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Thursday, April 30, 2009


If I win you win,
If I loose you loose,

How is it possible that I could do such a thing.

Truth is an endless plain and therefore I can never be driven from it. If you move to occupy my position by words but you are lying in character to gain the position once you have gained the spot you will inevitably return to your original character and lie. Automatically giving the ground back which I will simply return to it having never truly left the position to begin with, and because you lie you never gained. You only lied to say you gained the position, a position I never left because I have no power to leave the position and you have no power to either say I have left not to force me from it.

I could snipe at you all day long every day causing attrition amongst your ranks which I do drawing down your forces until you withdraw lest I surround you with what used to be your forces.

Leaving me alone in the position, therefore I win having grown my forces and reducing your forces.

Truth is an endless plain with endless constructive possibilities. Lying is a bottomless hole with no end and nothing but destruction in it's wake.

Therefore if I win I can reconstruct which benifits everyone. If I lose I can construct nothing and only destruction can occur.

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