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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why did God allow for and create the nations

I don't know if God shall use me at this moment to make this a long article or not. However the summary is; that the nations were created to promote a peace within it's borders, that the meek should be able to live and prosper, and to control the evil and wicked of men, who for the lack of self control would be greedy, full of theft, and take the rights of the peaceful to prosper, and be free within the boundaries of that nation. To be just for the good of all men within and to be a defense for all within it's borders. A nation is to do everything within it's powers to promote the best possible relations with it's neighboring nations and be the point of control for trade to use this to aid and ensure the welfare of it's people.

A nation should lend support for every other nation by the spirit in attaining these goals, that in the end peace could prosper.

My personal opinion is that mankind shall not truly attain the perfect peace; but that is truly God's purview, and he shall return and bring about a perfect peace that he shall maintain with a rod of iron. Until then it is to be a blessing that man shall strive as creations of the almighty; even those who have been given to call themselves the sons of God, to bring about peace.

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