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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Low birth rates

Crosswalk do-it again.

There was something always nagging about the world wide worry of over population. By my extremely unofficial calculation taking excessive inefficiency out of the equation the world I say could support over 10 billion people. However there are many who hate the idea that the world would be so crowded. I say that the people who think that are uncreative lazy slobs who do not like to think creatively.

Never the less go to Crosswalk. They have a more detailed and comprehensive article on the subject I think you will find informative.

BTW it's OK to have two or more kids.
The verse that applies is: Gen 1:28. Be fruitful and multiply.

It takes that to maintain a steady population anyway and that is the least negative aspect of population numbers I could say. Those that would think any less don't care about anything or anybody else but themselves and don't count anyway.

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