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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh my Poor Poor Country

The process is not done with Rangel. What was secret shall be made known.....Old Biblical principal. If you make political enemies they are sure to leave no stone unturned and unfortunately there is no such thing as a win when everyone is black mailable.....A black man having become President actually turns on the crooked of the Democrats because you see they now have no excuse such as American Prejudice.....Obviously Americans are not prejudiced if they would elect a black man. Sooo Rangel has no where to run. Nowhere to hide politically. Ya see I think, he a black man, just tried to twist the arm of the president, a black man and........... whuppooooom. Now he is ducking and dodging because........ he cannot cry the nom de guerre; battle cry, of the blacks for over the last 40 years of........ "racism". He's a crook and ain't no better'n 90 percent of all the other democrats in congress. They just crooks.

The moral of this little bunny foo foo story.......there is no race amongst Americans.....only Americans.

It is soo fun to watch the BS lies turn on the BS liars.......Remember my little ditty about how I like to watch the truth rattle around inside a liars head like the BB in one of those old gym whistles.......It is completely hilarious. Like watching a man imitate a dear in headlights. The liars freeze up, like mankind won't see em......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hilarious to watch......

Maxine Waters on the block as well. What what have I said about you got to keep your nose clean while......especially while a congressman er woman?...... Dum de dumb dumb.....You know when you become a congress man or woman you HAVE got to keep your chalk board clear. That means absolutely nooo shenanigans. None. Zippity. I love that song, God is watching us.......from a distance. However He can and does from time to time take a walk amongst us.......He's a shweety.......I love him sooo much......Sooooo......Don't be a messing around because at any moment God can check our little accounts he is keeping. Taking note of our score.....He by the way is no respecter of a persons position. Not mine not yours not a congressman's or kings or dictators. He can get pretty irritable when he finds hypocrisy amongst men. I wonder if he's come to stick a fork in it so to see if things are done......Almost.....

Here is another parable from Ron: If my mouth and my back pocket don't agree, my back pocket wins.........Seriously....I am very consistent with that......can't think of time when this wasn't true......

Nice pole. Seems people don't like the way the country is going.....Don't like the imperialistic attitude the government has taken.....hmmm non rhetorical wonder why?.....Old man says to me one day you don't know until you try it....well I guess the people tried it all on and they don't like it. Socialism that is. I guess that Americans don't want to be foreigners by ideal in America...... Zats good.....We should want to be Americans and only Americans. You know Americans are the ones who throughout the ages escaped the oppressions of Europe and Asia......

Friday, July 30, 2010

Economics 0000 comes before economics 101

This guy hits the nail perfectly and it is what I have certainly been trying to pass on to others around me. He just says it better.

I have been scoffing pretty heavily. don't know why. Usually God is using me to get even, or to show someones else what an ass they are, but this here video is in all seriousness.

I haven't put too many verses in here of late either but I just want you to see so you cannot say that you weren't told.
My preface is this: Everything that has ever occurred on earth that man has caused to himself has had motive power derived in their time by groups of men livened by ideology.

Nazism was an ideology in which Hitler was the head of.

Marxism in which Stalin and Lenin were the linear leaders of.

Today Capitalism is the current ideal but who thier head or heads of this kingdom of Capitalism we cannot be sure. You see it is camouflaged and elusive and hard to lay sites on. Never the less the notion is to just burn the whole of the Savanna and the jungles where it resides and of course it shall be done, and Capitalism shall take it's place till the time of the end and judgement when God himself who already know what he shall do with this beast. Never the less it shall live till god says otherwise.
We appear to be seeing a beast made up of: Nazism, Marxism, and Capitalism having come or is coming up out of the sea.

The Bible says it like this:

Rev 13:1 And G2532 I stood G2476 upon G1909 the G3588 sand G285 of the G3588 sea, G2281 and G2532 saw G1492 a beast G2342 rise up G305 out of G1537 the G3588 sea, G2281 having G2192 seven G2033 heads G2776 and G2532 ten G1176 horns, G2768 and G2532 upon G1909 his G848 horns G2768 ten G1176 crowns, G1238 and G2532 upon G1909 his G848 heads G2776 the name G3686 of blasphemy .G988

Rev 13:2 AndG2532 theG3588 beastG2342 whichG3739 I sawG1492 wasG2258 like untoG3664 a leopard,G3917 andG2532 hisG848 feetG4228 were asG5613 the feet of a bear,G715 andG2532 hisG848 mouthG4750 asG5613 the mouthG4750 of a lion:G3023 andG2532 theG3588 dragonG1404 gaveG1325 himG846 hisG848 power,G1411 andG2532 hisG848 seat,G2362 andG2532 greatG3173 authority.G1849

I see a combination of Communism, Fascism, and Capitalism going on. Don't worry People it is not permanent.

Any way it is this beast that gets one of it's heads hammered. I think that be the USA. apparently killed but it only is a 'nearly' thought. For in verse three it says this:

Rev 13:3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

This verse right here is the one I believe all the preachers that I heard sermonize concerning the false prophet, and the motive creature have been talking about have been totally screwing up. Preachers getting this wrong has been the primary downfall of, and probably why the Christians have cooled their faith to a simmer...... for if Christians had realized in spite of lousy preachers teaching ignorantly, their faith would not of wained and things not possible for the flesh to accomplish, would have been done. The miracles so sought after by the faithless would have brought about continuous revival and refreshment amongst the body of Christ and peace would have ruled the earth.

The next few verses talk about someone else making everyone worship("love")the beast who had it's head wounded unto death but was healed. Ie in spite of the wound, who is able to make war with him.......This beast is not THE false prophet. I cannot shout loud enough for you people to get this one little thing right.

Preachers/Priests/Messengers of God, I am talking to all of you. Get this one thing right and then see of Revelations don't make better sense to you. Throw away that crap you call theological education and listen to this unlearned man. If the Father had Jesus pick not from the cream de la cream of the men of Israel, then why would he now chose you people to cram stupid doctrine into his sheep. Maybe that is why the sheep are so hard of hearing to your sermons. Not maybe, but is why.

One tickers down'a but I got two

I have been tossing this around trying to figure, out how this would figure, in (poetic). If a child is born in the USA to an illegal immigrant then yeah. No citizenship for the child. Cool. I got a thousand words on that subject too but I be keepn' them to myself for the moment. Too much aldente in my writing, got to let this one simmer for a while longer.

Did you know tha GM makes more cars in China now than in the US? Heard that on NPR. _____ traitorous GM.

Corporations are mining more money and the economy grew but after revision of the numbers by the fed the economy shrunk last year. Stocks are down. Consumers aren't turning cautious. They ain't got no freebie money to spend. No government handouts. Corporations are going deep into debt and they are investing like crazy..........over seas.....I Don't think that the atheists bastards get it..........Without the US fueling the worlds economies on the backs of the American workers there is no prosperity just a lot of hype and BS floating around on the water.......I can't wait until it all dawns on them what a serious mistake it was to not have trade tariffs. They think that prosperity being a nuance of human whim that if they were smart enough they could direct it another way....away from the crazy God loving God fearing Americans.....Great big giant belly guffaw.....Ya'all see......

Secrets? We don't need no stinking secrets.

So why was Billy the Kid a folk hero? Is there something to Garret being the outlaw and Billy just defending his rights......with a gun......? I say throw some more coal on the fire and see if we can smoke the truth out......Pardon him.....Yay'a.....Pictures at the top.....whats with the funky hat.... they must of thought it was gauche back then......Google's picture uploader ain't all that.....cain't put the picture where I want it.....

Nooo, they pulled you over because your windshield was cracked. The police always pull people over if they can see that your windshield is cracked...It's a safety hazard for you.....Nothing to do with what the name of your truck is. Now if the same guy pulls you over a few times in a row shortly there might could be something there.....But I seriously doubt it.....

Ahh yes, how to keep the ball from coming back to you(reelected) by the executive branch......

Slowing recovery keeps employment down. No childing....I....mean kidding....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

And it just keeps on rolling in.

Against the democrats. Missouri first out of the blocks. God for em.

It's raining on Rangel's reign.

No, but it may have ramped up the fight. The judge probably got threatend by a left wing dope head......don't know didn't read the whole article but that is their kind of thing. Sounds like their kind of stuff though. Right wingers know how to behave don't they?

