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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Poem: They ain't paid the price yet.

Every great change in this world has been paid for with a great war,

Every great ideal that comes to the fore front has been maintained by fighting for it,

The cost is blood on the battle field,

Socialism in this country wants to completely dominate,

Atheism wants to rule,

They ain't paid the price in a war here,

Without that great war they cannot change anything,

Every great change must be bought with the blood on the battlefield,

If they are unwilling to pay then they must go away,

They don't want to pay,

Sons of this God Risen Republic will win,

The Sons of this Republic do not start fights,

We will not start this one either,

But we will win,

We will pay the price of blood on the battlefield,

And with our blood we will repurchase our way,

And our document,

And our right,

To give obeisance to our God

Our right to our way.

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