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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Nanny State

An idea foisted upon us by imperialistic notions as outcroppings of communism. The idea that men just cannot get by with out government taking care of them. Which leads to too much dependence upon someone else or some group. Whenever you get a group of people together there is going to be disagreements. Throughout history it always ends up with one group forcing their faith upon the other.

The U.S. took a shot at creating the best possible nation by saying that it would be illegal to make one group force the other to do what they believed. Unfortunately because we are man there has to be some structure or the roads and facilities that we need when we live in a corporate environment could not exist. That is to say living close to one another in large communal groups require orderly construction; but what we don't need, what men don't need is social construction, social structure will happen naturally.

To accomplish such a feat humanity needs to tolerate what other people say; with out prejudice. We can argue all we want in my utopia but we can not do evil to a man for saying them. We can walk away, boycott, not vote for, but we cannot touch them or; deny them anything that we have agreed are naturally gifted to them or that we have agreed are their natural rights or entitlements.

The "Nanny State",
Religious freedoms

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