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Friday, August 7, 2009

About Fee-raud

I found a thread that is exactly what I am talking about.

Why this country is dieing economically.

I been saying this for five fucking years now.

And finally I am starting to hear it from others.

That gets the MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA from me.

Oh look.......I made a poem.


  1. Our politicians are looting the treasury just as the Russian communist ruling class were doing in the late '80s. And you want them in control of our Health Care System.

  2. Not really. That is just where the math leads us.

    The temporary solution is the gov takes over that is.

    The permanent solution is for no hospital to be ownde for profit. No profit motive, no death traceable to hospitals. Costs drop, the insurance industry wins health care improves the nation wins.

  3. I gotta believe that once the insurance companies are out of the picture, teh government will never let that much power go, no matter how many die. The Lefties will just blame Capitalism (and Bush and Cheney). They've done it before, and the softheads believe them.

  4. I gotta say I just don't know what were gonna do. The people just have to keep griping loud I don't like the part about everyone will get coverage but me. There is little alarm bells going off in me about the whole thing. For starters What you just said on the other had the medical insurance industry is shit to me right now. So Inspite of my fears I hope the gov beats the crap out of them by horning in on there business.


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