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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Team Captain

30 years ago our swim team which was never really a power to be feared was rebuilding.We had lost all of our seniors had only couple of juniors and the other 10/15 guys were sophomores. I was selected to lead a batch of swimmers who had little or no hope for the
season which proved out. What I did bring to leadership was a work ethic and the principle of 'competing against yourself'. Strive to gain ground every day every week. We made great progress that year but
failed as expected to win many meets.
The young men that I left behind won almost every thing put before, and broke nearly every school record, and many an invitational records sending several to state where they also did well setting up a new tradition of winning At Superior Senior High.
I couldn't have done it without God By Jesus.
I am still the same guy that was selected to lead those kids with one little exception. I am now more aware that ever that there is a spiritual side to life. That does not make me weaker it makes me stronger.

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