears that the American people are thinking about taking up arms against the government. At first I snorted in derision and then it hit me. Why? Why the hell is HE scared? Did he do something against the constitution? Is that why he is scared? I bet he did.

One more Obamanite insults China. That's how you do it. I like that. Pissing off one of the possible protagonists. That way they will really want to invade us.

I have been in a severe battle with a head cold. But as is always the case I get to find something to laugh about. My wife who now has caught the cold as well went out and got some of that there airborne vitamin C tabs. Well I decided this evening to take one. Opened the cap, put one in my mouth and a little eye popping surprise. I scooted over and grabbed a glass I had sitting next to my recliner. Swallowed a couple of times to keep the pill from overcoming my now tightly closed mouth. Quickly rinsed out the glass and filled it half full of water, then spit the pill into the glass and watched as it continued to fizz. I smiled. I went back into the room with the glass of fizzing water and told my wife that she "neglected to tell me that airborne was not a chewable". She looked at me for a couple of seconds letting the image sink in, and then burst out laughing.

Moral of the story. Giant pills? Must read directions before chewing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So the EPAers would say they don't understand

Asking quizically why don't the people want to live in a clean enviroment? That is because they already have a clean enviroment. Running around saying that the invisible is going to kill you is ........funny and futile. May be true, but then again you cannot always say there is not a God which is also funny and futile.

Fact is we threw giant fits back in the day; over polution, back in the day, and already have a huge mechanism to ensure air, water, and soil standards are met and kept. Soooo kind of like bugger off EPA or we'll get new people who will do the job right. Instead of being like a freaking boa constrictor why don't you be more like a tether on the jackss pulling the grinding wheel.

I don't know, maybe Melville was having a bad day.
But yeah.

With my last
breath I spit at thee.

Bah! I really don't feel that way. I would druther love
you to death. Kindo like a dog and a little kitten we had. That dog would not let
the poor kitty alone; and, well I found it in between the dogs paws deader'n a
door nail, but that dog was still licking away. Damn dog. That picture still

To the last, I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at
thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.
Herman Melville

Actually I ain't spittin so much as pointing out the 'oh hey this is going here' and 'oh did I mess up your eeeeevilwicked plans...."did IIIIII dooo that"; says (Really make me wonder if.....never mind) Steven Erkle? Well any way it appears as if another clash of the titans or war of the Gods is about to take place. As the Democratic engine tears it self apart. Good thing they're coasting down hill They should probably put the tranny in neutral before the whole thing locks up and stops them dead in their tracks.....cause there is a fully loaded freight train commin down behind them, and well their junker ain't gonna be much to stop that thing now is it?

When I was 17 I had established a reputation as a hard fighten defensive end, hard swimmin co-captain, hard runnin member of the track team. People could count on me to add a few points to the score board or prevent the other team from getting somewhere. I wasn't necessarily liked but they had to respect me and my ability and strengths. I could be depended on even when they knew, that I knew, that they didn't like me. In fact I personally didn't care if they liked me or not. I didn't necessarily blame them. It was my lot and I accepted it. I was on the team and there was nothing they could do about it. I wanted to be there and I did know that I had to mind my P's and Q's and pull my weight or even better(usually better). Such is the pressure of not being liked but having the respect of your piers. A little slip up and well My life would have gone a different way. Ee'n then I pushed that envelope with the coaches. Guess I was keepin them on their toes too. Made our team better. Kindo gave the coaches a whippin boy, (trust me a very unpleasant job). I took it in stride. I blamed no-one, not even God. I waited till I got home to feel sorry for myself, But the truth is I din't spend too much time doing that either. I saw the good that was achieved in others seeing how not to do and be. It made our teams better. They worked harder. I didn't make it easy to be better'n me. By God I made it harder. I pushed myself and competed against them in practice. If the first stringers and the best didn't keep up playing as hard as they could I would blow right past them and make them look like Junior high fools. I reveled in our teams back then. I thanked God that He gave me an identity in the teams. I still do today.
I did not always get to be first string or any such accolades even though I got some. It was about the team and my identity in the team.

The Republicans got an issue here.

Get off your selfish self centered high horses; take it on the chin (all you Republican incumbents who just got your arses handed to you) get back in the game and FIGHT FOR THE TEAM ******* IT.
It's either that or get the hell out of the arena......and I don't want to see you back in it ever or else.

Is it my imagination or is Ms. Inez booty poppin.

Look at dat look at dat, Oh they call it the streak.....Dem Dems are seriously running scared..... but the electorate ain't buyin none of that. done been lied to one too many times. AAAnd dey ain't got no jobs....and da jobs ain't commin in.

