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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is time a particle?

If there is a graviton what would we call a time particle?

I have made mention in the past in this blog that the universe was created upon a canvas of time as it is the one thing that exists here and not in Heaven.

We measure everything in time. Nothing and I mean nothing is measured without the inclusion of time even if it only apart of the background. With out time this universe does not exist.

If there is a time particle then it must be just like photons. A quantum particle.

I am thinking the reason that scientists have not been able to tie in so many of their relevant theories is because they are overlooking the basic and I do mean the basic building block of this universe. Man keeps talking about the material and measurable or visible but scientists and specifically mathematicians have not apparently undertaken the task at least not successfully the modeling of what time is.

I presuppose that it could be thought of as a particle. Perhaps the smallest particle.

So what is time?

Is time a particle?

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