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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just in case

We have had an interesting and lively debate going on over at T.F. Sterns place which I thought I wanted to keep my comment for my self as well. Of course I raised doubts bout my party loyalty by mentioning earlier in the argument that "the worst I could be was a Rino(Republican in name only)". Any here is the latest instalment in the comments section. With some additional thoughts that I feel are way to inflammatory to have made in T.F's site.


Ah yea! As is the case the people have the power to save themselves some trouble and money, once again people chose not to. I don't care, after all this is a free country and it is your money.

Oh by the way, one 2oo watt panel would run your fridge and another would run your freezer. 2 more would operate all of the light bulbs in your house, especially if they are the florescent ones. Also you could save major bucks on your heating and cooling bill by doubling the insulation in your attacks and installing or having good double pane windows. By the way did you know that you can get triple pane windows.Now as to whether I am knowledgeable enough or rather know what I am talking about do not forget I worked the heating and air business for 23 years. Did you know that I have the equivalent educational level of a batch of sci. in engineering in Hvac and energy management.
Scoff if you will but I am a believer in keeping my money in my pocket and not being enslaved to an institutional entity like the ele. companies or the Gov.. Being independent is what the red, white, and blue stand for, not just nationally put personally. No offense to the oil and ele. co's after all where would we be if not for them. Of course I could've also mentioned it keeps the Greener's off my back, I feel good about it. All selfish motives of course, unless I have an ulterior motive beyond selfishness(which I do).
It takes cash to get in my vehicle and run around the country and do this...... Luk 14:21 So that servant came, and shewed his lord these things. Then the master of the house being angry said to his servant, Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind.

Also when Jesus told us to give to the poor He didn't say give to the people who give to the poor or judge whether a poor man deserves to be given to or not, so I give to the poor directly and to do that I need the extra cash. And didn't the Pharisee's scoff at Jesus.

It's better than giving to a rich man with a greedy profit motive to invest for you, only to later watch your 401k or whatever crash and burn. And haven't I been warning you people about these things for the last four or five years in my previous web sites (Links on side bar). Yeah what I say sounds greedy at first glance but didn't you people learn not to judge a book by it's cover. Have I not been setting an example for you to follow and did I not say if you have any questions about why I was doing these thing to ASK ME. The answer of course is JESUS says to do good be kind and give. So now you don't have to ask. So don't. You don't have to listen to me, You can go get a bible and read, especially the Gospel.

Any way back to the subject matter. You can help yourself be free and your country be free at the same time If you would take a a few steps towards saving energy. Never mind the ulterior motives, personalities, or perceived character of the people who are touting such advice.

I was not taught to judge what a person was or or by what spirit they gave the advice by but to contemplate the wisdom of the matter.

So you may hate me or despise me or be disgusted about me but that is no excuse to completely ignore what I say. I thought college was supposed to teach you people how to think and if this is what they taught you-to ignore something somebody says because you don't like them then you people are fools and it is really I who should be ignoring you. Oh wait a minute-I am. But then again I am not. Or am I ignoring you and listening to God. YUP!


  1. As for giving to the poor... I pay my tithes and then my fast offerings to the Church and let those them figure out the best way to use those funds. I don't like handing out money to beggars who hold out a hand or a sign; instead I keep a box of peanut butter crackers that I buy at Sam's Club to hand out, or at least I did until all the peanut butter crackers got a recall.

    Those who mistakenly believe that government has the power to tax in order to make us a benevolent society have no clue as to how America was established or should be run by the Constitution, in short they are wrong.

  2. My wife tells me she is poor, every damn week, so I always hand her my pay check.

    Charity Sucks!…Lol

  3. T.F. I'v done that. I threw a can of food at a bum on the freeway off ramp once.......not really, I handed it to him, I do tithe the 10% of the increase, My increase ain,t been so hot lately.

    Never the less when I see a woman on the side of the road I give her a buck or two or 5 and wish I had more to give ( by the way she is out of the wheel chair and using a walker now). Same with the beggars. I guess I am bragging and probably minmizing any blessing God would give me but I really think it is important to say that I do.

    As far as the rest of what you just said you are right, they are wrong.

  4. JMB,
    I can't even let my wife know what we got, I am just now getting us back to a financial place so's we can leave my mommies place from the last domestic catastophy she caused.

  5. Well you know what they say Starsplash,
    “charity starts in the home” Lol


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