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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A repost to my brothers install against God(link)


I bet that Solomon was talking from the experience and perspective of probably never spanking his kids. Being a King that would be beneath him. Also growing up in the house of David he saw the same lack of whippings and the results.

And no the guy was talking about when in war and other things.

Also Christians today do not practice arranged marriages. Again that is a foreign third world take.

Be my guest on the Moses deal. I will say though that they were commanded to slaughter everybody in a city they took and sometimes all the animals too. They were not allowed to rape an enemy, though it does not directly say so. They were forbidden to commit adultery or to fornicate and also to not have forced sex(rape) upon penalty of death.

The book of Exodus and Leviticus especially Leviticus is where you can find those things.

I will also not be pretending to be in perfection with Moses law.

This atheist is claiming to be a part of the destruction of so many old wives tales but he is so full of s--- taking credit for a genera from just plain old common sense. Btw. In the old testament you won't find any old wives tales either. Yeah some Christians used to practice old wives tales. Ninety nine percent of them were debunked by 1980 and came from the previous generations, who were only one or two generation removed from the last of the pioneers.

I don't think that city slicker thinking atheist has a clue as to what Christians think. One other point, a survey was done and most proclaiming atheist aren't atheists but rather agnostics who at worst aren't looking for proof of God.

So far every individual scientist or other who went out to specifically prove that there is no God either failed or did a 180 degree turn.

So if you are going to say that there is no God then, again feel free to purposely prove it.

Also this atheist may not even be a mathematician or a scientist. I cannot say but he appears to be just some philosophical wanna be like me.

They have failed at convincing most people that there is no God because how do you fight something that does not exist to them?

I said this to a few skeptics and atheists. "If you have never been a Christian you can never know our perspective but all christian have come from yours".

Why is it that an atheist truly becomes a Christian but no atheist truly becomes an atheist?
I had a conversation with a guy; a man who swore up and down that he was an atheist, the more that I talked with him the curious-ier, I got. All of his behavior patterns and mannerisms had christian written all over him. Plus there was that particular aura like an ghost surrounding him if you will. Like perfection.

I finally asked him if he had ever accepted Jesus as his savior. He denied it at first. So I asked him if he had ever been to church. He said yes. I asked him if he had ever gone forward, he said the words Jesus forgive me save from my sins. He said yes. But he blamed his aunt for forcing him to go up. I laughed. I said you don't know this but your saved.

I then quoted him the verses concerning hot water, and cold water, and lukewarm water.

Just because God has not proven to you that he exists does not mean that you are not saved.

Besides what about the major efforts to prove dark matter.

That is a no go as well. Unless dark matter shows it self(wink) to scientists they will not be finding something that does not exist. In fact recent measurements are proving that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. Even stretching time. I say that the universe is degrading not improving. With that degradation the universe is loosing mass to energy which is escaping the universe. The loss of mass is causing the acceleration of expansion. I say that the very canvas; which is time, is being stretched and will be stretched beyond its capabilities to maintain cohesion.

RIP......lake of fire.

My theory: This lake of fire will be bigger than all of the falseness that is this universe. Those that decide in this life to desire to dwell in this universe will be granted there wish it tears it self apart for an eternity. It will be only perpetual, immortal, infinite pain.

As for me I will continue to strive to escape this universe.

These believers in the universal evolution will not be able to find dark matter because like as they think of God as not existing whom they have not been able to find, they will not also be able to find the excess mass they need to prove the implosion side of the central mass theory.

They can't even take a side path to measuring the matter as an inference that it is there because every effort to find a way to measure it is proven false or they end up with negative results and find the that opposite is true. Benefiting my side of the argument.

But in the interest of science I say look. Not just look, but look hard as they can; because the effort actually benefits mankind with the new tech goodies that keep coming out that I like so much. Besides they are actually adding data to the proofs of intelligent design. I like that.

These atheists will not be proving in our life time that there is no god; nor in the next, or the next, to the huge and growing number of people who do believe that there is a God.

Another BTW.
Just because eternity is invisible and immeasurable does not mean that it does not exist. Just because this universe will pass and it eventually will; nearly every one agrees on this, then what? There is an existance beyond this universe. What is that?

I wonder how many people know this. Math can prove 3 or more planes but is only two dimensional.

If the tenants of Christianity are true and I say they are then math being only two dimensional is from God whom exist on a plane with no time.


  1. Moral tenets and God are two different things. You see the existence of tenets every time you catch somebody doing something naughty. They always justify themselves using morality (usually badly thought out morality).

    I'm not asserting the existence of something that's invisible to all our senses and instruments. I'm asking, "How do we know?" In the meantime, I'm carrying on as if there were no supernatural beings.

  2. In my book moral tenets are contiguous to God.
    In other words God has ordained good behavior and written it down for us to follow.

    Bad behavior according to God in Moses law was almost entirely punishable by death.

    If someone acted crazy and they were judged so they were killed. Godlessness was allowed but bad behaviour was not tollerated.

