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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gays pardoned in another country

Is this what gays in this country are using their political cash for? Ingin stupid.
White House spokesman Robert Gibbs calling for; apparently, world wide end of
"the persecution and criminalization" of gays.

That falls under the heading of how to piss off God 101 from the commie/fascist democrats. Their are far more important things happening in this world than using their political change for influencing another nation to free two people from prison in that nation. The main ones are the oil spill, the war in Afghanistan, and an economic tsunamis backlash that I am sure is heading this way after it bounces off the European continent. Not to mention the fact that one more time the dumbass liberals in this country just strong armed another country. Do they think for a minute that they are safe under a nuclear umbrella, which by the way they are trying to dismantle. What a bunch of suicidal maniacs.

See that nuclear middle finger in the upper left hand corner of this page? Read it!

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