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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thirty million dead people can't be wrong

I do not intend to bash any religion just moronic idiots who think that our government is based on a bias that does not allow for their beliefs.


And there ain't no better constitution that the one we got now and there ain't no improving the one we got cause it is perfect.

I do intend to bash away at every ideology that smacks of prejudice or that has led to
pre-judge-icial behavior patterns in this country especially the ones that have screwed up my constitution.

If I win you win. If I loose you loose.

If you win Al you loose cause you just ain't thought it out thoroughly. You ain't seen the end correctly and if you feel humiliated because I am saying these things like this, that is your problem. Humility ain't a bad thing it is a good thing. Being humiliated leads to being humble, a good thing. Besides I think you may be nuts. Everything you thought logical over the last twenty years or so you did so through the haze of alcohol, a fog that everyone knows distorts a persons sense of reality, you are going to have to rethink and rethink again everything to edit out the stupid ideas you came up with. If you think otherwise then your more brain damaged than you think.

With out that Constitution that we live under now there is no way to be positive about what will happen or what ideology will take over but I am positive that you will hate it more than the structure that you hate now, because instead of less structure it will be permanently more.


  1. You have the power to irritate me, bro. You don't have the power to humiliate me. Anymore. I was talking about parents in general. Facing reality is humiliating enough without having a self-righteous jackass rub your nose in it.

    I'm not claiming to be innocent of that charge.

    The problem you and I are having is different, but related. You've decided, without really trying to get to the root of what I'm going through (and, judging by what you just said, very little experience with alcoholics or drug-addicts), that I'm the devil incarnate and want to speed the arrival of Armageddon.

    What I'm doing is analogous to admiring a picture someone has painted of the Grand Canyon. I'm not insisting that everyone go to the Grand Canyon and jump off the edge.

  2. Nope.

    There will be no Devil incarnate.

    But there will be a Son of the Devil.

    You are screwed up beceause you looked at life through the fog of dope and alcohol, therefore developing stupid ideas about life and your place in it which you don't understand is teeny weeny.
    I on the other hand have no problem knowing that I am only one out of 6.5 billion people.

    You hate that I don't mind rubbing peoples nose and yours in the fact that you amount to nothing have always and will always.

    Ergo you are not the devil incarnate just a person who hates Jesus and his people.

    An anti-Christian. Fact. Pick on christians some more and see if I change my tune. I won't.

    I am not self righteous. I did not appoint to my self right-eousness. I do not perscribe for me righteousness. I do not claim righteousness. I even warn people, do not follow me for I am not he who is righteous.

    Follow Jesus for he is the righteous one whom you should follow.

    I am apparently making sure that NO ONE tries to follow after me but continously saying fOLLOW JESUS you over educated pompus idiot.

    I have eight years of dealing with people like you who totally fucked up thier heads with drugs and alcohol and got paid too as and aid too so you haven't got a clue about that either.

    There isn't a damned thing I am talking about that I have not spent tens of years observing and unbeknowst to you, studying and (gasp)asking questions about from some of the smartest people.

    Now on the familial side your sister is in the emergency room from a car accident, I got to go.

    We'll finish dealing with OUR misconceptions of each other later.

  3. Sis is fine, the car is totaled, air bag saved her serious injury.

    Back to our pissing contest.

    I intend to irritate you. You got a shitload of poison in you and it is high time you got it out.

    So come on big boy I'm ma just now getting warmed up. What do ya say shall we duel in the nasties or pretend we are sophisticated intellectuals all hoity toity with words and such.

    Your choice of weapons since I called this duel.

  4. To clarify that comment, you understand nothing, you only obey the voices in your head you flaming nutball.

  5. Read my middle finger. I have no voices fucknut.
    Your just pissed pecause I won and you lost and now your shit is going down like the titanic.

    The nasties it is. Good. My original forte.

  6. I lost? I don't see it. What have I lost? You've only proven that you can throw shit like a monkey in a cage.

  7. Does this gibberish actually mean anything?

    BTW "loose" means "to let go." Thank you.

  8. It was bad spelling but loose may be apt. Let go.


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