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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I need to settle this once and for all

I have had some brainless morons ask me a question about how I pay my bills.

ME smart. Me have no bills on a-count of I paid them off. Me not make many bills. Me live with in my money. Me happy me have no bills. Me free from evil money slavers. Me pay cash. Me save much money so me no have worry. Me no want to worry.

Is that dumbed down enough so's you's can understand.

The only thing that I will guarantee you I will pay a creditor for today is when I buy a car or a hovel..... I make sure that I pay, even then I try to pay cash. Yes that means that most of the time I have to buy used...Soooo What! You too busy judging me on my car or my home to recognize the ultimate wisdom that you can't control me by threatening my shelter or my ride. MHWA!

I say what I do and do what I say! Pay Cash! If I am setting an example then that is the example I'm setting. Pay cash! Pay Cash! Pay Cash!

I get the feeling that there are people out there who think I am rich. I dunno maybe they think they are empathic or something, maybe they FEEEeeel the wealth in me. Can they also FEEEeeel the mirth in me or how about the Scofffiiiing in me.

MHA! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA! I laugh with a scoff.

I have said this in public and I want this ON the record. Neither a borrower nor a lender be.
Pay cash, pay cash, pay cash.

Had this country and it's people not been so G--D---ed hooked on F---ing credit the economic troubles that we are having now would not exist. And if any wants to argue that credit has made this great economy I will answer with the previous and this . It is peoples honesty and promise keeping that made this country great not the B-ll S--it money.

Want a piece of my mind here I will give it too you. Do the math. NEVER buy something without figuring out what percentage of your income it will take up and with out deciding if your a willing to make the necessary sacrifice to see it through.
Also figure in that the economy might go to sh-t and leave you hanging by a thread which would break. NEVER think that your job is so iron clad that you could never lose it or be laid off. The only people who might be able to say that are the sole proprietors who have the necessary skills to do the craft themselves. Always remember there is no 100% sure thing.

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