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Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Sorry, What?

I, I, I didn't get that. The administration says releasing 90,000 documents was irresponsible. According to the documents the military intel had found out that Pakistan was actually helping the insurgents. Soooo the irresponsibility was with the administration for getting Americans killed by not telling the people of the United States. Oh wait. We already suspected that Pakistan was helping the insurgents. In fact news reports had already put out reports to that effect.

I got a saying I'd made up from watching wives, and brothers, and sisters, and mother, and government, and really a shit load of people who lied even though the proof and facts and documents proved otherwise. If everyone knows that something is a lie; then the only person who the liar is lying to is themselves, and you can quote me on that. The dumbest thing a person can do is lie to themselves. You can quote me on that too. We call that delusional. A person who deludes themselves is a danger to themselves and others. My mother for instance; who may have the excuse that she was mildly delirious from another infection, tried to do something she should not of without some body being right there just in case. Never the less she made the delusional attempt to transfer herself from the recliner to the wheel chair. Her delusion. Her bones could take it. She broke her leg in THREE places.

DE-lusional. Lot of de-lusional people out there.

Sooo the responsibility is to the administration for not bringing out the fact that this has really been a giant proxy war and the real argument is with Pakistan for doing the same thing that the Soviets and Chinese did Against us in Vietnam. This is nothing mor'n a big god damned Proxy War. I tell you what w e need to do. Do something so blatantly and openly audacious as to piss of the whole world openly so they will have a real excuse to invade. Because the only way this shit really gets settled is when one boxer walks out of the ring upright. That will be us bytheway. You know why? Cause God is openly on our side. We have kicked the whole worlds ass militarily and economically and we are going to kick the whole worlds ass militarily.....all at once....just to prove to the world once and for all....God is with the USA and the rest of the world be damned.

Shit works for me. I'll give my life to prove that point. In fact I have given my life to prove that point and that point alone. Nothing else it worth proving but that.

I said this ten years ago. if we go into Iraq. Just fucking kill them all indiscriminately. Da Muslims would not understand anything less. The way it works out invading them trying to leave the good ones alive is like hitting the biggest hornets nest with a stick and you ain't wearing any kind of protection. They will sting your ass to death if you can't get away from them. That kind of thing needs a fucking flamethrower and you just fry them 'all 'at once, then you got no worries except for other people thinking that you over did it...... a little. To which you look at them a shrug your shoulders and say what??? "They were crazy". The Soviets mistake when they went into Afghanistan back in the Seventies.... They should have just fucking wiped every God damned living thing in Afghanistan out. The world would have been aghast but not done a damned thing. Cept bitch and wine, "oh you barbarians". fuck....the Muslim barbarians wouldn't and don't understand anything else, and likely except for the intervention of God directly never will. In fact they never have. History proves that........the fucks just never let go of their hatred. they just channel it all onto something or somebody else. Shit maybe it's that they are more the direct descendants of Adam and Eve. I could see that. Adam still pissed off at Eve and taking it out on everybody else. Still he can't help him self.......had to keep on fucking and having kids. Ok this is getting a little nutty and speculative, cause you know.......I wasn't there. "Throw out everything that is impossible and whatever is left no matter how improbable must be the truth".....who said that?

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