Ohhhh(sound made with a descending lilt)! I see that some stupid fucks from the atheist nation have visited me over the last day or so. So I would like to remind you stupid motherfuckers. Fuck off! I got no time for people who are all for; or are justifying, 140 million people who have been slaughtered and murdered over the last oh, 70 years.

Oh here is a news flash. The next beast will be the exact opposite of athiesm. It will be all about God, or rather it's version of God. The next beast will happily and readily slaughter athiests soooo bye. Don't forget. Fuck off. I hope you sonofbitches are ready to die for your beliefs cause if you are not you will. Don't like reading stuff like this? Cause it is really bad news for you all?....Baaaaad news. Consider this........................................................................
"Do not grieve yourself too much for those you hate, nor yet forget them utterly. "

Sophocles (496 BC-406 BC)

Nuther day , nuther day, nuther day..........

Same thing....nuther day. Rangel....negotiating failing.....must be the new boy on the chopping block....cause they look bound and determined to get rid of him.....I wonder if he played hardball juuuust a little to much....Eighty years old and clinging to what? I have never heard his war story but the way that the mainstream news is just not all that interested in the truth of a story but whether they can sell advertisement or not.......probably didn't ever say.....cause he probably lied about that too. Trouble with probabilities. 98% percent still leaves the nagging little two percent....just a hangin out there waiting to bite you in the ass.

I wish you could hear my......OOOOOOH Mr Zagel, you just made a real bad boo boo. He says according to this article that he is more worried about the run of the mill Americans who think that what they got to say is worth something. But wait here is the quote.

Zagel says; "he's more worried about a pervasive belief among Americans that
their opinion somehow counts on any subject — and that non-crackpots couldn't
help trying to persuade jurors with reasoned argument".

'Yousa' an example of an elitist American. One of those who have the US rules the world mentality. I say an awful lot of things in a narcissistic way, but this guy just revealed his inner core self. Fact is the judge just kind circled back on himself. If you think you count and use reasoned logic and he is afraid that the jury would or could be swayed by reasoned logic then is he right in his attitude that what these people think that they count, correct?...... Noo; if a person thinks that what they say counts, and use reasoned logic to try an persuade, and are successful then........get it......they do, and the judge is really afraid that they do......Exposing the Judges attitude that he wishes they didn't....and his own doing something to prevent them from having a say.

I catch that the judge is really afraid of the general public....but then that may be extending the thought too far.....Maybe not.... However I get the feeling that Government is just waiting for the payback foot to drop. Payback for what, I might ask? Are they doing something they shouldn't? Is the current establisment plotting something? HMMMM? Sure looks like it to me.
I think the people are really tired of Government running rough shod all over the peoples beliefs.
Now; lest you should think that I think the judge made and incorrect ruling, think again. I thought that all jurist were sequestered making their decisions in private influenced not at all by the outside world. In fact I think it should be that way. In fact it should be that way.
All I am saying is; 'oh looky', the judge is not so impartial after all. Like no one didn't know that that judges didn't have an opinion....


Hey here is an answer...I talk really fast and I just thought of a way to show it in typing.

Italksofastthatthe wordsruntogether likethis. makesithardforpeopleslowofhearingtolisten. Getit. Peoplewhoalsotalkreallyfastusuallyunderstandme. Thosewhodon'thavedifficulties. IalsothinkthatfastinfactIthinkmuchfasterandthatmakesithardertogetwhatIwanttosaydown. The thoughtswithoutasmuchof amind to rememberasIusedtohave duetomildbraindamage arent ssittingaroundaswell.SometimesitisfrustratingbutIfugureIgetdownonlywhatGodwantsmetoanyway.

IthinkIwillalsoshowyou anuneditedversionofwhatitlookslike. Inotherwordsif Ididnotediteandgobackandreadandspellchec.This alsowouldshowyouthatiamhavingsoneannoyingissueswith typingwhereithinkiamrwritingonethinbutitisbeingcoopetedbysomekingofthinghwereiendounotknowingmylefthad frommyrightthatcoupledwithmythis keyboard beigforlike achild or girl or somethingnot for a regularsized mans handslike the old one oar.......itislikesomethinginmymyndisbackwards.

Let me give you an unedited version of what it all would look like if i didnlt go back and read what I had just written. It gets pretty wild. I often on first reread laugh at some ot the misspellings. also the punctuation is not reall all theie. to it have to goback and punctuate.l not that I kknow allthat much about punctuation but atleas itgives people achance to figure out wou I am tyuing to say.

Now you can understand how difficult it actually is for me to get this all down; what I think and all, and why it is pretty important that most of the time I go back read this, even posting articles and then editing them after posting. I have to, or it would look very much like what you see above. I comprehend it perfectly, but making my fingers do what I want to is ______.
I don't want your sympathy and I don't need your help. Just get out of my way. But you will understand.........I say it like it is a decree. Maybe I am....decreeing it.....

In other words we don't want to see your butt crack. Unless your a woman. Then men don't mind looking at skinny wimmen butt crack. That would be gettin a grizzled ehh. They should get a ticket anyway. Butt cracks tickets that is.

A mishmash of data. Unemployment claims drop...a little...but unemployment remains at 9.5%. Total number getting UE checks is....8.17 million... It was quite a struggle for the writer to make good out of this article, he failed. Ya see the current numbers aren't going to change the fact that the economic disaster is now the Democrats problem and they have failed miserably to right the situation. Not only have they failed but by all appearances they want worse.
Another disturbing factor. The GNP grew at a healthy rate....That means that the money is not going into regenerative economic resources like factories....It is going into someones pocket just not the the run of the mill guys pockets. this situation has all the earmarks of dragging this country down not up...the people see this, and the government knows that the people see this. Twon't be long before the government gets it's elected butts thowed to the curb and then we can maybe straighten all this out. Maybe. I am curious to see how this all works out.

I think that even the whole world now sees that they can't manipulate the,"We the people",that the Constitution talks about. The people will let the crap go on so long as they are not threatened with a lack of food, shelter, and clothing. However threaten that, and WHUP. The people fire those in charge and put others in; who will secure for them, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The people have nowhere to go and their backs are in a corner. In an massive number; virtually everyone both past, and present came to this continent to get away from the lying BS that has so permeated the rest of the world. I think the world hated that, and has tried to, and has successfully dragged the government and the current intellectual community into it's delusions of world wide grandeur, of some kind of Utopian vision, thinking that they could create by force. Everything begets of itself. In other words; except for God, with men force begets force. Atrocity begets atrocity. Greed begets greed. This ball field is permanent for mankind. The Commies sowed confusion and division and now they are divided and confused. They eat what they sow. You sow harmony and and, love you will get it. You sow peace you will get peace.

The people like Rengel sowed bad seed; and tried to stamp out the good food, without realizing that is the only good food for all men, and now they only get bad food. Bad food. Bad food for the mind, bad food for the soul. They sowed wild things and now they can't understand why the wild things don't go their way. Cause they are unadulterated wild things.

What the president has with the men who surround him are men who have only sowed wickedness and hate, now that they realize that they will only harvest wickedness and hate. Their only logical conclusion is that they will have to till the soil turning under their works and start over.

However these times have been foreseen and the vast majority of the people have sown some good seed that is now coming to fruition.

Seed like the reminder that the Constitution is still viable, and sacrosanct, and worthy of fighting for, and dieing for. "We the People" shall fight when it comes down to it. We shall resist by the ballot, and resits by exercising our rights to the fullest, and when the world, finding failure at overpowering us mentally, and spiritually, deems it necessary to invade with their hordes; because there is a God we shall win, because at the moment when it shall look bleakest we shall be empowered by God and his Spirit and his Kingdom, and rise up once more, and throw off the Communist/Fascist oppressors, as we have thrown off every manner of wickedness, and evil that the world thought to make of us in the past. And we shall do it to once again; as a tool of God's, prove that there is a God. And when he declares that a nation shall be only he can undeclare it an I am here to say the beyond a shadow of a doubt he has permanently declared the USA ,and this nation shall be, even forever in Heaven with him.

