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Friday, April 3, 2009

Yeah I know....

I don't look or sound like a manly man but if you don't feeeel like my picture with caption is manly enough, come to where I live so I can kick your a__ ,after I severely pummel you into the dirt.
Of course that presumes that you are a man, in which case I have been manly enough to have been married to four woman and unfortunately not feminine enough to keep the first three. So I got manly with my fourth wife and laid down the law. Kinda gets a humph out of me that I 'm still married to her, In fact she has so much as told me that I am stuck with her now. Like 'humph' who would have known?

Or maybe your a lesbian, in which case what would you know about gettin along with a man?

I know, I got two sisters that wish they were me. Sis says to me one day, "I envy you you are always the center of things" ....maybe....Now if I could just translate that into cash I.... I'll be maybe that's my problem, Not coniving to get money out of all-o-that """attention""". Tell you what. Iff you don't give me money then I refuse to be the center of attention any more(said with a toung in cheak nasally waaa-ine). Al don't say nuthin; they would deny it(ie. lie).

There---- That manly enough for you?

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