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Saturday, September 4, 2010

After having read and listened to a few conspiracy theories last night

I personally feel better.... Not because I now see better what is going on; but because I feel better about what is going on, and in looking at the main driving force behind the deep undertow in the political and spirtual leadership of this nation.

I believe beyond a reasonable doubt that what is happening is and that I personally have been given to be apart of this group of people who are deeply opposed to this current one world movement.... It is wrong in so many ways.... Frankly I could do it better.... In fact I would. The problem is I can not abide with all the death and destruction that will occur and must occur to force such a thing through as man caused.... I have absolutely no problem with (I feel a chuckle in me) God showing up(from apparently nowhere or outer space for the unbelievers) and annihilating the worlds armies. But that is God doing.... Ohhh how I am positive that their are going to be so many great Christian preachers who have been preaching this complete nonsense that goes so much against the bible directly. Ohhh how they have gotten it so wrong.... The shame is on them.... do they not know that it says in Daniel that many shall fall (those who have preached this current one world crapola into existence) is only the first part of this verse... For "many shall fall to establish the vision", the first part is the attempt at establishment, the second part is them falling.... I notice that many of the the preachers of this vision are Pentecostals. I want to label Pentecostals those who believe that speaking in tongues(strange if you have never heard a person speak in tongues) is the evidence of salvation. Pah!

I think they fail because they have made the incredible mistake of focusing their belief that money is the greatest evidence of God's true blessing.... when I look at these men; what I see is not a tan, but the filth of deceit on their souls. Take their monies and fame away from them and they would wither and die. How to do this is simple, but only accomplished by fate(for the unbeliever) or by the evidence of the failings of their ways. In other words the strengthening of nations rather than the weakening of nations.... If for say the nations come to peace amongst themselves irrespective of the differences are able to trade without greed and rancour and could do it for more than a generation these preachers and their works would wither and die on the vine. Their works? Yeah 'their'. For the people who have been saved as a result of their sermons; are not their works but the works of the Holy Spirit, which is to say the works of God, and not 'their' works. Their works are what is done by the world because of their preaching the structure for their version of the tribulation. A version which is perverted and dangerously close to purposely trying to change what is written in the book of Revelation. A version that helps the world dig it's hole instead of doing what is writen for Christians; that is to NOT help this world dig it's hole.

I saw some real crazy stuff last night. Some real crazy stuff. The idea that their is one million Russian troops on our soil is pure ba-nonsense-loney. Even if their were; one million foreign infiltrater troops, are way the nonsense too few to instigate an invasion. There are an estimated 310 million people in the USA. Their is no sensible way that 2 to 3 million cops come close to controlling what is going down now. Their are an estimated 300 million fire arms in the hands of those 300 million people. Even if there was 1 million trained and armed military infiltrators the best those infiltrators could hope for would be a brief period of intense chaos...... I assure you that the ability of the American people to recover and restore civility is far greater than that. Not to mention the incredible amount of deceit and obfuscation that had to be fed to the vast majority of people(which the vast majority are now spitting out as unpalatable). As soon as violence broke out most of the people would shortly recognize the lies for what they were and fight back. Imagine the huge number of people who took all those college courses and were taught the lies of peace and prosperity by sitting on thier hands, suddenly find out that their progenitors were full of silliness. You want to talk about people being mad about being lied too...

Trust me.....Money talks and lies walk(not exactly a quote) is the old saying.... this economic downturn is part and parcel of the liars taking a walk. They better lest the people by God kick them all out.

As far as Invasion USA...Definitely a go. However my prognosis that it will be a much more direct invasion druther than a covert op is also vogue. Of course covert/overt ops plays a role but then again you have to remember that invasion USA; envisioned by the previous gen of idiot high flalootin snooty snoot snoot preachers, is not going to happen. Ya got like 60 to 70 percent of the population of 310 million who are died in the wool Christians. No way you are just going to round up people and do the Dachau on them, word travels way to fast. What a bunch of intellectually insensitive morons to think such a stupid thing.

Why don't you messed up preachers; get it through your heads, how small a sliver of light you see through the cracks in the picket fence. Why don't you ill taught preachers quit straddling that picket fence. You look pretty stupid and from a distance..... . Actually what is happening is your sitting on it and them pickets are going right up your dark side..... and hurts now doesn't it? Funny that you dumb qumquats keep blaming someones else for your butt pain when it is your own fault.

I seriosly had many many cuss words in this, but by the Grace and Love of God was inspired to edit them out. Not forced to, but loved into it. I do so because I care not about men but I do care about God.

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