Fight on Children of God,
Fight on Sons of the Republic,
God is with us,
We cannot fail,
Many may stumble,
Many may fall,
Fight on,

The the ideal shall prevail,
God be with us,
We fight not alone,
God Strengthen us,
That we not faint,
We shall win this war,
That we not falter in our Faith,

Fight on America,
Fight on,
Sons of this Republic,
Pick up your brethren,
Sons of God,
Pick up your brethren,
Dust off their clothes,

Defend their lives,
Against the foe,
Defend their honor,
Against the foe,
For this Republic is by God,
Fight on America,
Fight on.................................

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Same ship different day

Blagojo(ja)(je)(whatever)vich. Wasn't he a Democrat. Cha. Democrats still making Democrats look bad. Oh wait. They don't look bad.......they ARE bad. BAAAD people.

The FBI used to be the best of the best. The highest ethical standards. I have noticed that since the days of President Clinton....... they have gone way down on the ethical/moral list.

Nothing like a major disaster to expose the weaknesses in centralized government. You know what centralized governments main weakness is. It is Born out of slothfulness. And sloth is a sin. Get rid of centralized government and sloth will shrink to a more ignorable percentage of the population. In other words the people being more on their own will get back to work. Of course you have to get the locals to start having a deaf ear to people bitching about their neighbors....Ya see the Orwellian type of government depends on tattletales. Problem with too much tattling. The tattlers have stability of mind issues. IE they are nuts. Adam and Eve ate nuts.

Ya know why I call the Muslims barbarians? The greatest number of pirate attacks we have had in the world have beeeen.....Muslims. Barbarians. Whether this was a pirate attack or not I don't know.....doesn't matter.

The criminal immigrants and drug barons may have won for the moment however they have lost. See the fed really has no ability to determine if the state is complying with the ruling or not;
fact is the states have long ago stopped cow towing to the fed. Besides it would be criminal of the fed to interfere with a state which is not violating a citizen of the USA's rights. In other words there is no mechanism in the Constitution from preventing the State of Arizona rounding up criminals who just happen to be illegal aliens. Further more, there is no law that stops the state of Arizona from carting the illegals to the Mexican border and just throwing them out themselves. Trust me the states, could get together and do all kinds of shit the fed knows nothing about. As far as that Orwellian shit is concerned. You think the states don't know where all the devices are?

Also that for now ensures that the drug creeps will be here when we get invaded and the invaders are not going to discriminate on who they kill. They will be systematically killing everyone. You see all this propaganda going around the world about how we Americans just go around killing innocents on the battle field. Ya it's is going to come back to haunt us in the invasion. Oh da poor little babies.......they won.

I'll be sure to shed a tear for all of you fuckers as you are slaughtered........NOT. I won't dance on your graves but I will be happy when you people are dead.

Here's one. A tax on fat people. good one. got to get the link for that.

You got to paaaaay to be fat. When I was growing up we used to beat fat people up. Well, I didn't I thought they were nice people but man they used to get teased. I wouldn't let anyone beat on anyone but saying was another matter.

I am getting tired of cussing and swearing so here is something less angst inspiring for me. A meteor about 12 feet in diameter weighing about 56 tons blew up in the upper atmosphere about 10 years ago. The blast registered out at 17000 metric tons; corection 1700 tons(to reallyimpressyou that would be over 34000 pounds of blast), of force and left nothing but a few chunks of rock to be collected. What should be awe striking for you is to imagine the size of the blast created by 17000 tons of dynamite. I may have seen an eighth stick a time or two but even one pound of TNT is impressive . I would have to connive too much to get to see that much go off. I am lazy that way. If I have to beg, borrow, or steal I'll just sit here on my butt and do nothing thank you, and that is a good thing. NYA.

Rush man says it pretty well. so why is the left so screaming what they are screaming. Old saying comes to mind. Dogs smell their own shit first.

The Fed has over spent by 1 trillion so far this year and this little article give you a comparison as to how much that is.

For instance that is enough to pay 38.4 million families about $21,000.00 a year or about one half of all families in the USA.

Resistance is obviously not futile.

Oh dear me....DID I do THAAAAT? Whahoo! Were gonna get invaded; were gonna get invaded.
Aaaand there is nothing the the American commie intellectuals can do about it Mwhaaa! Oh wait this is about the world going to another reserve currency. just opens the door once they get this thing going.....

Oops! Rangel, people are telling you to quit....because this thing is making the Democrats look bad.

The stock market is the tail. The dog? Why the Givement of course. Fortunately the dog is wagging the tail, and unfortunately the dog is wagging the tail.

I can't seem to stop! Ha ha fooled ya. This is not a link. I just stopped to count the number of stories I had to comment about.

Oh I see the Director of the FBI is a little defensive over the testing thing-y. Blue cause you know the blue language demon is trying to say something. Hey there is a good idea. I'll use blue coloring for blue language instead of spelling it out. ______ Or something like this in blue____ then you may insert your own favorite expletive.

Last for the day I might be mad but never so mad that I can't just have a laugh.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is this Bank of America's apoligy?

For being very much apart of the economic crash? I don't think this will be enough to make up for their fuck-ups. Cause they are fuck-ups. I did learn something from this article though. Small business now employs 75% of all those employed in the USA. Interesting cause it wasn't that long ago that it was only 58% like 1994. Ya ya to kids that ain't that old 1994 is like when they were oblivious. Plus the media is like trying to hide shit like that or their numbers have been hacked and now they don't remember, which for a media man should be criminal or something.

You would think that the democrats would get it. Right now with all the bullshit and shenanigans that they would just throw Rengal to the wolves but noooo they want to make another in a long line of huuuuge mistakes this year.

Ok. I'll explain it for the not so bright people here, I will explain all this.. Ya see the oil spill....bad....bought and paid for by BP contributions..... which I think should be illegal for a foreign owned company and/or it's subsidiaries to make political contributions anyway. In fact any American employee of a foreign owned subsidiary should also be banned from making contributions.....because they could be work mailed into it..... ya know coerced....have thier jobs held over there heads sort of thing.
Then we have 90,000 classified pages released to the media of which some explain that American troops have been getting killed by our supposed ally Pakistan....
Then we have ol' whats her name outed as a Marxist and racist over there in Georgia......and now to try and save face the dummy-crats are pulling another good-ol-boy Oh Mr Rengal we can't have you muckin up our water; not that it isn't already mucked up, so we wil just declare you Innocent and let you go free instead of making us look bad by us flaying your career. We can't have that now can we? Rengel is a effin crook and there is not an American who pays any half arsed attention who doesn't know this. Why?.... well shit. You figure it out. But we know.
so why then is this not good for the Democrats? well. Nobody is listening to the Democratic bullshit on account that very same propaganda bullshit ain't got 8 million jobs back. In fact every thing they have done has probably cost even more jobs.....ain't nobody fooled. So lets just pull some more of the same stuff that piles right on top of the; 'I am starting to hate the Democrats Camel'. Just a few more straws and craaack.....that back will break and the people are going to be tromping all over the political graves of a bunch of demi-crats.

Here let me throw the Democrats another bone. You remember back when the Republicans finally took the the House away from the Democrats after like 50 years of not being in control? The republicans just didn't freakin know what to do and well they kind of screwed up. Now the Democrats have a black President. and of course the black President and his black advisers are kind o' making a bunch of mistakes. Not so easy now is it? Not the same as sitting on the sidelines sniping and griping? Now you all' got to put out . You know I do feel some kind of sorry for black people because Barack has done some crap that no self respecting black person would have ever done. Like bowing to another human on earth and apologizing to the world for being embarrassed by the US. Shit. You embarrass us there Mr President. Damn.

I'll edit this tommorow.....maybe.

Good for the Real Estate industry

But not good for anyone else.

Obama sends a mere pittance to the border to increase security and the Hispanics start acting like little baaaabies, aaaw ain't they cute.

Overall corporations gain and stocks gain. Question. Where's the beef? People ain't working and obviously this is not really good news as companies and investors are not investing in few or any new factories; at least not enough to make a dent in in the US anyway. Corperation's are not hiring. Little guys are not hiring. Every company is practically pared to the bone, they are waiting for things to break loose or break down. It really has nothing to do with Obama outside of the fact that Obama tried to compromise with the crooked establishment to gain some in the polls. Funny thing about it. That isn't what the people wanted. They expected Obama to end the governments crookedness, at least that is what he ran on. Or did they think that the American people would not hold the dumbocrats feet to the fire.
Let's face it. The people don't want to hear that the "rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer".

