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Saturday, October 3, 2009

No such thing as over achieving

I was called an over achiever when I was in high school and junior high on more than one occasion. Guy says to me one day why doesn't any of this affect you. It's simple really. I didn't believe them.

I went on to become an athlete of note in school. And was able to remain a nice guy except to those who were upset that they might have been wrong about my abilities. They were just jealous. I have recently once again been called an over achiever.

I remain positive. It is no fluke nor quirk of fate when someone suddenly goes beyond the confines of the fence that in other peoples judgement is their boundary. So the world has come to the U.S. exemplified in beating down the smart kids in school to the point now that we have coined a new phrase. Bullycide. Congratulation America you are more like the rest of the world than ever.

I guess it's going to take the tribulation to straighten people out. Not yet though. A little peace first. Calm before the storm.

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