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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A general comparison of types of governments

So how is our government supposed to work compared to how most other governments work?

1) Bottom up, the people of this country are governed by their consent.

2) Top down, the people in many other countries are taught that the government knows what is best for them.

The twist is that the educated say that they know what is best or are trained and educated and know how to objectively understand the nuances of how to promote life better than the people who are living.

There are two two figures in American history who I can think of exemplify this felonious attitude. Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Both men thought that their education made them better than people who did not have any or little.

We are suffering today from the ignorant consideration of over educated men and women, who tend to negate, or think that they can do some sort of damage control when stuff gets out of hand.
For instance the gulf oil spill could have used an all up response immediately, yet a bunch of super highly educated men and woman chose to understate the problem rather than, cry out that the sky is falling. I would certainly fire every god damned one of the bastards and promote the ones who were probably trying to say hey the ---- has some defects. Or was it sabotaged and was there some sabotage on the platform as well with the saboteurs knowledgeable to the faulty BOP? That would be a left wing conspiracy now wouldn't it. Their the ones who keep nay saying aren't they. So if it is sabotage then it is leftists and if it is incompetence it is righties.
With both sides slinging so much ---- around that we may never know the truth. I know one thing. I don't blame the President for sending out fast reaction forces to the rest of the oil platforms. I also think they better get to testing EVERY last BOP in the US.

I; On that note, have a couple of wonder why's. Why did the BOP fail and why, when with manual operation did it still not operate? Should not the manufacturer of the BOP be where the investigation "naturally" be taken? Of course they will/may state unequivocally that their equipment is perfect. Which I am thinking should a huge red flag, right?

Of course the logical is being done now. You know? Stopping the flow of oil and defense of shorelines first. With recovery of and inspections efforts coming second.

Does getting a college degree mean that you people lose your objectivity and set your biases concerning the uneducated so deep that you can't possibly have listened to an uneducated or lesser educated person.

I am saying that yous peoples greed has opaqued your eyes and blinded you with new high tech glasses that play nothing but Utopian visual music that suits what you (I want to so badly say some cuss words right now) think your little old hearts want to see so you can live to the ripe old age of what, 80?.

Last time I checked the Bible, men could live to be 120 years old. So you people are dieing 60 years too young. Maybe you people deserve to die young because you have done so much harm to others, never mind the environment.

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