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Friday, September 25, 2009

One day in my suffering and love of God

I prayed a prayer that God would talk to me by his Word and hence forth I have been able to open my bible and and my eyes would fall upon a verse that answered my question or worry immediately.

This was the verse that fell upon me this one day.

Deu 23:5 Nevertheless the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 wouldH14 notH3808 hearkenH8085 untoH413 Balaam;H1109 but the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 turnedH2015 (H853) the curseH7045 into a blessingH1293 unto thee, becauseH3588 the LORDH3068 thy GodH430 lovedH157 thee.

Not purposely but it is the way I grew up. I still can not hear the condescension in my voice as I speak and the tone irritates people to wonder who I may think I am. Never the less though my heart may have had pure motives people were moved against me. I learned to accept this and continued on as if they hated me not. And God honored me in this by my simple forgiveness day to day of the missives done to me and behind my back. I neither blamed God nor the cohorts.
And according to my heart turned my curse into a blessing. As I forgave and prayed blessing upon them so to did God at my behest bless. As for my hopes upon them did he give them hope as I wist honor upon them so to did he honor them. As I desired wealth for them so to did he give them monies. In all of this I found joy and took my payments in the emotions of pride and declared the right to boast of them and did so.

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