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Monday, September 21, 2009

My answer to Assholes

Yah I could be nice and say that you misunderstand me but then I really get the feeling that you are twisting my words around for your own nefarious ends.

I did not say that I did not see the value in the numbers in the bible I said that I did not live by numerology.If you get that straight about me then you understand that numerology is of course alive and well but I don't live by them.
It also shows that you do not comprehend the bible. Not even in the least of things elst wise you would drop all of your arguments against Christians.

Tirades. Mwha. You ain't even come close to seeing one of my tirades yet. They are excruciatingly nasty. Or wait a minute maybe you have-about 5 years ago I had one hell of an argument with someone just like you.I have never lost one of those arguments. Never.
In fact none of my brother or sisters have ever seen nor heard one of them. Pray tell you don't. I would simply shred you with words in such a manner as you can not imagine. If this is excruciatingly nasty for you Probligo then you are a pussy.

All you are doing is making an argument for the sake of arguing. Like some old ancient philosopher I heerd of. Making up stuff from some crazy accusatory idea aimed at discrediting something to which you have not got one clue. Attacking peoples because of some insane attitude you have developed from other apparent crazy people who have no clue either. Totally ignoring vallid scientific evidence. Using subliminally denigrating and insulting language vaguely disguised as discourse.

And then get upset when it gets thrown back in your face like you were above it all when all the time you were hoping that some kind of brouhaha would develop so that you could say, see see, that's what I ma talking about "you hurt my feeeelings". Well big whoop De do, your a big boy now you should be able to handle it.

So yeah I know your kind. You know how I deal with your kind face to face? I give them so much more than thay want. I leave them with a serious fear that maybe they went too far and were lucky to get away without getting put in hospital. Turns out that verbal bullies like you are just like the bullies that picked on me when I was a kid. They really didn't think I would or could kick there ass and when they found out the other way they were so goddamn glad to escape me that it literally became a life changing event for them. Same way verbally.
So you want to have an honest discourse with me be my guest but don't go down the BS road you are trying to right now.

Last but not least the world only sees external meanings and signs but I tell you this God does not care for external signs and that means that I can and do cuss like a sailor. Catholics drink like fish and others do other things. Big whoop. I don't care. Jesus loves me just the way I am.
How would you have a blue collar person a Harvard graduate? Mha, not going to happen.That's just your excuse when the real reason you don't believe in God is because you don't believe in God. So what.
The angst you carry out against Christianity is totally without reason.

I say you cannot prove me wrong but time will prove me right. Just like it did from the last five years of my publicly decrying the state of affairs here in the US proved out perfectly even down to the numbers of unemployed. Mha. lets see you do that. But nooo your to busy bashing Christians to do that.

But wait a minute were not done yet with my predictions and prognostications yet. I made many predictions starting 13 years ago for 20 years. We got 7 more years of predictions I made left. Predictions I made by God. And asked God to make happen. And guess what?, it's happening. You want proof of God there it is. So I really don't care if you believe or not if these things are going to happen and no matter what you do or anyone does, you can't stop them from happening.

Fact is the predictions really need you to not believe that they will happen so that they will.It actually makes me a little nervous that your kind would repent and the world would change which would make me a kook. So long as they keep happening I look like the wisest man on earth.But I will defer you to the Almighty as the power behind it. I just got a little insight that's all.

Superstitions are not superstitions if they happen in real life now are they?

You want to know know one of the main ones. I predicted a long slow agonizing painful slide to the American economy. It's happening slow as a slug but it is happening.
It is what it is.

PS. Words are not weapons, they are just provocations.
I am claiming that phrase.

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