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Monday, September 21, 2009

More Accolades

I din't get this by being an asshole.


  1. You may be the biggest loser I have ever seen. I remember you from H.S. and you were ALL EGO and no real talent. Coach Hoff told me recently he could never stand you and thought you hurt our team.

  2. Depends upon which Larry is talking.

    If this is Larry Banks You were The second gretest talent on the team I was proud to be on; next to Bruce, with the greatest opportunity to succeed and you fucked it up with drugs, drug dealing and steroids, so fuck off. If this is Larry Smith there is no way that Larry Smith would say such a thing to me.
    So who ever you are can fuck off. Not to mention you are a chicken shit for saying this to me any way.
    Any other Larry was absolutely inconsequential to our success or the next years team failure (4 and 5 first losing season it 15 fucking years)or I would have remembered them.
    Thirdly Larry Banks Later became no less than a regent in a College and this statement would be unbecoming someone of that stature and greatly damage his current position. Likely this was made by some Godless chickinshit heathen. Too fucking cowardly to face me in person or admit who you really are.

    Also he would not have awarded me two defensive player of the week awards if I was hurting the team whoever the fuck you are.
    Last of all I had my own conversation with Larry Hoff years later to say thanks for giving me the chance to play and he said I had earned it and that "you were good". So fuck off.

    Lastly I never really said too much on the field or off all though I did like to fuck off in the locker room. So fuck off.

    I have succeded by God at everything I have ever put my mind to succeed at. And in my life What I determined to do superceeded what anybody else on earth thought I could and/or should do To which none of my old teamates or classmates have one fucking clue at what or where I have done or been. And I know these people, they bite there toungs before they say shit about an old class mate. Don't they Al.

    So fuck off you chicken shit coward..

    I must be kicking the shit out of em.

  3. For a man who recognizes he is 1 out of 6.5 billion, you still have the biggest asshole ego I have ever seen. Your brother was a much better football player then you and you seemed to steal his thunder. I saw this happen.

  4. See I told ya you ain't who you say you are. What position did my brother play? And why would he not get the recognition.

  5. Your brother was an o-lineman from my spot in the stands, he looked great.

  6. Ur little bro was pretty strong

  7. Who is Ron's brother?

  8. He was a couple of years behind us.

  9. What position and why did he not get the recognition?

  10. Hoff never helped his players get a scholarship. He relied on parents. That was one of his weaknesses in my opinion.

  11. My Dad got me mine. But he was dead set on it from early on.

  12. Was Bruce the only other player to get a scholarship?

  13. Hoff was not good at assisting players with college. I'll give you that.

  14. Yup he benched 305. but what position did he play exactly. By the time that pick was taken I had surpassed him by 50 60 #.

    Al never got the recognition because he was interior and the backside blocking wasn't as good when the play was run up his hole so the backside linebacker was gettin to many tackles.

    So his numbers sucked. As far as being a better player he wasn't I was quicker with more game awareness that he.

    He was four years behind us.

    4 players got football scholarshios. Larry B(UW) John Francouer(UWS) Todd Florey(Colgate) and Bruce(Nebraska). Randy Johnson went on to play well for UMD and Chuck Janovic UWS.

    Larry got his jaw broke in his first start varsity aginst Washington and Bruce after sitting on the bench during their national championship year got a chance to play one game after the starter got hurt, if I remember he went on to score two touchdowns. correctly and then went on to play 6 years in the NFL sitting out 4 years behind Dan Fouts as third string quarterback. He then played the scab season at Seattle and then over to the Buffulo Bills as second string QB when they gave him a chance to play he scored the only two touchdowns for the Bills that game and the Bills won their only game of the season. He started the final game but the bills lost. That was Bruces final game in the pros. Last I heard he was In Lincoln Nebraska.
    Banks quit UW (?) layed out for a while while then went back to playing football at UWS where he played well getting drafted by the
    Denver Broncos where they cut him for drugs(rumor). He then got cleaned up and went on to play Canadian Football I heard. From there I lost track of him until he showed up to asst coach UWS. Was instumental in recruting several top notch HS ball players to UWS when the University of W Regent in Madison closed the football program. I heard he went on to be a regent.
    John Francoer got in a motor cycle accident before he could even play and was out of it.
    Todd florey did well starting at Colgate he went on to work for ATT.
    He told me a funny story about him and a cougar at aspin.
    Randy played at UMD as starting punter.
    I was mighty fucking proud of all you guys and the team, I really didn't give a shit if you liked me or not. Winning was the goal. I bet you figured that out that by now. I didn't need your shoulder slaps or way to go erks. Pounding the shit out of an opposing running backs was my fuel
    and I did that 77 fucking times.
    Good enough for me.
    Now if you don't mind I have been happy not knowing you stupid sombithes for the last thirty years and I would just as soon it stay that way.

    For some guys that supposedly know something about when I played your sure stupid about all this.

  15. I forgot about Todd. Thanks

  16. We are just fucking with you Erks.

  17. I still think Al was stronger!

  18. I no it! You always did like to get me going.
    You are right Al was (past tense). I pushed him to be. I always pushed people to be better stronger faster. Lift more, be smarter, if they wouldn't take encouragement then by outdoing me.
    I was just good enough that you had to be great to be better than me. And you were. If I was not pissing you off with my personality you would have had no need to out do me.

    We won by the team improving in all aspects not by one guy doing it all.

    We were and; I will always mainntain this, the greatest team in the state that year and one of the greatest in the country. The team gave me braggin rights. Somthing that no one can take away from me or you.

    Btw it is hell on personal relationships so I don't recommend anyone else do that. I pushed the limits as it was.

  19. So yeah there was a method and purpose to my madness.

  20. Well Said my old friend

  21. Thanks that means a lot to me Larry.

  22. Yeah I forgive. I didn't realize that I was upset until now. Somehow I needed that.

    Forgive me for being such an insufferabe cock back then,I wish I could have thought of another way.

  23. I was a horrible jerk until age 40 Praise God!

  24. So tell me what changed you, give us your testimony.


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