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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I would never invest on FEEELLNGS

So why do investors invest like crazy woman. Crazy woman live by their feelings, trust me I have had a belly full of insane women who go about their day worrying about how things feel and demanding attention like a 2 year old baby. Let's face it everyone knows that women are all about feelings and men should be all about facts. The more women get deeply entrenched in public the more this nation and world is going to be about feelings their way around like a blind man in a maze. Problem is that maze is like a maze in an Indiana Jones movie. Make the wrong turn and it will kill you. Stupid. So why does the investment community invest like that. Stupid.

"Stupid: Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.

Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.

Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless: a stupid mistake.

Dazed, stunned, or stupefied.

Pointless; worthless: a stupid job.

n. A stupid or foolish person"

I Don't care how much or how good the schooling they have had, it is still crazy. What the hell if they are going to invest on perceptions ie FEELINGS then what the hell did they go to college for? I would make a better investor than all the Harvard graduates combined just because I believe in investing according to the facts.

Why don't investors start paying attention to facts and invest by what they do know rather than speculate on how the public is FEELING.

The price of a barrel is falling like a rock, and inspite of the fact that they are about to get pounded on the production end because of the humongous oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.
Maybe I got that wrong, maybe they figure that people are going to run away from oil because of the giant oil spill and maybe they should. The idiots at BP per usual business practice, lied; and I say knowingly, their asses off about how much oil was being dumped by the busted well.

I ain't no liberal but I am damn straight anti-lie by anyone.

Don't get me wrong I like the idea that gas prices are going to fall. That is good for me individually, but what is not good is the effect it has on the economies, tends to put the brakes on(this one your going to have to think about before you get it). You want to ease off on the economic gas peddle long before you need to brake and be easy on the accelerator, or you are going to be jerking yourself around, and also your passengers which will tend to piss them off, which will tend to make them complain. Do it to much, and you will need to put ear plugs in to dampen the noise of their bitchin. And the moment they can, they will get out of the car to save themselves, from the crazy woman at the wheel driving around like a drunk. I have a crazy sister(she has a diagnosis and takes pills for it) who drives like a bat out of hell, scares the crap out of everyone that rides with her, and yet it appears to me that the economy is being run just like she drives. She is a crazy tailgating bitch on wheels. I am embarrassed to call her my sis.

I am embarrassed by my government and by the economic ingin geniuses that are making the economic decisions in this country. I don't hardly know enough yet I bet I could do a better job than them.
They need to ignore feelings and do what is right for a change. Women....when you get into the public you have to start ignoring how you feel and do what is, not what you feel is. Stop acting like a blind worm feeling your way around....... open your ears and eyes....think....don't manipulate! Start doing some math and stop trying to be Queens and Princesses. Reality is you ain't. You ain't children either.

It would be nice to be nice and generous to every single person and nation, but hey the world in general is greedy, and if it could figure out how to make a buck it would nuke the world to do it. Truth is if the world could figure out how to barbecue the U.S. and not go broke doing it, it would. It would have a picnic and pick this countries bones clean. In the mean time we have nut burger neighboring nation Mexico's President, calling for our government to violate our constitution to which if I could say it to his face get your own house in order before you have anything to say to us and, Oslama bin POTUS should be ashamed for using a completely unrespectable third world politician to prox-spout his personal views because he doesn't want the people of the US to 'think he has an 'unconstitutional bent'.

Here's another one: Possible truce violation? What the hell do they mean possible?! If the North Koreans fired a torp that sunk the South Korean Destroyer and they know this for sure then it ain't a possible treaty vi-lation, it is a ffffff vi-lation. No statement of probability needed. I got a doubting Thomas Sister who would bite on that statement of probability but I won't. Nuts! They'sa skreed the public might call for retaliation. 'FEELING.' Might even force retaliation.
I will tell you what it does highlight. NK obviously is nougats and not afraid, knowing full well the west won't risk the NK pulling the nuclear trigger. So now we sent the quintessential, 'now now Hillary', too say now now Mr. North Korea, you can't dooo that. Shame on you.
I got some advice for South Korea. I would brush up on my evacuation plans for Seoul on account of if the North pulled that kind of stunt, then full scale war may not be too far around the corner. Which would include a preemptive nuclear strike on Seoul itself. And I think that the SK Government should do the duck and dodge for the foreseeable future, to make sure they don't get wiped out in the first strike. Some kind of quiet alert status might be in order also.

I really get the feeling our elected officials are are being-nuke mailed or invade-mailed. I cannot for the life of me come up with any other reason why they are bowing to the rest of the worlds ideologies. Stupid. Kinda like FDR ignoring all the signs just before Pearl Harbor.

I just talked with my sis concerning what was being reported overseas on what our global intentions were when we attacked Iraq. You know that one of the things that was being spread around? The U.S. supposedly wanted to colonize the rest of the world?????????? Where in the FFFFFFF did those morons in the rest of the world get that idea? What kind of illogical idiocy is that? We don't have any effin notions of colonizing anyone. That first of all, would be political suicide for any public servant here, we would run any moron out and immediately ignore that individual or group as out of their minds.

Now that I have blown off some steam, I just ran across a car that the Chinese are calling the leaf for it's ability to use sunlight and absorb Co2 and spit out oxygen. Cool. and I see it happening, except for the GREEDY oil companies.

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