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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Why you need to spank your kids. Not only is it a sign that you hate your kids if you don't, but so that they will learn to not bully.


  1. Doing great. Yours ain't though.

  2. Your false concern is touching.

    Fact is visiting me is not necessary. In fact I insist they do not.

    Why? Are you threatening them? I can certainly pass that along to the proper authorities if you are. They won't take very kindly to that you know. They hate dope heads.

    Oh wait, you already know that don't you? the poor baby going to go phycho?

  3. Knock of the bullshit Al I am not buying it. Oh one more thing fuck off. Fucking traitor.

  4. I win again, you fucking traitor.

  5. To any one else who would come in here and not understand why the rejectionist attitude twards my former brother don't jusdge unless you know the whole story. He is an ex-dope addict who has gravitated to the false sympathy seeking and I refuse to enable him. In fact I definatley reject him and will no longer claim him as family.

    Serioulsy remember one thing. You can never know every thing that happened.


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