Seriously; what this report says to me is that elitists are gaining ground, and everyone else like about 90 percent of the rest are lucky to hold on. What that is going to equal is a major league drubbing at the at the ballot box. If for no other reason than jealousy. It is not just that. This country was born out of sense of fair play and cheating is forbidden.

The voters got a sense that the corporations got a back door to congress because they got money. They got a feeling that without money they can't fight back to take the bumps and lumps out of the playing field. Actually it is more like a wall too high. It is the same elitism that third world countries experience.

The elites in these countries control who is out there making money and they are only letting those they like; based on how much the people they like, kiss their shitty asses. Problem with people who kiss other peoples ass; it is only flattery, and they 'usually' hate kissing ass and therefore hate the people who's ass they kiss. Which means that if they get a chance to kill them they usually capitalize and kill them. Metaphorically of course. We have come to use those kinds of terms rather loosely today. But that is what the US has come to.

You can see it in the reality game shows especially. Liars and ass kissers coupled with the conniving backstabbing bullshit. Yet even the liars and bullshitters want only to take with them the most truthful and loyal. Hence the proof of what I have said before. "Even Liars hate being lied too." Their is no justification for lying even to save another persons feelings. When I was a child I used to think that lying to prevent bad feelings. It never works. In fact the bad blood; it just makes it worse. I have since put that away, as I have aged. In fact I put that away by the time I was 30 or 35. I realized that God found no excuse in it, and if I loved God and Jesus then I would follow his example of never lying for any reason. So I don't.

This country was not made so that I would have to kiss some rich fuckers ass in order for me to prosper. This country was born so that I or anyone could prosper in spite of what any other dumb fuck or fucks thought based on how they felt. It has nothing to do with anyones level of education or relationships but rather their cleverness and industrious hard work.

In another article I find that US intelligence is afraid of the consequences from the huge leak of documents. I suppose so. But in the intelligence community where lying is the norm and Machiavellian weaving leads to strange shit, in this case has led to the deaths of American troops the American people are definitely not going to be tolerating that news. Unfortunately to the intelligence community their machinations are only for the intelligence communities good and not for the good of the US. In other words; where did the intelligence agencies all the way up to the President get the fucking right to sacrifice a human being so that they could have a reason to chunk a few missile across Pakistan's border. This is not serving the Constitution nor the people of the USA. Frankly the United states could just fire missiles all day every day at the terrorists; and Pakistan won't do a damn thing and we don't have to have any kind of relationship with Pakistan to do that. That Pakistan harbors the enemy and gives them aid is enough for us, and what the fuck are we afraid of. Their is not a nation on earth that doesn't owe us at least the respect due to the fact that their primary mode of exchange is backed by the green back. If they shoot at us even covertly they just shoot themselves in the ass.

I have how ever been advocating the splitting up of current monetary system into four types of backing. You might ask why, but I think the way it is going to work out is to that the nations will be emboldened when the day arrives to invade us. NYA NYA!

Not my reasoning for doing(advocating the diversity of monetary backing) that. My reason is that it will stabilize the worlds monetary system so that one country doesn't cause the rest of the worlds economies to crash and burn if it goes down like the US's always does(takes the rest of the world down with it economically). But that is what is going to happen. Better to leave me alone and be prepared with every blade sharpened, every caisson and magazine full just in case the worst case scenario happens. Best to have the better weapons and training and that the populace armed to the teeth ready and prepared emotionally and mentally. Best to pull every soldier we have out there home, again just in case.

Fact is the world appears to be trying to get us to keep our soldiers on station overseas. Looks to me like the conspiracy is to make it easy to win against us if it ever came to that. My job is to not make it easy for them to win. In fact my job to make it impossible to win a world aginst us war. Or make it so goddamn expensive even in money. That in and of itself would be a deterrent. In other words we should just be so buff militarily that it would take millions of men just to get an invasion started. What throws a monkey wrench in the works is when crooks masquerading as business men go out around the world and force other countries to bend to their will by using the US government so they can make large money(Old mob slang term. Saw it in a movie.).

However it looks like that would be good for my prediction; that the rest of the world becomes so incensed that the will have no choice but to invade. The other nations are pissed off as it is now. They are just keeping it to themselves. I would bet though that they are meeting in secret, 'a plottin and plannin'. I love it. I think that they will become so mad that they will invade no matter how tough we make ourselves. I think that the tougher we make ourselves the sooner they will invade. I can only hope. Well that doesn't quite explain how I feel. I just think it is inevitable and better we be prepared. It will save lives druther than cost them. The less prepared we are the more Americans will be killed. Which one of you naysayer's would want to sacrifice your personal lives and the lives of your families trying to appease the rest of the world all the while others of your kind are stabbing you in the back by using your appeasement to make a lot of money apparently at the expense of the majority of people here in the USA.

See how this winds round and round. No matter which way I look at this thing it is like the worlds mind is made up. We are going to get invaded. Thirteen years ago, I advocated the United States pull our divisions back to the USA (I will amened this to, 'and it's territories') except for South Korea. That we go nearly completely neutral except for where South Korea and Israel are concerned.

If we get invaded I am going to look like the worlds greatest genius, or seer, or prophet, or whatever( whether I am or not doesn't matter). I say we are and when we do I am going to get the right to say FUCK YOU! Fact is I got the right to tell you people to fuck off now and I am telling the world and you people to fuck off now and that is that. Whether I say that or not then is to be seen I guess.

Sometimes I think I understand how King David felt as he wrested the kingdom away from Saul. Over and over David said that he would not raise a hand to Saul and he did not. Never the less God saw to it that Saul was killed, and the kingdom was given to him. Later one of Davids sons usurped the kingdom and David wrested the kingdom back, but it was not his will or desire that his son be killed. But he was.

At a spiritual level who was I to God that I should think things like this that I can not prove but with the passing of time.

Mans dominance of Earth is nearly at an end. God shall return and reclaim this world for himself and he will dominate it; and man shall see that God though swift to justice is slow to judge. Is loving and kind and brooks no evil or wickedness. Men will live in a peace that has not been but since man was created on Earth.

I wish I could be the maker of this peace, but it is not for me to do. This peace is reserved for God alone; for he reserves for himself whatsoever he will, and this peace is his to bring, and he will bring it. I 'm wearing this yellow T-shirt with the word faith embroidered across a sun.

That about sums it all up.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Good economists bad economist and ........

This guy says that; Politics "obfuscates, pontificates, and prevaricates". He forgot advocates......itself. Didn't read nuthin after that because I could already tell that I agreed with the article.....mostly. Of course I really don't think there is anything wrong with pontificating; its the obfuscating, and prevaricating that pisses me off.

I'm Sorry, What?

I, I, I didn't get that. The administration says releasing 90,000 documents was irresponsible. According to the documents the military intel had found out that Pakistan was actually helping the insurgents. Soooo the irresponsibility was with the administration for getting Americans killed by not telling the people of the United States. Oh wait. We already suspected that Pakistan was helping the insurgents. In fact news reports had already put out reports to that effect.

I got a saying I'd made up from watching wives, and brothers, and sisters, and mother, and government, and really a shit load of people who lied even though the proof and facts and documents proved otherwise. If everyone knows that something is a lie; then the only person who the liar is lying to is themselves, and you can quote me on that. The dumbest thing a person can do is lie to themselves. You can quote me on that too. We call that delusional. A person who deludes themselves is a danger to themselves and others. My mother for instance; who may have the excuse that she was mildly delirious from another infection, tried to do something she should not of without some body being right there just in case. Never the less she made the delusional attempt to transfer herself from the recliner to the wheel chair. Her delusion. Her bones could take it. She broke her leg in THREE places.

DE-lusional. Lot of de-lusional people out there.

Sooo the responsibility is to the administration for not bringing out the fact that this has really been a giant proxy war and the real argument is with Pakistan for doing the same thing that the Soviets and Chinese did Against us in Vietnam. This is nothing mor'n a big god damned Proxy War. I tell you what w e need to do. Do something so blatantly and openly audacious as to piss of the whole world openly so they will have a real excuse to invade. Because the only way this shit really gets settled is when one boxer walks out of the ring upright. That will be us bytheway. You know why? Cause God is openly on our side. We have kicked the whole worlds ass militarily and economically and we are going to kick the whole worlds ass militarily.....all at once....just to prove to the world once and for all....God is with the USA and the rest of the world be damned.

