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Friday, October 16, 2009


Any Insane man who "hated the great Satan" was enticed to go to Iraq to be met by the awesome power of the U.S. forces.

Ann Coulter has properly discerned Bushes strategy.

Short of turning the middle east into a glass parking lot it was the best possible strategy.

He did what I would have done. Actually not. I would have simply carpet bombed Baghdad and Tehran Invaded Afghanistan killed the Taliban and then pulled out and carpet bombed Kabul.

Then I would have invaded Iraq found Sa-damn-ed Hussein and interrogated him to death then strung his bloody body up for all the world to see. Then in the wake of all the protests in the world I would have pulled all of our troops out of every nation we had them staged in and said read my middle finger. Dumped mega trillions of dollars on the world markets to break us loose from their dependence pon us and told them to go there own damn way we weren't coming to their rescue ever again, the ungrateful bastards that they are.

In all honesty the first thing out of my mouth when I heard the announcement that it was indeed Al-Queda what bombed the world trade center was, "turn the other cheek".
Thomas Jefferson said we shouldn't get involved in foreign entanglements and he was right.

It has been greedy bastards who thought to make a buck; not being satisfied with the big money they made here, they thought to rule the world economically as well (bunch of over educated dumb fucks) but didn't seem to understand that the world has a 'where is billy the kid mentality' so's they can test their skills against his. We became the Billy the Kid of the world and now I think the world wants to take us on. Ok but your going to have to come over here with your hordes cause we ain't stupid enough to fight on your home turf.

Got news for the world. We will win. So bring it on. What you bunch of chicken shits afraid somebody might die? Or that war is to horrible to contemplate. Why then does mankind always follow a path that leads to war. I will tell you why. Stupid incorrigible walking away from some very basic principles of God.

  • Lesson One: Turn the other cheek. If you don't then neither will I.

  • Lesson two: Do unto others as you would them have them do unto you. If you do evil to me then don't bitch when I do evil to you.

Money doesn't turn the wheels of democracy gettin even does. Trust me there are a billion ways' to get even and no one but God can cover every base, not even the devil. I know this cause I thought once in my life long long time ago that I could but discovered that I couldn't which has led me to calculating what level I was willing to pay for getting even. I discovered that what had happened to my life had entangled itself deep in the bowels of our Democracy and that to get even with it I would have to somehow by God; git it to or fool it into destroying is self .
By God he (God)came up with a way.

The last part of the puzzle was for me to be just crazy enough for you idiots to not listen to me. Then I could tell you the truth about what was happening and what you idiots were about to be forced to do and then by God present you with situations in which due to your ideologies you would have no choice but to react to in the ways that you reacted. Thus leading you down blind alleys and paths which were gauntlets always warning you fools where the traps were and laughing mercilessly as you tripped over one after the other.

Audi Murphy said it over and over again. Keep your heads down. And watched over and over again as his buds stuck there heads out to get them shot off.

By the way the best book about the troubles of war is Audi Murphy's, To Hell and back. Also see the movie To Hell and Back. Some of the movie scenes were the actual locations around Europe were Audi Murphy had fought I heard.

I am again telling you people to keep your heads down. Don't blame me if you get over confident and stick your heads up and somebody saaaay gives you a Nobel peace prize you haven't earned yet and you get scoffed at. Even my nemeses atheist enemies are slapping themselves in the heads in shame over that one.

And I have nothing to do but laugh like a crazed maniac.

Mr. President Keep your head down, you have got some work to do to prove that you deserve the honor of a peace prize.

I frankly would give it back and tell them let history determine if I deserve this or not.

But then again I thought we should just carpet bomb Baghdad.

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