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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why are Newsies trying to downgrade war

This article captioned; 5 Americans die in latest Afghan ,violence. War is war, and violence is violent, but there are wars done without violence too. I will tell you why they are saying death by violence . Because they are trying to demonize war......BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry.... War is of it's nature the most violent thing that men can engage in, thus violence in relation to demonizing war is actually, pathetic. War should strike fear in the hearts of men. No need to demonize it. It is already a horror in an of itself.......sooooo......KNOCK IT OFF!

The way that people are; the over use of the word violence will soon dull their senses to the reports of violence. Much like the little boy who cried wolf one to many times. It will take a war to re-instill the true meaning of the word violence. For the extremity of violence is such that there is no need of the word" extreme" in front of it.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Nobodies listening to you Mr President.

When you make too many errors especially big errors and then try to cover them over with excuses; and the people have to wait to do anything until election time, pretty much what ever you do in the political arena no one is going to listen to ...... Biden takes a trip to Iraq to......I suppose hail the great day of American combat brigades withdrawal.... Gets the big woopde do.
You know what Jesus says: His people know his voice and they follow after him. He also says they don't hear the wolf. I know who else they don't hear......Lies, liars, and all manner of lying including all manner of deceits. Results Mr President, results. Results are not results until they are results and not what people say are results. Results are as results do, and right now their are no results....For anyone.

My current prognosis today. This is a one term president.

This is funny, I go to click on a link and it takes me nowhere near the article I want to peruse and then scoff about. The title to the link: The president pulls his head out of the sand I mean comes back from vacation and it is still the economy....the link??????goes here.....

Seams to be a common thread. The lowest unemployment and agriculture. Uh, food for the rest of you nincompoops.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


"In all private quarrels the duller nature is triumphant by reason of dullness."
George Eliot (1819-1880)

Yeah but the dull don't necessarily live longer, and the dull seem to be the most unhappiest people I have ever met. Dull people make dull arguments. I know I got a couple of dullards for family members. Geniuses but dull.

This makes me feel good. The oil in Israel. That's cool.

Hoarding can be dangerous, even fatal.

The Glen Beck rallies did not draw in 10's of thousands. Hundreds of thousands showed up.

One more sign that the Dems have lost already. the math. Stop thinking that that everything stops right there.
What is he talking about now?.......Carbon. That's what I am talking about. 7 billion tons are released every year........from all sources into the atmosphere.

*3 billion tons is not absorbed and remains in the atmosphere(wrong). It is freaking cyclic.

*The Oceans absorb an estimated 2 billion tons.

*Trees absorb 1 to 2 billion tons.

The question the writer of this article has; "where does the rest go", is moronic? It is cyclic dude. It is not like a point of accounting or something like in money or taxes and doesn't have a fiscal year. It doesn't stop happening just because you have calculated it out that way. It flows from release, to quay(the atmosphere), to absorption. It is in three parts. The 3 billion tons that are in the atmosphere are not a static 3 billion but are in transit from release to absorption.

Good God almighty. Are these educated people that stupid? You people should be getting an education to be made wiser not stupider. Where are you people going to college?......; so I can recommend that people not go their for their degree's in stupidity.

I better see some verbal type of slapping yourselves in the head; like, oooooh I didn't think of that one, cause other wise my three batteries of biguns are really going to cut loose with another barrage of mega-scoffing.

Dark Matter............BHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'll give you a hint.......
Job 38:19 WhereH335 H2088 is the wayH1870 where lightH216 dwelleth?H7931 and as for darkness,H2822 whereH335 H2088 is the placeH4725 thereof,
Job 38:20 ThatH3588 thou shouldest takeH3947 it toH413 the boundH1366 thereof, and thatH3588 thou shouldest knowH995 the pathsH5410 to the houseH1004 thereof?

Ya ain't going to find it cause God is not going to let you all. No man need stop you all from looking you just ain't going to find out where all this extra holding force(gravity) is coming from.
If you found it you would have then found God. There is no other way into heaven than by Jesus. Ya I know you think this is crazy.....think of it as a hint or a puzzle. You are looking right at it. You just don't know it. It is not dark nor light. It is clear. It does not pass through everything everything passes through it. I am curious though why call it dark matter when indeed it is not dark at all? It is neither dark nor light but perfectly clear. It is not in motion but rather stationary and everything else is in motion upon it. Your sensors cannot detect it for they as well are made in part from it. In order to detect it you must have materials that can no wise have it as part of it and there is no material in the universe that exists without it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Nuh uh.

A man's real life is that accorded to him in the thoughts of other men by reason of respect or natural love.
Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)

No! Any ones life is not about what other people think of them. Way to many people become somebody in spite of what other people think or feel about them. Conrad was just jaded and hated the fact that he could not tell people straight up what he thought of them. So he sits there on the sidelines and throws sugar coated shit at them hoping it will stick.

Of course Conrad got famous and I on the other hand who does not sugar coat the shit I throw at people am not. Then again If I intended to be famous I would also sugar coat the shit I throw but then again that would be hypocrisy and no one can really accuse me of hypocrisy now. They got all kinds of other things they think of me but hypocritical isn't one of them. I am far away from hypocrisy.

Nasa is a government Agency and what it posts and releases; in fact all the information it gathers, is free domain. So here is a picture and an excerpt of the picture and I have a comment about it I will share at the end of it.

The ring galaxy formed in this picture is first how old? Second I think it is very old; but is what a normal galaxy would look like, after time has passed without outside gravitational interference. to prove my point scientists would have to study the likely and potential interferences from the rest of the universe.

I have an other question. How do scientists know that the Universe is expanding(I don't doubt that it is)and which direction is it expanding in, from our earths point of view? Is it like a helium balloon being heated?

The democrats think they can hold on while the economy looks like this? I don't think so. You got a health care plan that is going to bite one part of a huge segment of the economy in the ass, and is likely to be the most influential segment of that particular part of that sector; the sales men, BHWAHAHAHAH! They are already trying to lobby the government to protect them from this bastardized health care bill.

You got a health care bill that of necessity cannot and does not cover all Americans' leaving 12 million out in the cold. You got 8 million people out of work you got foreign drug gangs killing cops on American soil. You got foreign terrorists building mosques near terror sites, you got terrorist walking across the border. All of that is on the Democrats heads. the people may have shut up. They may not be telling others how they are going to vote...... but I guarantee you that there is no fucking way in hell that they even come close to having forgotten. Not with all the shit they have to deal with every day. The democrats have burned even their own stalwart ecological groups with their gargantuan oil spill. Their is no way in hell they won't pay for that politically. You got 20 million foreign nationals here illegally.

Taxes are going to go up unless the democrats extend the Bush tax cuts. To be honest I hope they don't because that will just piss off the people even more. You got the democrats going against the unions by not raising tariffs. You got like about a hundred other major reasons why the democrats cannot win. They lie, everyone knows that. They cheat, everyone knows that. They steal, everyone knows that. They are in it for the money. Everyone know that. You got them democrats letting crooked politicians off the hook. Everyone know that. They go against what everyone wants and, EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. They are against God and everyone knows that. They have lied, and will not stop lying, and will continue to lie, and everyone knows that. You got innocent people being murdered because of the policies of the socialistic, communistic, fascist, lawmaking of the Democrats and everyone knows that. Everyone knows that.

I see this as the ultimate fate of the democratic party. Political annihilation.

My God.....I go and look at the business pages just about any where, and I find nothing but pretext to economic doom.

Oh look, more doom and gloom! Oops can't link to that page. The article complains about whether or not this whole reported economic crapola is not the same kind of animal they are used to looking at. Seaming to defy solutions all the while Bernanke is standing by as some kind of savior. Pah!

They still don't believe that what they are doing is going to end up a whole lot worse culmination in one more and maybe final step towards Armageddon. That is not my take. It is happening.....right before our eyes. The major flash points in history always had a long fuse....This is one of those times. The fuse has been lit and it is burning inexorably towards the real big bang. In the mean time one of those flares in the fuse is coming up. Invasion America is a go.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The question keeps rolling around in my mind

Better late than never or better never than late. I do not prescribe to either. Hindsight is twenty twenty.