    Luk 21:16 AndG1161 ye shall be betrayedG3860 bothG2532 byG5259 parents,G1118 andG2532 brethren,G80 andG2532 kinsfolks,G4773 andG2532 friends;G5384 andG2532 some ofG1537 youG5216 shall they cause to be put to death.G2289
    Luk 21:17 AndG2532 ye shall beG2071 hatedG3404 ofG5259 allG3956 men for my name's sake.G1223 G3450 G3686
    Luk 21:20 AndG1161 whenG3752 ye shall seeG1492 JerusalemG2419 compassedG2944 withG5259 armies,G4760 thenG5119 knowG1097 thatG3754 theG3588 desolationG2050 thereofG846 is nigh.G1448
    Luk 21:25 AndG2532 there shall beG2071 signsG4592 inG1722 the sun,G2246 andG2532 in the moon,G4582 andG2532 in the stars;G798 andG2532 uponG1909 theG3588 earthG1093 distressG4928 of nations,G1484 withG1722 perplexity;G640 the seaG2281 andG2532 the wavesG4535 roaring;G2278
    Luk 21:26 Men'sG444 hearts failing themG674 forG575 fear,G5401 andG2532 for looking afterG4329 those things which are coming onG1904 theG3588 earth:G3625 forG1063 theG3588 powersG1411 of heavenG3772 shall be shaken.G4531
    Luk 21:34 AndG1161 take heedG4337 to yourselves,G1438 lest at any timeG3379 yourG5216 heartsG2588 be overchargedG925 withG1722 surfeiting,G2897 andG2532 drunkenness,G3178 andG2532 caresG3308 of this life,G982 andG2532 so thatG1565 dayG2250 comeG2186 uponG1909 youG5209 unawares.G160
    Luk 21:36 WatchG69 ye therefore,G3767 and prayG1189 always,G1722 G3956 G2540 thatG2443 ye may be accounted worthyG2661 to escapeG1628 allG3956 these thingsG5023 that shallG3195 come to pass,G1096 andG2532 to standG2476 beforeG1715 theG3588 SonG5207 of man.G444
    Mat 13:15 ForG1063 thisG5127 people'sG2992 heartG2588 is waxed gross,G3975 andG2532 their earsG3775 are dull of hearing,G191 G917 andG2532 theirG848 eyesG3788 they have closed;G2576 lest at any timeG3379 they should seeG1492 with their eyes,G3788 andG2532 hearG191 with their ears,G3775 andG2532 should understandG4920 with their heart,G2588 andG2532 should be converted,G1994 andG2532 I should healG2390 them.G846
    Mat 13:21 YetG1161 hathG2192 he notG3756 rootG4491 inG1722 himself,G1438 butG235 dureth for a while:G2076 G4340 forG1161 when tribulationG2347 orG2228 persecutionG1375 arisethG1096 becauseG1223 of theG3588 word,G3056 by and byG2117 he is offended.G4624
    Mat 13:22 He also that received seedG4687 G1161 amongG1519 theG3588 thornsG173 (G3778) isG2076 he that hearethG191 theG3588 word;G3056 andG2532 theG3588 careG3308 of thisG5127 world,G165 andG2532 theG3588 deceitfulnessG539 of riches,G4149 chokeG4846 theG3588 word,G3056 andG2532 he becomethG1096 unfruitful.G175
    Mat 16:4 A wickedG4190 andG2532 adulterousG3428 generationG1074 seeketh afterG1934 a sign;G4592 andG2532 there shall noG3756 signG4592 be givenG1325 unto it,G846 butG1508 theG3588 signG4592 of theG3588 prophetG4396 Jonas.G2495 AndG2532 he leftG2641 them,G846 and departed.G565
    Luk 6:38 Give,G1325 andG2532 it shall be givenG1325 unto you;G5213 goodG2570 measure,G3358 pressed down,G4085 andG2532 shaken together,G4531 andG2532 running over,G5240 shall men giveG1325 intoG1519 yourG5216 bosom.G2859 ForG1063 with theG3588 sameG846 measureG3358 thatG3739 ye meteG3354 withal it shall be measured to you again.G488 G5213

  3. We know because we know. Those who do not know have not had there eyes opened.

    I am saying you are blind Al. God has been near you all of your life and you can not see him. For whatever reason God has closed your eyes and shut your ears. If you could see then you would not see starkly as you do but the gentle glow of life that God gives every living thing.

    The eyes are where you see him and the mouth is where God speaks from.

    Seek to see and listen to hear the subtle nuance of his voice. Listen to hear the bread of life and the clarity with which he speaks.

    Watch your children and listen to them. They are truly innocent guiltless and are easy conduits for God.

    Meditate upon what you hear and compare it with the Gospil.

    These are the easiest ways to to know that God is there. Otherwise it is you with a broken heart that he will find you.

  4. He is not invisible to your senses as you think.
    Your just not tuned in.


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