Shit works for me. I'll give my life to prove that point. In fact I have given my life to prove that point and that point alone. Nothing else it worth proving but that.

I said this ten years ago. if we go into Iraq. Just fucking kill them all indiscriminately. Da Muslims would not understand anything less. The way it works out invading them trying to leave the good ones alive is like hitting the biggest hornets nest with a stick and you ain't wearing any kind of protection. They will sting your ass to death if you can't get away from them. That kind of thing needs a fucking flamethrower and you just fry them 'all 'at once, then you got no worries except for other people thinking that you over did it...... a little. To which you look at them a shrug your shoulders and say what??? "They were crazy". The Soviets mistake when they went into Afghanistan back in the Seventies.... They should have just fucking wiped every God damned living thing in Afghanistan out. The world would have been aghast but not done a damned thing. Cept bitch and wine, "oh you barbarians". fuck....the Muslim barbarians wouldn't and don't understand anything else, and likely except for the intervention of God directly never will. In fact they never have. History proves that........the fucks just never let go of their hatred. they just channel it all onto something or somebody else. Shit maybe it's that they are more the direct descendants of Adam and Eve. I could see that. Adam still pissed off at Eve and taking it out on everybody else. Still he can't help him self.......had to keep on fucking and having kids. Ok this is getting a little nutty and speculative, cause you know.......I wasn't there. "Throw out everything that is impossible and whatever is left no matter how improbable must be the truth".....who said that?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fat is as fat does.

Why did God allow for and create the nations

I don't know if God shall use me at this moment to make this a long article or not. However the summary is; that the nations were created to promote a peace within it's borders, that the meek should be able to live and prosper, and to control the evil and wicked of men, who for the lack of self control would be greedy, full of theft, and take the rights of the peaceful to prosper, and be free within the boundaries of that nation. To be just for the good of all men within and to be a defense for all within it's borders. A nation is to do everything within it's powers to promote the best possible relations with it's neighboring nations and be the point of control for trade to use this to aid and ensure the welfare of it's people.

A nation should lend support for every other nation by the spirit in attaining these goals, that in the end peace could prosper.

My personal opinion is that mankind shall not truly attain the perfect peace; but that is truly God's purview, and he shall return and bring about a perfect peace that he shall maintain with a rod of iron. Until then it is to be a blessing that man shall strive as creations of the almighty; even those who have been given to call themselves the sons of God, to bring about peace.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Your self worth

Is not derived from anything on earth. It is derived from God and your obedience to God. Nothing else. You must quote me on that.

Way down at the bottom of this article

You see an educated mans fucked up idea of who 'Obamba' is. The guy says he is the "CEO of the United States". Not. The President of the United States is NOT the CEO of the United States. He is the CEO of the Executive Branch of the government. The people of the United States are the CEO of the United States of America, and lest government and business forget, the voters have a tremendous tendency to shove their fucked up ideas right up their asses. And the vote tends to be a big knobby bulbous thing with razors embedded. In other words instead of the ability to take a shit the regular way, they have to go in get an operation and shit through a colostomy bag. The world is about to find that out the hard way.

Yeah riiiight. What economic recovery? I heard a reporter say, this "nagging unemployment" is hampering the economic recovery. You know that gets the AW FUCK from me. These over edeu'cated motherfuckers just don't fucking get it. A recovery is a recovery not measured in fucking dollars. It is measured in people working. What a bunch of fucking morons. The people out here on the street are not going to call it a recovery; no matter how much bullshittin propaganda is thrown at them, until they see the unemployment figures get to around 4%, 5%.....
Stupid intellectuals really think that real people live by men's words. FUCK NO!!!!.........Never. Shit I have been here amongst the people all my life; and not once have I EVER heard one man woman or child say, trust college educated, or business, or the government. NOT ONCE, NOT EVER.......FUCK!!!!! The people might can trust each other but the rest of this shit y'all might as well save the power and ink for something else like the invirment er somethin.

Wait wait wait wait wait, How come the storm(Bonnie) weakened over the gulf instead of strengthened. That must mean that the waters of the gulf are not as warm which has to mean the eco crazy news media........lied again. Huh you say? I heard that the Gulf of Mexico waters were warmer than normal, but they must not be. Liars, liars, pants on fire. Sooo how did that happen? I know how that happened. We had a colder than normal winter and this summer it has been cooler than normal over the gulf. Good thing that huh. Means cooler than normal summer. I'll take that.

"Do you, you, feeeel like I do"(PETAAA FRAMPTON),.....Ol' Phyllis Schalafley says it really well, actually best.....Love this girl.

Friday, July 23, 2010

This is funny to me.

Here I sit trying to get people to take my words and use them but Coolridge had this to say:

Plagiarists are always suspicious of being stolen from.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

So does this mean that Iran now has ICBM capabilities.... Yep it do. Are you dumb-o-crat naysayers skeerd yet. Tell me ya'll don't know that the Muslims want to cut your heads off? Mwhahahaha! They would love nothing better than to put a nuke right on top of the white house. Now it looks like they can.

Um are the Liberalis finding out that the third world is really barbaric and understand nothing but the stick? Looks like it to me.

This drunk got amorous in Iowa wanted to hug a guy and then got kinda beserky. What I like about this is it is an example of juris-restraint by the police. The drunk got nothing mor'n misdemeanors which is all it is really worth. None of this stacking on shit giving the DA negotiating room. That shit pisses me off. First off, that the Police feel they have to pile up a huge number of charges, and second that the DA is pressured to bargain so as to relieve his own work load, and third because about half of them charges are stretching the truth. It would be quicker and cheaper to charge em with a few rock solid things than to try and make sure that the crazy fools; who pull insane shit, get jail time. They probably would get just as much jail time anyway. Which because of our overloaded jails and prisons is generally abbreviated.

Now for some fun

* This is what you get when someone rear ends you.
* Yep we got maters, I don't know what is causing the leaves to dry up like that. I think it is a fungus or something.....that lump of concrete with the vent in the background is....a bomb shelter. Cool Huh? Circa 1950's. The old cold war era still hanging out. The thing isn't fit for shelter though.....loaded with brackish water. I could mess with it but then WTHF.
* Look at what I found. I don't know for sure how long the brick had been buried, it could have been as long as 100 years. I aim to pull them up and re-level them, and build a brick grill with patio out back for the family and friends that come over and visit.
* My Crazy Wife and her tan. Ok, she isn't totally nougats, just enough to make life a hell of lot more struggle than it already is. Anyway this is her tan.......
* She got in this pool, I got for a really good price($129.00). We had to find some way to get her some exercise. Of course I had to put down a sand pad to level up the ground, but that works out cause I got extra sand to build the brick path and patio with.

Why is it that a spoiled person just can't keep their nose out of somebody else's shit?

Let's all give a big belly laugh out for Hillary Clinton and her stupid advisers. Why she had to think that she might have something to say at the South East Asia wingding I do not know. How to piss off a major trading partner by the Democrats. Lesson one. Tell them what ta do. Mhahahahahaha! Does this beast even realize that the world has a frownie face in our direction, or is it so fucking smitten with itself that it just can't see. The world is less and less so not studdin the US right now. Let us punitively punish the world some more for not bowing to our superior selves. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Of course you cannot hear the disdain I feel for this current spate of American leaders, who were trained by the last gen of brain case perffessors.

How to get nations pissed off at you so they'll want to invade, By the Democrats.....

What in the hell does 'crat' mean any way. I read it in relation to aristocrats. Why did the Demo's decide to add crat at the end of their name. Their is nothing aristo about them. They are acting like stupid little children.

demo: a combining form occurring in loanwords from Greek, where it meant “people” ( democratic );

Sooo 'crat' must mean rule. Measure, leadership or something. Just a freaking guess. So the name democrat must mean people rule. Soo the Democrats who are the farthest from 'people rule' as the east is from the west. They are living breathing oxymoron's. They don't even come close to majority rule. First they bullshit the electorate into voting for them and then promise to be the party of all the Americans and then they completely ignore every living person in the USA to what,???.... They have made no-one happy and they certainly have not even come close to being for the all....