I think that sometimes if it is late to make a decision and if the whole socio-techno atmosphere has changed so that the same decision made today would be just as stupid as not having made it to begin with then of course better never than late. However if the Same or similar socio-techno environment exists then better late than never. Every decision has to be weighed in the balance of what is going on right now. I never just take any ones word for it. By God I always try to figure out if it would work over all in today's macro-geo-political-socio-economic environment.

A comment I made somewhere else

I had this debate with an atheist once concerning proof of God. It is fairly simple. God reveals himself to whomsoever he will, and at that moment it becomes clear to accept him or not. With Jesus once you accept him and realize his forgiveness, and verbalize the recognition, the Spirit of God becomes apart of you and remains with you the rest of your life. Therefore the proof of God resides with in you.

Jesus says; and I paraphrase, previously the Kingdom of Heaven was taken by force but henceforth the Kingdom shall reside within men's hearts.

Whether Obama is a died in the wool Christian or not; he apparently does not want people to know, he is certainly not a saint. His Hypocrisy is evident which most certainly makes him a liar, and to us Christians that makes him like a pharisee, who Jesus said were of their father the devil. Jesus said of the devil that he was a liar and a murder in the beginning.

Curious. Could their be hope? The articles I have read concerning the North Korean people give a picture of a people strictly monitored and controlled by the government and fed a steady diet of propaganda to insure complete obeisance. Will they ease up their sword slamming on the podium behavior? I think they just might.

Oops. Could I by GOD be being right again. The economy? What stinking economy?^DJI,^GSPC,XLF,FXE,XHB,TLT,GLD

It appears that fate is also against illegal immigration.

Click Click BOOM!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You buying a home because it will make you rich?

Or are you buying a home to live in? With existing home sales drying up there goes the notion that you can make a buck off your home. So I guess that means that you all don't need a house. Not a good attitude.

The reason you buy a home is to live in. Frankly buying a home as a means of investment is still viable. Just start small and make it modular in design so that you can add on too later.....when you can afford..... or buy junk and refurbish or rebuild. BTW I bet flipping is a little harder right now. Above all pay cash, that way you won't lose your investment lest the money you would earn in equity would go to interest paid to a bank or mortgage company. Remember a ten percent straight rate 20 year mortgage will double the cost of the home over the life of the loan. Means that you would pay a half a million dollars for a quarter million dollar house. A five percent loan with balloon payment variable interest 30 year gets about the same. Double the cost or worse.

Huh. How about that. A brand knew oil eating microbe found eating oil in the gulf.

Here's one...Day trader gets IRS bill for 172 million.....Problem is the guy lives in Spain....Soooohows the IRS going to collect..... The rest of the story is here and from the sounds of it though the guy owes nothing. However it does expose a glaring unconstitutional weakness in the IRS.... Sending bills on ASS-umptions. There is one other thing it exposes....Global economy the whole thing ain't worth a crap it was thought up on.

Hah. What goes up must come down.....sometimes people have way to much fun.

Snakes and vipers and scorpions oh my....

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Health care

I am ripping this off from somewhere else,but this is the Georgia version of Obama care. Not cheap and does not really cover anything. In other words if you don't have any care now because you could not get some, this coverage is basically shit. You won't get any with this and you will get the honor of having your money stolen and get nothing in return. America has become the land of the getting ripped off.

•a minimum $2500 annual deductible; only preventative diagnoses are excluded from the deductible

•deductible must be met before any other health care expenses (drugs, emergency room visits, lab work, durable medical equipment, etc.) are covered

•$25 doctor visit copay, with 80/20 cost split for in-network physicians or 60/40 cost split for out-of-network physicians, for the next $6000 in costs after the deductible has been met

•a "health care savings account" structure to assist insureds with out of pocket costs

•a $15,000 cap on hospice care

The minimum individual premium for the Georgia plan is $323 per month, or nearly $4000 annually. Tack on the $2500 deductible, and you're looking at $6500 a year guaranteed health care costs, not including another $1200 out of pocket that you could pay as your 20% share of the next $6000 in medical costs.

Like a letter I wrote you the president. He should of just canceled the whole god damned piece of legislation and started over. If the American people won't accept the health care plans proffered because they are more responsible than the government then Congress should have accepted it. GWB had it more rightly with his plans and it would not of cost the taxpayers a trillion to get it because they were already in place. Stupid Democrats.

Woman says nobody knew this. I knew this if I knew it then everybody knew this. Knew What you say? That none of the Liberal plans were going to work..... why? they are throwing Gasoline on a fire..... the fire that is burning down the economy. See the democrats saw the economic engine on fire and thought that they could just throw money at the problem calling it gasoline for the engine only they just threw it on the engine before repairing it. How many times can I say this... or do I have to say this before people get this. Everything would have worked out had the Democrats not of tried to force the issue of repairing the economy. They had to shut then engine off, put the fire out. Repair the engine. And then put gas in the TANK. Don't just throw it on the fire. IDIOTS! Instead they just manufactured(printed money) more gas, poured it on the fire, and of course the fire gets bigger and they say SEE WERE DOING SOME GOOD! BULLSHIT! Just because Stocks are going up does not mean they are doing any good. The economy is in worse shape. Why Because they are using BULLSHIT economic models that have proven to be BULLSHIT. Economic models generated during the BULLSHIT years of the CLINTON ERA. BULLSHIT economic models that dumb ass intellectual economists built with a one world economic picture in mind. Totally ignoring people like me who said you cannot compromise with foreign governments who are your lessors. Lets face it the rest of the world is our lessor economically and likely will be even for the next thirty years(roundabout).

Let me restate a thought I had several years ago. If YOU have a clear glass of water; and your friend has MUDDY water, and you decide to share and share alike, so you pour half of your water in a glass and they pour half of their water in that glass, I do not give a fuck how strong and clear your water is, when you pour it in that glass it will still become fucking muddy water.....

Our economy got massively huge because We the people busted our asses, and broke our backs, to make it that way. NOT some goddamn genius over there but us geniuses over here. You don't compromise with them just so you can make more money cause that is all a pipe dream.
RAISE them economic borders or the whole goddamn worlds economic ships are going to sink like fucking rocks.

Whew! That's work.

A man must consider what a rich realm he abdicates when he becomes a conformist.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ok I get it.

The rich last year spent 37% and 80 percent of the rest spent 39%. Let me put it this way. The top 2% of wage earners spent 37% and the rest spent 39%. Our consumer based economy is close to becoming untenable because of this one factor. Wonder why? Think. How many cars can 2 percent buy or how much clothing or how much of anything. It would relegate the rest of the voters to buying only the necessities and nary any luxuries.... It would make this countries economy not viable. Note the emphasis on voters. Cause you all forget that consumers are voters, and that is not going to change anytime soon. Raise the tariffs cause the only ones that they are helping right now are the rich. Force the rich to build here in the US and be done with it.

Whoa. More'n a half a billion dollars for a high school? LA has also spent almost a billion on three schools combined. I am speechless. If I lived in LA I would be thinking, better be gold plated toilet seats and bede's in there.


Ok, here is what you get when you try to explain a matter of the spirit. The old saying the eyes are the windows to the soul. I do not recall nor am I sure that there is any reference; in the KJV of the bible, to the eye being some kind of indicator. It might just be your own devil twisted imagination as well. Jesus says judge not lest ye be judged. Because there is so much deceit, and attempts by the devil, and devils to deceive so that men of character may judge falsely, that it definitely behooves a person to not be judgemental based upon what you see in the eyes.

Any way I am inspired to say that people who achieved fame in the days of old especially literary fame that doesn't necessarily mean they are all that. I personally don't really look in peoples eyes anyway lest I should be compelled by the wickedness and evil in them to judge them. Do me and you favor and not require that of me either.

The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter—often an unconscious, but still a truthful interpreter—in the eye.
Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855)

See what happens when you hide something. When you become President eventually they bring it out and RIIIIIP you apart with it at the most inconvenient time, dont they Mr president?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ya wanna talk about people getting history wrong

This reporter says that 8000 people died at Gettysburg. What? Damn I got to figure this out. Was that 8000 Yankees?;....must be because in Pickets charge nearly his whole division of 21000 infantry was annihilated. Hmmm.....let me put it another way....21,000 men were killed from Pickets division. Sooo if it was 8000 Yankees and 21000 Rebs that must be 29000 total men.

Actually the reported losses to Lee during the Battle of Gettysburg was 27,000 men. However that does includes the campaign as a whole.

