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Friday, September 25, 2009

Forgive me with my sincerest apologies

A note I wrote to a man whom I never imagined would ever visit my site. And thanks to all of those of you who were so much a part of my life back then. The team was my identity and I have cherished the memory of those days and thought to plow a road (so to speak)for all of my old teammates and classmates because they were decent people who deserved it.

Starsplash said...
I don't live in the past and this pic was not really aimed at people who like you who have turned there lives around and turned back twards God. It was aimed at people who have a serious angst against me for my religious, spiritual, social, and political beliefs. Which is why I am so quick to challenge anyone who would come to my site with a bent on straight up insulting me.I could write a book but most of them are pussies hiding behind a computer. I also intend that they should think twice before they go around insulting someone they don't know. Also they are unwilling to identify themselves.Truth is I cheered you on and bragged on you and everyone else ever since 1976. I may have been too proud but then I was given the gift of playing with Titans and at the time it was all I had.

Now by God I have been tasked by the Father to plow a road for him and though I do not deserve to tie his shoes truthfully as pathetic a man as I am I shall do it so help me God.


  1. THanks Man I'm glad to hear it. Sorry about given you shit we were just messin around see you around Erk


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