You know why the iron curtain came down? The people weren't buying shit....they were to afraid to say anything either.but they also werent working any mor'n they had too. I bet they are working hard now.

You know why people won't die for something

Cause they don't have anything they would stake their life on. Those are the least of people. You can get rich being a coward. Actually they probably would die for some thing or things but they are the people who go back into a burning house for some memorabilia that you and I have to find very difficult to fathom.......a memory....and burn to death for it.

Did you ever realize that inside of every man is a memory of Heaven. Think about it and meditate upon it.

The President of the United States likes to lie. It is either that or he is a complete idiot. Either one has put the Democrats in over their heads with the people because as the people can see now they can't build a house, eat, or get clothes with bullshit lies.

A little expansion of what I said yesterday. The democrats are lying because for so long God has tolerated liars, so long as the vast majority of the people told the truth. This country prospered not because it lied it's way to wealth, but told the truth to wealth. The people stood up for the truth and said and did truthfully. A mans word was what he meant and did.

Today most of the people are hiding something and won't come out with the truth about something in their past or are afraid that someone will look down on them for it. Instead of coming out with it and if it be worthy of punishment, take a man..... Real men never hide anything. Course being in government with government secrets is different. But setting yourselves up in government like you were some kind of king or something, like Rengal did is what bring nations down. When too many beau-o-crats pull that stunt. Course back in the day nearly every congressman had something going on the side that was inscrutable. That was until the Republicans made congress libel to the same laws that they were writing. Meaning a Congresman could go to prison while they were seated. Mwhahahahaha! I love it. Bye bye Rengal.

YOOOOOUR FIRED. EVERYONE hates being lied too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wanna watch something cheerful

The democratic party implosion. Why does the moratorium on offshore drilling have that effect?....Because the current batch of idiots do not realize that jobs equals votes, and votes equals winning, and winning equals, "I've got the POWER"......'Old cartoon I used to watch with my kids'. As they lynch one of their own, they were feeling the heat, they had to of smelled the smoke, but now that their house is burning down they appear to be fallin the resignation of....the damned. Ya make promises ya can't go back on them no matter what.

Monkey in the middle

You ever been the brunt of being the monkey in the middle. I have. Problem with the kids who thought it was so funny to tease me like that. The Monkey might not be a monkey but a baby gorilla. When that baby grows up might be the gorilla playing tossem-up in the air, and playing himself.... with the kids who thought it was funny....who don't think it is funny any more....Cause well I get distracted and forget to catch you...not on purpose you know....sorry did that hurt....Y'all got enemies and they can see perfectly well what I'ma doing and well....they hate you people mor'n I do....I gotta should have never wanted to play monkey in the middle on me.

The Moral of the story. Don't play monkey in the middle on someone because it ain't a monkey you are playing with. I never wished for revenge but revenge is still sweet.

God is in control.

Where am I from?

Go this way.

Lindsey Lohan

Ya know Lindsey, you ain't in yo momma's; house any more where you can just throw a little temper tantrum and get your way. This is the big bad ol'world and you got to cow tow or get crushed. Your parents apparently did you a disservice by spoiling you. Truth is concrete; and if you keep smashing your face against it, it will mess you up.

Parents spank your kinds(Kinds...... I like that. I bet thats where kids originates from. Kinds to kin'd to kids and kin. every word we speak today has been changed by the masses, not the rich and powerful). If for no other reason than because if you don't they will likely end up in jail pathetically breaking down because they took her eyelashes and fake hair away from her. Like I said pathetic. Or in my real language. Fucking pathetic. Time to grow up Lindsey.......Time to grow up.

Like I said and you can quote me on this. The higher profile you have, the lower you got to lay so as to not 'fuke' up your life.

I'll be back later, got to water the maters.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Regular stuff

No; she should of been fired for her remarks, not just her remarks but her actions, because she should have gone all the way to help in spite of her feelings. All she proved was that she was no better than the racist she was supposed to help. We don't need that kind of racism in this country anywhere from anyone. I am not Native American, I am either an American or Creek/Cherokee. If I do get my card and I can, then I am Creek/Cherokee and cease to be an American. My Mom and sisters and brother got their cards and I don't, so I get to say I am an American. And I will be happy to fuck anybodies day up who cares to differ. I been down the road of being discriminated against, heavily and I don't want to hear anymore fucking bitching from anyone about wanting to get even. God is the one who gets even for us. We don't have to do a damned thing.

The question is are we willing to die for our beliefs. I am. I am not so willing to kill for them. I am damn straight not into unilateral action. Either I fight as a part of a whole or not at all. I am ready though.

Huh? There must be something deeper going on. Why did Wal Mart pay money to social services for the trampling of one of their workers? Sounds like a givment shake down.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This just makes me smile.

Ooh ah a little soap please

Flooding in China ? W-a-i-t a minute I thought I found an article where they were having a drought. HMMM........

Heh heh, Speaking of soapy; it looks like ol' Camroon just gave the pres thee
ol'pole-litical finger on looking into the Pan Am bombers release.

It's still a jobless recovery?

No kidding Sherlock. Gee it still looks like no prayer in school no jobs. Or would you rather me just say it's a jobless recovery. Or maybe, no factories no jobs. Or is it no prayer in school no jobs.

If I have said this a hundred times I have said it a thousand. What is the color of your skin? I don't know; it doesn't matter, but I do know if your behavior is asinine or legal or moral not.

Illegal aliens helping Afghanis soldiers escape from American base in Texas. HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is fucking funny in light of the stupid fucking policies of the government regarding the border. Bobama is sending 1600 Nat. Guardsmen down south to hep guard the border. We need a fucking division not a regiment. AAAnd they need to cover the whole fucking border not a littl ol' stretch of it. I saw the results of a pole over at fox. Like 84% poled said 1600 was way too little. Actually in old terms that would be nothing mor-n a couple of reinforced battalions. I bet they got orders to just let the illegals go so it is just like the old days. They probably got no power hardly at all thanks to the pussies we call Democrats in this country. Shit if your going to send the army just cut them loose with free fire zones and all. That would work. The national and international bitching be damned.

Oh look proof that the left is engendering in Fascist brown shirt techniques. Mwhahahahahaa! Out de out out.

Big problem this. Pray and act. That's the message. One woman sounds like the same complaint that my own wife has or should have with me. He's rude to me and plays video games all the time. Then she goes on to say that her friends say should keep on praying and do a verse in Peter. Submit to your husbands so that God will change them. I have at least one answer for people like her. The reason her husband doesn't change is the wife is carrying around some angst that is affecting her marriage. The husband may be in denial but the truth is Ya married him and his faults and his family faults. Your family and his family are influencing negatively your marriage. Anyone who says no does not understand the influence of the spirit. For the unbelievers the attitude tells all but that is all you see. For of a truth it not just the attitude but the spirit that matters. Probably in this case the woman ain't telling everything. In other words she disagrees with him in other ways and is trying to control and manipulate him and she should just quit bitching to her friends about him cause obviously her marriage ain't sacrosanct to her. Oh wait minute here, I am doing the very same thing like the following. The difference....I am not claiming sacrosactity in my marriage. My wife is some kind of abomination. She is a fat, lying bitch who is trying to manipulate and control me and as any man should I not only resist her but by my own action in both the spirit and flesh, by God our marriage is still intact. Trust me her actions should have led to the dissolution of our marriage. You know the ones like the, fucking around and moving out so she could fuck around, and I still have not answered to my satisfaction whether she is still doing dope or not.

My wife smokes in her night....falls asleep.....burns holes every where....she is pissed at me for taking her cigarettes away last night at 1 am.......she's pissed at me.