I just finished reading a summary of Pickets charge and of course the history I was taught, got it wrong as well or did it? anyway I was struck by the fact that people can now walk a path on the battle field. A path that passes over where men shed their blood. The thought that freedom must needs shed the blood of patriots and tyrants. I was just thinking that we have been to long where their was any kind of major battle right here on US soil. As a nation we have forgotten what freedom is really all about.

When I lived in Northern Wisconsin back in the Seventies I recall a kid saying to me that in the State of Wisconsin you could not build a pond on your land without an environmental impact study being done. I was astonished. "On you own private land"; I exclaimed? But that was the law. Fact is it was one of those completely ignorant laws that environmentalist made not understanding that a pond functions well as a feeder for wet lands. Never the less it was an impingement upon freedom, that had snowballed. I see cracks now in the armor of these elitist idiot strong governmental types. They have stretched beyond their means to manage their ideological battle. More and more the effluent from the dam is breaking through and the regular people of this country are now beginning to see. These attitudes of theirs hide something heinous. The destruction of more than a is the destruction of their freedom. I see it in the watch towers of men hearts as the light comes on. The citizens are waking from a long slumber. The slumber of the mesmerizing caused of too much prosperity. Once again History repeats itself. And once again their shall be Armies facing off against one another on this continent. Once again the blood of patriots and tyranist shall be shed. Once again their shall be a victory for freedom. Shall history call it the Third World War. I think it will.

So here it is, mankind knows the future and still mankind is unable to stop it, it, it, it, it..... Is thier an echo in here, here, here........ The question is why not? Uh because us.....I don't know. Maybe because a part of man doesn't want too?

Ah yes, the debate over unmanned aircraft

Should we or should we not. The answer is NO! Signals can be hacked. Electronics can be hacked. People can't .....

Hows this for a scenario: Big war. We send a hundred unmanned bombers carrying 20 tons of HE against multiple high value targets. A strike designed to cripple the enemies command and control of the battle field. We are outnumbered three to one and this particular mission is make or break. With out it we stand to lose a million men is a no holds barred ground fight and may even lose the war completely.

Unbeknownst to us the enemy through espionage and electronic hacks has acquired the digital codes gaining entry into our wireless milnet and has preserved until this moment the usage of such. They initiate the hack and gain control of 10 of the bombers turning them around and bomb our own CCCnets causing a massive com blackout. Creating a communication isolation of units in the midst of complicated maneuvers intended to take advantage of what was supposed to be a sudden loss of headquarter direction of the enemies in their own high stakes game of misdirecting motion.

Suddenly with out updated battlefield information our unit coordination breaks down and begins to jam up piling one on top of the other leaving gaps in the battle line. Gaps the enemy has trained for and now takes full advantage of, doing to us what has not been done ever. Completely destroying whole divisions. In the mean time the rest of the bombers having suddenly been cut off from headquarters, become accessible to the enemy and are hacked, located, hijacked or shot down because now the enemy now knows exactly where they are.

Only a few abort or manage to complete their mission. Those that were hacked and turned around, loitered until called in on concentrations of our now traffic jammed units slaughtering thousands of troops bogged down in an attempt get to their jump off points........ Our complete front is pushed back 100 miles before we are able to stem the tide of battle. The cost is akin the the losses Hitler faced in WWII.

And that little boys and girls is why we don't want to have unmanned bombers. And I do mean little boys and girls.

War is not a game, or a video game, real people die and it should never be any different. Makes men think berfore initiating one.

By the way talking about signals and video being hacked check out this fox news vid. Obvioulsy the signal or the vid has been hacked.

By the way. As far as the threat this thing poses. It does, and the threat will be taken seriously however unless I miss my guess here.... the thing is relatively ancient tech and can be countered with near 100 percent efficiency by just about everyone. So Admjinhaad or whatever your name is. Really, your words are just smoke in the winds to the western world. Also most people have become hardened to propaganda. Waste of time, waste of words. Better to have kept it to yourselves and let the rumors run rampant. Has a greater fear factor today.

"Which form of proverb do you prefer Better late than never, or Better never than late?"
Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

Outstanding Question.

I got this over at Wizbang and it is absolutely hilarious.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ha...they are slow to persecute but fast to prosecute

The Wikileaks dude..... he just might be in trouble.

Whats the norm. When I was in the Air force the norm would have been we do something as a unit, while in basic and tech school. That was the norm. So what ever happened here may not have been the norm or it may have been. Either way this article is calling this tyranny. Whoever said that will probably get to experience tyranny one day first hand. Tyranny is used normally as an adjective at national leaders ie. dictators and generally involves heads of state,.... leaders. A Sgt. is a leader but is in no way other than vitriolic epithets, a dictator. My opinion.....Whatever the norm should have been is what was practiced. If the guys would have normally been in their dorms this particular evening, but could be released to go to this concert that is likely what happened. The rest of the men would have been relegated to the dorm anyway, that is the norm.

For those of you who are not or never intend to be in the military; it is this very necessary trait that develops the discipline within each recruit that is a must, if you want your men to stand and fight even in the face of certain death on the battle field. Now I can certainly not feel sorry for the cowardly leftist, who would curl up into the fetal position when the bullets begin to fly, because if I were an opposing troop; I and millions of other soldiers from all other nations, would likely take this particular opportunity to shoot you dead after over running your position, because you were too...mmmmmm.... to put a few rounds down range. Nothing like an easy no risk target curled up on the ground.

Get it?

Ok, so what's the beef? Iran agreed to submit to IAEC monitoring to insure no spent fuel is diverted. Russia is going to be looking over their shoulder too. So what is the deal? Was the American news media playing off on peoples fears of a nuclear armed Iran? Do I detect some......mmmmm...... going on behind the scenes here in the US? You all know the the IAEC is seriously tough minded when it comes to abuses, right? You know the the Russians are likewise mean spirited when it comes to breaking disagreements right?

I went off on this yesterday because I kept seeing this continuous complaint in the news about how scared the American government was over this Nuke power plant but not reporting on how the rest of the world felt. Now I know. Do I trust that things can't get twisted or that Iran will not be duplicitous in the future?................... Wait and see. Iran could not be so foolish as to not be obsessive about controlling the material and insuring a nice deep redundancy in security.
It is all in the framework.

Lawyers make lousy Heads of state and are best not elected to political office. That is the example the last two lawyers who have been elected as President have given. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Barack Obama from what I can see had the biggest expectation any man in this last century, and has been the greatest failure. Amazingly, I could not foresee how massively huge he has failed. I mean I knew he had the potential to be a grand success or a failure, but I figured that he would only be a modest failure. The harm he has done outstrips my worst case scenario. I suppose that I could say I am ecstatic about this, but I am not. The fact that the things that I railed against for decades now because I personally feared such a political collapse and the potential harm that could be done; in other words having my overall worst case fears be realized in one guy, well it is beyond me. I should be jumping for joy at the proof of my thoughts and words but .....mmmmm...... wants thier naysaying to be proved out. I always hoped that I was wrong. Turns out I wasn't. Cool thing..... I really believe that this nation is still recoverable constitutionally speaking. I will...... I suppose, continue to pray and fight for that.

The people who have a personal relationship with God will be deciding the election. Religion is a rote and are few among the Christians. Believing that the country is not going the way it should is not a religion. It is a fact.

This teacher is a nut. Good thing they fired him. No telling what he might have done to the kids.
Guy is all into breaking the law and stuff. Course he would say it's as all words but is it?

Friday, August 20, 2010

And again I tol ya

The oil is still out there. Lurking....waiting on the unsuspecting.......It's the BLOB ahhhhhh.....

Aaaand the people are going to keep on ignoring Obama and the Democrats. Ya see, they might not care about, or may even support that one world government ****, but mess up their environment or billfold and your toast.

My first wife was all about socialized medicine. Let us see what type of person was she? I cannot tell you how many homes she wrecked or how much she lied, and then later became a wife in a wife swapping deal and then orgies and now......well I could have told you that even my crazy family thought she was crazy..... Y'all democrats are following after crazy people.... I knew there was a major reason I wouldn't vote for the Democrats....Nuts follow after nuts.... Blind stupid nuts....Now that isn't libelous or slanderous. I really think that of them....Nuts is as nuts do....

