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Thursday, October 15, 2009


These three links are to articles which do a pretty good job of illustrating hypocrisy. There is practically no man who is not hippocratical. The question is not whether we are not all Hippocrates but is there some form of hypocrisy that is normal and some that are bad or dangerous.

Smiling Faces Sometimes
The Hypocrisy of Hypocrisy -- Peter Beck
Are We Weak or Are We Hypocrites--or both? -- Dr. Ray Pritchard

I am in agreement with these articles. I say that we all change our behavior depending upon the situation but are we putting on a pretense of being good when we are really murdering bastards.
Trust me when I say there is more than one way to murder. Like murder by stress or murder by denying medical services when clearly the law orders that you should. Or the one that really brought it all to the forefront of my mind; how to kill by ordering workers upon penalty of losing there jobs and ending up on a black list like the Steinbrenners (That's right one of those in company memos)did to my dad and his coworkers. By ordering them to work unprotected with ASBESTOS! That is murder just as sure as putting a gun to their head would be.

My dad died from mesothelioma. My mom sued for 14 million and settled out of court for 2 million but has been paid only 250,000. Why?, because they are murdering bastards! Hippocrates!

And a fourth link just because.

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