Mom made it through surgery. The Dr that did the surgery (put the rod in her leg)is also a Dr that don't believe in Medicare/Medicaid, workers comp(I got him on tape saying that) and fucked my wife's shoulder up and has officially declared that whats left...... my wife's excruciating pain has nothing to do with her work injury....and because of all of that, now all of you people have to pay for the rest of my wife's cares for the rest of her life. MWHAHAHAHAHA! Ok that looks phychotic. The reason I laugh is because technically none of this affects me....he he he he he......I don't fight for things because they affect me, and I don't not fight for things that do affect me; whether I benefit or not I'ma fighting for what is right, true, honest and just.......even if you are my worst enemy it will positively affect you....if I win....that is how a Christian works. That is how a Christian is. That is the do good unto those who would do evil unto you and do unto others as you would have done unto you. That is Christianity. My wife who was raped at the age of twelve and who's personality is now set at twelve does not care for anyone else in this world but herself and that is why she is mental and likely the primary reason she is getting SSD payments. Although her physical ailments have to be factored in. I understand better how the quandary of trying to get back ones life; after someone goes through a trauma like rape, can ruin their life and of course everyone else's life around them for the rest of that persons life. As to advice for people, especially young people. Never marry a victim; and there are no if, ands, or buts, because you cannot know where exactly thier victimization will show up. In other words they are fucked up and will remain fucked up the rest of their life. My wife is a perfect example of that. No amount of pills, counseling, or dope can fix that.......Hey I didn't make the rules up, I just calls it like I sees it.

"Now you know the rest of the story". See.....she, woke me up this morning by calling me an asshole because she couldn't find "her" box of generic shredded wheat. How juvinile.

Oh hohoho serious me. Did BP lobby the British government to release the Pan Am flight bomber? Timing is everything and BP....well normally they should just throw in the towel....This just keeps getting better and better. Better to throw in the towel than to get pounded to pulp.

Monday, July 19, 2010

This guy makes points that added to my base of understanding. The trinity. This moment we are in; that is time, is the past the present and the future at once. This point in space is has both heigth, width, and bredth at once.

LeBron James has asses for friends and whup

So Carter is the ####### thug.

When you are high profile you have definitely got to lay low so as to not #### up your income. Cause that is what you do look like. Nobody wants to use a thug for advertising.

Herman Melville said something really funny; He said: "And yet self-knowledge is thought by some not so easy. Who knows, my dear sir, but for a time you may have taken yourself for somebody else? Stranger things have happened."

Herman Melville or Herman Melville. He means, Who the #### do you think you are?....How to be a smart ....... by a smart guy.

Aaand oh ####. That oil well has a leak. Which means that the oil is traveling around from the very bottom of the well and has now found a new way to the surface. Which means that if they don't relieve pressure on that well head the leak will just continue to grow which means even if they plug the well the oil will....Oh ####. Sooo who is this spiritual advisor to BP? Cause they obviously don't know there ass from a hole under the sea. I read a comment or article, no it was a comment by an engineer over at Wizbang about this very thing. Are the government and BP still going to put on pretenses as clothing instead of real clothing? You know. Pump the oil to the surface. Put it on ships....Sell help defer the cost of cleaning it up.....Ya know what I mean.....Vern?

Happier notes? I wanna live in something like this.

My nasty temperament aside here this is what I have been talking about. Don't just sit in your pews like bumps on a log. Do something.

Yep, they are worried about food again. Drought in Asia and Russia....Cool not time for the invasion..........yet.

Microbicide. New stuff for the girls.

Crop Circles a hoax? That is not news. Back in the seventies you could see the path that some obvious hoaxters were using. I think the News knew it too but it made for some fun anyway.

Aside from all this my mom is in surgery right now. I guess getting a piece of steel inserted in her bones. I am hoping for good out of this but osteoporosis is a bummer. No bone strength.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My world is mine

Says T-man, but he does make an outstanding point backed up with facts about employees going to work sick. I want to make this statement as well. How about the people you make sick from attending work while contagious. There have got to be some figures out there that. Greedicans just don't get that fact do they. Lots of stupidity in this world. Costs them more-n-tis-worth. Point of diminishing returns. Wouldn't be such a problem if people would just STOP FUCKING LYING. Brack blah.....that's funny.

My cat's an ant eater......really, he eats ants. They both do in fact.......Just thought I would throw that in here for fun. He is so cute(I won't want to hear about that one either) as he sits there with that perky/play attitude licking up ants off the deck or floor. The other one paws at them before she licks them up. I wonder it they taste good to them. I can't imagine that though.

Nope. Only if the President and the Democrats want to have the voters cram this up their asses at the poles also. Freedom in blogging is freedom of speech. IF he don't like it? Then why the fuck did Obama run for President in the United states of America. I wonder if he is really a subversive from a foreign country because that shit is not American.

And the President just orders the insurance companies to toe a line. I was livid at insurance companies a few short years ago and now Mhwahahahaha! They didn't listen, and now look at them. Who's the fuckin idiots now. I give you people the nuuklear middle finger. All them MBA's and PHD's, suuuuper geni-ou-ses went to school so they could run them corporations and a little ol' pen stroke sends them all to the golf course all because they just couldn't get the idea through their heads that THEY weren't in control of shit. You see I am not a liberal just into revenge for them; 'cough', killing so many people by policy.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The question, is what's the cost?

I notice that the left wing news media left out the cost.... Normally they do that when it is going to go up some how. All the right has to do is advertise accurately where and how and if it turns out to be high in some ways then bwawomba.....its the ol' smack down for the Democrats in this election. If not then it will not be so bad for them. The Republicans can hope that the Democrats popped in some cost increases for the least able to afford them. If they done that. The Republicans win. Guess who is perfectly positioned to find out.......that's right. ME! So I will be watching this veeery carefully.

The Injun question. Passports: Currently even though by treaty with the United States they are considered separate nations Native Americans do not have internationally recognized passports. Soooo the answer is for the Iroquois and other Indian nations to petition for international recognition amongst the international community. Cool huh?

It is the lefts fault especially a very over protective lot who thought the competitive nature of Gym in school was detrimental to a kids mental health. They forgot that fat is more detrimental to a kids mental health that the competitive nature of gym.

I had an uncle Homer. I wonder if he had as much smarts as this Homer. Uncle Homer was pretty smart.

The charity that is a trifle to us can be precious to others.
Homer (900 BC-800 BC)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ok so I have settled down a minute.

From being worried about Mom. Enough anyway to make some smart ass comment about what is going on out there in this country any way.

Consumer prices go down for third straight month. Does thaaat mean that people aren't spending money.....???? YES IT DOES!!!! And whyyyy are they not spending money???? Because they know that the future economic situation is not very good, NO MATTER WHAT THE FUCKIN IDIOTS IN THE MEDIA SAY!!!!!........AH that felt good.

What's this, an earth quake in Washington, the city of? Noo shit. I wonder if God is trying to say something to them? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Only 550million? Hell why not ten percent of their corperate value? Shit, suck em dry, take it all that'll teach the shits not to be thieving liars.

The cap is far so good.

In a letter to the President I get to say; 'I tol ya', You wonder why I kep saying don't do this and do this this way. Maybe I fuckin know somthing. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if I were president with my fuck this and fuckin that. Mha! It's a funny thought. I can hear all-th stupid selfish righteous shits complaining now. Now O-damn-a is a giant fuckin drag on the dum-ocrats. Good for the republicans but is it good for the Republic? Ok I don't like saying that it might not be good for the Republic for OBama to be bad for the Democrats. It would be very good for the Republic for the Damn-o-crats to get fired, but unless we make sure that greedy Scum-icans don't get back in too, we are just going to end up with similar shit we had under Bush.

My personal commentary today comes in the form of a parable.

A driver wanted to take a short cut, and to take the short cut she had to cut across rough terrain with soft ground. Too soft for her to ease across. Twice she had tried and twice she had to call a tow truck to pull her out. She still thought that the other road was better and would be worth the effort so she decided to try one more time. This time though she decided to take a run at it. So she turned around and went 5 mile back up the road and accelerated as fast as she could go. At 120 MPH she eased out into the rough soft ground; kept the accelerator down as hard as it could be. But the vehicle bogged down any way. She got over one hill and out of sight of the road she was on and the road she was heading for. Worse; stopped by a bog in the middle of it, and started to settle into the swamp. The vehicle she was driving was not hers, and knew if the owner found out she was going to be in trouble. Probably go to jail. You see the owner did not know she had taken the car. She legally stole it, legally.

