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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


As to Al Gore; to me it is foolishness to jump to, "there must be reasons for everything". There is of course but any man who believes in an almighty God who is watching over his creation accepts that he may not understand nor even has to understand all of the whys.

On my testimonial side as a younger man many things went terribly wrong with my plans. So many of the things that I did failed to come to complete fruition but yet other amazing things just seemed to fall in my lap. When I would lament I always said "I don't blame God", and I didn't.

One guy says to me, "you are the luckiest man I know". What he didn't seem to know was that I was nowhere near where I wanted to be. The explanation was that I forgot to give thanks to God for the incredible things he had given me. A new house, new cars, family, and stuff. I could go on and on but people hate that about me. The why as to why a one world Government, may be Christians fault. They have been predicting by twisting or modernizing things that were written in the bible.
A Christian knows that the world has no power over the things to come. Only God does. The thing then is that we who are Christians who do know that only trouble comes from trying to unify the world under one government,............ If God meant for there to be only one government in the world there would be only one government and no individual nation.

There will not be; no matter how much compromising the world does, ever, no nation. There will always be multiple sovereign nations. Always. So long as earth will sustain cognisant life. Always. There are a lot of people who are very very smart but they might as well be doddering idiots to think that mankind's salvation lay in uniting the world under any banner.

Even When Jesus returns and rules with a rod of iron there will be nations.

Mankind's salvation has already been purchased.

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