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Sunday, August 1, 2010

What, NO OIL?

Where did it go? Those lying sombitches........HERE IT IS! It didn't just disappear people it is still out there.. so why did they report that it was was shrinking....... Well maybe because someone capitalized on the situation and blackmailed BP into making an American the CEO of BP. I don't know but in the nature of conspiracy theories it makes sense. That is not going to change that the people are going to come back from the gulf and say what the hell I couldn't swim in the gulf because it smells like diesel and was oily.....However you could just never mind because all of that could just be BS..... I have notice that when a story is BS and the media knows its BS later the media doesn't go back and revisit the old story to correct it's mistakes making you wonder who or what or where the news media got its ideas from anyway..... Wait here's another one. Environ-mentalist's must be afraid that the spill was not enough to make enough headlines long enough for them to whip up propaganda. Congressman complains that too much shampoo....I mean dispersant's were used....Bwhahahahahaa! Not to worry congressman, we see right through your ploy.....good thing us right wringers are around to hold you people back...wringers...Bwhahahaha....hand wringers....Bwhahahahahaaaaa1

The government doing racist things????

Of course their are a bunch of earth sized planets out there in the deep.

Money is the fuel that drives wars.....choke the money supply and the rebel attacks in I Afghanistan will whither hence the reason I said agent orange the poppy fields in Afghanistan.....

National Security concerns? Saudi Arabia.....Black Berry...... national security concerns? Oh yeah....Americas ability to tap any phone in the world......And the NSA know that right.....Hell they can tap it even if your not on it, and listen in to whatever you are the moment....even if your borkin momma.... Bug brother equals no privacy for anyone....

The reason there is an ozone hole in the antarctic is because there is an active volcano there....

Why yes the military has plans to invade everyone and anyone at any the uninitiated that may seem over the top but when you get pulled into two mega wars and a cold war and end up marshaling peace your military, has to be ready for anything at a moments notice....Didja ever wonder why our military can move so _____fast? Cause we got plans to ya know invade Washington DC or reinforce Hawaii, or drop kick Iran back to the stone age.....If we do we should just leave them like that. Instead of helping them get back on their we do everybody else.... By the way; did you know that there has been no successful invasion of a nation with a population of over a hundred million. BTW we didn't invade the Japanese main island, though that if we did it would have cost us 1,000,000 men. That's a million for you who can't recognize numbers....

Let me for a moment put on a pretense of care....This is a horrible disaster but what really strikes me about this ______article is how it is written to show that the Pakistan government isn't up to the task....These crazy writers are still lobbying for a one world government, but they's of course is using reverse sic-hology, trying to make it look like none of the governments today can handle this. Writers and all of the worlds governments; not any of them, none but Jesus himself, will ever be up to the task... So their is no point in noting the complaints of people; who within a short after a major natural disaster, about how slow a government is because no one is listening to these dumb butt writers anyway.

If the people of Pakistan are complaining it is because the governments and writers for the government propaganda machines have forced the people into being lazy _____who can't or won't help themselves......People everywhere should never expect their government to come and help, and they should get up off their asses and help themselves. That way when someone does come and offer help they will be quite pleasantly surprised and have good things to say about the government.

Ok, so you think I have never been in this situation before. Y-AS I have....Snowed in for five days. Flooded in by tropical storm, run out of my house by same tropical storm, in a city that was cut off from the rest of the world except for land lines??? I was surprised that they remained intact. Homeless, living out of my car for 14 months.....Trust me. I got up off my ass and did....... cause I wasn't going to wait for some environ-mentally (ill) inspired nutcase government to come and help me.....And it is mentally ill for the government to promote such a mentally ill idea.....You all are nuts.......

On the spiritual side, God is pissed off at these areas for _____with the US, which for whatever reason means to help yous people.....don't like the rain? tough. Repent of the evil in your hearts against the USA.

Here's one for you......Crooks vote for the democrat crooks...86 percent of the time or something like that....Piss-hycology 101....They ain't going to vote for who they ain't.

Sarah Palin says, "Only dead fish go with the flow".

Rush Limbaugh and what I don't like about him......It's open line Friday and Rush got it mostly right....except for the part about there is no demand for this car...the volt....Actually there is a demand for it, just not at forty one ______thousand dollars....The Toyota Prius has the Volts ass kicked at $21,000.....Rush narcissisticly says that there is no demand for this car; but really there is, just not at that price.....Maximally, who wouldn't want to drive a car with the potential for you to never buy another ounce of gas for the rest of your life.....HMMMM there Rush....Prius sales surpassed 1,000,000 world wide this year so far. This year in the US we will be buying a paltry 50,000 or more.

Another article about the weather and how blistering hot is....Ya Ya bullshit....When I was a kid Oklahoma had temperatures over 100 at least thirty days out of the year, now it is a rarity likely two or three times a year....While I was over in Georgia back in the early 90's it would be 95 to one hundred every day of the summer and it was still getting up to 95 as late as October. But in 1997 it had cooled off and stayed that way till I left in 2007, down to one summer it never rose above 94 _____ degrees. Soo this bullshit is just that; bullshit, written by writers who are young and have no personal memory of how hot or cold it actually was.
Today it is supposed go to 99 degrees and all them northerners that have transplanted here are like wow, it's hot. ____ they don't know hot.

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