By the way how you coming on my game.....Huh? I am bored and I know you wish I would take a break. Yeah that's it, I got to swab the guns.

Iran?....... You know if you are going to bomb them or their should not do pinpoint attacks..... You better use an all up 100 percent, maximum sustained effort, including 1200 yard long strings of 750 pound JDAMs patterned to level Tehran.... Kill them....Kill them all..... It is either that or nothing. Any thing in between will just cause more trouble than it is worth, more lives than it is worth, and more money than it is worth. There is that plain enough for you doorknobs? I suspect that you all will logically choose nothing. Of course Iran is cocky and will think that we won't ...They all proud and everything.... I bet they use a nuclear umbrella to pull some more poop. Eventually you people will conclude that the troubles Iran are causing and the troubles they will continue to cause will demand a I would be willing to bet that the US; which we are capable of doing unilaterally, considering our strength is greater than any possible combined alliance that could be formed against us, may conclude that the only way to gain world peace, is to declare total war and bomb Iran back into the stone age. If you do that don't go in and fix them up just leave them to fend for themselves. That would gut Islamic activism. Turn them back into the nomads they once were.

Loadin nuther salvo of the big'uns.

Absolutely Yes. Must have the best airforces in the world. All three, The Air Force, Marine Air, and Naval Air, must have the best there is. Bettern our allies and bettern potential enemies.

I have heard of reasons manifold
Why Love must needs be blind,
But this the best of all I hold,—
His eyes are in his mind.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

Love is not blind Sam... It just isn't so judgemental. Love sees everything and even remembers all but just decides to see the love that is in men anyway.

Until the last come home

As the last combat brigade pulls out of Iraq and we continue to draw down, I am inspired to post one more time; this, to remember the fallen, and why we fight. No matter what the idiot intellectuals say, the men on the battle field don't give a ...... for their punditziing... they went their voluntarily to free other people from the oppressive tyranny of despots bent on world domination. They bled and died to make men free. Our God is marching on.......

Thursday, August 19, 2010

George Washington's Final Address

"The habits of thinking in a free country should inspire caution in those entrusted with its administration to confine themselves within their respective constitutional spheres, avoiding in the exercise of the powers of one department to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism."

Coffee? Anyone?

The best coffee in the whole world. Bar none. Careful though once you drink this you may become so spoiled you will never want to have anything else ever again.

Priced by the case. Kind of like that cheap 160 dollar bottle of wine I drank one day. The rest just became swill. Or the asperagus I ate from that fancy wing ding. Or how about the prime rib I ate at Montana's....It was so freaking good that since then any prime rib I have had might as well be c-rats.

This coffee.... so good that all the rest must be flavored and gulped so as to not spend too much time on the pallet....

Dippity do dah dippity-yay

My o-my what a wonderful day....Down we go again.... Weren't no fun with out some one to smack down so's had to raise-em up just to smack em down.... You don't see me smiling about it now do you. Course not too many will know what I am talking about. Let's just say I told you so.

The first and the second, now dragging the third down. If y'all weren't so proud this might actually have been hard. And Oh yeah; I tol you also that I wasn't going to do it to you, you would do it to yourselves..... Just stoically matter of fact. The fourth will be so powerful that none shall kill it but God himself. The fourth will definitely be anti-atheist.

Next time you think to take away a mans wife because she might not be good enough for him why don't you ask him in advance. Cause you never know if that man might be the last straw with God. I am that last straw..... Screw with me you screw with God, and God don't play. He gets even.

Michele, you might have hated me because I was so harsh. You never took my advice when I spoke softly. You should have. You should have kept yourself for me irregardless. God was in process of blessing us. We would have been a mighty force for the blessing of others and a gift for men as an example for others of giving. I can't say today that I think of you every day but most days you are very much apart of me..... In the long run we may have been used to even change the course of history....All things are possible.... I loved you with all my heart and would have easily given my life for you without reservation or hesitation.... Few people will ever truly get that from me.... In the end the will of God must be accomplished and we could not interrupt the prophecies of God.....they are his will and I submit to it; that even though I hoped, it could never be.... In God's mysterious and wonderful way you were used by him to launch me ever closer to Him in understanding and as such you showed me if ever so briefly what unconditional love really is. I will not ever forget that....

I wish I could write of the things of the spirit but not too many would grasp or believe. It is the bain of the spiritual. That the closer a man gets to God the less he is able to prove the manner in which he know things. I know them because I do is the only explanation I have. It is both wisdom and faith. Ultimately God will bring about peace on earth coupled with peace of mind for mankind. It is the lack of peace of mind and the peace that comes from the very depths of mans heart that only God can cause.

Ya see this is what you get when you favor one religion over another.... Stuck trying to parcel out something that is not the governments business to get it's nose stuck in anyway.... I for one am happy to bite the governments nose off for getting it into things it should not.... such as the freedom of speech.... Oh Obabm is by mention, favoring one religion over another.... and the democrats by deed are favoring one religion over another.... same article. And by these acts trying to create strife. which they hope and fear will turn into a battle which they can intervene in and then make laws outlawing religion.....which open the door for the fourth beast.
I just thought you people should know why cause weell I figure it is my way of getting even. Makes y'all sweat.... I like that. Takes away your self asuredness. You know,.... your pride. Do it to me and it will surly be done unto you. You people will live the rest of your lives in the fear of the other shoe dropping.... God makes sure that people always figure it out. God always gets even for what is done to his people. Always.

Oh! This is what I do.....

Wait! No I am not! Cause most of this stuff I ain't.

dem·a·gogue   /ˈdɛməˌgɒg, -ˌgɔg/ Show Spelled [dem-uh-gog, -gawg] Show IPA noun, verb, -gogued, -gogu·ing.
1. a person, esp. an orator or political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people.
2. (in ancient times) a leader of the people.
–verb (used with object)
3. to treat or manipulate (a political issue) in the manner of a demagogue; obscure or distort with emotionalism, prejudice, etc.
–verb (used without object)
4. to speak or act like a demagogue.

I personally tend to avoid outward leadership I definitely do not try to arouse prejudice in people t. 3. and 4. way out of line with me soooo I guess I am not a demagogue or demagogic.

I do try and arouse peoples passions for things though, just not by lying which is distortion of the truth. I like, no....Love the truth.


Ah no, ah no, said the french foreign exchange student right after I swatted her on the butt.. I was oblivious at the age of eighteen. I had no idea that in France that was an invitation.....stupid me. Well the same can be said to President Obabma....who is going around trying to reverse the democratic slide in the poles, and raise money for the Dems. From America to you Mr. Pres.. Ah no, ah no. The car in the ditch metaphor may be correct however, you didn't know that that car in the ditch was on purpose, because in 1976 the democrats tried to get this same car out of the same slime filled ditch that the same Republican party put us into using some similar methods from from the same Democratic party and it just got stuck even worse. Sound familiar Mr President? Jimmy Carter was denied a second term because of the economic problems he promised to fix but it turns out that socialist ways just will not and cannot work. they never have and never will, It is just some man created Utopian idea that I think should and likely will be forgotten forever after this economic fiasco....don't you think?

In the meantime remember one thing. The Republicans may have known it was going in the ditch but somebody was interfering with them keeping that from happening. sooo they kind of took their hands off the wheel and; I think, let it happen. Shall I go over to my special website and tell you who that was? Twernt me. figure it out.....Bwhahahahahaha! or this one MWHAHAHAHAHA!

I'll say this. I don't think that either the Democrats nor the previous attitude of the Republicans can get the car out of the ditch this time. Gonna take a wrecker to do it..... Can you all figure it out in time... Better.... I got a strange feeling that it is going to rain like crazy in Africa within the next year or two. I kind of got my eye on Asia.... Hey didn't it rain like a MF in Europe over the last two years. You know that wishing people God speed is wishing them to slow down.... Well I think that a blink of an eye to God is pretty slow....Could be the blink of Gods eye... Lets say couple of years to rain and flood in Asia and then some of years of rain and floods in Africa and then.......well our military better be all back here except for South Korea cause I think the shit is really going to hit the fan, and we are going to get invaded. Maybe I am just speculating but uh....I ain't never been wrong. I am glad that we now have a completely battle hardened military.

