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Friday, October 23, 2009

I am just your average nugget

Pleeease do not come into my site looking for some kind of 'epiphanaic' insight. If you get inspired to do or say something great then that is what I live for, not for me but for you.... that is how my life has worked out. I truly enjoy it when others are or become better than me.

Previously I have taken payment in the rights of bragging; to say that I know you' but I have to an extant become more at peace and satisfied that you have done well.

If the only thing that occurs is that you try with all your might yet you fail you will have yet been made a better, stronger, and smarter person. I will know it and so will you. I adjure you to not give me so much credit but give God the Credit. It is his to begin with.

Besides I am not worthy anyway. I like to cuss some here. It is my way.

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