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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is it really bragging? No it is just fact.

Recently I have posted several pictures from my youth. None of these things could have occurred if I were a maladjusted kid. If I was a mal adjusted as people have accused me of I would not have maintained any course, and would have had a severe case of attention deficit. But when you look at the results of my life you could not say that I was add., for one thing I set a course when I was Sixteen to become an HVAC and fridge technician, and at the age of 50 I can honestly tell you that I became a very good one. No one accomplishes such a feat by being ADD ever. Not even by chance.

Rather I must have been well adjusted in spite of the circumstance of living in what must have been a dysfunctional family. Certainly was technically a dysfunctional family in light of Dad being gone 9 months or more out of every year.

Any other thought on these matters is purely subjective speculation falsely placed for nefarious purposes.

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