Crazy or not here they come.....:

Do you not know that tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, all the evil things in the world will have full sway?
Bram Stoker (1847-1912)

You know Bram Stoker of Bram Stokers Dracula.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A comment

Great Post! Every thing is right. The mayor can do nothing legally to sh'top or move it forward. In fact Boom'berg once becoming Mayor actually lost some of his personal rights to say for or against. The people however can shoot their mouths off all they want to... but we shan't get the government to do anything about it lest we wist the same upon ourselves. Which might be what we are getting in other areas as it is. However we can correct those mistakes and return ourselves and our nation to a more correct constitutional behavior pattern.

Ya the pres. sucks at the economy

No kidding. With the old time commies he surrounds himself with, no wonder. They are like the last of their kind here in the USA what with MMO sliced and diced and buried in Texas. That bear has no body just feet. The fact that he remains at 49 % overall because people personally like him? They would not like him if they knew the reasons for his decisions. In fact they would probably really hate him. And oh look....Another article pointing the same way, with much more detail.

You know if you hide something without giving people a chance to really decide based on the truth, and they find out later; which is what is happening, you can't blame people for getting mad and throwing your stupid asses out. That is why I never hide nothing nor deny the truth. Never being relative of course. Man can not really ever say never unless it pertains to God; and it happens to be the truth about something God is, or is going to do, and truth about that is we don't really know God. We can love him anyway and I recommend that.

Scientists disagree over Oil in gulf. Of course I don't know what to think. Is it there? I think it is. Will it change the gulf coast ecology for a long time to come? I don't know. There is so much fighting under the table about the truth over all. We could wait for reports from people brave enough or stupid enough to go fishing or swim down their. This notion that the Woodrow Wilson's of this world know better for you as an individual.... well you take your chances to follow them now don't you.... IIIII think I will make my own decisions for my self. Now where did I put that picture of the NUCLEAR middle finger.

Maybe this Dad has a point... If these thugs were all hanged on a tree for all to see maybe that would be a better deterrent to crime. I do have a question though. What the were these girls doing at a party in the first place, and what the were they doing walking home from that party.....alone. And dads.... Your going to have to live with that mistake for the rest of your lives now ain't you?

Uh is this one going to the supreme court? I hope so because these dumb, stupid, idiot judges in California think that lying about getting a medal isn't harmful? What a bunch of morons. Oh look the gov. outlaws itself from using the word retarded..... BHWHWHWHWHW! Good. I can still use it though....These California judges are retards....Now that is freedom of speech...actually that's a known lie. I happen to really believe they are intellectual giants.....fools, but pretty smart. Maybe they are somehow retarded?.....Spiritually retarded.... I wouldn't be surprised if some of them didn't lie about something to get to be in their position to begin with. Can't wait to hear about what we find out on them.... Oh.....and the Constitution protects your right to freedom of speech so long as you ain't knowingly lying.

Thomas Sowell

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Making some sense of this

They say positively that housing rose by 1.7% but as you read the article actually it must be a hoax... because everything else fell.... so the prognosis is still bad....for housing...

The rich get richer, as the poor get poorer....Wholesale prices up, unemployment not down, wrong direction for prices to go.....Corporate profits up, unemployment not down....wrong way to go....My wife says prices are really up, It cost $6.00 for a bag of potatoes and a bag of onions. She's got a point... The News is not publishing all this because they are afraid of causing riots or something. Or they have so discredited themselves that no one is listening anyway, no one seems to care... I mean they are taking it in stride.... either way......It means that the money that rich are making is not being spent here where they are making it....Report last night on OETA says that taxing the rich might be that answer, redistributing it here in the US via the government. I am serious about this. Whether the rich start investing in capitol projects here in the US voluntarily or the Government will takes it away, then and finds a way to do it themselves....Sounds kind-o leftist now doesn't it....Falls under the heading of "welfare" in the constitution.... The rich idiots are the ones fretting over tariffs not the average American. It is either that or eventually we become the number two economy. I see 20 million unemployed in the future (middle time frame). An atheist I know would say only the strong survive. Meaning the cunning. I say we survive as a group or we don't. Atheists are all about people getting along; but they are willing to leave people behind, if they can survive.... An atheist I know. Problem with them that have no god...They are the ones who won't survive.... People always figure it out...Always.... The next beast will be an anti atheist beast....

Short time frame:1-10 years
Middle time frame: 11-20 years
Long time frame: 20-50 years

The window for the troubles to begin is less than one year one month away.... The window opens 9/11/2011....Hows that for a date....No one knows what to do? I can tell. I have heard of exactly two answers from other people. I have a bunch, but I have yet to lay them out because with out prayer in school and diligence/perserverance from people they will fail... too bold.

I don't think Israel will attack the Iranian power plant. Of course the news media is not saying if this nuke plant could enrich uranium, ie it is a breeder reactor or not. But then again the news media are just a bunch of hacks anyway and wouldn't know and would just take anybodies word for it. They could though raise the question whether it could or not. But thay ain't.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Guy makes sense

And he takes a dip

But that is not the real issue.... The president talks up his economic issues on a three day fundraising tour.... BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! I read an article that says the economic recovery is going to leave 95% of Americans behind.... Tell them that Mr President.... Are the left wing nougats getting it yet.... I don't like Hillary but one day back in the nineties she came out and made an incredible statement still quotable today... "It's the economy stupid." But not just any economy.... The economy that would work is the one where lowlifes can work.... However in the nature of some kind of conspiracy..... I think they think that if they could stir up enough people to be angry at the givment maybe they could cause a civil war..... I dunno...however it is not working though if that's what they are doing.... If they could cause a civil war and it got bad enough they might could call in the UN..... That's funny cause the US military makes up the bulk of UN forces.... I also don't think that they realize that the people they are trying to demonize are the bulk of Americans.... another failure to recognize that we just ain't going away either.... What we know we know.... right now the vote is mightier than the gun....

Naw.....the Mexicans are catching it because they are taking jobs away from Americans and making the first black President look bad.... Of course Blacks and Hispanics have had bad blood for a long time.... Interesting though.... seven blacks were investigated for hate crimes but only one was convicted.... do I detect a double standard here....?

Japan's personal consumption rates do tend to keep it's own economy a little stymied but my thought on this is they have a room problem.... Lots of people 127 million, in 140,000 square miles.... The Japanese of course are doing things to try and remedy this by building up and I have in the past seen where they are creating islands and such, however they are very expensive solutions to their situation....also their population is actually shrinking....again a likely response to so many people in a relatively small place.... Short and sweet... they have built upwards, Can they build downwards? Currently they have millions of acres taken up necessarily by transportation infrastructure, also very expensive solutions to the problem....I like to dream... All thing are possible. It can work.... How about this one.... 500 storey high by 500 wide by 500 long. You could house 1,000,000 over roads....more inexpensive housing with more floor space. Roof tops become green spaces, and I would name each mega complex after mountains....because they would be as big as a mountain....and you read it all here at Starsplash....

The extraordinarily low interest rates are certainly a concern.... by making money cheap but harder to qualify for is ok....rather than increasing the interest rates so much I was hoping that Odama and the damnocrats would see the light of promoting honesty and integrity with tough loan standards while at the same time lowering interest rates rewarding the honest over the crooked asswipes....

Aaaaand the president ignores VJ day....I have never seen a president so bent on insulting and offending so many segments of the population before...I never thought it possible....

DA da daa daa, DA da daa daa, da da daa da da dadadaa, China's military is getting pretty good...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Regular stuff

This article says it all.... The Obama administration does not want to insult the far left so he hides this from his own.... Seriously if you hide anything at all everyone should worry about what you are hiding from them.... Hence the reason I never hide anything from anyone....The story? Oil...

So this is were bedfellows comes from and careful who you sleep with....: "The historian John Gillingham has suggested that theories that Richard was homosexual probably stemmed from an official record announcing that, as a symbol of unity between the two countries, the kings of France and England had slept overnight in the same bed. He expressed the view that this was "an accepted political act, nothing sexual about it;"

Starting the day with someone I really don't like

Hang ideas! They are tramps, vagabonds, knocking at the back-door of your mind, each taking a little of your substance, each carrying away some crumb of that belief in a few simple notions you must cling to if you want to live decently and would like to die easy!
Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)

I don't like him because he seems to much a commie to me. Never the less even my enemies say a thing or two that are really smart.... This thing he says I read as he treats stray thoughts as just a form of insanity....which he has to deal with....and not a matter of the spirit....It is a matter of the spirit....

