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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Looking for the right people to elect.

What 's it going to take to get this country rolling again? No one out there has a solution. So I will presuppose one. The economic borders of the USA are too low. We need to raise them. We have 12 million illegals in the US. So raise the tariffs for imports and clamp down on the border and go on the hunt for illegals until we get numbers down to an acceptable level of a million or so. That would provide the economic incentive and open up millions of jobs immediately for millions of out of work Citizens.

The world cannot have it's cake and eat it too. That is the world cannot sell us goods and work here too. If the world wants to make and buy their own good let them do it in their own lands.

We would not have to face the complaining of illegals if our news media would not advertise the complaining illegals.

The electorate will vote for borders and tariffs. Too bad I was not running for election because that would be my platform. And I would win. And the people would keep on reelecting me if I was true to my word.

We have lost 7.9 million jobs, and they are not coming back any time soon. Worse even though the economy has added 100,000 jobs a month since the beginning of the year we are adding 150,000 new workers so we are going backwards.

O-slobner made those kinds of promises but he has not delivered on them and he has no intention of delivering either.

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