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Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have always loved science. For me it is the method to discover the grandeur of Creation. In that vain I like to postulate my own theories. It is my fun. what I do with my mind to recreate.

I also very much enjoy new scientific discoveries and new projects like CERN and LISA.

CERNS goal is to discover prove and or disprove things like the Higgs Bosun. The God particle we would like to call it. The gravity particle. A thing that could give hope to interstellar travel I say.

I do not believe that man will; in my lifetime figure out how to gather up some gravity and use it to pull a ship across the stars, but it is still fun to think about.

Well anyway I was attracted to an article about the launching of three satellites to be used to measure gravitational waves. And it dawned on me that gravitational waves would be a good explanation for the flickering or blinking of stars. We should be able to measure the waves by measuring the wavering back and fourth of light from a star, much like we see the movement of reflected light off of a lake at night.

I do dislike though the 2 dimensional consideration that scientists use to describe the universe, so I want to change my thought to everything is like a bubble. What they call the border or wall of a bubble I don't know but never the less it is measurable.

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