See if you can figure out what I am talking about. I will give you a hint.It's an analogy of the economy and who is really at fault spiritually. You see our economic problems that have been caused here in the USA are due to matters of the heart. Spiritual matters and until those problems are solved there is no way out but invasion......that I can gather. Maybe there is....but then the prophecy must be full filled. The invasion must happen; and to that end I will do everything I can to help prepare the US to fight that war, and I will do everything that I can to make sure that we are really not at fault before God for that war. But that God is going to use this invasion to kill off the evil and wickedness that has entered into this country spiritually is a FACT!

May thy will be done my dear Lord.

How may millions of Americans have to be killed in this war? It must be millions.......maybe tens of millions. We will win and we as a nation with our Constitution will survive.....till there is no more man on earth.... I can't help but think that we could have avoided this if we would have only stayed true to the Constitution and true to God. Now it has become a necessity..... because of lying, cheating, crooks, and thieves, especially since the lying, cheatin, thieves got in government.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Regular stuff

The court -– per Justice William Brennan -- said that the federal government's supremacy over immigration is strictly limited to: (1) a "determination of who should or should not be admitted into the country," and (2) "the conditions under which a legal entrant may remain."

That is it. That is all the Fed has eminance over concerning immigration. Sooo the cram-it-up your-ass-ocrats must only be tangling with the issue forrr the publicity.

The bank bill is back on track

It is a compromise bill and Frankly I hate a compromise bill. My second wife comes in to the house one day and out of nowhere asks; "can't we compromise;" Mindlessly I said; "yeah", to this day I still do not know what she was talking about. Problem is; on a spiritual plain, if she was talking about compromising God's word or compromising with whatever the hell is going on on earth, which would be compromising with God's principles, then the answer should be no. So I automatically don't like a compromised plan no matter who the hell made it. If the (I'll be civil for a moment) Democrats wanted to reign in banks they should have done it all the way or not at all. Not at all would have led to the failure of the major banks and a stringent control system would have led to getting getting control of this monstrous black lagoon and the abomination it harbors. You people may have tightened the fence line but I am for the destruction of that animal. Kind of goes against my live and let live philosophy but as long as it is out there and wants me dead(so to speak) I must only reciprocate).

Never the less because we have to get invaded; of a certainty, it must live to accomplish the goal of pissing off the rest of the world so that the world will want and need to invade us to kill it. Being civil works for me but it does not convey the fullness of my anger. I think it is far more effective when I say stuff like, "those fucking idiots". Of course Jesus says Father forgive them for the know not what they do. If these evil men do not cease from their sin; repent and sin in this fashion no more, surely they shall die in their sin.

See a common theme here? Invasion, invasion, invasion. Over and over again. Constant and ongoing. I have said this before and I will say it again when I start something like this and repeat it like a broken record it happens. It is going to happen in it's fullness and it will be terrible retribution. Our only defense is to return to the constitution as it is written and that includes majority rules and the minority takes it on the chin until they are able to convince the majority of the wisdom of it's belief. Instead of this current situation where the minority is shitting all over the majorities beliefs. You know the beliefs like no gay marriage and their should be prayer in school.

There are many things I want to comment on but right at the moment I have to put down here that my mom is in the hospital again. Two days ago she tried to transfer herself from her recliner to her wheel chair by herself and she slipped and fell and broke her leg....again. I was so pissed I went into a rant. It is the fourth time she has broken her leg(she has osteoporosis). She also has some kind of infection and they can't set the bone and I think her body is on the verge of septic shock. In her weakened condition that would likely kill her. Any way she is laying there in intensive care with a broken leg they can't do anything about. I am worried for her.

I also don't think she was all the way in her right mind when she tried to get into the chair because of the infection. They think she has pneumonia. She has been on oxygen for years now and though she never said so, she has emphysema. I got a grudging nod from her only once when I said; "you know you have emphysema",......once, just one time. Stubborn old woman. How dare she deprive me of herself just to sin. Ok, that is selfish, and I am trying to make a little light of it. Doesn't stop me from being mad at her for not listening. Doesn't stop the fear I have that she is in more trouble now than ever. I keep pushing it away from my heart and mind but it just keeps coming back. I went to sleep last night fighting it off and awoke with it first thing on my mind this morning. I hope I am wrong.

The rest of the world be damned for the time being.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And what should my wandering eyes behold?

Why freedom of speech at it's peak. A Tea Party group portraying Obama with Hitler. But nooooo they can't take it so they are bitchin bitchin bitchin. Poor poor babies. It's the American way. WE got other things to worry about than whether people are putting up outrageous billboards. But wait it might be accurate. Because the Democrats are after all fascists bastards.

You know Fascism is socialized corporatism right? Exemplified with corporate welfare. You know that right? So we kicked the shit out of Hitler so we could have his corporate welfare shit.....WRONG.

Sarah Palin said it best about the American Tea Party.

"I just spent a few beautiful Alaskan days with some beautiful Americans in my
husband's birthplace - they are Todd's family and they are Yupik Eskimo. In the
decades that our families have blended, I have never heard one proud, patriotic
member judge another member based on skin color. Both Todd and I were raised to
measure a person according to their capacity and willingness to love, work,
forgive, contribute, and show good character. We're joined by the vast majority
of Americans in this belief whereby we measure a man by his character, not his
color. Because of amazing efforts and accomplishments by those who came before
my generation, it is foreign to us to consider condemning or condoning any one's
actions based on race or gender. Being with our diverse family in a melting pot
that is a Native village just days ago reminded me of that."

Soo the people who throw libelous statements around like racists and racism and who are trying to foment division are shitting on people who are not. I don't shtink they understand that nooobodies listening to them any more.

Next. Oops. Was not martial law declared in New Orleans?.....Noooo.....? So These Cops murdered two people in cold blood. You mean that is how they are in New Orleans? Owwww! By rights then the penalty is death.....? Oww ow ow ow. Was New Orleans all bout the perceptions and did the hurricane expose them for who the fuck they really are? You know it is nice that we help out the poor and the downtrodden who had nothing to do with the stupid, cheatin, lying, stealing, political bullshit that happened(s) in New Orleans but really. If the government wants to send a real message to New Orleans then it should pursue the death penalty. Would they get a conviction from a jury??? Depends if the cops are tried in front of a jury of their piers or not. Cops wouldn't convict but an antagonistic jury far more likely to convict. However the likely hood of a murder trial against cops shooting looters on site in N.O. in the aftermath of Katrina ending in a conviction with a death penalty is practically nil. Why? Because the public is more antagonistic against mob born rule behavior and attitudes. Never the less it is no less mob rule to shoot looters on site.

So this is really mob rule vs mob rule. How should we deal with this ultimately. Well objectively we have to try and convict the cops for murder and then we have to clean out the whole political system in New Orleans; get rid of all the crooked politicians and law enforcement, install constitutional sticks in the mud, and amazingly peace will be fomented. Probability of that happening with out an invasion. Big fat fucking Zero. Way to much Athenian endless arguing; and Machiavellian political maneuvering going on, and not enough right is right and wrong is wrong. The crooks are crooks, the cool thing is mainly we got crooks outnumbered about 98 to 2.

The crooks have lost they just don't know it yet.

Get it?

My dad used to say; ooooh with a rising lilt in his voice when he was mildly surprise at some new fact. So I have to say why the boring surprise at the retail sales report? I read another article concerning Intels stock going up which assuaged Wall Streets fears somewhat. Why should they be assuaged? Huh? Why should they? Businesses computers are old and they are going to replace them and they have held off too long. I am looking forward to getting a PC with about a 4gig processor though. Like to run the games good ya know.

And since when does the media take notice of crazy nuts?.....oh yeah all the time, but it must be slow news day. It may end up being the end of BP in the world but not thee end of the world. Jeez all it takes is some knowledge of physics; which should include the actual weight of the world, the velocity of the world, to know that it would take practically a nova or a moon sized planet striking the earth to destroy the world. Anything less is not the end of the world. Now that is of course a technicality for what the fuckin doomsayers or what the fuckers are saying the doomsayers are saying is that man's time on earth is done because of BP and the oil spill. How stupid can men get? I think they can get stupider but I can't imagine how or what stupidity they are going to offer up as prophecy next. Apparently these doomsayers reside only here in the good ol' currently fucked up USA. There have been bigger oil spills and whoa the world is still here. 'Whatdayaknow'. Still here......God, they are just false prophets.