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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rich people are so freakin knave

Tony whats his name from BP went to the boat races in England and pisses off Gulf residents who are saying thank you for the oil spill....not really but the article says they are .....mad about it.
Heee should of went under cover for a few months before he did anything to enjoy life. Anything else is just insulting. Boat races......what a maroon.

Oh who would you pick? On the one hand a lawyer who specializes in getting government off of ones backs might be a goo idea accept the Government being on peoples back is his job security. The Other is a small businessman who's clients depend upon government loans to keep him going. Where are the poverty stricken bums who have been crapped on by both crowds......?

Why does the big lithium deposits in the world have to be in politically unstable countries? These cultural backwaters have so much that the rest of the world needs and yet are so ain't giving it up unless their own palms are greased. Greed and corruption. "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Water is an inanimate object and the rivers they create are an inanimate object and yet environmentalist continue to use the marketable religious terminology; heal, when they refer to the restoration of nature to item like rivers. Dirt and water don't heal. Jesus. Lord-a-mercy.

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