In the perspective of matters of the spirit....I deliver up this treatise.... If your soul rejects the idea of a God or anything other than nothing but what a man can see exists then all of your prayers be they matters of the spirit must turn on you and permanently repair the mistake. For if their be any lapse backwards into nothing but the flesh, your prayers become null and void by your own making.... If you lie; and say that you are an atheist, your prayers are null and void for they have no bedrock with which to stand....

"A Smile born of pain is not a smile at all but a grimace. A smile born of joy in your heart is a smile indeed." You can quote me on that, in fact I insist.

Charlott Bronte says this: "No mockery in this world ever sounds to me so hollow as that of being told to cultivate happiness."
Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855)

I say this; "I mock not to create happiness but pessimism."

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have the integrity to be myself even if I am not so sure that anyone else would or could believe it...In other words the situation is, I don't believe that any believe me that this country is nigh unto being invaded. I believe it anyway on nothing more than nearly pure faith.....I say nearly only because most of what I see as anomalous and unexplainable facts are occurring, such as the Presidents unexplainable behavior, even treasonous in nature...I mean who's side is he on anyway and does he think that he has some guarantee that he will get away with it know in eternity....? I believe that if we are invaded our politicians would be executed even summarily.

In that vein of gold the marines should be left alone....Anthony Cordesman, a defense analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, "The reality is, when you have one of the most successful combat units in the world, you do not conduct fascinating social experiments to see if you can transform it into something else."

And the president says YA sure I'll take a dip......tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow.....Old song I knew of.....

And now for a final funny... They said they opened the box and "found" 11 bottles of scotch whisky.... Uh... Why only 11?... Kind of odd.... wouldn't an even number of bottles be better....
I...Oh wait... a commenter thinks that their were twelve aaaand they drunk one for their efforts....heh heh...

Friday, August 13, 2010

What was the first thing on my mind this morning?

The damage that following after the doctrines of men have caused Christianity. The greatest example of a doctrinated church today is Cathothisim. They are so bad as to think that they are the only place and people today where Jesus resides and they place godhood upon the priesthood. That is the furthest from the truth that a religion can be...They are no better than any other religion even like unto the ancient Egyptians who treated the Pharaohs as if they were God.... Today the Catholics call their priest father as if they were The Father, this even after Jesus says call no man Father..... By the way if any of the priests were God no man could kill them....And yet priest have they ain't God....

Now for the documentable and quantifiable aspects of the religious.....Did you ever realize that today every nation that was dominated by the Catholics is poor or went to another religion or ideology.... For instance....Russia is mainly atheistic.....Every where they go, dictatorships arise and poverty reigns.....Wars erupt and torture and slavery dominate....WTF....

You Catholics need to look at yourselves and repent lest you be like unto the men and women whom Jesus says "get thee away from me, I knew you not". Cause that is the direction y'all are headed.....

That's what I was thinking about the moment I arose.....

Now for another religious topic..... The ancient roman empire will not arise like the idiot preachers who kept talking and preaching it would. That is just some misinterpreted bullshit. So you crazy fuckers who are trying to make that happen can quit trying.... I will tell you what you are doing... The battle has been so fucking fierce over the last 100 years trying to make that happen as to of caused the first second and third beast to arise and it will be the cause of the fourth beast of Daniel's vision to rise up out of the sea which will definitely snuff out every last vestige of thought ensuring that the old Roman empire shall not. Hows that for a message? Now get your spiritual selves off of me......

There's nut's of all ilks and religions and beliefs....I have never said there weren't....Of course I cannot say whether or not this guy did it but all the circumstantial evidence points that way...However you should know by now how I feel about circumstantial evidence...Not enough....According the article, the police are going to get real picky....they have got to be....I am a huge fan of good honest forensics....

Heres something else I have noted....Shy people are far more likely to go effin postal...The happy go lucky boisterous me.....ain't. People like me are far more likely to be dickheadtators than anything else....Mhaw-haw-haw.

Mr President; you may have the IQ of a genius, but you have the wisdom of a fucking idiot.

How many Trojans are orbiting in earth deadzones?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I once posted my name meaning

Which would include my middle name.... Cody.... the previous site had my name meaning, comforter or pillow? Which is a joke....This site though has the name meaning of, "origin"..... Since God is the origin of all things I guess means God....

I don't want to hear anyone think for a moment that I think I am God.... If I do, I will take great pleasure, and exuberantly scoff mercilessly in your faces.... Or should I put it this way scoff mercilessly in your fucked up faces....

Nudder day but no nudder dollars

The economy is tanking.....again..... but it always was, the government was lying about it recovering....anyway.... people I hope you have your seat belts on....Nobody wants to say it and nobody wants to doo what is right....Nobody wants to say that in order for this ship to right itself if must be allowed to sink....Everybody is just protecting their own back pocket at the expense of everyone else's.....This one guy says only this...."The 3% rise in U.S. imports last month is arguably a bullish sign of a recovering consumer,"....I say that imports do not put Americans back to work, Yesterday I read a headline that says even with lower interest rates people are not buying....That is because thy can't afford house payments....real strait rate house payments on a say $125,000.00 dollar home should run about 1000 to 1500 a month, Who wants to make those kinds of payments on a rinky dink 1500 to 1700 square foot house?.... very few people are willing to make that kind of sacrifice for so little return....not too many brand new homes are being sold around the country...oh there are still some good areas around the country but I am talking overall....without the housing market there has to be some other area where there must be growth....and there is only one area growth can weakness in the whole economic picture....the loss of factory jobs here in America....up to I think 1997, the number of people who were employed by factories was 25 percent of the population....Blue collar workers...incomes rose when government stopped taking money away from the the working man and the working man then did what working men always do they improved their personal lot.....But back then people did not have the crushing overhead they do today....In 1987 I could still find a loaf of bread on sale for 25 cents....gasoline was riding around $1.20 a gallon, My personal story was by 1988; I had purchased a relatively new home, 800 square feet plus livable basement, for 63000, the payments were a staggering 650.00 or so with a 5000 dollar balloon payment in five years....My first wife and I made a decent for the time 45000 gross annual income, and for me to set back a 1000 a month was not much of a stretch....We didn't live large but it was far from unpleasant....the only unpleasant aspect of the whole thing was my first wife's penchant for fucking married men and breaking up their marriages. Seemed to be a hobby of hers...that's a whole nuther story by itself....Outside of that we lived clean and healthy....We paid our bills and and had some left over for the more enjoyable and esoteric side of living....

Today....I wish I could say I feel sorry for the young people, but I am having a hard time empathizing with young people who don't see the need for prayer in school and the selfishness with which they lives their lives....And all this gibber jabber on the phones is not making factories magically pop up in the US....and no one wants to listen and it seems that the people that directly surround me are completely ignorant of the social aspects, except for a tiny narrow slit they see of the road in front of them....The only good that will come is when we are invaded, the kids are going to get pissed off because of the loss of their cell phones and texting which they have come to see as a staple of life. Like they can't possible survive without them.... and all the other shit that will come along with it....I can see it now....Theses bunch of spoiled rotten little shits, when some opposing member of an armed force smacks one of them....they are going fight to the death....I love that thought...It's going to be one of those I told you so moments.....If you would have spanked the kids to begin with this country would not be so weak as to be invadeable, and the prosperity we enjoyed right up to Bill Clinton would still be in full swing and the world would still be enjoying an ever increasing standard of living....everything would be in proper balance....

General motors post 1.3 billion dollar profit.....that get the 'aw bullshit' from me....their are some smoke and mirrors here, or they are not saying why they were able to post such a nice little profit margin....either way it came at the cost to the working man here in the US; didn't I just say that GM is selling more cars over seas, built overseas than here in the US.... This is not all that good news for the workers here in the US...And since the almighty dollar is the "primary", source of monetary backing and the dollar strength is really placed squarely on the backs of the product producing Americans an no one else, not the service providers not the government workers but the people on the factory floor. Not the nincompoops up in the offices but the guys and gals actually doing the work needed to put out the widgets and gadgets that they in turn, purchase which keeps everything rolling economically....

