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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's still a jobless recovery?

No kidding Sherlock. Gee it still looks like no prayer in school no jobs. Or would you rather me just say it's a jobless recovery. Or maybe, no factories no jobs. Or is it no prayer in school no jobs.

If I have said this a hundred times I have said it a thousand. What is the color of your skin? I don't know; it doesn't matter, but I do know if your behavior is asinine or legal or moral not.

Illegal aliens helping Afghanis soldiers escape from American base in Texas. HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is fucking funny in light of the stupid fucking policies of the government regarding the border. Bobama is sending 1600 Nat. Guardsmen down south to hep guard the border. We need a fucking division not a regiment. AAAnd they need to cover the whole fucking border not a littl ol' stretch of it. I saw the results of a pole over at fox. Like 84% poled said 1600 was way too little. Actually in old terms that would be nothing mor-n a couple of reinforced battalions. I bet they got orders to just let the illegals go so it is just like the old days. They probably got no power hardly at all thanks to the pussies we call Democrats in this country. Shit if your going to send the army just cut them loose with free fire zones and all. That would work. The national and international bitching be damned.

Oh look proof that the left is engendering in Fascist brown shirt techniques. Mwhahahahahaa! Out de out out.

Big problem this. Pray and act. That's the message. One woman sounds like the same complaint that my own wife has or should have with me. He's rude to me and plays video games all the time. Then she goes on to say that her friends say should keep on praying and do a verse in Peter. Submit to your husbands so that God will change them. I have at least one answer for people like her. The reason her husband doesn't change is the wife is carrying around some angst that is affecting her marriage. The husband may be in denial but the truth is Ya married him and his faults and his family faults. Your family and his family are influencing negatively your marriage. Anyone who says no does not understand the influence of the spirit. For the unbelievers the attitude tells all but that is all you see. For of a truth it not just the attitude but the spirit that matters. Probably in this case the woman ain't telling everything. In other words she disagrees with him in other ways and is trying to control and manipulate him and she should just quit bitching to her friends about him cause obviously her marriage ain't sacrosanct to her. Oh wait minute here, I am doing the very same thing like the following. The difference....I am not claiming sacrosactity in my marriage. My wife is some kind of abomination. She is a fat, lying bitch who is trying to manipulate and control me and as any man should I not only resist her but by my own action in both the spirit and flesh, by God our marriage is still intact. Trust me her actions should have led to the dissolution of our marriage. You know the ones like the, fucking around and moving out so she could fuck around, and I still have not answered to my satisfaction whether she is still doing dope or not.

My wife smokes in her night....falls asleep.....burns holes every where....she is pissed at me for taking her cigarettes away last night at 1 am.......she's pissed at me.

Mom made it through surgery. The Dr that did the surgery (put the rod in her leg)is also a Dr that don't believe in Medicare/Medicaid, workers comp(I got him on tape saying that) and fucked my wife's shoulder up and has officially declared that whats left...... my wife's excruciating pain has nothing to do with her work injury....and because of all of that, now all of you people have to pay for the rest of my wife's cares for the rest of her life. MWHAHAHAHAHA! Ok that looks phychotic. The reason I laugh is because technically none of this affects me....he he he he he......I don't fight for things because they affect me, and I don't not fight for things that do affect me; whether I benefit or not I'ma fighting for what is right, true, honest and just.......even if you are my worst enemy it will positively affect you....if I win....that is how a Christian works. That is how a Christian is. That is the do good unto those who would do evil unto you and do unto others as you would have done unto you. That is Christianity. My wife who was raped at the age of twelve and who's personality is now set at twelve does not care for anyone else in this world but herself and that is why she is mental and likely the primary reason she is getting SSD payments. Although her physical ailments have to be factored in. I understand better how the quandary of trying to get back ones life; after someone goes through a trauma like rape, can ruin their life and of course everyone else's life around them for the rest of that persons life. As to advice for people, especially young people. Never marry a victim; and there are no if, ands, or buts, because you cannot know where exactly thier victimization will show up. In other words they are fucked up and will remain fucked up the rest of their life. My wife is a perfect example of that. No amount of pills, counseling, or dope can fix that.......Hey I didn't make the rules up, I just calls it like I sees it.

"Now you know the rest of the story". See.....she, woke me up this morning by calling me an asshole because she couldn't find "her" box of generic shredded wheat. How juvinile.

Oh hohoho serious me. Did BP lobby the British government to release the Pan Am flight bomber? Timing is everything and BP....well normally they should just throw in the towel....This just keeps getting better and better. Better to throw in the towel than to get pounded to pulp.

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