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Monday, November 30, 2009

Why did I create this blog? I am Gaurdian.

So many people misunderstood my motives and intentions and I had so much to say about what I thought concerning which way was right and which way was wrong and this type of engine gave me the opportunity to reach more people at once so I took the leap and spoke my mind here. I wanted to put in some kind of record what I am. I want to give a synapses one more time and it can be summed up I think closest this way: Live and let live. If you don't let me live, I will not let you live. You do unto me, I will do unto you. Leave me alone to be happy, I will leave you alone to be happy. If you get me, I will get you. If you understand me, I will understand you. If you deny me, I will deny you.

I will only go so far and then the rest is up to God. My chocks are: I will do no physical harm to you unless I come under obvious and imminent danger. I stay at home mostly and if I think I am upsetting someone else I retreat from them unless I happen to be at work and can't, or at home and can go no where else because it is my home in which case YOU have to leave.
I do not believe in a nuanced threat. I do not respond to nuanced threats. I respond directly to what you are actually saying and nothing else. If you don't have the balls to say it directly then you have no balls at all and as such are nothing.
I Always acquiesce to the government when confronted by it. I reserve the right according to the document upon which my government is based to say whatever the %$#@ I want to. Finally I have sworn an oath to uphold and defend that document upon which my government was built with my life if necessary, "so help me God". And I will. I have made up my mind. This is who I am.

I now am noticing that I am gravitating away from politics and social items to other things which is fine by me. I have pretty much said most of what I needed to say.

I love my computer games and the beauty of life around me so much, and enjoy the"pretty" things in life(I will be happy to kick any bodies ass who would like to make something of that). Things I have gotten away from. I want to Love my God and only my God and that pretty much excludes the rest of mankind. I admire poetry and the poetry of life and like most certainly my poetry.

I am Guardian,

This is who I am,

So long as you don't step on me or others,

I gaurd your right to be you,

And my right to be me,

I am Gaurdian.

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