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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Making some sense of this

They say positively that housing rose by 1.7% but as you read the article actually it must be a hoax... because everything else fell.... so the prognosis is still bad....for housing...

The rich get richer, as the poor get poorer....Wholesale prices up, unemployment not down, wrong direction for prices to go.....Corporate profits up, unemployment not down....wrong way to go....My wife says prices are really up, It cost $6.00 for a bag of potatoes and a bag of onions. She's got a point... The News is not publishing all this because they are afraid of causing riots or something. Or they have so discredited themselves that no one is listening anyway, no one seems to care... I mean they are taking it in stride.... either way......It means that the money that rich are making is not being spent here where they are making it....Report last night on OETA says that taxing the rich might be that answer, redistributing it here in the US via the government. I am serious about this. Whether the rich start investing in capitol projects here in the US voluntarily or the Government will takes it away, then and finds a way to do it themselves....Sounds kind-o leftist now doesn't it....Falls under the heading of "welfare" in the constitution.... The rich idiots are the ones fretting over tariffs not the average American. It is either that or eventually we become the number two economy. I see 20 million unemployed in the future (middle time frame). An atheist I know would say only the strong survive. Meaning the cunning. I say we survive as a group or we don't. Atheists are all about people getting along; but they are willing to leave people behind, if they can survive.... An atheist I know. Problem with them that have no god...They are the ones who won't survive.... People always figure it out...Always.... The next beast will be an anti atheist beast....

Short time frame:1-10 years
Middle time frame: 11-20 years
Long time frame: 20-50 years

The window for the troubles to begin is less than one year one month away.... The window opens 9/11/2011....Hows that for a date....No one knows what to do? I can tell. I have heard of exactly two answers from other people. I have a bunch, but I have yet to lay them out because with out prayer in school and diligence/perserverance from people they will fail... too bold.

I don't think Israel will attack the Iranian power plant. Of course the news media is not saying if this nuke plant could enrich uranium, ie it is a breeder reactor or not. But then again the news media are just a bunch of hacks anyway and wouldn't know and would just take anybodies word for it. They could though raise the question whether it could or not. But thay ain't.

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