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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Beast

This current version of the beast thinks that it won't get away with a big atrocity and it wouldn't. But what it doesn't realize is that a whole bunch little isolated atrocities add up to too much straw. And it has gone too far.

The center of the third beast appears to be here in the U.S..

It is not the Government of the United States but the primary tool that was used to defeat the first and the second beast. The third beast could be thought of as a corporate animal.

A reiteration of what the three beast are.

  1. The Lion. Nazism
  2. The Bear. Communism
  3. The Leopard. Corporatism

Corporate ideologies have been very destructive to this country.

There will be a Fourth and final beast which has only one description. Ugly, mean, and more powerful than any before it. I am not at all that curious to figure that one out.

Right now I just want to see this corporate beast get its ass handed to it.


Cut it off.

Thanks B.S Bill for selling out to it.

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