Which ever genius ever figured that out ( it weren't me) and knew that if they could just find a way to destroy, or steal, or take away, or get the bean counters(accountants) to sell off the factories, to destroy the backbone of the American economy.....well they got it right, and it is working....just not as fast as they wanted it too.. Ya see they did not comprehend that the People of the United states are the driving force....foreigners cannot get that one little detail....They have all.....every other nation has been so much under the thumb of their kings, dictators, and governments that they did not realize that the people of the US could not possibly be that robust or strong, their must be some authority, having found none they thought to create or manufacture some authority, to pick on and they contrived the church as the authority and went after it, that failing they, contrived big business and went after that, that failing they contrived big government and went after that, that failing they hit the nail on the head and just blamed America in it's totality and began to systematically take from this country what made it's working......problem is they did not see how much their own prosperity was tied in to the backs of Americans........they are stuck....They are inextricably tied to to us economically.....Well I wouldn't say inextricably.....They could invade......with millions....upon millions and slaughter every one with out exception.....Their is no compromise, only dominion to be considered.....The only reason to compromise is to make the acquisition of dominion easier....but ultimately.......................................

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Day but not new stuff

People can't get jobs because employers aren't into OJT. Don't want to go through the expense of training only to have the employees get mad later and quit. Says something about employers knowing themselves. Says they know they are going to be assholes or the employees they do have must be assholes.... Or they are to cheap to pay for the training so they must be cheap assholes.

No, I am just anal about clean water in my home....BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ya, improve the economy and the trade deficit grows, which doesn't improve the employment picture, which along with 12 million illegal aliens lends to ummmlet's confidence? Ya that must be it... Bwhahahahaha! Fucking idiot one worlders... whatja think, one world was going to happen this century... Under Jesus it will but not under anything atheistic....

Ok, so it is an advertisement however they do give a really good simple explanation why anti oxidants are so important. Lycopene(maters) vitamin C(Oranges) Vitamin D(sunshine) Vitamin E(don't know natural source for that) ecetera....Good stuff..

Ohhhh, the president bites himself in the ass.......again....Foodstamp program raided to fund an obvious political bailout.....trying to bailout his really shitty poll numbers...Trying to bailout the democrats nearly invisible poll numbers.... By stealing from the poorest of the poor...Didn't the stupidocrat want to be hailed as modern day robin hoods....Funny, how come they are stealin from the poor and giving to the rich.... Ya Ya Teachers and cops ain't rich.... Has anyone ever given the figure for how much we pay nationally compared to the rest of the worlds nations for law enforcement....I would be willing to bet that we are tops in total cost of law enforcement....But the teachers.....last time I checked we were no. two(doodoo) in cost per student in the world, However we are number 15 or worse in student relatively speaking the teachers are rich..... Ok same link as the previous one. Uh duh did they have to do some research you know pay a few million to know this. Hell I knew this from the beginning. Like what....they are ----ing terrorists. Their primary targets are always civilians. Where the hell do these international politicians come from? Did they just pull their heads out of the sand or what? I swear to.....well I swear....alot....that the common every day man knows more about what is going on that the average elected, or not elected official...

HAHAHAHAHAHAA! don't know what I am laughing about... You kids think that the mouse keyboard interface was the first point and click....WRONG....That would actually be SMITH AND WESSON......BWHAHAHAHAHA! Cha, the people have become the juggernaut

IPO GM definitely wants to get away from the Government Motors nomer.... Bad for business.... Sooo they want the government to sell out 41+ billion in shares. Might tank the stock. I think I will buy in to that.. Ya know buy low sell high. Fords going for something over 11 buck right now. I think I want in on that too.

And what wrong with going to sh-cool druther than school?

And now because I want to pass along some wisdom as well:

Learn from minty fresh at both ends fail, and don't confuse the tooth paste for the
Preperation-H .

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What is the average speed of a meteor-ite

Who knows; but this meteor was traveling 37.2222 MPS, that's Miles per second....

Actually the the fed can do little but sit on the sidelines to help the economy. The Federal reserves main job should be and is to maintain a stable money supply, not to be confused with a static money supply. Ok if I wasn't so angry at this country, what do I think should happen with the money. The fed should pull money out of the market place which would cause the long bonds to increase in value. However there is a mitigating factor. The amount of cash reserves held by foreign countries is very high. I think that foreign countries would take the opportunity to sell off some of the excess USD reserves to get away from the dollar as a cash reserve. So they would be less under our thumb. I like that. Makes them more likely to want to invade. If the Fed does not pull money out inflation becomes more likely and jobs will in all likely hood be harder to come by which means people will continue to run conservatively in spending which will hurt the worlds economies which will increase the likely hood of invasion. Hmmm. Can't think of a way around this rock and hard place.

Pull money out of the economy. It will toughen up the mentality of Americans. Make em more financially responsible.....eventually.

In the mean time, worker productivity dropped last month. Means more people doing less. That's not a good economic sign either. Wait, maybe they have a point here. More people working they think may have a good economic impact. Not for long they think. I would have to meditate on it but to say that it would be temporary is probably fact. People should still be slow to spend. We here in the US; with out factories, can no longer sustain the worlds economies. They are going to have to learn to buy what they make. You know grow up. Wean themselves from us. Works. More likely to invade us. Hmph still works out that a way.

Holy crap! Talk about coincidences, there has always been strange goings on in the nature of politics from; was there a conspiracy to kill JFK, to this, in relation to the plane crash in Alaska, what was it yesterday?.... I don't get the connection totally, but my internal alarm bells are ringing.

See now this next thought is the kind of statement that a brilliant man would say that makes me wonder, what did he know about the matters of the spirit?

"A man is a god in ruins."
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

This seems comical but it is an example of spoiled rotten; never had their butts busted, for throwing temper tantrums. I think it is tragic; however this type of behavior will be straightened out by that invasion I keep harping on.

Ah, so the electorate does make a difference. Ya know what I think.... IT AIN"T ENOUGH!!!!!
This should be an all up response. Period. Not some half arsed throw a few more men and a paltry few hundred million more at the problem. The American people ain't fooled. Too late for the Dems. It is just not enough. If they rushed a division to the border with shoot to kill orders, now that would be enough. The people might be impressed. No compromise on that can be had. NONE! Ya bunch of damned crooks!

Monday, August 9, 2010

OOOOOH that's gross!

No man hath anger like a woman scorned....EEEEwwww.

I started this day without first reading this....Soooo the title for today certainly does not Do Emerson justice....I do differ slightly in that I start with a vivid in color picture in my mind about what I want to talk about.....

Never the less something less than ewww.....:

A man conversing in earnest, if he watch his intellectual processes, will find that a material image, more or less luminous, arises in his mind, contemporaneous with every thought, which furnishes the vestment of the thought. Hence, good writing and brilliant discourse are perpetual allegories.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Now for the news with my comentary

It's raining in Asia but is it raining in all of Asia? NO? Is it pouring rain in Africa and Europe too? No? How about this for a perdiction... If it super floods in Europe, Asia, and African all in the same year then we here in the US can expect an invasion by the next year.

Naw; the government killed this rancher and this nun.....Sue the Fed for wrongful death....

Ah HAH! Private dicks doing federal law enforcement jobs.....That smacks of the corporate beast and mercenary-ism....That is just some of the stuff, Al did to our country back in the late 90's....

Comparing my sister and mother to the US economy.....Did you know that my sister had at one time and still has a credit card...when she was making 400-800 a month, her personal credit card limit was $15,000.00 and she had it maxed out.... My mother who has been on SSI for better'n a decade has a credit card balance of well her rich sister paid it off.... but the limit is was $15,000.00. Of course this was last year..... I don't know now what is happening with it today. I do know that it is no higher today. I wonder if she has been cut the credit card company..I wonder if my Aunt cut her off too.. I know that for a while the bill was going to my Aunt....I also know that my sister wanted to get the bill sent back to her....I assume because she did not want her aunt to know that she was pissing money away instead of being wise about it....My sister is the most tight lipped person I have ever seen....Of course I don't press her about her stuff. I could.... I may.... However the point is She messed up my mom messed up and this country is messed up....economically and financially.... Which came first the chicken or the egg....How coincidental that the US is in great financial trouble and my mom and sister are also in great financial trouble.....I will tell you what Why don't you credit card companies slap leans and judgements on my moms house just to make sure that you get paid cause I don't see any other alternative to a guarantee that that... Like wise world on the US ;of course the only way to insure the debt of the US is well, you know....A sovereign nation is a sovereign nation. To get your money back you will have to invade, conquer, enslave, and loot and tax, because when the right gets this country back..... How can I put this; well, just cash in your chits and demand, and when we don't pay up....invade.....right after you all recover from the raining and flooding....When it is all done, blame Teresa and Al and Jimmie Liane Erkkila...Trust me I have been on the inside for 40 years....They got no good in mind for this country and see it as the problem.....BTW way paying off the credit cards....that was income not reported; I would bet, on thier income taxes.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Proof positive that my sister does not rule the world

Did you know that a solar flare was caused by great magnetic whirlpool, which decreases the pressure just below the surface so much, so quickly that the surface material no longer has gravity enough to remain on the suns surface.... blasting huge amounts of material; at fractionally relativistic speeds, into outer space. You didn't? You can name that the Ron effect.
I am all smiles....