This is just completely and utterly fabulous just fabulous. There no insurance like protection from being anal probed by an alien.
"They offered "alien abduction insurance," scoring $3 million -- mostly from Californians -- to victims who thought they might be anally probed by extraterrestrials."

The Tea party Crushes all hopes

For the Democrats or Republicans that there will be any return to the way it was. As for the potential for Miss So and So to defeat the Democrat in Delaware. Well think again. It is well beyond the realm of possibilities given this year of topsy turvy politics. Those people are wildly enthusiastic.

Ah little Delaware. The spoiler state. Second smallest in population and second smallest in land yet how they do contend with the rebelliousness of the rebels. Alas it is too late for you little Delaware for the course of this land has been set. Though from Delaware came the powder for the magazines of democracy and yet little Delaware could find no hope in Kingship.

Ok I just made that up. I was reading one of those articles in an online encyclopedia and found out that they had a robust group of Torrie's back in the days of the revolt. they still have a robust group of Torrie's who appear to be strong against the Constitution. I now see a pattern of bowing to the ultra liberals in the state with the very first primary. See-in as how it seems to be so important to win that one to set a tone for a presidential campaign. I wonder if these so called pacifists liberals understand that not only have they futilely been railing against freedom, and liberty the number of people that are going to horribly die because deep down in side............. they must hate this country.

This country was set up for the rebellious. Back in the 60's the rebellious railed against the Establishment only to become the Establishment, and now the rebellious rail against the establishment and the establishment cannot understand why they are rebelled against. Because this land is for the rebellious and there can be none but the rebellious here.

We of this republic shall not be contained by any form of tyranny for in truth the beginning of men were in freedom and the end of men shall be in freedom. For it is not the freemen of the US that are rebellious but the enslaving sins of elitists and imperialists that are. So we the people rebel at the ballot and throw the righteous and indignant out that we may live in our own private rebellions once again.

I salute the rebellious hearts and minds of men that fight to be with our God that we may indeed be free under him.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I say this is inconclusive

They say this report means that things are looking up. They are not. It all adds up to a wash. Where are the manufacturing jobs....again...I ask?

This video is about the first guy; Geitner blaming the sloooow economic recovery on the last guy, BdBdBdBdBuuush.... not working for em(d-crats). And this next guy talking about doing some of the same things that really led to the economic crash to begin with. I see a great big thick gooeey mud puddle and two sticks standing right in the middle of it. Sigh. In fact some of the same things that caused; 'gasp', 911. to have a whole package. Can't be pointing fingers at nobody else. No elitist attitudes allowed.

Want too save this countries economic future....Got to have prayer in school. Without it. No nothing.

Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. Tea Partiers are champeens again.

Congress is running Scared. They should. I think I have said this before and I'll say it again. don't piss off the American people and don't lie to them. They will run your political asses out of town. About this start treaty. Wait on it....To the rest of the world watch and learn how the people react to bullshit from their politicians. To the bureaucracy and judicial system. Get ready to have your asses amended, and to the old farts. Get ready to be replaced by a judiciary that actually gives a care about the Constitution.

The people are fixing to slap your unconstitutional asses down by God. And to Obama. I would not be surprised to find you asked to resign before you completely destroy the Democrats. Actually funny thing about that., considering it was the Democrats that kept your color down for a hundred years, and only let you up after you threw one hell of a fit. So it is fitting that you should be the ones to destroy them from within. Now I shant ever again mention anything related to race in relation to politics ever again. I want you to know. I was rootin for you all the way back then and I am happy that I for one have been blessed to know that you are Americans and now you know that anything is possible. It always was. I actually wanted what I thought was the best candidate for pres last time and lobbied out on the streets for Condolisa Rice.

The constitution is not a rope; you apparently, illiterate intellectuals, that you can twist up in knots any old way you want too. To the corporatist creeps that think you can buy your way into getting laws wrote that benefit your back pockets. You better hope like hell you lose your asses in this election. To the underground government YOUR day is coming a hell of lot sooner than you think.... You all better be getting ready for the; "buy it your going to need it", reason I said this.
I am getting fired up. Their is always a good reason for it.

Finally a gest.

My Dad

My Dad. Picture was taken January 13, 1958.

Me when I was 18.

I have never really told any one exactly how I feel about my Mom and Dad. I got the answer from watching Big Brother. Enzo said it. He said, "I thank mom and dad for making me".

I could have never imagined that I would know the things I do about God and man had I of not been thier child. Thank you Father.