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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Now for the news with my comentary

It's raining in Asia but is it raining in all of Asia? NO? Is it pouring rain in Africa and Europe too? No? How about this for a perdiction... If it super floods in Europe, Asia, and African all in the same year then we here in the US can expect an invasion by the next year.

Naw; the government killed this rancher and this nun.....Sue the Fed for wrongful death....

Ah HAH! Private dicks doing federal law enforcement jobs.....That smacks of the corporate beast and mercenary-ism....That is just some of the stuff, Al did to our country back in the late 90's....

Comparing my sister and mother to the US economy.....Did you know that my sister had at one time and still has a credit card...when she was making 400-800 a month, her personal credit card limit was $15,000.00 and she had it maxed out.... My mother who has been on SSI for better'n a decade has a credit card balance of well her rich sister paid it off.... but the limit is was $15,000.00. Of course this was last year..... I don't know now what is happening with it today. I do know that it is no higher today. I wonder if she has been cut the credit card company..I wonder if my Aunt cut her off too.. I know that for a while the bill was going to my Aunt....I also know that my sister wanted to get the bill sent back to her....I assume because she did not want her aunt to know that she was pissing money away instead of being wise about it....My sister is the most tight lipped person I have ever seen....Of course I don't press her about her stuff. I could.... I may.... However the point is She messed up my mom messed up and this country is messed up....economically and financially.... Which came first the chicken or the egg....How coincidental that the US is in great financial trouble and my mom and sister are also in great financial trouble.....I will tell you what Why don't you credit card companies slap leans and judgements on my moms house just to make sure that you get paid cause I don't see any other alternative to a guarantee that that... Like wise world on the US ;of course the only way to insure the debt of the US is well, you know....A sovereign nation is a sovereign nation. To get your money back you will have to invade, conquer, enslave, and loot and tax, because when the right gets this country back..... How can I put this; well, just cash in your chits and demand, and when we don't pay up....invade.....right after you all recover from the raining and flooding....When it is all done, blame Teresa and Al and Jimmie Liane Erkkila...Trust me I have been on the inside for 40 years....They got no good in mind for this country and see it as the problem.....BTW way paying off the credit cards....that was income not reported; I would bet, on thier income taxes.

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