20 states and the nations most influential small business group are filing friend of the court statements as to the national health care deal... Read it for yourself....

Now My wife wants to get on the next article for more on this stupid behavior of hers....She's got little or no money, a mental disease diagnosis, me bitching mercilessly and still she cannot resist.... woo she is fucked up.... did you know that there is no contract that is valid when signed by a mentally ill individual....none...You did'n know that?

Dumb de dumdum....Looking for an American who is a terrorist...

Me Hypocritical?....Bwhahahahaha! I have never ever hid the fact that I cuss and swear like a sailor....I will tell you what is hypocritical....a pope going along with covering up of child molesting Priests...A congressman pretending piety and then getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar...A congress who lets same congressman off with a now now Johnny don't do that again...a desperate president who is now thinking about how to just up and forgive billions in home loans to people who were to stupid to do a little math and compare it to the then over priced home they were buying....Now that is hypocrisy....I will never hide the fact that I have learned a huge number of things from personal stupidity.....never.. I am not hypocritical just honest....I will never cover up the fact that in spite of my swearing I am still saved by grace....My behaviour is not changing the fact that all you have to do is ask Jesus to save you and you to will be saved, and in spite of whatever the hell you are doing so long as you don't do the 7 deadly sins you are not going to have any problems getting into the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven. In fact I think God would rather have a cussing nonhypocratical me than a bullshittin hypocritical you.... those of you who don't really know what I am talking about its a personal argument...

If Afghanistan cannot rid it self of corruption then well......what are we doing there?

And Companies are hiring slow. Not looking good....Stock market switching to T-bills.....

Aaand we let foreigners come in aaaand we get this shit....Indians (not to be confused with Native Americans) honor kill, Americans don't....

Oops again...I thought I had a funny feeling about the new, now old CEO of Hughlitt Packard...

Heres one for you...How many great people were born in Oklahoma....Let's start with Jim Thorpe.. Oh did I tell you I am part Injun and White man.
Art Acord
Silent film star, 90 films between 1910 and 1929, Stillwater

Carl Albert
McAlester, Former Speaker, US House

Tommy Allsup
Country and Western Music Entertainer. Claremore, Miami, Tulsa

Erica Anderson
Actor, (Quake, Zandalee) Tulsa

Gene Autry
Sapulpa, Actor, musician

Lou Antonio
Director/Actor (Chicago Hope), Oklahoma City

Johnny Bench
Baseball great

Black Kettle
Cheyenne, Cheyenne Chief

William "Hopalong Cassidy" Boyd
Tulsa, Actor

Garth Brooks
Of Yukon, country and western music entertainer

Paul and Thomas Braniff
Okla. City, Aviation pioneers

Anita Bryant
Tulsa, Entertainer

Jeremy Castle
Oklahoma country music singer and songwriter form Blanchard, OK

Lon Chaney

Roy Clark
Tulsa, Musicianla. City, Actor

Charles Coe
National Amateur Golfing Champion in 1949 and 1958.

Bart Conner
Olympic gold medal winner, gymnastics

Leroy Gordon Cooper
Of Shawnee, was among the original seven US astronauts. He orbited the earth 22 times in 1963

Joan Crawford
Lawton, Actress

Admiral William Crowe
Former Head of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff.

Dizzy Dean
Baseball great

John Denver
Corn, Clinton, Musician

Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd
Akins, Sallisaw, Outlaw

Owen K. Gariott
Of Enid, US astronaut

James Garner

Fort Sill, Apache Warrior

Vince Gill
Country singer

Woody Guthrie
Considered by most to be the father of American Folk music, was born Woodrow Wilson Guthrie in Okemah, OK, July 14, 1912

Mary Hart
Okla. City, TV anchorwoman

Paul Harvey
Tulsa, Broadcast journalist

Ron Howard
Duncan, Actor/Director

Toby Keith
Moore, Musician

Jean Kirkpatrick
Ambassador to the United Nations

Gordon William "Pawnee Bill" Lillie
Pawnee, Wild West Show

Dr. Shannon Lucid
Of Oklahoma City, a US astronaut. She was on board the space shuttle Atlantis during its flight in October of 1989

Reba McEntire
Country and western music entertainer

Phillip C McGraw "Dr. Phil"
Okla. City, TV Host

Mickey Mantle,
Baseball great.

Pepper Martin
Baseball great

Shannon Miller
Edmond, Gymnast

Kenny Monday
Great wrestler and athlete

Bobby Murcer
Okla. City, Baseball great.

Carry Nation
Of Guthrie, led the fight for prohibition

Bill Pickett
Ponca City, Invented bulldogging

Brad Pitt
Shawnee, Actor

William R. Pogue
Of Okemah, among the original seven US astronauts. He returned to earth on February 8, 1974 after 84 days in space.

Darrell Porter
Baseball great

Wiley Post
A Native Oklahoman and a pioneer in the field of aviation. He was the first to discover the jet stream and the first ever to design and wear a space suit

Lynn Riggs
Author, writer "Green Grow The Lilacs" from which script Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote the Broadway musical hit "Oklahoma!"

Will Rogers
Humorist, entertainer, ambassador-at-large

Stuart A Roosa
Of Claremore, a US astronaut

John Smith
Great wrestler and athlete

Thomas P Stafford
Of Weatherford, US astronaut who commanded the joint United States-Soviet

Belle Starr
Outlaw 1846-1889, was called the "Queen of the Outlaws" , "a female Jesse James"

Willie Stargell
Baseball great

Bill Tilghman
Bat Masterson called him "The greatest of us all." Bill Tilghman was a fearless gunfighter who rode with a badge throughout Indian Territory in the 1890's as one of the "Three Guardsmen." He was responsible of arresting dozens of hardened outlaws and criminals during his life and participated in many gunfights. After retiring from law enforcement, he was coaxed into wearing his badge one more time in 1924 at the age of 70 in a wild and woolly oil boom town of Cromwell, Oklahoma where a young drunk shot and killed him without provocation

Bob Tway
Of Edmond, he won the PGA Championship in 1986

Jim Thorpe
One of Oklahoma's greatest athletes. At the 1912 Olympics, the King of Sweden declared that Thorpe was "the greatest athlete in the world."

Wayman Tisdale
Great basketball player and athlete

Carrie Underwood
Of Checotah. American Idol winner 2005.

Paul and Lloyd Waner
Outfielders from Harrah, OK. The only brothers in the National Baseball Hall of Fame

JC Watts
Sooner quarterback, U.S. congressman

Bud Wilkerson
Norman, Football

Is Robert S Johnson in there?....He should be... Born in Lawton Oklahoma, was the first pilot to surpass Eddie Richenbachers record of 26 air kills in WWI, with 27 in WWII. Author of Thunderbolt; his auto biography of flying fighters , and I actually got to meet him when he was at Thunderbolt Reunion in Warner Robins Ga....Shook his hand got his autograph....Cool stuff. Speaking of a small world, I also took care of General Scott's AC. I got a personally autographed paperback of his too...You know, God is my Copilot, back in the day when I was practicing heating and Air....Speaking of more coincidences, My dad got to see Richard Ira Bong, America's Ace of Aces with 40 kills. Ya see he grew up in the county I lived in...He came home to visit while on war bond drive in Poplar Wisconsin. My dad grew up on a farm in a little ol' township next to Poplar named Maple...

My last entry for the day is:
No one will dare maintain that it is better to do injustice than to bear it.
Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC)