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Friday, May 1, 2009


As an explanation of what I was trying to say, If truth, honesty, integrity, and promise keeping prosper in this country; it will of it's own accord return to prosperity .
We must learn the truth, and prosper the honest hardworking people and learn the difference between a good honest hard worker and a sycophant.
We have way to many sycophants and not enough people who cannot be turned or bent any ol' way we want.
I don't want people around me who with a conniving tongue not only BS me but with that same sick tongue run my best employees out because they are sceerd of the competition. I want employees who don't mind some good natured internal competition but who's overriding concern is for the very company they serve.

I also do not want to work for a company that thinks it owns me lock stock and barrel. It don't. I got my own life to live and whether it/they like it or not I will be taking time to live my life.
It is definitely time for the corporations of this country to let their people live.

Live and let live or don't . Do unto others aka. what comes around goes around, and stop bitching when the come around comes around. Because when the come around comes around and you bitch, the come around will keep coming around until the corp. is gone. Stop giving it out and it will stop coming back, goes both ways. Doing evil and then doing good to neutralize the evil equals 0, nuthin, nadda, poverty.
Do more good you'll get more good. Do nothing but good and nothing but good will happen to you, do evil to good people and you will get crushed; right beast?

As usual I could think of a number of ways that this thought could be bastardized........don't. If for no other reason than you will definitely not like the paybacks. If a twisted mind twists this thought around to suit it twisted way's and it leads to people dying then the pay back is on the twisted mind, which takes us back to the psycho-phants. Yah, hyphenated on purpose to emphasize the psycho.

Truth is a warm fuzzy place for me to dwell. A nice cozy house. Full of wonder and amazement. Fun, and joyful, happy, and kind. Loving, giving, peaceful.

Unfortunately the world sees the truth as to hard, harsh and painful. Worse; sees truth and the people of truth as enemies, pain givers, haters. The truth and the people of truth to be feared, and they fear them. How wrong is that? I mean that is wrong. Really wrong.

No doubt turning from a liars way of life to a fully honest one is hindered by our own pride and the fear of the paybacks we have coming or think we have coming. Pride is like a creature unto itself but that pride can only lead you to a jungle, a wilderness, a place fraught with beasts and creeping things, pitfalls, quicksand, and blind cliffs. It's is a place of wickedness and evil; where only the strong survive and only so long as they remain strong for even the strong,s life is short in the jungle.
I read a story about a woman who lives 117 years. Wanna know how she did it? Always told the truth and never let anything change that about her. Life just seemed to pass her by and she let it. Didn't worry about it. Got what she got and was happy with what she got. Didn't worry about that either. Of course that is my take on her life.

I am at peace with myself and if you gotta know I really ain't worried about anything else.
Want peace with yourself too. Starts with the truth. Face yourself in the mirror and be honest with yourself first. then be honest with the people around you. If we do this and get enough people around us to do this I guarantee you that by God the world will be a better place. At least your world will be.

In time by anyones measuring stick you will be succesfull.

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